The Krystof.IO Gaming Bucket List

by Eric R. Krystof

Last Updated on July 20, 2020.

I’ve played quite a few games over the years – from Atari 2600 to Commodore 64 to the days of PC Gaming. Along with some console and arcade action mixed in, I wanted to gather a list of games I used to play, games I was interested in but never able to procure, or games I missed that look interesting enough. This list is not exclusive and there are plenty of modern games I won’t have here (like ARK), as it’s more retro focused – probably no later than early 2000s.

It’s the list of games I want to at least try and possibly complete before the end. As I wrap notable ones up, I’ll write my thoughts, possibly post some archive play-through footage, and create a Quick Bytes page with the link next to each entry.

This list is long, and thus far I’ve held back on paginating, the box images should load fairly quickly for today’s standards. You can sort by any of the columns, like my completion status or release date. Default sorting is by title, but that’s not necessarily the order I’ll play them.

This table has a lot of data – mobile devices might take a bit to load, as pagination breaks down on the desktop I’ve had to disable it.

My Status Values

  • Blank – I haven’t started my re-play or playthrough yet.
  • On Hold – Probably come back someday, just taking a break from this one.
  • In Progress – Something I’m actively playing within the last month.
  • Finished – As finished as I’ll get for now. (if it’s a finite game, I’ll have a percentage – if it’s not, I’ll have a high score)
  • Abandoned – Found a breaking bug, or just couldn’t handle the gameplay. For whatever other reason, I’m out and unlikely to come back.

I decided to use the very cool wheel of names site to generate a wheel of the series column to help me choose if I ever get stuck on deciding what to play. I use series because typically I’ll want to play the games in some sort of order for story and game development purposes.

The Krystof.IO Gaming Bucket List

BoxTitleSeriesPlatformRelease YearMy StatusLinksGenresDeveloperPublisherDescription-From-LaunchBox-DB
ACE 2ACE: Air Combat EmulatorCommodore 641987GoogleFlight Simulator, ShooterIan MartinCascade Games, Ltd.A follow-up to ACE. Similar to its predecessor, ACE 2 is an oldie head-to-head air combat flight sim set in modern days of aviation. The game has a very strong arcade feel, as all the missions you fly are nondescript or generic. Your plane is also a generic, hypothetical modern fighter, and the goal is to fly different sorties to kill enemy aircraft. Very similar to ACE, except that you can now play a 2-player hotseat game, or solo competition against the computer, in split-screen mode.
Ace of AcesAce of AcesCommodore 641986GoogleFlight SimulatorArtech Digital EntertainmentU.S. Gold Ltd.Ace of Aces is a 1st person, 2D flight simulation. You're onboard a British RAF Mosquito, maverick fighter bomber. Your mission ... stop enemy trains, intercept the terrible german V-1 buzz bombs, sink the german U-boats and down the Nazi bombers. Are you ready for this challenge?
ACE: Air Combat EmulatorACE: Air Combat EmulatorCommodore 641985GoogleAction, Flight SimulatorIan MartinCascade Games Ltd.A huge enemy fleet has invaded the southern shore of the U.S. Dozens of tanks and helicopter gun-ships are rolling over Tampa, Florida and through Atlanta, Georgia. Squadrons of enemy fighters are swarming through the air over South Carolina and are heading for Washington, D.C. For the first time in more than 100 years, a foreign power is invading our proud land! You are the only remaining fighter pilot, and you have the last three ACE Mark 2.1 Multi-Role All-Weather-All-Terain (AWAT) combat aircraft. Each is housed in one of our three remaining air bases. You must fly sorties from our bases, and attack and destroy the numerically superior enemy air and ground forces. Only then can you attempt to destroy their nearly invincible navy. Good Luck! The future of the free world hangs in the balance...
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar (POR 2/5)Pool Of RadianceMS-DOS1989GoogleAction, Role-PlayingWestwood AssociatesStrategic Simulations, Inc.Play a would-be hero in the city of Hillsfar, where action and adventure await the daring adventurer. Join the local guild and complete missions from the guild master in a quest for glory and gold! Hillsfar is a single-hero role-playing game (in comparison to other Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games, where the player usually controls a group of characters). A combination of first person perspective (when traveling in the city of Hillsfar) and third person perspective (usually in some action-style mini-quests) viewpoints. As a would-be-hero, four classes are available in a randomly generated mission-based plot: fighter, thief, cleric, or magic-user. Each class to a certain extent, have different assigned quests given by each respective guild. In Hillsfar, gameplay usually consists of various mini-games that are needed to complete the quests or missions provided at the local guild by the guild master. These mini-games (and their viewpoints) include: Fighting in the arena (third person). Competing at the archery range (first person). Exploring buildings or mazes (top-down). Riding a horse outside Hillsfar while avoiding obstacles (third person/side-scrolling). Locking picking doors and chests (first person). Unlike most role-playing games, there aren't any randomly generated monsters to battle. In Hillsfar, combat only occurs in the arena.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance (POR 1/5)Pool Of RadianceMS-DOS1988GoogleRole-PlayingStrategic Simulations, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.Located on the northern shore of the Moonsea in Forgotten Realms, Phlan was once a flourishing trade city. However, lately monsters began settling in it, gradually turning whole districts into ruins. Only New Phlan remained under human control, but its inhabitants are afraid to venture into the monster-infested areas. In order to clean the nearby Barren River and rebuild Phlan, local authorities spread rumors about alleged riches hidden somewhere in the city. A party of adventurers, attracted by these news, sails towards Phlan and accepts the quest. Pool of Radiance is the first adaptation of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing system in a computer game format. In the beginning of the game the player can use a pre-made party of six characters or create each of them from scratch. Six races (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, and half-elf) and four classes (fighter, cleric, wizard, and thief) are available. The player can tweak the attributes of the characters and assign a moral alignment to each one. Exploration of the town and hostile areas (dungeons) is viewed from a first-person perspective in a pseudo-3D world. Enemy encounters are random and take place on separate isometric combat screens, where player-controlled party and enemies take turns fighting each other. Experience points are awarded for defeating enemies, and characters level up after having accumulated set amounts. Fighters gain more attacks, thieves become proficient in backstabbing, while clerics and wizards can memorize more spells to cast before they need to rest. Non-human characters can also "multi-class" (learn the abilities of another class) when leveling up.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pools of Darkness (POR 5/5)Pool Of RadianceMS-DOS1991GoogleRole-PlayingStrategic Simulations, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.Ten years have passed since the events described in Pool of Radiance, and the heroes return to the city where it all started, Phlan. The city is thriving, and looks quite idyllic; but a sinister force is lurking deep in the shadows... After the heroes leave to escort the council member Sasha on a diplomatic assignment, the evil Lord Bane sends four of his most feared lieutenants to destroy the cities of Faerun and twist our dimension. The goal is clear: explore the land and rid it of the evil, by taking on Bane's minions one by one... Pools of Darkness is the fourth of Gold Box series of classic-style AD&D-based role-playing games. The gameplay is quite similar to other games of this type. At the start of the game, the player creates a party of characters (up to 6). Classic AD&D races (dwarf, elf, half-elf, gnome, etc.), character classes (fighter, paladin, monk, wizard, etc.), alignments (Good/Evil and Lawful/Chaotic axis), and statistics (strength, intelligence, wisdom, etc.) are there for the player to choose and adjust. Once the party is created, the player begins the exploration of the city of Phlan. Upon exiting the city, the player explores a top-down map, visiting dungeons and other locations of interest, as well as engaging in combat. The turn-based combat is done in similar style as other Gold Box games: the player navigates characters one by one on the top-down battle field, assigning various commands. Experience points are gained after successfully defeating enemies. Enemies appear randomly on the world map as well as in dungeons.
AdventureAdventureAtari 26001978GoogleAdventureWarren RobinettAtariAn evil magician has stolen the Enchanted Chalice and has hidden it somewhere in the Kingdom. The object of the game is to rescue the Enchanted Chalice and place it inside the Golden Castle where it belongs.   This is no easy task, as the Evil Magician has created three Dragons to hinder you in your quest for the Golden Chalice. There is Yorgie, the Yellow Dragon, who is just plain mean; there is Grundle, the Green Dragon, who is mean and ferocious; and there is Rhindle, the Red Dragon, who is the most ferocious of all. Rhindle is also the fastest Dragon and is the most difficult to outmaneuver.  There are three castles in the Kingdom; the White Castle, the Black Castle, and the Golden Castle. Each castle has a Gate over the entrance. The Gate can be opened with the corresponding colored Key. Inside each Castle are rooms(or dungeons, depending at which Skill Level you are playing).  The Castles are separated by rooms, pathways, and labyrinths. Common to all the Skill Levels is the Blue Labyrinth through which you must find your way to the Black Castle. Skill Levels 2 and 3 have a more complicated Kingdom  Adventure was the first action-adventure game on a video console, the first to contain a widely-known Easter egg, and the first to allow a player to have a stash of items, which required the player to select which one to use at any given moment, usually through keyboard or joystick input. Adventure allowed the player to drop one item and pick up another without having to type in any commands. The graphics, on the other hand, were not that great, and Adventure creator Warren Robinett even described the dragons as looking like ducks.
Age of WondersAge of WondersWindows1999GoogleStrategyTriumph StudiosGathering of DevelopersAge of Wonders is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy scenario. The campaign can be played on two sides and tells a tale how the humans come to a new land throw the balance of races into chaos. The game also features several stand-alone scenarios. There is an extensive diplomatic matrix which structures the relationships between the 12 races and their respective leaders. There are global-spells which can be cast on the strategic map, outside of tactical combat.
Airborne RangerAirborne RangerCommodore 641987GoogleAction, Stealth, StrategyScott SpanburgMicroProse Software, Inc.The game consists of several missions, in which the player controls a sole Ranger whose objectives include killing an enemy officer, destroying an enemy bunker, taking out a SAM site, and rescuing a captured POW, which would possibly free a roster member that was labeled P.O.W. The game creates the maps and objective locations randomly, so the player is required to plan each mission carefully, because no mission is the same.
AirwolfAirwolfCommodore 641985GoogleActionNeil A. BateElite Systems Ltd.The game of the TV show is viewed from the side and puts you in command of an attack helicopter. Your task is to rescue 5 scientists from an underground lair by destroying its layer of protection and then getting to the core. Moving onto a screen at a time you must shoot out anything and everything in your path, including lots of regenerating static targets. Realistic gravity takes effect, so you can't simply hover in a set position.
Akalabeth: World of DoomUltimaMS-DOS1980GoogleRole-PlayingCalifornia Pacific ComputerCalifornia Pacific ComputerRichard Garriott's dungeon romp provides a chance for RPG fans to take on the role of a hero in the land of Akalabeth, commissioned by a man named British to rid the land of the evil creatures wrought by a sorcerer named Mondain. Throughout the course of this adventure, portrayed through color wireframe graphics and featuring attack-related sound effects, your character explores the world of Akalabeth, performing various tasks for British. The world contains several dungeons, each full of treasure, but also containing dangerous creatures like orcs, skeletons, and giant rats.
Alcazar: The Forgotten FortressAlcazar: The Forgotten FortressCommodore 641985GoogleAdventureTom LoughryActivision, Inc.In this adventure game you control an explorer who's on his way to fortress Alcazar. To reach Alcazar you are travelling through a countryside of fortresses and you need to collect several items that you can find along the way. Once you enter the Alcazar fortress you have to search for the crown. The strategy map gives you an overview of the countryside, it's fortresses and your location in it. What perils lurk in these mysterious castles? Which path is quick and safe? The Alcazar castle is three stories high, all other castles have only two stories. To enter a castle you just have to follow the path. Each castle has it's own sought-after objects and these objects are always guarded by the castles main demon. Objects to look for are for example: a rope, a gun, raw meat, water or a raft. Collect them and use them properly to master the legendary Alcazar fortress. The game gives you clues and tells, for example, which monsters are nearby. Some monsters are really hard to kill.  The game can be played at four difficulty levels.
AlienAlienCommodore 641984GoogleAdventure, Horror, StrategyConcept Software Ltd.Argus Press Software Ltd."In space no-one can hear you scream." That tagline from the movie is apt for this strategy adaptation that follows the plot line of the first movie in the franchise. The action starts after the chestburster scene which unleashes an alien organism into their enclosed spaceship. The remaining crew members must attempt to destroy it while the traitorous android tries to protect the alien. There are 3 decks to search with 35 different rooms which are connected by ducts which the alien can use to sneak up on people. You can herd the alien into an airlock to blast it out into space, or set the auto-destruct on the ship and flee in the shuttle with all remaining live crew members plus Jones the cat who must be found and put in a box. The screen shows you a plan of the deck you are on, and the ducts in the immediate area. There are ‘trackers’ and sensors which can be used to pinpoint movement in other areas. In ordering each crew member, you are given possible movements or other actions such as picking up weapons, entering the ducts or catching the cat. In certain situations, special options will appear such as starting the self-destruct system when in the command centre. The responses to orders are also affected by the personality of the crew member, and how much they have had to suffer. The screen also displays reports on the condition of the crew member you’ve selected, whether there is any damage to the room you’re in and whether the duct grills are open (meaning the Alien has been through there). You also get the occasional message from the ship's computer ‘Mother’ like when a crew member dies. Sound effects create suspense. At times you hear the alien move around or doors and grills being opened as well as the blip from the tracker.
Aliens: The Computer Game (European Version)Aliens: The Computer Game (European Version)Commodore 641987GoogleActionSoftware StudiosElectric Dreams SoftwareElectric Dreams' game based on the 1986 film Aliens is a first-person strategy game somewhat similar to Space Hulk. The player controls six characters from a remote terminal, guiding them through a 255-room complex in search of the Alien Queen. Each character has a helmet camera and a smart gun, each controlled by the player acting in the role of overall operational commander. The player can switch to any character at any time, and must consider coordinating their movements and finding a safe location before switching to the next character. Characters occupy one room at a time, and can pan their view a full 360-degrees inside each room. Doors can be locked to halt Alien progress, or blasted open to get through (at the cost of permanently destroying the door). Alien bio-mass must also be destroyed before it spawns facehuggers, and the Aliens themselves leave lethal puddles of acid when killed (and so shouldn't be killed in front of doors!). Aliens prowl the complex and are attracted to gunfire. They will home in on nearby characters and attack, requiring the player to aim that character's gun to defend against the rushing Alien (a headshot kills instantly, while three to the body do the same). If an Alien attacks a character the player is not controlling, they will "capture" that character (indicated by a yellow status light). The player must guide another character to the position of the hostage and kill the guarding Alien to rescue them. If not, the captured character will be lost. Ammunition for all characters is limited, and refilled only by making a trip to the complex's armory. Similarly, a medical bay can replenish any damage. Characters also have limited stamina, used up with every move made. When stamina is low, the player must find a safe spot for that character to rest up. The complex also houses a generator controlling the lights, which the Aliens can destroy, or the Marines can then repair.
Alone in the DarkAlone In The DarkMS-DOS1993GoogleAction, AdventureInfogramesInterplayJeremy Hartwood has committed suicide in his Louisiana mansion, Derceto. You take the role of either Edward Carnby, a private investigator, or Emily Hartwood, Jeremy's niece, and investigate the suspicious death. The three-floor mansion is reputed to be haunted by its eccentric past owner. Very quickly, you realise that it is. Warped rats, zombies and giant worms are among the foes who are after you, and you must somehow escape. Alone in the Dark is an action-adventure survival horror game. The action is displayed from a number of fixed viewpoints. The backgrounds are 2D painted images, while the player character, all items and monsters are rendered as 3D models. To escape the mansion, you'll have to solve a number of puzzles. They usually involve finding an item and using it in a proper place. Apart from items necessary for the puzzles, you can also find books and documents that can be read, healing items which can be consumed to restore hit points, and weapons. Weapons come in handy, since Derceto is full of various monsters. Some monsters can be killed with weapons, but others are either impossible to kill or require a bit of thinking to take down. Note also that you have limited amounts of ammunition, so you have to use firearms carefully.
