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I seem to be running a few dedicated ARK servers. Here’s the 411:

Are they open?

Not at this time, they’re private for family and some coworkers.

Discord: Until added as a member, you’ll be limited to some channels. Ping @Krystof to discuss.

High Level Server Settings:

The overall goal – to allow the casual player to still enjoy the numerous aspects of ARK with a more realistic approach to play-time or dependency on having tribes.

  • Tamed Dinos do .75 damage on the island, .5 on all DLCs.
  • Imprint Bonus = 2X
  • XP Boosted through killing
  • Dino Harvesting greater than Player Harvesting
  • Spider, Gorilla, Dragon Island Bosses adjusted for single player experience, still requiring decent Dinos but not 20 people
  • Overseer adjustments on island pending, and other map bosses may be adjusted later – recommend S+ Mutation breeding work for downing them.
  • S+ Enabled for many things
  • Engrams for DLCs given on each map
  • Breeding, mating interval, maturing times reduced. Maturation interval is 100x, which may prove difficult on some tames to get to 100%, but you’ll get close.
  • Max Dino Level is 150 (Difficulty=5)
  • Kibble table enabled on all servers – May be removed after kibble system updates.
  • Aberration ONLY allows upgrade station/TEK upgrade station
  • Tamed Dino Food Consumption slowed
  • Dino Garage available upon request, one per map.

Tracked on Discord under the ark_announcements channel.

Cross Ark Transfer

Full Transfers (Dinos, Items, Players) between maps unless otherwise noted.

Aberration only allows character transfer TO Aberration. You can transfer anything FROM Aberration

Access Rights

These private servers are whitelisted. Use discord and chat me up a bit to see if these servers are a good fit and we’ll get your account on the list.

Current maps – unless otherwise stated, they are open for use.

Direct join on these from your browser seems to work best – Steam ‘favorites’ is dodgy for me – However ARK itself likes to load mods when this happens and in their current build can look ‘frozen’. When direct launching from the browser your game should launch and Steam should join – it will look ‘frozen’ while it loads mods.

The Island – Steam Favorites Address: (Click to join directly)

Old server (not active currently) steam://connect/

Scorched Earth – Steam Favorites Address: (Click to join directly)

Old server (not active currently) steam://connect/

Ragnarok – Steam Favorites Address: (Click to join directly)

Old server (not active currently) steam://connect/

Aberration – Steam Favorites Address: (Click to join directly)

Old server (not active currently) steam://connect/

Server Setups

We provide a PVE experience on entire cluster. I believe you could perform Tribal War declarations if you really wanted to between two agreeing tribes.

Difficulty Level – 5 (Max Dino Level 150 in wild)

Why not 10? I played around with this in a bit and feel it allows the chance to create too many super dinos. 100% taming effectiveness gets you 50% bonus levels. That means a wild 300 could become a 450 post tame, 521 after post tame levels…and become virtually unstoppable. With the changes to taming noted below and keeping the max level at 150, things remain challenging.

A note on taming: Taming speed has been reduced to 1.0 compared to the first Krystof.IO Island. This effectively means it would take a long time to tame dinos. I’ve installed the Appetite mod to overcome this. It gives you engrams starting with ‘Appetizer’ in your engram search. You can learn more by clicking the mod link below, but here’s a quick rundown after the explanation as to why

In the initial version of the Krystof.IO island, the taming speed multiplier was set to 4.0. This is so we didn’t take hours (if not days) to tame some of the heftiest dinos. Unfortunately this left out a major part of the ‘taming game’ – not one of time but of food types. With the taming speed set so high, regular meat worked pretty well to maintain taming effectiveness, and mutton was almost a perfect tame. For carnivores in particular, the need for kibble was essentially eliminated, and there was only a minor difference between mutton and raw prime meat with all things considered.

With the taming multiplier set at 1, dinosaurs will take more ‘bites’ of food to be tamed (regardless of starving it first). You could still tame with raw meat, but mutton will be better, and kibble will still be best. It reduces an exponential curve of food-taming power and evens it out a little bit more towards the intended effect.

See this chart that displays the imbalance between food types when using an increased taming multiplier – with a taming speed of 4.0 the difference between all those food types is way too crammed above the 80th percentile. Taming 1.0 makes food types meaningful, but is also much slower. Example is a 150 Rex:

Taming Multiplier Vs. Effectiveness
Taming Multiplier Vs. Effectiveness

So we reduce taming multiplier to give a better balance in terms of food types, however that also means taming would normally take a LOT longer if we only set taming speed to 1.0 (4x as much time, if you get the drift of the multiplier).

