Semi Great Moments In Parent To Child Attempted RC Decapitation History

I learn my father has a knack for attempting to kill me using various small radio controlled devices. Patterns emerge, insurance policies nearly claimed.

Original Date posted: June 4, 2010

I think RC is fun.

Dad thinks RC is fun.

Dad and I think RC is fun.

I like flying.

Dad likes flying.

We like flying.

fear like flying with Dad.

Dad likes attempting to decapitate flying with son.

A little levity to break the series videos up a bit.

This is a collection of video segments I’ve had laying around on my hard drive since the start of last year. Four decapitation attempts, from helicopters, to delta wings, all the way to gliders.

I hope you all enjoy the little vignette as much as I enjoyed making it and surviving the filming.

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Some parents love you to death.
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