Alone in the Dark 2Alone In The DarkMS-DOS1993GoogleAction, AdventureInfogramesI•Motion, Inc.In Alone in the Dark 2, you take the role of detective Edward Carnby, one of the two main characters in the original Alone in the Dark. Carnby is now called upon to investigate a bootlegger named One Eyed Jack after an old detective college name Stryker attributes Jack to the kidnapping of young Grace Saunders. Stryker attempts to infiltrate Jack's dilapidated mansion of Hell's Kitchen and rescue the girl, only to disappear himself. That's where Carnby comes in. Carnby soon learns that Jack and his gangsters are really 15th century pirates who gained immortality after Jack joined forces with Elizabeth Jarret, a Voodoo witch. However the dark magic which keeps them immortal also requires Jack and his crew to regularly make human sacrifices (which explains Grace's kidnapping). Now Carnby must battle his way through Hell's Kitchen and Jack's army of tommy-gun wielding gangsters, searching for a way to break the spell and make them stay dead.
Alone in the Dark 3Alone In The DarkMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, AdventureInfogramesInfogramesIt's 1926 and after Edward Carnby's success in his previous two investigations, a journalist has nicknamed him the 'Supernatural Private Eye'. This time, he is called to investigate the disappearance of a film crew at a two-bit ghost town known by the name of Slaughter Gulch located in the Mojave Desert in California. Among the disappeared crew is Emily Hartwood, Jeremy Hartwood's niece from the original. Edward soon discovers that a curse has gripped the town, and an evil cowboy from the Badlands named Jed Stone is the villain who is responsible for the crew's disappearance. Lurking around town are many trigger-happy sharpshooters, deranged prospectors, and bloodthirsty lost souls whom Edward must ward off with both his strength and his wit.
Alternate Reality: The DungeonAlternate Reality: The DungeonCommodore 641987GoogleRole-PlayingParadise ProgrammingDatasoft, Inc.Alternate Reality: The Dungeon directly follows its predecessor: The player is still captured by aliens and imprisoned in an alternate reality. After visiting the city, now he proceeds to the dungeon with only one goal in mind: surviving.   While the predecessor was more about exploring the city, this installment has a largely linear path - the dungeon consists of four levels which have to be visited in order. But the surroundings don't mean that there are only monsters to fight in the turn-based combat system or treasure to loot: the player still has the shops, e.g. an inn or a smithy, to his disposal. Even the six guilds (plus two additional ones) found their way into the dungeon; this time the player even may become a member. An important change in gameplay is that all items have a weight associated with them - carrying too much is bad for speed and endurance.  The dungeon is separated from the city and after entering there is no turning back. Save games can be imported, but the player loses all potions but sixteen.
Another World: 20th Anniversary EditionAnother World: 20th Anniversary EditionWindows2013GoogleAction, Adventure, PlatformEric ChahiFocus Home InteractiveAlso known as Out Of This World™, Another World is a pioneer action/platformer that released across more than a dozen platforms since its debut in 1991. Along the years, Another World™ has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike. Another World™ chronicles the story of Lester Knight Chaykin a young scientist hurtled through space and time by a nuclear experiment that goes wrong. In an alien and inhospitable world, you will have to dodge, outwit, and overcome the host of alien monsters, while surviving an environment as deadly as your enemies. Only a perfect blend of logic and skill will get you past the deadly obstacles that lie in wait.
Apollo 18: Mission to the MoonApollo 18: Mission to the MoonCommodore 641988GoogleVehicle SimulationArtechAccolade, Inc.Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon simulates a fictional mission to the Moon in the early 1980's, following on from the last real flight (Apollo 17) before NASA cancelled the program. One of the game's key features is digitized speech, which sounds crackly like a real mission controller would. Telemetry screens provide realism, with the player having to set items and computer programs to get the crucial GO signal.   The game is split into several sequences. First is launch, where pressing the button to stop a moving bar at the right point determines success. Course corrections and an orbital rendezvous (to undock the lunar module) are next. The player has to land the module safely on one of three possible landing sites before running out of fuel. The moonwalk is next, and must be completed in a set time before returning to orbit. On the way home the astronaut performs a spacewalk to capture and repair a satellite. Finally there is the re-entry sequence and splashdown.
Archon UltraArchon UltraMS-DOS1994GoogleStrategyFree Fall AssociatesStrategic Simulations, Inc.Archon Ultra is a complete remake of Archon. The game features a completely rewritten game engine, new graphics and sound as well as digital music (a la MOD files), along with a new style of game board and an additional "special weapon" for each figure. It also adds multiplayer game (modem as well as hot seat).
ArcticfoxArcticfoxCommodore 641986GoogleVehicle SimulationDynamix, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.In 2005, aliens have taken over Antarctica. You are sent in to combat them with the new super tank, the Slye-Hicks MX-100, Codename: Arcticfox. Arcticfox is a futuristic-based 3D tank simulation game where your overall goal is to destroy the invading aliens' main fortress before Arcticfox is destroyed. Enemy targets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: planes, tanks, recon sleds and other important targets such as communication towers, atmosphere converters, etc. Your state-of-the-art killing machine is equipped with a cannon, guided missiles and mines at your disposal in addition to radar and forward/aft view-screens to detect your enemy advances. The player must pilot the tank into enemy territory with the goal of knocking out the alien base.  The player fights a variety of enemy units including planes, tanks, bunkers and communication towers.
Army MenArmy MenWindows1998GoogleStrategy3DOThe 3DO CompanyIt's war! Watch your plastic, green and tan toy-soldier figurines come to life and vie for supremacy in this squad-level real-time action/strategy hybrid. In Army Men, you take on the role of Sarge, a grizzled veteran leading his troops through desert, alpine, and swampy settings, grabbing weapon power-ups and blasting his way to victory. Call in air strikes and paratrooper drops. Steal tanks and jeeps for destructive uses. Almost everything can be destroyed in this gasoline-soaked world. Soldiers die in a manner appropriate to the weapon that killed them: rifles break off plastic limbs, flame-throwers melt them into puddles of goo, and rockets send them flying into little bits. Both action and strategy elements are in abundance.
AsteroidsAsteroidsAtari 26001981GoogleShooterBradley G. StewartAtariPlay the role of a spaceship pilot trapped in a gigantic asteroid cloud and pulverize incoming asteroids with the ship's photon cannon. When all asteroids are destroyed, the player can then move on to the next round. In addition to the asteroids, the player will also face an Alien Robot Saucer which shoots randomly across the screen.  The player using the controller may rotate the ship (left or right) to any direction or move the ship forward. Shots will be fired according to the ship direction. The player has three reserved ships available to replace a destroyed spaceship. The spaceship is destroyed if an asteroid collides with the spaceship or is shot by an Alien Robot Saucer. Additionally, the player may opt to use the hyperspace warp to avoid collision. The warp however, may also destroy the spaceship in the process.  Asteroids when shot will break-up into smaller pieces or be destroyed. There are three types of asteroids: large asteroids, medium asteroids, and small asteroids. Large asteroids and medium asteroids when shot, will break-up into two smaller sized asteroids. Small asteroids when shot will be destroyed.  Alien Robot Saucers come in two sizes: small and large. Both use photon lasers to shoot and will explode when destroyed. Alien Robot Saucers will not appear at the Novice Level.  Game Difficulty and Variations There are 4 available difficulty settings: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert.  The game also offers three different game variations:      Standard Play - For one or two players, taking turns when a player's ship is destroyed.      Competition Asteroids - Two players appear on the screen at the same time. Friendly fire is in affect, which means shots fired from one player's spaceship will destroy the other player's spaceship. Each player has separate ship reserves.      Team Asteroids - Two players on the screen at the same time. Friendly fire is disabled, which means shots fired from one player's spaceship will not destroy the other player's spaceship and just pass through. Ship reserves for both players are combined.  Scoring The score of the Player 1 is viewable on the upper left side of the screen, while Player 2 on the opposite upper right side. A player will be awarded a new reserve ship for every 10,000 points.      Small saucer - 1,000 points     Other player's ship - 500 points     Large saucer - 200 points     Small asteroid - 100 points     Medium asteroid - 50 points     Large asteroid - 20 points
Astro PilotAstro PilotCommodore 641993ActionSuncom
Atomic TetrisAtomic TetrisMS-DOS1991Atomic Tetris is a two player Tetris game, it is not meant to be played by one player vs the computer. The game is played side by side with both players sharing the keyboard. It is basically plays the same as standard Tetris, blocks fall, lines across the screen must be completed to score points etc. There is, however a twist in that there are power bricks, called Specials within the game, which, when included in a completed line, can cause the opponent problems. There are thirteen Specials in the game and their effects range from clearing the screen, switching the screens over, randomising the opponents screen to changing all the opponents bricks into small dots making them hard to see.
Avoid the NoidAvoid the NoidCommodore 641989GooglePlatformBlueSky Software, Inc.ShareData, Inc.Avoid the Noid is an advertisement ploy for Domino's Pizza. You are a pizza delivery boy who must deliver a pizza to Doom Industries while the creature Noid is set to prevent him from achieving this goal. You must deliver the pizza to the top floor in 30 minutes or less, or the customer will get a discount and you will lose your job.
Axe of RageBarbarianCommodore 641988GoogleAction, Beat 'em UpPalace Software, LTD.Epyx, Inc.In the sequel to Death Sword, the Wizard Drax is back after your previous defeat of him. But this time, you're not alone. The princess you saved back then has taken up a sword and joined your cause! Now, it's more than a death match. You have to explore the many tunnels in his dungeon, defeat the dangerous monsters that come between you and put cold steel to Drax's throat. The game has similar game play to the original, but with a different challenge. Various monsters will come and attack you, but you'll need to use different approaches in order to defeat each of them. For example, you can't overhead chop a monster that's shorter than your axe. There are 4 dungeon levels to explore before you reach Drax at the final stage.
B.C.'s Quest for TiresB.C.'s Quest for TiresCommodore 641984GoogleActionSydney Development Corp.Sierra On-Line, Inc.Cute Chick is in trouble! She is being held captive by the dinosaur, and it is up to Thor to ride his trusty wheel to the rescue. There are many obstacles in the way which Thor will need to jump and duck, including rocks, trees, rivers, lava pits, cliffs, and of course Fat Broad. When you duck, the character bounces up and down, so don't duck too soon. BC's Quest For Tires is a side scrolling action game resembling Moon Patrol in some ways, featuring characters from the comic strip BC.
Back to the FutureBack to the FutureCommodore 641986GoogleActionElectric Dreams SoftwareElectric Dreams SoftwareIn the single mode game, the player controls Marty McFly through various stages set in 1955 in which he collects various clock icons in order to advance to the next level, and avoid the gradual vanishing of his future (indicated by a fading photograph at the bottom of the screen). If the photograph fades fully, Marty would lose a life as it would show him vanishing. Collecting 100 clocks restored the photograph to its full, unfaded status. Two power-ups can help improve Marty's control: bowling balls that can destroy enemies and a skateboard which can speed up gameplay. There are also three minigames at the end of each stage, featuring such scenarios as Marty repelling Biff Tannen's gang of bullies from a cafe, blocking all the kisses Lorraine sends Marty (in the shape of little hearts), and having to position his guitar properly to stay in tune at the dance in order for George and Lorraine to kiss. The gameplay on these stages is often compared to that of Paperboy.
Baldur's Gate 2: CompleteBaldur's GateWindows2010GoogleRole-PlayingBioWareHasbroIncludes Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and its expansion: Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. Will you resist the evil within you and forge a legend of heroic proportions? Or will you embrace your monstrous inner nature and carve a swath of destruction across the Realms? Your story begins anew in the exotic southern kingdom of Amn, amidst the opulence of the sinister capital city of Athkatla. Journey through the fierce, unforgiving wilderness of Amn in your quest for artifacts of awesome power and treasure of unfathomable wealth... Even challenge dragons, if you dare. Such is the life of a legend. One of the greatest fantasy adventures continues! Return to the Forgotten Realms and once again lead the exciting life of an adventurer in this timeless Dungeons & Dragons cRPG classic! This is the classic version of Baldur’s Gate II with the Throne of Bhaal expansion. Looking for the most complete Baldur’s Gate experience? Check out Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition with more story content, upgraded graphical features, with integrated favorite community mods and new story content. For enhanced gameplay in your edition of Baldur's Gate II, please follow this modding guide.The pinnacle of RPG greatness by which all other titles of the genre are measured Explore the famous Forgotten Realms universe and meet some of its most renowned characters. Multiplayer notice: Multiplayer is available only as multiplayer-over-LAN.
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionBaldur's Gate EnhancedWindows2013GoogleRole-PlayingBeamdogAtariKidnapped. Imprisoned. Tortured. The wizard Irenicus holds you captive in his stronghold, attempting to strip you of the powers that are your birthright. Can you resist the evil within you, forge a legend of heroic proportions, and ultimately destroy the dark essence that haunts your dreams? Or will you embrace your monstrous nature, carve a swath of destruction across the realms, and ascend to godhood as the new Lord of Murder?
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionBaldur's Gate EnhancedWindows2012GoogleRole-PlayingOverhaul GamesOverhaul GamesAbout the Game Since its initial release in 1998, Baldur's Gate has entertained millions of fans around the globe and has received countless awards. This classic saga of mystery, intrigue, and adventure has set the standard for Dungeons & Dragons™ computer roleplaying games ever since. Running on an upgraded and improved version of the Infinity Engine, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition™ includes the entire Baldur's Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, and never-before-seen content including a new adventure and three new party members: the Calishite monk Rasaad yn Bashir, Neera the wild mage, and Dorn Il-Khan, the evil blackguard. Key Features New Adventure: The Black Pits New Character: Dorn Il-Khan New Character: Neera the Wild Mage New Character: Rasaad yn Bashir A new collection of player character voice sets Native support for high-resolution widescreen displays Over 400 improvements to the original game Improved multiplayer support with connectivity between all platforms
Baldur's Gate: The Original SagaBaldur's GateWindows2010GoogleRole-PlayingBioWareBlack Isle StudiosBaldur's Gate: The Original Saga combines the original Baldur's Gate and its expansion, Tales Of The Sword Coast, into one package. Baldur's Gate utilizes Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, and sends you on an epic journey throughout many areas, where an iron shortage is threatening all trade. To make matters worse, the iron that does get through happens to be tainted. It's up to you, foster child of the wise Gorion, to find out the truth beyond the iron shortage and save the Sword Coast from a war.
BarbarianBarbarianCommodore 641987GoogleActionPsygnosis LimitedPsygnosis LimitedIn this game you play the role of a barbarian who must navigate his way through dangerous dungeons. The game is played from a third person side scrolling perspective and also has platform jumping parts to it. The barbarian is controlled by using left and right on the joystick to move and up and down is used to scroll through the various commands at the bottom of the screen. When a command is highlighted pressing fire will perform that action thus saving on extra buttons being needed to play. There are two weapons at your disposal. A sword which you start the game with and later a bow which is handy for long range attacks. There are many traps to avoid and various monsters who have different attack patterns.
Batman: The Caped CrusaderBatman: The Caped CrusaderCommodore 641988GoogleAdventure, Fighting, PuzzleSpecial FX Software Ltd.Ocean Software Ltd.The Penguin is back, and he’s set himself up as a respectable umbrella merchant. Or has he? Could the umbrella factory be just a cover for his plot to take over the world with an army of robotic penguins? As Batman you must match clues you’ve collected to locate the master computer and – POW! ZAP! CRUNCH! – put an end to the demented sqawkings of that overweight birdbrain.  But that’s not all! As soon as you’ve taken care of the Penguin, the Joker pulls off his greatest feat of sleight of hand – he kidnaps Robin! At the scene of the crime, you must gather all the facts. Then, while the trail is still hot, you’re off on a crime solving adventure. Grab your batarang and rev up the Batmobile – because if you don’t reach Robin in a hurry, the last laugh will be on you! HA! HA! HA! HA!  It’s all right here in Batman, The Caped Crusader.
Battle ChessBattle ChessMS-DOS1988GoogleStrategyInterplay Productions, Inc.Interplay Productions, Inc.Play with living, battling characters! Combat Chess takes the basic chess game and adds an imaginative element for players bored with the simple "black vs. white" chess board. Beautifully done in rendered 3D graphics, Combat Chess adds stunning animation sequences during gameplay. Combat Chess is written to Grand Master standards and supports play against human opponents. Combat Chess includes 3D rendered pieces from a medieval setting with fantasy elements. Pawns become dragons, Knights become real knights, the Black Knight’s turning your pawns to green jelly, and the Queen’s threatening to deliver a majestic head-butt to your king. With over 600 animation sequences, each piece includes "fidget" sequences for those moments you need to think. The animations include movement, combat, fidgets, and "check" moves. For the traditional minded, Combat Chess includes a traditional set, also 3D rendered. Two boards come with the game, each assigned to the genre of pieces.