We overcome the time sink in multiple ways via the Appetizer mod:

  • Appetizer Blue – Gives Hunger Rate boost over time, effectively 6x Multiplier. Lasts 1 minute, stacks over time.
  • Appetizer Red – Instant 40 Food Drop

With these adjustments, we’re bringing back balance to food types for taming, while still keeping the speedy 4.0 taming time by using an increased dino food consumption rate. Appetizers can increase that even up to near instant taming times You’ll still want to use the best food available!

There are three engrams and appetizer types, and are configured as such:

Appetizer (Blue icon) Engram at level 5 costs 3 points –

Remote use in unconscious dino inventory, applies a 60 seconds buff that makes food drain 1.5 times faster than normal (Normal is 4x, so this yields 6x). These should stack similar to narcotics, not the effect but the duration of the effect is increased. Can be crafted in vanilla mortar and pestle, chemistry bench or player inventory. Craft costs:

  • 30 Azulberry
  • 30 Stimberry
  • 1 Charcoal

Appetizer X (Red icon) Engram at level 30 costs 3 points

Remote use in unconscious dino inventory, instantly removes 40 food, does not work on tamed dinos.
Can be crafted in vanilla mortar and pestle, chemistry bench or player inventory. Craft costs:

  • 40 Tintoberry
  • 40 Stimberry
  • 4 Charcoal
  • 1 Rare Mushroom

Appetizer Grenade Engram at level 30 costs 3 points

Throw at wild dino, it will not affect humans or tamed dinos and it will not scare/aggro wild dinos, now works underwater too (it’s hard to aim but you can stand near the dino and hold mouse click for it to explode in your hand)

Passive tamable dinos will receive a buff for 2 minutes allowing you to feed them every 30 seconds (it stacks), there will be a visual effect on them letting you know the buff is active. You can also throw multiple grenades at once to make the buff last longer(buff time will be extended not reset). This will most likely not be needed for simpler tames like Lystrosaurus, but will for passive underwater tames, most likely.

Wild dinos both conscious and unconscious dinos will have 120 food instantly removed.
Can be crafted in vanilla smithy or player inventory. Craft costs:

  • 3 x Appetizer X
  • 1 x Metal Ingot
  • 1 x Crystal
  • 15 Sparkpowder

Appetizer Tranq Dart Disabled.

How do you calculate taming times, and the amount of food? It’s not exact, but if you go to Dododex at (, search for the dino and enter the level. Your Taming Multiplier should be set as 1, and your Consumption Multiplier should be set at 6 if you want to use the blue appetizer.

Rex Taming
Rex Taming

In conclusion on taming…. Wild Dino Food Consumption is 1X – Appetizers can decrease taming time.


While cave building is allowed, no blocking of points – just defensive or assisted building (ramps over chasms, etc.)

MinimumDinoReuploadInterval is 1 hour – Dinosaurs are so traumatized from being downloaded from the ARK that they need an hour to recuperate before being uploaded again.

EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes is false – you can technically build closer to water veins and metal nodes, but let’s not interrupt major resource spawning (metal, obsidian, crystal, etc.)

Dino Specific: Food level ups are extreme in the hopes that it keeps dinos from starving – this starts with wild dinos, there should be no need to tick up food as it’s 10x normal. Also, Pegomastax is a bastard and disabled on The Island and Scorched Earth, but not Ragnarok.

RepairGun is allowed on Ragnarok only.

**S+ Grinder only allows certain recipes on certain maps – mostly Aberration allows you to craft SE items, but you can’t do that on the other non SE maps, but since you can transfer on those maps, it works out.

Testing/Down Servers:

Test Server – Steam Favorites Address: (DOWN)

Testing mods, new maps, etc. If you wonder about access to this, you don’t have it.

The Center – Steam Favorites Address: (DOWN)

Testing… not open yet.

Servers will now attempt to perform automatic server and mod updates at midnight, 6am, noon, and 4pm on the hour. If any users are online at the time, the server will notify with a 180 minute window for all users to log out before the update is applied, or immediately if everyone logs out or if nobody is on at all. Backups will be taken and the server will automatically restart. Backups are always taken during odd hours of the day as well.

Note on wild dino wipes: A wild dino wipe has an unfortunate side effect. It seems that when this is done, the server will start, then perform the wipe when a person first logs in, leaving that user with a time out. Subsequent logins a few minutes (say 5-10) later should work fine, just have to give it time. I find it easiest to completely exit the client once I get a timeout instead of just retrying at the menu.

Gameplay Tips

New feature in latest patch – ‘Disable Menu Transitions’ under Options. Greatly decreases inventory access time, etc.


Does you breed? Do you use Ark Smart Breeding? Here are the server current settings (matches v2 next-gen servers) – Does not included updated consumption for taming times. That all depends on how you use the Appetizer.

Mismatch – BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier=2.0, not 1.0 as below Smart Breeding Setup Ark Smart Breeding Setup


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