Beach-HeadBeach-HeadCommodore 641983GoogleShooterBruce CarverAccess SoftwareA dictator took the control of a fortress on the island of Kuhn-Lin. The player's mission is to storm the island and recapture it. This takes place over the course of six different sequences. The first sequence is Aerial Reconnaissance, where the fleet must be moved directly past the enemy or into a hidden passage to trigger another, optional stage. In this Hidden Passage sequence, the player will have to maneuver around mines and torpedoes. Successfully completing it gives a surprise advantage in the following General Quarters sequence, where the player controls anti-aircraft guns shooting down enemy aircraft. The next sequence is named Battle Stations and the player must aim and fire heavy guns to hit enemy ships before they inflict too much damage and eventually sink the player's own vessels. Following this battle, the fleet must be maneuvered to the beach. Upon reaching the Beach-Head level, tanks roll out and the player must keep these safe from enemy fire and obstacles while driving. In the Final Battle sequence, the Dictator is holed up in the fortress of Kuhn-Lin and 10 different targets on the fortress must be fired upon to destroy it.
Beach-Head II: The Dictator Strikes BackBeach-HeadCommodore 641985GoogleFighting, ShooterBruce Carver & Roger CarverAccess Software, Inc.The Dictator from the first Beach Head game is back, but World War 2 is over. Giving himself a new name, "The Dragon", he seeks revenge against the victorious allied forces. To further these ends, he kidnaps hostages and brings them to his island fortress...  Controlling either the forces of the Allied Commander (J.P. Stryler) or the Dictator (The Dragon), you will have to perform objectives across four different sequences, each with different perspective and controls. In Sequence 1 "Attack", the allies invade the dictators base with soldiers dropped from a helicopter. The allied forces must land their soldiers and then march them forwards taking cover at different walls. The dictator only has to shoot them down with a machine gun. In Sequence 2 "Rescue", the hostages are being rescued. The player who controls the allies will use the machine gun to defend hostages as they cross the open courtyard. The dictator can deploy between four different weapons: Man on top of wall, Tank, Truck and Trap Door, only one of which is on the screen at any time. In Sequence 3 "Escape", hostages are loaded onto the helicopters. The allied player will select how to place hostages on helicopters and then man the controls, avoiding attack. The dictator chooses the level of the automated defense and then aims his tanks at the helicopter. In the final sequence, "Battle", the allied commander and the dragon finally encounter one another deep underground. They will toss poontas (throwing knives) at each other until only one is left standing.
Bermuda TriangleBermuda TriangleAtari 26001982GoogleActionData AgeData AgeIn your mini-sub you venture into the perilous waters of the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious region in the Atlantic where more than 100 ships and planes have vanished without a trace of wreckage or survivors. Can you recover the strange artifacts that lure you to a bizarre underwater city? Can you survive the legendary sea monsters, powerful laser beams, explosive mines and other dangers of the deep? Relax for a moment and you will become the latest victim of this Atlantic Graveyard.
BerzerkBerzerkAtari 26001982GoogleShooterDan HitchensAtariThe player controls a green stick-figure, representing a "humanoid." Using a joystick (and a firing button to activate a laser-like weapon), the player navigates a simple maze filled with many robots, who fire lasers back at the player character. A player can be killed by being shot, by running into a robot or an exploding robot, coming into contact with the electrified walls of the maze itself, or by being touched by the player's nemesis, "Evil Otto."
Betrayal at KrondorBetrayal at KrondorMS-DOS1993GoogleRole-PlayingDynamixDynamixBetrayal at Krondor: Midkemia, a realm of enchantment and ancient magic where elves, dwarves and man once battled an unimaginable evil across rifts in time and space. The legends tell of a boy named Pug who would become Master Magician. His friend, Tomas, would wield the unearthly armor of the Valheru and command the armies of Elvandar to fight the final titanic battle at Sethanon. In Betrayal at Krondor experience an all-new tale in the Riftwar legacy as you travel the world of Ramar.
Beyond Castle WolfensteinCastle WolfensteinCommodore 641984GoogleShooterSilas S. WarnerMuse SoftwareYour mission is to infiltrate Nazi headquarters in disguise, find the bomb agents have hidden there, and plant it outside the door to Hitler's bunker. If you go in shooting everything in sight, a guard is bound to raise the alarm and it's unlikely you'll complete the mission. Use stealth and the occasional bribe to work your way to Hitler. You might have to kill a few guards, but think before you do. Oh, and did we mention you have to escape the way you came before the bomb explodes?
Beyond Dark CastleBeyond Dark CastleCommodore 641989GoogleActionSilicon Beach Software, Inc.Activision, Inc.This sequel to Dark Castle has our formerly nameless hero now known as Prince Duncan continuing his adventures after he toppled the Black Knight's throne and was dropped by a gargoyle in Trouble 3. With Merlin's help, Prince Duncan finds his way behind the Black Knight's throne where there is a fireplace and mantle. At the start of each new game, Duncan tries to take a torch on the wall beside the fireplace, and the entire wall spins around to reveal a large Ante Room containing 5 pedestals for holding orbs. Your mission is to collect all 5 orbs to open a gate to lead you to a final duel with The Black Knight. This game has similar gameplay and 15 new levels - five of which scroll as opposed to the static screens of the past. These 5 are: Swamp, Black Forest, East Labyrinth, West Labyrinth, and Black Knight's Showdown & The Final Battle. There are different enemies and items such as multiple keys and a helicopter pack which lets you fly in the Swamp and Black Forest levels. You must pick up Gas to use it also. The game map is larger with longer levels. Different elements present include weapons-based fighting, mazes, bombs which are used to destroy enemies or walls, and a health system. Some enemies will decrease your health when hitting you instead of killing you outright. Elixirs will protect your health but it will also deplete slowly over time and can be restored by picking up food or leaving the level. There is now the option to save your game but it must be done from one of the computers in the castle's Computer Room. There's also a new practice mode to try out levels. When playing in Advanced mode, there's a different ending to the game than normal.
Beyond the Forbidden ForestForbidden ForestCommodore 641985GoogleAction, ShooterPaul NormanCosmi CorporationThe sequel to Forbidden Forest; the main gimmick was the "4-dimensional" gameplay. The background changed to reflect the passage of time, going from bright daylight to starlit night. The main character could also move in and out of the screen. Armed with a bow and unlimited arrows, the aim was to kill the terrible creatures of the forest to earn golden arrows. Dying reduced the stock of golden arrows by half. The player aimed by moving the joystick while holding fire, which changed the elevation bars in the side borders. Releasing fire shot the arrow. Among the enemies in the forest level were Vermes (giant worms that burst out of the ground), Dragonflies, and Scorpions. When enough arrows had been earned, the player could choose to enter the caves. Here there were swarms of bats to avoid and kill, a multi-headed hydra breathing fire and the final bad guy - the Demogorgon, who had one weak point.
Big Trouble in Little ChinaBig Trouble in Little ChinaCommodore 641987GoogleActionFocus Creative EnterprisesElectric Dreams SoftwareThe villainous Mandarin Lo Pan is trying to appease a demon in order to secure a mortal body. To do this he must first marry a green eyed girl and then sacrifice her. Lo Pan's henchmen kidnap Gracie Law and Miao Yin, the girlfriends of Jack Burton and Wang Chi, who both have green eyes, and take the girls down into Lo Pan's underground empire beneath the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco. Jack Burton, Wang Chi and their friend Egg Shen have to fight their way through the streets of Chinatown and down into the sewers and rooms of the underground domain of the Mandarin.
BioForgeBioForgeMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, AdventureORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.You don't know where you are, or who is in control, even the most essential concepts of identity have been stripped from your mind. Only the realization that something is not as it should be makes you take control of your destiny to rise, seek answers and fend for yourself in an insane and nebulous reality. Make your way through different indoor and outdoor environments, and get swept into a breath-taking drama upon which the fate of the universe depends. When you break free of your security cell, you enter a laboratory set on the ruins of an ancient and long-dead alien civilization. Fighting your way through superior forces vies with the need to discover alternative ways of manipulating yourself and others. BioForge is an action-adventure game that was one of the first to feature fully textured 3D characters over pre-rendered backgrounds. In this unique cyber-thriller you collect items and solve mind-bending challenges to discover the secrets of your imprisonment and recover your lost identity. Fight against your robotic and human oppressors using a combination of melee weaponry and guns. Break out of your prison and show your foes what you’re made of. Half metal, half flesh, all vengeance!
Blade RunnerBlade RunnerWindows1997GoogleAdventureWestwood StudiosVirgin Interactive EntertainmentBlade Runner is a 1997 point-and-click adventure game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive for Microsoft Windows. The game is not a direct adaptation of the 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner, but is instead a "sidequel", telling an original story, which runs parallel to the film's plot, occasionally intersecting with it. Set in 2019 Los Angeles, the game tells the story of Ray McCoy, an elite detective charged with hunting down a group of dangerous replicants (bioengineered androids designed to look and act like humans). Although several of the film's characters appear in the game, with the original actors returning to voice them, the film's protagonist, Rick Deckard, does not appear in a speaking role. Instead, he is referred to on multiple occasions, is seen several times, and his activities as depicted in the film are mentioned. Other parallels with the film include the reproduction of several prominent locations, as well as scenes and dialogue closely modelled on the original. The game also features extracts from the film's soundtrack.
Blake Stone: Aliens of GoldThrowback Pack seriesMS-DOS1993GoogleAction, ShooterJAM ProductionsApogee SoftwareYou're pitted against Dr. Pyrus Goldfire. He's found a way to replicate pure gold, which he's using to fund his maniacal plan. Goldfire has built six highly-secure, futuristic locations where his creations are being hatched. It's up to you to penetrate his security and stop him at all costs.
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainLegacy of KainWindows1997GoogleAction, AdventureSilicon KnightsActivisionBlood Omen is a top-down game where the player controls the vampiric Kain. As a vampire, Kain is able to withstand sunlight, but is harmed by water. However, he is able to obtain several cursed abilities and spells such as being able to transform into a bat, wolf and even a cloud mist respectively, as well as learning the ability to disguise himself from creatures of weaker mind. Kain is also fixated on murder and is a master of several ways to kill and destroy his opponents. As the enemies are slain in front of him, Kain may drink their blood to restore his health, which is always trickling away, representative of his insatiable craving. To aid in the slaughter of his enemies, Kain may equip different weapons and armor, each with its own unique properties.
BloodRayneBloodrayneWindows2003GoogleAction, Beat 'em UpTerminal RealityMajescoIn the years between the World Wars, Agent BloodRayne works as a killing machine for The Brimstone Society--a top secret fraternity that hunts down and destroys supernatural threats. Two missions, five years apart, turn out to be connected by one man. For years, this man has been searching the world for powerful occult relics to bring Germany into a new age of domination. Rayne must face his elite Nazi army and prevent them from releasing horrific creatures in their quest for the artifacts. Starring the super-sexy, super-lethal, supernatural heroine BloodRayne, this original action horror game unleashed the red headed dhampir on the world.
BloodRayne 2BloodrayneWindows2005GoogleAction, Beat 'em UpTerminal RealityMajescoBloodRayne is a dhampir, born from the unnatural union of vampire and human. Blessed with the powers of a vampire but cursed with the thirst for blood and a weakness to sunlight, Rayne is challenged with her most personal battle yet as she hunts down her siblings. They have banded together and pledged to carry on their father's legacy of creating a new era of vampire supremacy where humans are mere cattle. Rayne's siblings have created 'The Shroud,' a mysterious substance that will render the sun's lethal rays harmless to vampires. Now only BloodRayne stands between an unsuspecting humanity and a horrifying vampire dawn.
Blue MaxBlue MaxCommodore 641983GoogleShooterPeter AdamsU.S. GoldThe storyline is based on a fictional pilot, Max Chatsworth, being (in-game) one of Britain's Flying Aces. Chatsworth's fame began in battle, when he was out on a reconnaissance mission, and his squadron was decimated by enemy planes. The pilot survived, and in the process shot down seven enemy fighters. He shot down thirteen more the next month. For these actions, Germany offered their Blue Max medal to anyone who could shoot Chatsworth down—and Chatsworth got a new nickname—Blue Max.  As Blue Max, you go out on sorties—flying missions—attacking assigned targets. Targets include bridges, buildings, enemy planes, tanks, bridges, anti-aircraft batteries, vehicles and ships. You progress to new missions as you take out your targets. Various settings can be adjusted before beginning play including control type (normal or pilot), skill level and whether gravity will affect the plane.  You must drop bombs to take out the ground targets, and this action also represents a key danger for you. Unlike the modern bombers that drop bombs on targets far below, early aircraft engaged in semi-suicidal bombing runs. The pilots started at high altitude, then tipped the planes nose downward towards their ground-based target, and pulled up before they hit the ground. In the middle of the dive and pull up process, they released the bomb. There were problems of coordination, found in the game as well—if you time it wrong, or start too low, you will crash. You only have one life in this game.  If your plane is destroyed or you complete a mission a ranking is given which ranges from Kamikaze Trainee to Squadron Leader.  This game has aroused some controversy too, which supposedly caused it to be banned in Germany. In the course of your missions, you end up bombing houses.  (The actual Blue Max/Blauer Max, is a nickname for the Prussian medal 'Pour le Mérite', first given to the pilots Max Immelmann and Oswald Boelcke. It required downing 8-20 enemy planes, with requirements increasing as the war progressed.)
Boulder DashBoulder DashCommodore 641984GoogleAction, PuzzlePeter LiepaStatesoftThe game's protagonist is called "Rockford". He must dig through caves collecting gems and diamonds and reach the exit within a time limit, while avoiding various types of dangerous creatures as well as obstacles like falling rocks and the constant danger of being crushed or trapped by an avalanche, or killed by an underground explosion.
Bouncy CarsBouncy CarsCommodore 641994GoogleRacingRudolf RönschMagna MediaReleased in 64'er 1994/07.
BowlingBowlingAtari 26001978GoogleSportsLarry KaplanAtariYour objective is to roll as high a score as possible, whether you're playing a one-player or a two-player game.  There are ten "pins" to knock down.  You have two tries (or rolls) to knock down the pins each time you're up.  Each game consists of ten "frames" (or turns).  If you succeed in knocking down all the pins on your first roll, it's called a "strike".  A strike is marked with an "x" on the TV screen.  If you leave pins standing, but "pick them up" on your second try, it's called a "spare".  Spares are marked with a "/" on the screen.  An "open frame" occurs when you fail to knock down all then pins in two rolls.  Open frames are indicated with a straight horizontal line (-) on the screen.  The ultimate goal in BOWLING is to roll 12 consecutive strikes for a "perfect" score of 300.
BoxingBoxingAtari 26001980GoogleSportsBob WhiteheadActivisionBoxing shows a top-down view of two boxers, one white and one black. When close enough, a boxer can hit his opponent with a punch (executed by pressing the fire button on the Atari joystick). This causes his opponent to reel back slightly. Long punches score one point, while closer punches (power punches, from the manual) score two. There are no knockdowns or rounds. A match is completed either when one player lands 100 punches (a "knockout") or two minutes have elapsed (a "decision"). In the case of a decision, the player with the most landed punches is the winner. Ties are possible. While the gameplay is simple, there are subtleties, such as getting an opponent on the "ropes" and "juggling" him back and forth between alternate punches.
BreakdanceBreakdanceCommodore 641984GoogleSportsBeck-TechEpyxBreakdance is game based on the dance craze from the early 80s and consists of three different games, a chance to compete in the three games together or just choreograph your own dance routine. One or two players can play with each player taking it turns to dance. The games you can play are: Hot Feet Dance Contest: This is a Simon-like simple break dancing memory game. A computer character performs a pattern of five break dancing moves which the player then has to reproduce by moving his joystick in one of four directions. Every round, one more move is added, increasing the difficulty the player continues. Battle the Rocket Crew: You are near a river and rows of dancers slowly dance down the screen and to make a dancer disappear you have to copy their moves. You need to keep making the dancers disappear or they will keep pushing you towards the river and it is game over when you fall into the water. Perfections Dance Puzzle: You watch a dancer perform four moves before the four moves appear above you in the wrong order. You have to put the moves shown, in the right order to win ghettoblasters. You have the option called Grand Loop and this allows you to play all three games to try to enter the Breakdance Hall of Fame. The choreograph option allows you to perform in front of a crowd and choose from 14 moves to keep them entertained.
Bruce LeeBruce LeeCommodore 641984Finished - 100%Google QuickBytePlatformRon J. FortierU.S. GoldThe late martial arts hero features in this platform game, with the aim of reaching a wizard in an underground lair, defeat of whom can offer him untold wealth. In each area you must collect the many strategically-placed lanterns before exiting through the newly-revealed passageway. Some rooms also have escalator-type sections to run along, and the standard (although slightly illogical in this context) ladders. There are 20 areas to be completed. On the way, you'll fight two enemies - a ninja and a green sumo warrior named Yamo. You can defeat them by punching, kicking, dropping on their heads or luring them into hazardous terrain, or even by making them accidentally hit each other. Even after they are killed, however, they keep coming back for more after a few seconds. Since they can move pretty intelligently (they even climb ladders), you should watch out for them. The game also allows a second player to take control of Yamo. There are lots of hazards to avoid by either walking round or jumping - walls of electrical charge and exploding bushes for example.
Bruce Lee IIBruce LeeCommodore 642015GoogleActionBruno R. MarcosJonas HultenThe Original of the Original Back in 1984, Datasoft Inc released a game based on the Bruce Lee character featured in motion pictures. The game was ported to many platforms at the time and it got pretty good reviews. Many people look back and remember the game with love and warmth in their hearts. So do I.  The Original In 2013, Bruno R. Marcos released a spiritual successor to the Bruce Lee game on his website The game was called Bruce Lee II. It featured an Amstrad CPC mode and a Commodore 64 mode which gave the game a retro look like it was created for those two platforms in the first place. It also featured sampled sound from the 1984 Bruce Lee game in addition to some new ones.  The Conversion Mid April 2014 development started to port Bruno's Bruce Lee II to the Commodore 64. Almost a year later the game was finished. Even if the game originally looked like a Commodore 64 game it was very difficult to make it run on a real Commodore 64. The reasons are basically that the game contains a lot of features and also pushes the limits of the graphics hardware even if it looks simplistic. The conversion isn't perfect and some small things differ from the original due to hardware and effort limitations.  Difficulty The original game has a couple of places where you need to perform pixel perfect jumps to get forward in the game. This can be frustrating so an easy game mode has been added. This adds a small amount of walkable blocks which removes the need for pixel perfect jumps. The easy game mode also makes one room with dangerous moving floor tiles easier and you have ten lives to begin with instead of five. I would recommend you to play the easy game mode unless you are prepared to grind and replay the game a lot.  The Game Play the game with joystick in either port or use the WASD keys and SPACE on the keyboard. Pressing the STOP key pauses the game. Pressing STOP again resumes.  The game exists in two formats, a diskette version and an EasyFlash cartridge image. The diskette version requires a disk drive device of some sort and the cartridge image can be burned on an EasyFlash cartridge and played using the cartridge only. No disk drive is required in the cartridge version.  The game has been made with compatibility in mind. It works on PAL or NTSC machines with no speed differences and should work nicely with a lot of add-ons, even some CPU accelerators, like the SuperCPU. The game features background loading on 1541, 1571, 1581, CMD FD drives and CMD HD. If the game can't detect the drive type it will fall back to kernal loading between screens. It should basically work on anything that loads using the kernal, just not as smooth as with background loading supported drives.  Some people report that the drive detection fails on some drives and loading gets stuck before the menu. You can force kernal loading by holding the commodore key in the intro with the black background, releasing the key first when you see the main menu.
Bruce Lee: Return of FuryBruce LeeCommodore 642019ActionMegastyleitch.ioBruce Lee: Return of Fury "Return of Fury" is a continuation of the original game "Bruce Lee" developed by DataSoft, Inc in 1984. It features all of the classic gameplay in a brand new world. Bruce's long-time foes, The Yamo and The Ninja also return, as always hell-bent on foiling Bruce's challenge.  WELCOME TO BRUCE LEE - RETURN OF FURY 35 years later, The Emperor had rebuilt the Forbidden World. Enemies regrouped and came back even stronger. There was no backing out of the challenge ahead. Be like water, my friend, and you will be victorious. The Legend has returned - The Adventure continues.  HOW TO PLAY Up to 3 players simultaneously using Protovision's 4 player adapter.  PLAYER SELECT Use joysticks 1-4 left/right to select character. Press fire button to assign a device for the character, press again for CPU control. Push up for bare upper body or iconic yellow jumpsuit. Press fire button on difficulty level NORMAL or HARD to start the game Bruce must be human controlled, or game will not start.  GAME MODES NORMAL mode: 3 continues available, normal gameplay. HARD mode: Faster enemies and NO continues. Kung-fu masters only.  IN-GAME SPACE to pause/continue the game. F1 to return to the Titles.  CREDITS Original game by DataSoft, Inc. 1984 Return of Fury modification by Megastyle Published by Megastyle 2019  BRUCE LEE Original programming by Ron J. Fortier Graphics by Kelly Day Sound Effects and Title Theme by John A. Fitzpatrick  RETURN OF FURY Maps, music and additional programming by Vidar "dmx" Bang Loading picture by Rune "Sparkler" Spaans Tape loading music by Anders "Rage" Rodahl Megastyle intro by Kåre "Docster" Johansen, Roy "Rotteroy" Widding Testing by Rotteroy, Docster, Rage, Andrew "Merman" Fisher and Vinny Mainolfi Linking by Chris "Microbit" Stanley Final compilation by Rotteroy Tape version mastered by Tom Roger "SLC" Skauen of Pond Software Tape loader made by Paul Hughes
Castle WolfensteinCastle WolfensteinCommodore 641983GoogleAction, AdventureSilas S. WarnerMuse SoftwareIn this game, the player takes control of a lone prisoner who has been taking captive in a large castle occupied by the Nazis. Getting out of the cell and picking up a weapon is just the beginning; the ultimate goal is to acquire the war plans of the Nazis, and escape from Castle Wolfenstein alive.  Castle Wolfenstein is notable for being the first game that incorporated stealth-based gameplay mechanics. The player navigates the hero through the top-down corridors and rooms of the castle. The main gameplay challenge lies in dealing with the guards who patrol the castle and will be alerted to any noise made by the player. It is possible to shoot the guards, but the ammunition in the game is scarce, and some guards are very hard to kill, so the preferred course of action is moving without being noticed. If the player surprises a guard with a gun drawn, the guard will surrender, and the player will be able to frisk him for valuable items.  The player should also search the treasure chests scattered across the castle. Some of them contain war plans, which are essential for winning the game; others have useful items, such as bullets, grenades, bulletproof vests, and guard uniforms. The uniforms can be worn for disguise; however, higher-ranked SS guards will be able to recognize the intruder. Chests might also contain food and beverage; imbibing alcohol will result in a temporary loss of aim and balance for the player character.  The game's sound effects include some of the earliest examples of digital voice samples. The guards would sometimes shout out short phrases in German in an attempt to stop the protagonist.
CastlesCastlesMS-DOS1991GoogleConstruction and Management SimulationQuicksilver SoftwareInterplay ProductionsIn Castles, the player constructs up to eight castles, one after the other, in various regions in western England and Wales. Each scenario starts in the castle building mode with a flat, empty map of the region. The map has such features as trees and water, but is largely devoid of manageable terrain. On this map the player designs the outline of a castle, including a gatehouse, walls, and round or square towers. Each piece of the castle can be customized for either height, thickness, or both, and most can be further outfitted with defensive features. Wall defenses feature cauldrons of boiling oil and towers include arrow slits. The player has to consider the amount of available resources in the region when designing the castle, as larger or numerous pieces can easily deplete resources and result in the inability to complete the castle.
Castles II: Siege and ConquestCastlesMS-DOS1992GoogleConstruction and Management Simulation, StrategyQuicksilver SoftwareInterplayCastles II expands on the original by changing the interface and adding video cutscenes on the CD-based versions. You choose to be one of five feuding lords vying for the Crown. Conquering, spying, sabotage, diplomacy, whatever it takes--as long as you keep the Pope and your people happy. You have to reach 7,000 points to petition the Pope for the throne, and then you have to maintain those points for 4-5 game months to win the game. However, your rivals will attack you as soon as the Pope declares his support, so be sure you have a strong military before applying for the Papal backing. Castle building is more efficient and easier to deal with. You can also set up pre-made castles on file so that you can place them quickly. Battles are set in a full alternate screen with the ability to place and command each unit.
CauldronCauldronCommodore 641985GooglePlatform, ShooterRichard LeinfellnerPalace SoftwarePlaying a witch, you must assemble the six ingredients required to kill off your arch-rival, an evil pumpkin. The ingredients are all located in underground buildings, each of which can only be entered once you've found the appropriate key. The keys are located overground, and you must fly around on your broom to collect them. The overground sections play like standard shoot 'em ups, as your broom is not affected by gravity and can fire bullets using your magic energy. Bats, fireballs and even seagulls are among the many creatures trying to stop you - contact will cost you more energy than shooting at them would. There are energy recharges on offer. Once you go underground, the gameplay becomes a test of precision platform jumping, including some Manic Miner-esque blind jumps. The six underground sections can be completed in a variety of orders, but you will sometimes reach points that can't be completed without objects from other sections, so a lot of back-tracking is required. Although you start with nine lives, they won't last all that long at first.
Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes BackCauldronCommodore 641986GooglePlatformStanley SchembriPalace SoftwareAn evil witch has brought evil and darkness to the enchanted wood, wiping out all but 1 of the innocent pumpkins. As the poem in the instructions sheet explains, the only way to put things right is to capture a lock of her hair, then take it to the cauldron and cast a spell to undo things. Controlling the pumpkin is difficult at first, as it has a very high bounce, the exact level of which can be toggled using the 5 key. Direction can only be changed when the ball is on the ground. Ricocheting into enemies costs energy, and you only gain weaponry by landing into magic pools. The starting positions are random, making mapping advisable and increasing the initial challenge. Even then, enemies respawn quickly, so all you're doing is buying a little time to pass them. Others can't be shot, and must be passed by possessing the right object - possibly one of the 5 you will ultimately need to vanquish the witch.
CentipedeCentipedeAtari 26001982GoogleShooterAtariAtariIn Centipede, the player is trapped in the Enchanted Forest. Armed with only a magic wand to ward off the forest's insect denizens, all of which apparently are attacking in the player in continuous waves.  The player must use the magic wand to shoot sparks at approaching insects to score points by pressing the controller button. Holding down the controller button will set the wand to rapid fire shots. If the player is bitten by an insect, the player will be temporarily paralyzed and lose one of the three starting magic wands.  Insect Opponents and Mushrooms All enemy insects have a distinctive sound before attacking, which may help the player identify which insect is attacking. Enemies and objects in the game are as the following:      The Centipede     The Centipede will attack in 12 waves. In the first wave, the Centipede will have a head attached to 11 body segments. In the second wave, the Centipede will have a head attached to 10 body segments, in addition to a detached head. The third wave will have the Centipede with an attached head, 9 body segments, plus two detached heads. These body segments will transform into heads and continue to do so until Wave 12. In the last wave, the Centipede will have 12 detached heads, independently attacking the player. Centipede heads are worth more points than body segments.      Attacks from the Centipede will come from the top of the screen, moving downward. If a spark hits any part of the Centipede, that particular body segment will transform into a mushroom, while the body segment behind it will become the new Centipede head. When the Centipede is destroyed, it will briefly disappear and re-appear from the top of the screen again.      The Spider     The Spider will attempt to distract the player from attacking the Centipede. It will destroy any mushroom it touches. Spiders will score more points if it is hit in closer distances.      The Flea     The Flea will appear if the player has destroyed most of the existing mushrooms. It will drop down creating a new batch of mushrooms where it falls. The Flea will disappear after two hits. After the first hit, the Flea will drop down much faster.      The Scorpion     The Scorpion will appear in the third wave. It moves slowly but will pick up speed, moving faster. While doing so, it will poison any mushroom it touches.      Mushrooms     Mushrooms fill the Enchanted Forest and may act as obstacles or cover for the player, with added effects to enemy insects. It takes four shots to completly destroy a mushroom. There are two types of mushrooms: Magic Mushrooms and Poisonous mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are the default mushrooms in the game and are also the result of the player destroying an insect or Centipede body segment. Poisonous Mushrooms are the result of the Scorpion touching a mushroom. Poisonous Mushrooms will prompt the Centipede near it to move straight towards the player through any mushroom. Losing a wand will restore any partially damaged mushroom.    Game Difficulty and Variations The game offers four difficulty levels: Novice, Standard, Advanced, and Expert. Game Variations are as the following:      One Player     Two Player Alternating     Two players will take turns when the active player is bitten.     Dual Player Competition     Two players will appear on the screen at the same time. Scoring is separate. Shots fired from one player will paralyze the other player.     Team Play Two players will appear on the screen at the same time. Scoring is combined. Shots fired from one player will not paralyze the other player.    Scoring The player will win a bonus magic wand for every 12,000 points to a maximum of six wands. The game will end when all wands are lost. Scoring are as the following:      Centipede Head - 100 points     Centipede Body Segment - 10 points     Spider at close range - 900 points     Spider at medium range - 600 points     Flea - 200 points     Scorpion - 1,000 points     Restored mushroom - 5 points     Destroyed mushroom - 1 points
Champions of Krynn (COK 1/3)Champions Of KrynnMS-DOS1990GoogleRole-PlayingStrategic Simulations, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.The War of the Lance is over, the dragon armies have been defeated. But evil has not left Krynn. In northeastern Ansalon, outposts of the Knights of Solamnia remain to guard the fragile peace. Your party of adventurers is hired to carry out missions for the Knights. On your first mission, you stumble upon Draconians, long believed to have left the area. What are their plans? On your travels you have to face dangers in many dungeons and towns and might even meet some of the legendary Heroes of the Lance. Champions of Krynn is the first of SSI's "gold box" games set in the AD&D world of Dragonlance, with all the usual features: first-person view and movement in dungeons, towns and outposts, overland travel on a map of the area and tactical turn-based combat from a top-down perspective. As the first game set in Krynn, it has several features unique to that setting: In character races, one can choose from Kender, Silvanesti or Qualinesti Elves and Mountain or Hill Dwarves in addition to humans and half-elves. Special character classes include Solamnic Knights, clerics of the major deities of Krynn and mages of either the Red or the White Robe. The deities grant special spells and powers to their respective clerics. Red and White mages have access to different spells and the phases of the moons of Krynn affect their spellcasting abilities.
Chomp!Chomp!Commodore 641989GoogleActionRobert T. BonifacioCosmi Corporation
Choplifter!Choplifter!Commodore 641982GoogleAction, ShooterDane BighamBrøderbund Software, Inc.Choplifter! is a side-scrolling action/arcade game that puts you in command of an attack chopper. Your mission: Go behind enemy lines and rescue up to 16 hostages per level. Be careful, though, because tanks and enemy aircraft will try to stop you - and they won't stop shooting while you are rescuing those hostages!  Originally released for Apple II home computers, Choplifter! was later ported to the arcades and a number of video game consoles. Many imitators and homages would follow.
Cliff HangerCliff HangerCommodore 641984GoogleActionJames DayNew Generation SoftwareIn the game, different scenes from a Western movie are shot. Either you play the hero "Cliff Hanger" on your own, or twosome when his brother "Coat" joins in. The aim is, to release an action at the right point of time, to "kill" the bandit "El Bandito", who runs through the screen (e. g. roll a rock, throw a boomerang, fire a canon, etc.). The scenes are chosen randomly by the program and are repeated until the action was successful. The title of the scene gives a hint to what scene will come up. The game was obviously inspired by the old Looney Toons Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons.
Clive Barker's UndyingClive Barker's UndyingWindows2001GoogleHorror, ShooterDreamworks InteractiveElectronic ArtsClive Barker's Undying is a horror FPS developed by Dreamworks Interactive and released by Electronic Arts in 2001. Set in Ireland of the 1920's, players take on the role of Patrick Galloway, who has been summoned to an ancestral estate by his old and lone friend Jeremiah. Death has claimed his four siblings, each who have reanimated intent on slaying their living brother, the last of the family, so as to free the Curse of the Undying King. On 5 perilous quests Galloway is confronted with over 20 different kinds of devilish creatures & the undead family members, fighting back with various magic spells and weapons like a shotgun, a scythe or molotov cocktails. 10 vast & unique areas, like a destroyed monastery, the Pirate's Cove or even Neolithic caves, are awaiting exploration before Galloway finally can unravel the mysterious horrors of the estate.
CobraCobraCommodore 641986GoogleActionZach TownsendOcean Software Ltd.Cobra on the C64 adapts the 1986 Sylvester Stallone movie like its counterparts on other 8-bit systems. It is similar to the Spectrum version, but features unique level designs and gameplay mechanics. The player controls ultra-tough cop Cobra who must make his way through three side-scrolling levels: the cityscape, a rural area and a factory. Hordes of goons will try to kill him where he stands and attack with throwing knives, axes, grenades and guns. At the beginning, Cobra is unarmed and can only evade or punch out his enemies, but he can pick up weapon icons to increase his damage potential. Available are knives, grenades, a pistol and a machine gun (guns and ammo have to be collected separately). Ammunition for all weapons is limited. Cobra can refill his health by picking up hamburgers. Not all that moves has to be killed: sometimes, innocent civilians cross Cobra's path. Shooting them will cost him a life. In levels one and three, Cobra also has to find fashion model Ingrid, then lead her along to the level exit.
CombatCombatAtari 26001977GoogleActionLarry WagnerAtariCombat is an early video game by Atari for the Atari 2600. It was released as one of the nine launch titles for the system in October 1977, and was included in the box with the system from its introduction until 1982.   Combat is a two-player game where the players attempt to shoot each other's tanks or planes. Hitting the enemy vehicle pushes it back and gives the player one point. The game contains 27 levels, each of which has different rules and playing field layout. On the tank levels, the players have a selection of two different mazes or no walls at all, while on the plane levels, the players can choose to play with clouds that obscure part of the screen. The Atari 2600 difficulty settings can be used to change the range of a player's missiles, as well as the speed of one's airplanes in levels 15-27. All games have a time limit of 136 seconds.  The levels include:      1-5: Tank levels. Levels 3 and 5 are "straight missile" levels where the players' projectiles simply fly forward. On the "guided missile" levels (1, 2, 4) the projectiles can be controlled with a joystick after firing.     6-9: "Tank-pong" levels, where the players' missiles bounce off walls. In the "billiard hit" levels (8 and 9), there's an additional rule that a missile must bounce at least once before it can hit the enemy tank.     10 and 11: Invisible tank levels, where the tanks only become briefly visible when they shoot, bump into a wall, or are hit by a missile. Both of these give the players guided missiles.     12-14: Invisible "tank-pong" levels. Levels 13 and 14 use the "billiard hit" rule.     15-20: Biplane levels, where the players fly planes that are constantly moving forward and wrap around to the other side when they fly off the screen. Levels 15 and 19 use guided missiles; 16 and 20 use straight missiles; on 17 and 18 the players use rapid-fire machine guns. Additionally level 19 is a "2 vs. 2" level - both players have two planes each that move and shoot together - and level 20 is "1 vs. 3", where one player has three planes while the other has a single large plane.     21-27: Jet fighter levels. The jet planes move faster than biplanes, but other than that gameplay remains similar. 22, 24 and 27 are straight missile levels, the rest are guided missile levels. Additionally 25 and 27 are "2 vs. 2" levels, while 26 is a "1 vs. 3" level.  One of the very few Atari 2600 games actually programmed to be in stereo (which can only be experienced with a modified system).
Command & Conquer: Remastered CollectionCommand & Conquer: Remastered CollectionWindows2020GoogleStrategyPetroglyph GamesElectronic ArtsCommand & Conquer and Red Alert defined the RTS genre 25 years ago and are now both fully remastered in 4K by the former Westwood Studios team members at Petroglyph Games. Includes all 3 expansion packs, rebuilt multiplayer, a modernized UI, Map Editor, bonus gallery of unreleased FMV footage, and over 7 hours of legendary remastered music by Frank Klepacki. Welcome back, Commander.
CommandoCommandoCommodore 641985GoogleShooterChris ButlerElite Systems Ltd.You are Super Joe the cracked combat soldier of the eighties battling against all odds to defeat the advancing rebel forces. Equipped with only an M60 machine gun and six hand-grenades you carry out your lone crusade, forcing your way into hostile territory. Mortars, grenades and dynamite rain from the skies and explode around you. Enemy bullets fly past you in all directions, trenches, cliffs and lakes block your path. Rebel forces appear from caves, strong holds and troop carriers to stop your progress. You must show no mercy. You must not retreat. You must keep pushing yourself further and further into enemy lines, collecting supplies of hand-grenades from defeated outposts, until you reach your final objective, the fortress.  Have you got the skill and stamina to defeat the enemy?
Commandos 2: Men of CourageCommandosWindows2001GoogleAction, StrategyPyro StudiosEidos InteractiveCommandos 2: Men of Courage is a tactical action/strategy game set against the backdrop of World War II. Take control of an elite group of commandos who must venture deep into enemy territory and utilize their combined expertise to complete a series of mission-based objectives. Go covert into new environments based on authentic WWII locations: the heart of the third Reich, a northern European submarine installation, the headquarters of the Japanese army and more.
Commandos 3: Destination BerlinCommandosWindows2003GoogleAction, StrategyPyro StudiosEidos InteractiveCommandos 3: Destination Berlin is a game of real-time tactics that places you in command of an elite unit of Special Forces behind enemy lines in the European theater of World War II. From the shores of France to the heart of the Third Reich, strike fast from land or sea infiltrating hostile territories and conducting raids to disrupt the German war machine.
Commandos: Behind Enemy LinesCommandosWindows1998GoogleAction, StrategyPyro StudiosEidos InteractiveCommandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a real-time tactics game set in World War II that puts you in command of a small squad of elite troopers. Send them behind enemy lines on a series of hazardous missions, and bring them back alive. Clever strategy has never been so furiously action-packed. Study the enemy's movements, develop a careful plan, synchronize your men, and launch them on a swift and fierce attack using all your power and skill.
Commandos: Beyond The Call of DutyCommandosWindows1999GoogleAction, StrategyPyro StudiosEidos InteractiveYou have been selected for active service in the Commandos Corps, and must now mobilize in a series of 8 new dangerous missions. You may come with experience of action 'Behind Enemy Lines' or perhaps you are just a rookie - whatever you are, you will be given the opportunity to push your daring and tactical ability to the limit. As the leader of a small elite unit operating deep within enemy territory, you will experience new challenges and goals with these new missions. Plus new vehicles, buildings, weapons and 2 levels of difficulty will satisfy both Commandos veterans and new recruits.
ConanConanCommodore 641984GoogleActionSE SoftwareDatasoft, Inc.You, Conan the Barbarian, must enter a castle and defeat the evil Volta. You are armed with ten boomerang swords and your own cunning. Along the way magic gems, keys and an "Avian Ally" will help you through seven very diverse levels in which you must navigate treacherous obstacles including lava pits, powerful geysers that hurl you into the air, spike pits, and floating platforms. Volta's castle is guarded by several of his nasty beasts: bats, scorpions, giant ants, fire-breathing dragons, floating eyeballs, and even a huge electrical generator gone haywire -- you'll soon realize why he calls himself "Volta".
Corncob 3-D: The Other Worlds CampaignCorncob 3-D: The Other Worlds CampaignMS-DOS1992Action, Flight SimulatorPie in the Sky SoftwareMVP SoftwareCorncob 3-D: The Other Worlds Campaign is an alternate version of the original Corncob 3-D which could be purchased directly from the manufacturer. After successfully driving out the alien invasion in the original game, the aliens have taken refuge in the other planets of the solar system! They're definitely planning a comeback, but the governments of the world have joined forces again, this time to drive them out of our solar system! Part sequel, part expansion, the game is now set in six different alien planets. It also has these new features: 130 new missions A mission and sound editor Expanded documentation and an extensive level creation tutorial In-game score and stat reports
Countdown to ShutdownCountdown to ShutdownCommodore 641985GoogleAction, AdventureThorn EMI Computer SoftwareActivision, Inc.In Countdown to Shutdown, also known as Countdown to Meltdown, you control eight droids on the mission to find the core room of an nuclear power plant, in which a serious explosion has caused large casualties. The game is an arcade-like 3D adventure, you see always only the room your droid moves in, in the bottom of the screen you receive information like actual core temp and radiation level, time remaining, the direction you heading for, information about your shield level and others . Once you found the core room you must attempt to damp down the reactor temperature to avoid a major catastrophe a second explosion will cause. With the joystick you control all 8 droids, you have to switch several times between them because of the fact, that each of them has a special ability (like scientific, medical, technical, combat, intelligence, power, strength and mobility). Over 2.000 rooms on 8 levels waiting for you. Examine all rooms (press "E" on your keyboard) for useful and often required items and valuables (like weapons, medical or technical tool sets) - each of your droids is able to keep 8 items in his inventory. Beware of radiation (the closer you get to the core room, the more it increases, before entering the core room you need to find and activate radiation shields), defense droids which were installed to keep out intruders (like you!) and Plasma. Because of the first explosion some doors between rooms were blocked or damaged: Find the needed technical tool sets for example to fix such issues. Once you have found the core room, use the abilities of your different droids and the - hopefully found - correct tools to damp down the temperature and stop the disaster.
Crisis MountainCrisis MountainCommodore 641983GooglePlatformLloyd Ollmann Jr.Creative Software, Inc.Crisis Mountain is a classic platform game. Your task is to defuse bombs left by terrorists in mountain caverns when a dormant volcano above starts erupting unexpectedly. Time is limited as the bombs are ticking towards detonation. It contains nine levels of play.   The original version was on the Apple II and was developed by David Schroeder. The C64 version was ported by Lloyd Ollmann Jr. for Creative Software, Inc.
Crusader: No RegretCrusaderMS-DOS1996GoogleActionORIGIN Systems, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.Crusader: No Regret is a direct sequel to Crusader: No Remorse, its events starting 46 hours after those depicted in the previous game. The protagonist of the game, a silencer known as the Captain, manipulates his escape pod into a WEC freighter heading towards the moon. There, WEC has established itself as the sole power, overseeing mining procedures and using the moon as prison for dissidents. The Resistance members are forced to work for WEC, extracting a precious radioactive component, Di-Corellium. The powerful corporation is not happy to see the Captain on the moon, and he has to use all his wits and skills to survive as WEC, led by Chairman Draygan, is trying to hunt him down. The game looks and plays very similarly to its predecessor, being an isometric shooter in which the Captain can also jump, run, roll, and kneel to avoid enemy attacks. A few new weapons and death animations have been added. The game's structure is somewhat more straightforward compared to the previous installment. In No Remorse, the Captain was limited to carry five weapons; in No Regret, this limitation has been removed.
Crusader: No RemorseCrusaderMS-DOS1995GoogleActionORIGIN Systems, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.You are a silencer, the elite of the elite soldiers of World Economic Consortium. You are used to orders of hunting down the Resistance, a ragtag band of rebels committing sabotage and other acts of terrorism against the WEC, but slowly, you realized the WEC is not quite what it appears to be... then one day you and two other Silencers, your best buddies, were ambushed by a WEC mech patrol when it was supposed to be a routine mission. You alone survived. It is clear that the Silencer is being silenced... and the only place to turn is the Resistance... Crusader: No Remorse is the first in the series, which is best described as a 2D isometric shooter. Your silencer can roll left, roll right, kneel, jump, run, and perform other acrobatic moves. You get plenty of different weapons, from assault rifles and shotguns to grenade launchers and lasers, to really exotic weapons like microwave cannon, EMP discharger, and even plasma cannons. You're up against the full military might of the WEC, from simple guards to full-fledged Guardmechs and elite forces (though none are quite as good as you). You can find supplies and money off of killed enemies (if you left a body, that is, and some of the extreme weapons don't). You'll often need to bypass traps, open doors, disable alarms, take out security cameras, and more. The action is intense, and there's usually a bit of puzzle involved. It's often a matter of exploring the map to find a switch or a terminal with the code that'll let you access another part or another level of the map. Between missions you can chat in the Resistance base and/or buy/sell weapons. You can also find recharge stations to replenish your energy and health (you can also find batteries and first aid kits too). The missions range from simple sabotage to rescue.
Curse of the Azure Bonds (POR 3/5)Pool Of RadianceMS-DOS1989GoogleRole-PlayingStrategic Simulations, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.Outside of the town of Tilverton, the party of heroes has been ambushed, captured and cursed with five azure markings called "bonds". These bonds have dangerous magical powers that can take control of the heroes at the most inopportune times. They must now search for the source of the bonds, and free themselves from the curse. The second in the Gold Box series of role-playing games, Curse of the Azure Bonds is a sequel to Pool of Radiance. The gameplay is nearly identical to that of the predecessor and other Gold Box games. Following the AD&D rules of role-playing, the player creates a party of characters (up to the maximum of six). Two new character classes (Paladin and Ranger) are added to the four basic AD&D classes Fighter, Thief, Mage, and Cleric, which were available in Pool of Radiance. Exploration takes place in pseudo-3D environments, from first-person view. Battles (random as well as pre-set) take the player-controlled and enemy party to a top-down battle screen. Commands are issued in turn-based fashion, and the player-controlled characters can freely navigate the battle field. There is also an overview "world map" that allows instant traveling between cities.
Dan Dare: Pilot of the FutureDan Dare: Pilot of the FutureCommodore 641986GoogleAction, AdventureGang of FiveVirgin InteractiveWhile recording an episode of "This is Your Life" in honour of you, Dan Dare, Earth receives communication from an alien known as the Mekon. The alien threatens the planet with annihilation using a hollowed out asteroid, unless he is made master of the galaxy. In response, you immediately travel to the asteroid in the starship Anastasia, along with professor Peabody, your friend Digby and his alien companion Stripey. However Digby and the professor are captured by Treens just after landing, and are being held prisoner inside the asteroid. You must free the prisoners, and defeat the Mekon menace. The Commodore 64 version of the game is an action game with adventure elements. Dan Dare can be moved around the screen using the joystick, and can throw a limited number of grenades by pressing the fire button and selecting a direction. Your alien companion Stripey will follow you between screens. If you run into an alien Treen, you will enter boxing mode where your energy and your opponents are shown. Holding the button down and moving up or down will shift your guard up or down, or towards your opponent to punch. Finally, if Dan gets close enough to an object or important place, a caption will be displayed. By holding down the fire button and moving up or down, different possible interactions (such as picking up the object, or using an inventory item there) can be selected. Your goal is to discover various items scattered about the asteroid, and use them to enter the complex, free the prisoners, destroy the navigation computers, and then defeat the Mekon before escaping in your ship.
Dante's InfernoDante's InfernoCommodore 641986GoogleAdventureDenton DesignsBeyondDante's poem 'Inferno' details a man's journey through hell, in the hope of reaching purgatory. This computer game interpretation takes the form of a mazelike arcade adventure. You can hold two objects at a time, to use towards solving the puzzles. The objects you need are located in the initial forest, so lots of backtracking is required. Cross the River Styx through the boatman to reach the nine circles of hell. These represent people who will not go to Heaven based on Christian theologies, from non-Christians to those who breached the Seven Deadly Sins such as sloth and gluttony. Contact with these must be avoided if you are to prove yourself pure enough to enter purgatory.
Dark CastleDark CastleCommodore 641987GooglePlatformSilicon Beach SoftwareMirrorsoftThe Black Knight has brought misery to the land, and the end way to end this is to enter his haunted house to slay him. You are the brave adventurer taking on this quest through 14 increasingly-tough zones. The bulk of the game is side-viewed, involving single screens to pass through, which incorporate ropes, cages and trapdoor. There are enemies walking, flying and hovering through this, and many of them respawn. Unusually your weapon to take them on (rocks) can be thrown through 360 degrees, which aims to make the gameplay more realistic and methodical. The screens were linked by hub screens, which the player passes through simply by clicking on a door.
DarkStar OneDarkStar OneWindows2006GoogleAction, Role-PlayingAscaron EntertainmentStrategy FirstDarkstar One offers a fantastic amount of freedom of choice. The story-based missions gradually lead you deeper into the galaxy to new races, new technologies and ever stronger opponents. Explore a vast array of solar systems in search of hidden artifacts of ancient races, essential objects for upgrading your ship--the Darkstar One. In addition to artifacts, acquire credits to purchase better equipment, such as weapons and shields. Earn credits in a myriad of ways: by taking on assignments, bounty hunting, piracy, smuggling, trading, escorting, transporting, rewards and more.
DarkstoneDarkstoneWindows1999GoogleRole-PlayingDelphine SoftwareGatheringIn Darkstone, you are the chosen one to counter Draak's plan to plunge the world into a new Age of Darkness. Character choices are made from four classes (wizard/sorceress, assassin/thief, warrior/amazon or monk/priestess). The overall objective is to track down the seven crystals of the Time Orb, created a millennium ago from the tears of the benevolent goddess Kaliba and restore it. Only then will you have the power of the mighty Orb at your disposal to use as the ultimate weapon against Draak. By the numbers, Darkstone contains four distinct regions of Uma, more than 100 evil creatures based on 30 types of characters, 32 specific spells and nearly two dozen skills (six major). Additional features include full 360-degree movement, more than 30 weapons (some multi-purposed), numerous items and traps and over 200 enemies and characters with which to interact.
David's Midnight MagicDavid's Midnight MagicCommodore 641983GoogleActionMartin KahnBrøderbund SoftwareDavid's Midnight Magic is a simple pinball game designed for 1-4 players. The game was modeled on the popular Black Knight pinball table released by Williams. Unlike Black Knight, however, David's Midnight Magic contains a mixture of bright colors. Featuring dual flipper controls, upper and lower playing fields, tilt mechanism, multiple ball play, electromagnetic deflectors, and many special effects, the game represents the first generation of home computer pinball simulations available with relatively realistic pinball features.
D-BugD-BugCommodore 641984GoogleActionChildWare CorporationElectronic ArtsD-bug is an educational children's game involving debugging and fixing computers.  D-Bug is a game within a game, with the player controlling the character Charlie Fix-it, who lives inside the player's computer fixing errors when they occur. At the beginning of each session, the human and computer opponent play a game of Gotcha!, where the goal is to capture all of your own pieces (butterfly or sailboat), while preventing the computer from capturing their own. Players can move one square at a time, and squares can not be repeated. The trick being to prevent the computer from gaining access to their own pieces. The game ends when no moves are remaining.  Intermittently, the computer will break down, and the secondary game comes into play. The player then controls a character, who must diagnose and fix the computer's problem. The player determines the computer's issue by how the game stopped working, for instance if the Gotcha! graphics became corrupted, then the player knows the error is in the graphics processor. The player enters the computer, and must locate the buggy part, find a replacement, and put the working part in place. With the computer fixed, the game of Gotcha! may resume. A number of different errors can be diagnosed and fixed, and as the player successfully completes repairs, they automatically progress to a more difficult level.
Death Knights of Krynn (COK 2/3)Champions Of KrynnMS-DOS1991GoogleRole-PlayingStrategic Simulations, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.LORD SOTH HAS THROWN DOWN THE GAUNTLET OF CHALLENGE… …a challenge that you are oath-bound to accept! It has been but one short year since the champions of Krynn claimed victory over the massed forces of evil. Now, the Lord of the Death Knights, Soth himself, is preparing to wreak havoc in an eruption of evil such as Krynn has never witnessed! As members of the Special Solamnic Order of the Champions of Krynn, you and your party stand as the only force capable of answering Soth’s deadly challenge – and living to tell of it! Sequel to Champions of Krynn! Death Knights of Krynn the award-winning game system used in Champions of Krynn to new heights! Now characters transferred from Champions of Krynn can keep their money and items. Higher characters levels, new monsters, new spells and enhanced combat aiming make for AD&D fantasy role-playing beyond anything you’ve ever experienced!
Death SwordDeath SwordCommodore 641988GoogleFightingPalace Software, LTD.OceanThe evil magician Drax is terrorizing the jeweled city and cast a spell over the beautiful princess Marina who is forced to obey him. From the lands to the north, a hero is sent to help the city and free the princess. He is Gorth, the strongest of the barbarian warriors. With his sword in hand, he has to beat eight of Drax's best warriors and at last the magician himself. He will fight them in the woods, on the mountaintop, in the dungeon... finally reaching Drax's palace itself.  This is essentially a one- or two-player fighting game where you control a big barbarian and fight another player or a computer AI. There are several kinds of hits, and some hits take off half a point while others take off a whole point. Each player has six of these "power points". They also have a special hard to perform "death sword" which decapitates your opponent, killing him with one fell swoop.
Def Con 5Def Con 5Commodore 641987GoogleStrategyPaul NormanCosmi CorporationThe player takes the role of a DOD operative who must use the BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense System) to protect the United States. This system is composed of ground-based, land-launched, and space-based system components. The goal is to destroy, defeat, confound, or destabilize incoming ballistic missiles. The game-play is mostly text based with the player entering 5-letter commands or coordinates in order to operate the BMD. In addition to active weapons, the player has access to surveillance system needed to detect missile launches and space mines. These systems are susceptible to visual interference and outages due to their orbits.
Defender of the CrownDefender of the CrownCommodore 641987GoogleAction, AdventureMaster Designer SoftwareMirrorsoftDefender of the Crown puts the player in the role of one of four Saxon knights in medieval England, in a time where the land is in turmoil as the King is dead and his crown was stolen. The Saxons and the Normans blame each other and fight for control of England. After a short introduction by Robin of Locksley himself, the game starts with a single castle and 10 soldiers at your command. From there, you have to build your army, take control of additional territories and fight and defeat the three Norman lords - and sometimes your Saxon friends as well. In addition to the basic 'build your army and conquer your opponents' the game offers several events and options that can be used to fine tune your play style: You may engage in a jousting contest where you have to knock your opponent off his horse, gaining either fame or land, or you can go raid a castle for loot or the hand of a princess, joining your houses and territories.
Delta II: ArmalyteDelta II: ArmalyteCommodore 641988GoogleShooterCyberdyne SystemsThalamus LtdIn the Delta region of space, the remnants of a long forgotten war remain - far beyond what those in the Terran system were used to. This technology is potentially valuable, but retrieving it from the 8 sectors will involve a lot of blasting and dodging. Armalyte is a left-to-right horizontally-scrolling shooter and was marketed as the sequel to Delta, even though that one was done by different developers. Extra weapons are gained by shooting crystals and then collecting the resultant pod. Weapons on offer including lasers firing vertically and outwardly, as well as faster weaponry recharging. Weapons upgrades are not lost when dying, but they are taken away at the start of a new level, except for the batteries and the generators that are reduced one level above the initial one, if applicable. There are eight levels and a boss at the end of each one, with smaller bosses in the mid sections. Some parts of the scenery can also be lethal to the ship. The craft is accompanied by a computer-controlled drone with the same capabilities and in the two-player mode it is replaced by a regular ship. The later PC version is done by a different team but officially approved by the owners of the IP. It has the same gameplay, but updated graphics, animation, music and sound effects.
Delta ManDelta ManCommodore 641986GoogleActionRobert T. BonifacioCosmiEscape the dangers of a nuclear holocaust as you battle radioactive mutants and chaos.
DescentDescentMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, Flight Simulator, ShooterParallax SoftwareInterplay ProductionsThe Post-Terran Minerals Corporation (PTMC) digs up minerals on all nine planets of the solar system, employing humans and robots to do its job. Unfortunately, the mining robots are now being controlled by a hacker, and have taken the human workers hostage. The PTMC has tried to get the robots back under their control, but communication with the mining stations has been lost. In desperation, the PTMC modifies a Pyro-GX ship for combat and hires a mercenary, codenamed "Material Defender", to fly it. The mission is to destroy the infected mines and rescue human hostages, destroying any hostile robot that gets in the way. Descent is a 3D first-person game that puts the player at the controls of the Pyro-GX spaceship. Descent is notable in that the player travels through various interior locations (mines) but can do so in 720 degrees of movement. The ship however only moves forward and backward in any of the directions it is facing. The ship is able to use a variety of weapons scattered as power-ups throughout each level. They include: standard lasers, the Vulcan Cannon (a chaingun-like weapon), the Spreadfire Cannon (a rapidly firing, shotgun-like energy weapon), the Plasma Cannon (a rapidly firing energy weapon more suited for medium-range combat), and the Fusion Cannon (fires a ball of energy that's more powerful the longer it is charged it up, but could destroy the ship). All of these weapons, except for the Vulcan Cannon, use the ship's energy supply. The Pyro-PX is also capable of firing regular concussion missiles, homing missiles, proximity bombs (sits in the sky, then explodes when something gets close to it), smart missiles (more powerful homing missiles that fire out homing energy balls upon impact with their target), and Mega Missiles (the ultimate weapons of mass destruction). The goal of each level is to locate and destroy the mine's reactor. Once completed, there are only 45 seconds to find the escape hatch to get out of the mine before it explodes. As progress is made through the game, the AI will adapt to player's strategies and attempt to prevent the player from reaching the goals.
Descent 3DescentWindows1999GoogleFlight Simulator, ShooterOutrageInterplayPart 3 in the vehicular first-person shooter series. Descent 3 starts off right where the warp-core exploded in Descent II. You miraculously survived the incident, only to be left floating in space, unconscious, headed right towards a sun. A PTMC mining ship snatches you just in time, but not for free. At the price of saving your life, you now have to endure some of the same duties you had to do in the first two Descent adventures, but with a whole lot more going on. Eradicating enemy mining bots is one of your goals, but your mission also includes the investigation behind the virus causing the malfunction of the mining bots' AI. Features 15 levels, 20 weapons, 30 new robots, and the ability to travel inside structures and on the surface.
Descent IIDescentMS-DOS1996GoogleAction, Flight Simulator, ShooterParallax SoftwareInterplay ProductionsDescent II is a 1996 first-person shooter video game developed by Parallax Software and published by Interplay Productions. It is the second game in the Descent video game series and a sequel to the original Descent. Unlike standard first-person shooters, the player must control a flying ship that has a six degrees of freedom movement scheme, allowing the player to move in any 3D direction. The game received very positive reviews from video game critics. A sequel, Descent 3, was released in 1999.
Diablo + HellfireDiablo + HellfireWindows1996Role-playing, Action, FantasyBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard EntertainmentOriginally developed by Synergistic Software and released in 1997, Hellfire was not an official Blizzard product and did not carry Blizzard’s endorsement or label. Despite that, in response to Diablo players who have expressed a desire to experience the content, Blizzard has given the OK for it to be included as a free add-on with Diablo purchases on GOG.COM. Hellfire offers a non-canonical single-player storyline where players must defeat a powerful demon named Na-Krul who is threatening Tristram. The expansion also adds a Monk class, new weapons and items, new missions, locations, dungeons, and enemies. Hellfire will be accessible while launching the original Diablo. Traveler, stay awhile and listen... Darkness stirs beneath Tristram. An ancient evil sweeps across the land, plunging it into civil war and terrorizing the populace. A mad king, his missing son, and a mysterious archbishop are all pieces of the puzzle you need to hack through. You have journeyed to the source of this evil. The town of Tristram - now inhabited only by a handful of survivors, broken and twisted by the madness that has befallen them. A cathedral stands there, built over the ruins of an ancient monastery. Eerie lights and ungodly sounds are heard echoing through its abandoned halls, and that is where you shall venture. Embark, if you dare, on a quest to destroy The Prime Evil… Experience the legendary action/RPG that influenced an entire genre. Storm Diablo's halls as either a Warrior, a Sorcerer or a Rogue - each with unique skills and abilities. Unite to destroy Diablo - up to 4 players can band together via Internet, or play head-to-head via LAN. Unprecedented replayability - over 200 different monsters inhabit Diablo's ever-changing labyrinth. Equip epic items to conquer fearsome bosses and their minions. A spine-chilling story - experience the horror of a world held in the grasp of The Lord of Terror. Ahhh, fresh meat! Travelers looking for the authentic Diablo experience can play the game as it was in 1996, with period-appropriate 20 FPS SVGA graphics, and the ability to matchmake through the classic version of Blizzard’s® online-gaming service. For those wanting something a bit more modern, Blizzard and GOG.COM have collaborated on an updated version of the game tuned for today’s gaming PCs, which includes out-of-the-box Windows 10 compatibility, a host of bug fixes and high-resolution support via aspect ratio-correct upscaling. The most voted game on the wishlist, finally trapped in a DRM-free soulstone! Return to the beginning of this dark saga, now in digital format for the first time ever. Better value than Wirt's wares, guaranteed.
Dino EggsDino EggsCommodore 641983GoogleAction, PlatformLeonard BertoniMicro FunPlaying a time traveller, "Time Master Tim," the player's objective is to collect dinosaur eggs and rescue hatchling dinosaurs while avoiding snakes ("proto-snakes"), gigantic spiders ("proto-spiders"), flying creatures ("proto-pedes"), and the dinosaurs' mother (or "Dino Mom").[2] Physical contact with any creature will cause the player to be contaminated, and the player will experience "devolution" into a prehistoric spider (as a result of "contamination"), and lose a life, unless the player returns to the "time warp" transport force field before a de-evolution timer runs out. Contamination also destroys eggs and hatchling dinosaurs on contact, reducing the player's score. While within the transport force field, Tim is safe from all creatures except the Dino Mom.
Dino WarsDino WarsMS-DOS1990GoogleAction, StrategyDigiTek SoftwareDigiTek SoftwareDino Wars is a strategic board game with some similarities to chess, with combat decided by action scenes. If you ever played Archon you know the idea behind this game. On a chess-like board (9x10 pieces in this game) you move different sorts of dinosaurs. If you hit an square on which an opponent dinosaur stands, the game changes to action mode. This is played as a beat-'em-up, in which you must beat the opponent dinosaur to win the square. Each dinosaur has it's own strategies, movement restrictions and different combat skills - which are roughly based on the historical properties of the real dinosaurs. As a result, knowing which dinosaurs are likely to win combat is crucial to the strategy. The action scenes can be played independently of the main strategic game.
Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy and Gallean's ReturnDescentWindows2005Strategy FirstStrategy FirstA decade after the First Great War, the final prophecy continues to unfold. Deep within the crevices of the Sacred Lands, the Chosen One has emerged, fated to bring salvation to some and destruction to others. Braced with renewed faith and newfound conviction, each race must once again take up the sword for the sake of their people and the glory of their God. Set in the magical realm of the Sacred Lands, four races - the Empire, the Mountain Clans, the Legions of the Damned, and the Undead Hordes - battle for the destiny of their gods. All of the campaigns and hundreds of hours of gameplay in one adventure package.Includes the original Disciples II: Dark Prophecy and all 3 expansion packs: Guardians of The Light, Servants of The Dark and Rise of The Elves. An incredible atmosphere obtained with haunting and eerie music as well as grim-looking visuals A mix of turn-based strategy and RPG in which your characters and units gain experience
Disciples II: Rise of the ElvesDescentWindows2003GoogleStrategyStrategy FirstStrategy FirstDisciples II: Rise of the Elves features new units, spells, and quests, as well as one new race. For the first time, you can play as the elder Elven race as it struggles to reclaim its forests from the four primary forces in Nevendaar. You can guide more than 35 Elven units through a new campaign that includes eight quests. The game also features more than 20 different spells and attacks, new bosses, and other gameplay enhancements.
Disciples: Sacred Lands GoldDisciplesWindows2001Strategy, Turn-based, FantasyStrategy FirstStrategy FirstIt is the dawn of a new age. The most momentous of wars has begun in the heart of the Sacred Lands. Four factions - the Empire, the Mountain Clans, the Undead Hordes and the Legions of the Damned - stand ready for battle as they fight for the survival and dominance over their war-torn world, and the gods they have long believed in. The Mighty Lords watch silently as their Disciples prepare for the daunting tasks ahead. Each warrior must engage in a struggle of swordplay, sorcery, and uncommon courage in order to complete their sacred quests. The Empire fights to secure their people's future; The Mountain Clans search to regain their rune knowledge; The Undead Hordes seek revenge for their accursed god; and The Legions of the Damned battle to resurrect their fallen angel's soul. It is a struggle of desperation. Every stroke of a sword, each blast of fiery magic must be endured beyond exhaustion. For once the clouds of destruction clear, lands will have been transformed, new armies will have been forged and the cheers of the liberated will resound throughout the land. The day of reckoning has come... Only one side shall claim victory. Only the chosen will survive.The Gold Edition includes 25 new scenarios and multiplayer functionality Immersive gameplay with a powerful “one more turn factor” A mix of turn-based strategy and RPG in which your characters and units gain experience
Doctor Who and the Mines of TerrorDoctor Who and the Mines of TerrorCommodore 641986GoogleAdventure, Platform, PuzzleTony SothcottMicro PowerThis side-scrolling platformer features the sixth Doctor (who was played by Colin Baker) from the long running sci-fi British television series. The Time Lords have become aware of an evil force called The Master on the second moon of the planet Rijar taking over a mining base of the heatonite mineral to build a TIRU (Time Instant Reply Unit). A memory capsule on how to build a TIRU must be recovered and The Doctor must succeed as The Master plans to modify it by using The Doctor's brain to control both the past and future. The Doctor can jump, climb ladders, push buttons, and throw or use items. He is accompanied by a robotic female cat named Splinx (who may remind you of the more famous K9 robot dog). The Doctor can only carry four items in his pockets, so Splinx is a valuable ally for fetching and carrying additional items. Even large items can fit in her dimension-ally transcendental hyperspace load module. Splinx can also avoid proximity sensors and other creatures along with any items she carries. Occasionally, her energizer cells have to be recharged at external power points and the Doctor can place location markers to which she can find her way back to. Along the way, you will meet local peaceful Rijans who can be asked to perform simple tasks, and Cryostan plants which are used to make super-coolant fluid. There are also dangerous creatures called Madrags, as well as cyber guards to beware of.
DOOM II: Hell on EarthDoomMS-DOS1994GoogleAction, Horror, Shooterid SoftwareGT InteractiveIn this sequel to the original DOOM, you play the same hero - the last remaining space marine. After having single-handedly saved Mars from demonic threat, you return to Earth, only to find out that the demons have already invaded it, killed most of its inhabitants or possessed them. It's your task to bring down the force field around the last operational star port to allow the remnants of mankind to escape to the stars. DOOM II looks and plays very similarly to its predecessor, utilizing the same 3D graphical engine with 2D sprites for enemies. The game play once again consists entirely of navigating the hero from first-person view through 3D environments and shooting at the demons while attempting to find your way out by flipping switches and looking for keys. Unlike in DOOM, which is divided into three episodes, the 30 levels of DOOM II (plus the 2 secret levels) form one long episode. DOOM II adds one new weapon to the players arsenal; the super shotgun, several new demon types with more advanced attacks than those of the first Doom, such as the chaingun-toting Heavy Weapon Dudes, the skeletal Revenants who launch homing missiles and the sinister Arch-Viles who have a highly damaging fire attack.
Doomdark's RevengeDoomdark's RevengeCommodore 641986GoogleAdventureStewart PeartBeyondThe follow-up to the original Lords of Midnight game uses a similar game system to its predecessor, but the story is now much more complex. Luxor the Moonprince's son Morkin has been kidnapped by Shareth, daughter of Doomdark, the evil ruler deposed in the first game. The player initially takes control of Luxor, Rothron the Wise, and Morkin's lover Tarithel the Fey, although many more characters can be recruited as the game progresses, as they aim to banish Shareth and rescue Morkin. Shareth has brainwashed him, so he must also be turned back to Luxor's side. The game is effectively turn-based; your characters move by day (with a limited amount of movement possible, with each move in one of the 8 compass directions) and Shareth's by night. You will find plains, mountains, forests, underground tunnels and mysterious temples on your journey. A dark mist follows much of the area, which causes your characters to deteriorate in mood and thus become less effective. The characters are now split into five distinct tribes - Giant, Dwarf, Fey, Icemark and Barbarians, and recruiting new characters into your party isn't automatic - factors such as the game situation can make some refuse to join, turn on members of other races, or defect (as the Utarg did in the first game). There are several different objectives and possible outcomes to the game. Bringing Morkin back to the Gates of Varenorn is the most basic one, but many other characters ought to be saved, Shareth can be killed completely (with practice!), and there are many Crowns of Icemark to be retrieved. As in the first game, control of the full party only remains while Luxor is alive - his death means total defeat.
DoriathDoriathCommodore 641985GooglePlatformIan GrayVirgin GamesIn the dangerous and evil Deeps of Doriath lies the Coronet of Arien which will give the owner immortality when held. It was cast into the depths by Atelan, Lord of Time after himself and the Coronet were rejected by the woman he loved, Fianna. Centuries later and you, Elidaan the Loremaster have found a scroll with ancient writings written by Fianna describing the Coronet and it's powers. In this side view flick-screen arcade adventure you must explore the depths of Doriath in search of the prize. As you explore you must gain 100% wisdom and find eight pieces of the Riddlescroll of Wurslea to tell you the exact location and how to retrieve the Coronet. To increase your wisdom you must open chests found scattered around which will contain pieces of the scroll and other useful objects. There are also various creatures roaming around and these either need destroying with spells or avoiding as this reduces your stamina when you touch them, and when it reaches below 2% it is game over. There are various spells that can be used but these need amulets to use them to destroy your enemies. Potions can also be found to help or hinder yourself and these include Stamina, Fungata and Cloronar. There are obstacles that can reduce stamina and objects that require the correct coloured keys to pass. The joystick and keyboard is combined to play the game.
Dragon LordDragon LordMS-DOS1990GoogleAction, Role-Playing, StrategyOutlawSpotlight SoftwarePlay one of the three evil wizards all competing to find the magical talisman. To do so, the player must hatch, raise, breed dragons, and use them to spread terror and power across the land! Use these dragons and spells to conquer or help numerous villages and cities across the land while devastating the other wizards also seeking control of the land. Dragon Lord introduces different levels of gameplay, which may be categorized as the following: Alchemy The game introduces a complex process of alchemy. Different ingredients have positive and negative results in combination of different types of Magick equipment used for it. Use alchemy to strengthen (or even weaken) own dragons or use them to cast spells at surrounding villages and cities (as well as some alchemical spells for the player's own benefit). Creating a too powerful spell in the Magick Laboratory may introduce an unpleasant explosion in the lab. Ingredients may be obtained through villager tribute or purchase from traveling merchants. Note: The game is almost impossible to play without the Alchemical Table of Ingredients. Dragon Breeding The player may breed several individual dragons in the castle. Each require nurturing and patience before they can hatch and even more so after they hatch! Use alchemy spells to help strengthen the dragon eggs (or they may not hatch at all!). Dragon Missions and Political Map This feature gives a top-down perspective of the political map around the land. Send dragons to wreck havoc and terror to the surrounding villages and cities, or use them to explore the region and even protect villages and cities from enemy dragons! Attacking villages and cities may prompt them to surrender themselves under the player's control, providing the damage done is sufficient enough. This is also where the player may control the taxation of villages and cities (under player control) as well as any other information regarding them. Dragon Combat! Though optional, the player may enter manual combat (as to automatic combat) and enter a top-down, side-scrolling (vertical) arcade combat when attacking villages or cities. Here the player basically uses a dragon to burn anything that remotely looks like a structure. Note: If there is an enemy dragon near the area, the enemy dragon will come to the defense of that village or city!
Dragon's LairDragon's LairCommodore 641986GoogleActionJohn DarnellElectronic ArtsDragon's Lair features the hero, Dirk the Daring, attempting to rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe, who has locked Daphne in a wizard's castle. The screen shows animated scenes, and the player executes an action by selecting a direction or pressing the sword button with correct timing. The comedy of the game stemmed not only from the bizarre looking creatures and death scenes, but also the fact that while Dirk was a skilled knight, he was somewhat clumsy in his efforts, as well as being a reluctant hero, prone to shrieking and reacting in horror to the various dangers he encounters.
Dragon's Lair Part II: Escape from Singe's CastleDragon's LairCommodore 641987GoogleActionMartin McDonaldElectronic ArtsFollowing the first adaptation of the laserdisc-based arcade classic Dragon's Lair, Software Projects followed it up with Escape from Singe's Castle, again loosely adapting scenes from the original game for the capabilities of contemporary 8-bit machines.  After defeating the dragon Singe and rescuing Princess Daphne, Dirk the Daring still yearns for adventure. He ventures into the domain of the Lizard King, where according to legend a large pot of gold awaits bold adventurers. The player controls Dirk through eight distinct scenes: Ye River Caves: Dirk must go down a wild river in his boat, avoiding rocks by steering in the direction indicated by arrows as well as avoiding deadly whirlpools.  Boulder Alley: Channeling Indiana Jones, Dirk must escape a giant boulder rolling towards him, leaping over holes in the ground and avoiding other obstacles in the way.  Throne Room: Deadly magical traps await in the Lizard King's throne room. Dirk can only survive by using the correct sequence of sidesteps and sword slashes.  Dungeons of the Lizard King: Dirk is very close to his goal, but the Lizard King has laid a trap: he stole Dirk's sword, put it near the pot of gold, and now is close on the hero's tail. Dirk must navigate a maze of rooms to find the sword, avoiding the Lizard King who is in hot pursuit. Once found, the sword must be used to strike down the King.  Magical Flying Horse: Riding on a flying horse, Dirk must evade rocks of ice (which sap his strength) and solid walls (which end his journey instantly when hit).  Doom Dungeon: Traps and evil creatures abound in a dungeon room. Again, only the correct sequence of attacks and steps will allow Dirk to survive.  Mystic Mosaic: Dirk must cross a room to get to one of two possible exits (only one of which leads to safety), but there's a catch: the floor consists of a magical mosaic, which constantly changes shape in a repeating pattern. Standing in the wrong place at the wrong time means certain death. A giant bat that inhabits the mosaic room can be vanquished with a sword blow.  Mud Monsters: The key to final escape is a magic bottle, a long way from the place where Dirk starts this scene. He must find a way across a gap in the canyon and jump across a huge mud-spewing geyser, all while avoiding the mud monsters.
Dragon's Lair TrilogyDragon's Lair TrilogyMS-DOS1989GoogleActionSullivan Bluth Interactive Media, Inc.Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media, Inc.Dirk the Daring was a heroic, if clumsy knight. When Princess Daphne was kidnapped by the dragon, Singe, and taken to his castle, Dirk set out to rescue her. Due to limitations of the computers at the time, this conversion of the coin-op arcade game, Dragon's Lair only features the first half of the game, which consists of entering Singe's Castle and encountering the dragon. The adventures are continued in a second part which completes the conversion of the arcade game. Dirk the Daring is controlled by the player, who views Dirk's actions on the screen from a third-person visual. The game is reactive and players must press the right controller direction or action button at the right time to have Dirk avoid traps, defeat monsters and otherwise stay alive.
DragonsphereDragonsphereMS-DOS1994GoogleAdventure, PuzzleMicroProseMicroProseThe young Callash has been just crowned the king of Gran Callahach. Twenty years ago the land was in grave peril, as the evil sorcerer Sanwe planned to conquer and ruin it. But he old king's court wizard Ner-Tom magically imprisoned Sanwe using the powers of the Dragonsphere spell. The sorcerer swore to avenge his humiliation once the spell's energy runs out. Now, this time has come, and the young hero must defeat Sanwe before he breaks free. As he approaches the sorcerer's prison, he is yet to realize that dealing with Sanwe will lead to startling realizations concerning his own self, and unravel a new sinister plot... Dragonsphere is a graphic adventure in the classic third-person LucasArts and Sierra style, and the third adventure game by MicroProse, similar visually and gameplay-wise to Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender. The interaction with the game world is performed by applying one of the ten different verb commands to objects and/or people. The game has vast amounts of unique text responses to player's actions and branching dialogue with characters. The puzzles are, for the most part, inventory-based. The game features hand-painted backgrounds and some digitized animation.
DragonStrikeDragonStrikeMS-DOS1990GoogleAction, Vehicle SimulationWestwood AssociatesStrategic Simulations, Inc.A dragon flight simulator set in the AD&D world of Dragonlance. Fly dragons through the War of the Lance. When you successfully complete a mission, you can advance in rank, gain magical items and hit points or get a better dragon. The 20 missions include intercepting enemy dragons, destroying enemy ships and protecting the forces of good.
Drakan: Order of the FlameDrakan: Order of the FlameWindows1999GoogleAction, Adventure, Role-PlayingSurreal Software, Inc.Psygnosis LimitedMany centuries ago, mankind and dragonkind fought each other, and chaos ruled. After many years, the conflict came to an end, as the Order of the Flame was created, bonding men and dragons together as the protectors of peace and virtue. Under the direction of the Order, the world of Drakan has prospered in peace, attaining new heights of learning of magic. All this came to an end when Navros, the war mage, betrayed the Order of the Flame, and led the Dark Union against the Order in the Dark Wars. He released evils on the world such as the Wartocks, to serve as his army. The Order was demolished, and only by the sacrifice of the great dragon Arokh the Drak Union was stopped. Arokh and the rest of the surviving dragons went away to sleep, and the Order and the Union were thought to be finished at that time, centuries ago. They were wrong. Waking up from a Wartock raid of her village, Rynn, a young warrior, discover the village in ruins and her brother kidnapped. As she sets out to find him, she becomes, perhaps by destiny, bound to the legendary dragon Arokh. The two then set out to find out what is happening... Drakan features a unique engine that seamlessly blends outdoor scenes and indoor scenes. Playing the game, you will ride Arokh, using his fiery breath as a weapon, or walk around as Rynn, using swords and bows as your weapons. You will have "dog"-fights with dragons, or a hand to hand combat with giant spiders, scavengers and Wartocks.
DuneDuneMS-DOS1992GoogleAdventure, StrategyCryo Interactive EntertainmentVirgin Games, Inc.Based on the legendary Frank Herbert novel of the same name and visually inspired by the 1984 David Lynch movie, Dune is a strategy-adventure hybrid where the player takes the role of young Paul Atreides, the son of Duke Leto. The Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV has given the Atreides House the rights to manage the extraction of the most precious substance in the entire universe - the Melange, commonly known as Spice in the desolate desert planet Arrakis (Dune), the only place in the universe capable of producing the substance. While everything indicates the offer is a trap orchestrated by their enemies the Harkonnen, the Atreides family agrees on moving, as he who controls the spice, controls the universe.
Dune 2000DuneWindows1998GoogleStrategyIntelligent Games, Ltd., Westwood Studios, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.Dune 2000 is a remake of the classic Dune II updated for Windows. In this Real-Time Strategy game, you can play one of the three houses, the evil Harkonnen, the greed filled Ordos or the noble Atreides. Each has different sets of units and tactics while maintaining an overall balance. Unlike the original, the cutscenes happen after every mission, with live-cast this time, already seen in Westwood Studio's Command & Conquer franchise. A 16-bit color mode was the next step for their RTS genre, boosting up the graphics in Dune 2000. Everything from the original is back - sandworms, the spice, the Fremen, the known structures and the map of the planet, even the intro cinematic is a 3D enhanced version of the original one. Each house fights differently. The noble Atreides have air-superiority and rely on their honour and alliance with planet natives, the Fremen. The insidious Ordos rely on guerrilla tactics and superior technology, as well as mercenaries. The evil Harkonnen just go brutal, with no care for lives of their own troops or destruction as longs as they are victorious. Unlike the Windows version, the PlayStation version of the game is fully 3D.
Dune II: The Building of a DynastyDuneMS-DOS1992GoogleStrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.Virgin Games, Inc.The planet Arrakis (also known as Dune for its sandy landscape) is the only place in the known universe where Melange (more commonly known as the Spice) can be found. The Spice is the basis of interstellar travel and thus the standard of the Imperial economy. To increase productivity, The Padishah Emperor has invited three powerful Houses (Harkonnen, Atreides and Ordos) to compete against one another economically and bring up spice production. Competition among these houses begins peacefully but soon turns ugly as they battle each other with armed troops, advanced weaponry, and spies. The planet itself is also hostile, with dangerous sandworms inhabiting the spice fields. Dune II is often considered the first mainstream modern real-time strategy game and established many conventions of the genre. Even though set in Frank Herbert's famous Dune universe, the game is only loosely connected to the plot of any of the books or the films based from them. Controlling either of the three Houses, the player must fight a number of battles against the other Houses. In the early levels, the goal is simply to earn a certain number of credits, while in the later missions, all enemies must be destroyed. The single resource in the game is the Spice, which must be collected by harvesters. The spice is converted to credits in a refinery, which are then spent to construct additional buildings and units. There are two terrain types: buildings can only be constructed on stone, while the Spice is only found on sand. However, units moving on sand attract the large sandworms of Dune, who are virtually indestructible and can swallow even large units whole. As levels progress, new and more advanced buildings and units are made available, including structures like a radar station, a repair facility or defense turrets and, for units, various ground troops, light vehicles and tanks. Each House can construct one unique special unit, and, after building a palace improvement, can unleash a unique palace effect. After a mission is completed, the player can select the next mission on a map of Dune. This choice determines the layout of the next map to be played, but has no effect on the overall campaign.
Dungeon Keeper 2Dungeon KeeperWindows1999GoogleStrategyBullfrog ProductionsElectronic ArtsLike its predecessor, players take the role of a dungeon keeper, building and defending an underground dungeon from the would-be heroes that invade it, as well as from other keepers. In the game's campaign mode, the player is charged with recovering the portal gems from each area in order to open a portal to the surface.
Dungeon Keeper: Gold EditionDungeon KeeperMS-DOS1998GoogleStrategyBullfrog ProductionsElectronic ArtsDungeon Keeper is a strategy video game released for the PC in which the player attempts to build and manage a dungeon or lair while protecting it from (computer-controlled) 'hero' characters intent on stealing the user's accumulated treasures and killing various monsters. Includes The Deeper Dungeons expansion pack
Dungeons of Doctor CreepThe Castles of Doctor CreepCommodore 641985PuzzleEdward R. HobbsQuarksoft
E.T. The Extra-TerrestrialE.T. The Extra-TerrestrialAtari 26001982GoogleAdventureHoward Scott WarshawAtariThe object of the game is to find pieces of E.T.'s phone. Once all pieces are found, E.T. calls home and the spaceship arrives to pick him up. E.T. can collect Reese's Pieces scattered around in order to regain energy which is constantly depleted with time.  The phone pieces are in some of the pits, and E.T. must jump in to get them; sometimes there's also a dead flower in the pit which provides extra points if brought back to life. Once E.T. has done his business in the pit, to get out he must levitate his way out, though he must watch out not to fall into the pit again after leaving.  Evil scientists and agents wander around the area, trying to capture E.T. and steal the parts he's carrying.
ElidonElidonCommodore 641985GoogleAction, PlatformBrian BrunswickOrpheus LtdWinter has gone and Spring is upon us. To celebrate, the Faerie Queen of Elidon is to be crowned by placing a garland of seven flowers called Finvarra on her head. The only problem is that the flowers have yet to bloom and will be needed by dusk. The only solution is to get seven potions to pour onto each flower but they are scattered all over the land. You are the Faerie tasked to explore the land and find all seven potions. Elidon is a flick-screen platform game where you control the Faerie. She can walk and fly on each screen but must avoid the nasties and obstacles which drain an energy bar. A wand can also be used to remove the nasties. There are items that can be picked up to help in your quest but you can only carry three items at a time and this includes the potions themselves as well. A joystick or keyboard is used to control the Faerie.
EliteEliteCommodore 641985GoogleConstruction and Management Simulation, Flight SimulatorDavid BrabenFirebird SoftwareElite is a free-form space trading and combat simulation, commonly considered the progenitor of this sub-genre. The player initially controls a character referred to as "Commander Jameson", starting at Lave Station with 100 credits and a lightly armed trading ship called Cobra Mark III. Most of the game consists of traveling to various star systems, trading with their inhabitants, gaining money and reputation. Money can also be gained by other means beside trading; these include undertaking military missions, bounty hunting, asteroid mining, and even piracy. As the player character earns money, he becomes able to upgrade his ships with enhancements such as better weapons, shields, increased cargo capacity, an automated docking system, etc. The game utilizes pseudo-3D wire-frame graphics; its world is viewed from a first-person perspective. It has no overarching story, though a race known as Thargoids play the role of antagonists: their ships will often attack the player-controlled ship, forcing the player to engage in space combat. Combat is action-oriented, taking place in the same environment as the exploration. The player must use various weapons the ship is equipped with, as well as manoeuvre the ship, trying to dodge enemy attacks. The player can also choose to attack neutral ships; doing so will decrease the protagonist's reputation, eventually attracting the attention of the galactic police. Elite is notable for its expansive game world, consisting of eight galaxies and 256 planets. The player is free to travel to any of these planets, provided his ship has enough fuel for the trip (the ship's fuel capacity is limited for a journey to the distance of seven light years).
Emperor: Battle for DuneDuneWindows2001GoogleStrategyWestwood Studios, Inc.Electronic Arts Inc.Emperor: Battle for Dune represents the seamless combination of cutting-edge 3D graphics and perfected real-time strategy gameplay. In your conquest for the Imperial Throne in the gripping universe of Dune, choose from three unique sides and five powerful subgroups to plot a perilous course through up to five treacherous game worlds. In both single-player and multiplayer modes, lead your forces in both large-scale planetary strategies and cunning ground-level tactics. Westwood claims the game contains a more realistic AI, in that when you start out, the computer knows nothing about land it cannot see, which is a nice change.
Enigma ForceEnigma ForceCommodore 641985GoogleAdventure, Role-PlayingDenton DesignsAackosoftFollowing the events depicted in Shadowfire, General Zoff, the republican dictator, has been captured, but he still had time to declare war on the empire. While five members of the Enigma team: Zark, Sevrina, Syylk, Maul and yourself; escort Zoff to face the Emperor’s wrath, the war flares across the galaxy. As you cross the imperial border, Zoff concentrates his awesome psionic powers on the Enigma craft’s guidance system. Moments later the ship is bucking and burning through the atmosphere of a planet. You awake, head throbbing, to find the Enigma craft wrecked and General Zoff missing … Gameplay is very similar to its predecessor Shadowfire. Take control of your four Enigma Force members, each with different abilities, and lead them through an underground complex filled with enemy soldiers and lots of puzzles. You will often need to combine the abilities of more the one crew member to solve a single puzzle. The user interface is completely icon-driven. Only character movement and shooting is done directly with joystick. The game is in real time and you often need to switch between the characters because the enemy troops also move to through the complex and attack.
Evil GeniusEvil GeniusWindows2004GoogleStrategyElixir StudiosSierra EntertainmentEvil Genius is a single player real-time strategy and simulation video game developed by Elixir Studios and published by Sierra Entertainment, released on 28 September 2004. The game is inspired by the spy thriller genre (notably the James Bond film series). Similarly to Dungeon Keeper, the game turns the traditional plotline on its head, with the player acting as the villain, evading the comically stereotyped forces of justice. Gameplay revolves around the player building an island fortress and achieving clichéd world domination.
Eye of the BeholderEye of the BeholderMS-DOS1991GoogleRole-PlayingWestwood Studios, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.Something evil is lurking below the city of Waterdeep. The Lords of Waterdeep summon a group of heroes to investigate, but someone or something has been watching the proceedings. After the heroes enter the sewers, the ceiling collapses behind them. The only way out is the way down, into a dungeon filled with monsters, traps and puzzles. Eye of the Beholder is a dungeon crawler RPG with a first-person perspective based on the 2nd Edition AD&D rules. The starting party consists of four characters and up to two NPCs can join later. Combat and magic happen in real time, similarly to Dungeon Master. There is a variety of monsters to fight and spells to cast. The game features a point-and-click interface for fighting, spellcasting and handling objects.
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of DarkmoonEye of the BeholderMS-DOS1991GoogleRole-PlayingWestwood StudiosStrategic Simulations, Inc.The Archmage Khelben summons the Heroes of Waterdeep, slayers of the Beholder Xanathar, for another mission. Strange things are happening in the forests near Waterdeep, centered around the Temple Darkmoon. People have been disappearing and shallow graves containing human remains have been found. Khelben teleports the party to the forests near Darkmoon so they may find out what kind of evil is working in the towers of the temple. Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon is, like its predecessor, a first-person dungeon-crawling role-playing game based on the second edition of AD&D rules. It uses the same point-and-click gameplay mechanics and controls as the first game, with only minor changes. The game is set entirely in pseudo-3D maze-like areas; no automapping is available. Combat flows in real time, and characters can move as a single unit to lure enemies or avoid blows. A starting party consists of four characters, which can be transferred from the earlier game or created from scratch. Six classes (Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Cleric, Mage, and Thief) are available. Characters can reach higher levels and learn new spells, must face new and tough monsters, and solve multiple puzzles. Compared to the first game, many more illustrated NPC encounters and cutscenes were added.
Eye of The Beholder III: Assault on Myth DrannorEye of the BeholderMS-DOS1993GoogleRole-PlayingStrategic Simulations, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.This is the third and the final part of Eye of the Beholder trilogy. While boasting of their exploits in the the previous game, the party is approached by a man with a tale of a dangerous lich who threatens the surrounding area. Without hesitation the party agrees to deal with the lich, and the mysterious man teleports them into yet another adventure. The game is more or less the same as the predecessors, the battles play out in the same way as in previous entries. Characters can fight mano-a-mano, or they can throw things, weapons, arrows, etc. Open spaces have been added to the game as well as the ability for the entire party to attack at once. New high level monsters, spells, and equipment can be found as well.
FalloutFalloutMS-DOS1997GoogleRole-PlayingInterplay Productions, Inc.Interplay Productions, Inc.A devastating nuclear war had wiped out almost the entire population of the Earth. The civilization, as we know it, has been destroyed. The Earth has become a huge wasteland populated by mutated creatures. Only small number of humans survived and they formed communities living on the surface, where they mostly scavenge what remains from the pre-war civilization. Some lucky people managed to reach safety of the Vaults, huge underground dwellings, during the war. Recently, the water purification controller chip in Vault 13 broke. Without clean water, the people of the Vault cannot survive. One person is sent to find a replacement chip and ventures outside to face a dangerous world, hoping to return within a hundred and fifty days. Fallout is a role-playing game that utilizes a character development system called S.P.E.C.I.A.L., an acronym formed from the first letters of the game's basic character attributes: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck. In addition to having these attributes, the protagonist can also learn and improve skills, as well as acquire traits and perks. Skill points are awarded when the player character levels up; traits are assigned during character creation, while perks are obtained every three character levels. There are eighteen different skills in the game, divided into combat, active, and passive categories. Combat skills include weapon proficiencies (e.g. small and big guns, melee, etc.); active skills are used for support or interacting with the environment (doctor, lockpick, science, steal, and others); passive skills are mainly dedicated to social interaction (barter, speech, gambling, and so on). Traits bestow various benefits upon the character while also imposing penalties; in contrast, perks are purely beneficial. By developing and customizing attributes, skills, traits and perks, the player is granted a considerable freedom in shaping the protagonist in his combat-related and social behavior. The game has an open world which can be freely explored from the onset. Only a few quests are required to complete in order to advance the main plot; a vast amount of side quests is available. Thanks to the game's emphasis on social interaction, many problems can be solved in a non-violent way; in fact, it is possible to complete the game without engaging in battles at all, running away from enemy encounters and concluding the final confrontation in a relatively peaceful fashion. Conversely, the player can opt for a destructive path, killing everyone in sight. A Karma system is used to track the player's moral decisions during the game. Combat in Fallout is turn-based. Participants have a limited amount of action points (AP) per turn; each action (including movement) depletes a certain number of AP, eventually ending a character's turn. The player can target specific body parts of enemies during battles. Characters may join the protagonist, traveling together and participating in combat as a party. Though the player may assign general commands to the companions, their actions are controlled by the AI, and they cannot be customized.
FeudFeudCommodore 641987GoogleAction, AdventureBinary Design, Ltd.Bulldog SoftwareWizards Learic and Leanoric have a long-standing feud, and would do anything to see off their rival. As Learic, this is your task. Collecting herbs to cast spells is the main basis of the game. There are 24 herbs and flowers to be collected, which are used to make one of 12 spells (the herbs are only used for 1 spell, so there’s no need to decide which spell you’d prefer to have access to). You can use a combination of the spells (including a teleporter, invisibility and a fireball, which you must work our how to use). Leanoric’s direction relative to yourself is indicated by a compass.
Fight NightFight NightCommodore 641986GoogleFightingSydney Development Corp.U.S. GoldFight Night is a boxing game in which players box 11 different opponents on the way to the final match with the champ, Bronx Bomber. Each boxer has unique strengths and weaknesses, along with one specialised "super punch". There are four different modes of play; the single-player Main Event and the multi-player Tournament (on disk/cartridge versions only), and also Training and Sparring modes. Players can also create their own boxer, setting the appearance and abilities.
Firefighter MarioFirefighter MarioCommodore 64Action
Flash GordonFlash GordonCommodore 641986GoogleAdventureKevin T. GreenMAD (Mastertronic's Added Dimension)From the famous comic strip comes this multi-load action game. Flash has 3 distinct tasks to face, travelling through a desolate forest in the first, shooting or avoiding minions and avoiding the holes. The top half of the screen displays the action, while the bottom half displays a map. The Cave of Barin is his target, with the aim of taking on Barin in combat using an array of punches and kicks. After this, Flash mounts a motorcycle and rides towards Ming, with guards to fend off and energy gates to pass through in order to replenish before finally taking Ming out.
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityFlashback: The Quest for IdentityMS-DOS1993GoogleAction, PlatformDelphine Software InternationalStrategic Simulations, Inc.The year is 2142. The player takes control of Conrad B. Hart, a man who has lost his memory. After barely escaping from hostile aliens, Conrad's bike crashes on an unknown planet. Conrad finds himself in the jungle, and from that moment on his quest for survival and his lost identity begins. Flashback: The Quest for Identity incorporates elements of platforming, shooting, and problem-solving. The game can be described as a "cinematic platformer" (commonly referred to as Prince of Persia-style), following a design philosophy that was also manifested in Delphine Software's previous work, Another World. Compared to that game, Flashback focuses more on platforming and exploration of large levels. While a large bulk of the gameplay is dedicated to running, jumping, and shooting enemies, there is also a considerable exploration element in the game, as well as some puzzle-solving. The player navigates Conrad through platform structures, performing various moves. It is possible to simply jump or do a longer run-and-jump, run, climb, hang off ledges, and pick up objects lying on the ground. To defend himself, Conrad can shoot enemies with his gun and also use various objects (such as stones) to harm or distract them. Crouching and rolling are possible (and often essential) moves that can be executed during combat. The gun has unlimited ammunition; however, shields that Conrad uses to protect himself from attacks are depleted when he is hit, and can be recharged at special stations. Though most environments in the game are hostile, there are a few locations that are devoid of enemies. The player is usually required to talk to characters, gather information and compete tasks in an adventure-like fashion in these areas.
Forbidden ForestForbidden ForestCommodore 641983GoogleAction, ShooterPaul NormanU.S. Gold Ltd.Zounds! And Gadzaoks! You were just out to do a little target practice with your bow and arrow when you lost your way. Now the moon is coming out and there are some strange rustling noises coming from the bushes, Egad! You have mistakenly wandered into the Forbidden Forest.   Only your skill as an archer can protect you now. Here they come. Giant spiders and unbelievable cruel monsters. Move quickly, aim accurately, destroy the monsters and you just may escape from the Forbidden Forest!
Freak FactoryFreak FactoryCommodore 641986GoogleActionS.W. SorsbieFirebird SoftwareYou are Agent One of the Galactic Police Force and you have been sent to a large factory to stop a Professor who is making gruesome creatures by machines inside five laboratories. The factory is flick-screen viewed from the side at a slightly elevated angle with the screen split into two floors and lifts need to be found and used to move about the floors to find the laboratories. On the floors are various hazards and these include Gargoyles on the walls which open and close their eyes and if you are near while the eyes are opened then you lose part of an energy bar. Other obstacles are electrified barriers and spikes which need jumping over or you lose more energy. If the energy bar empties then it is game over. The professor makes the occasional appearance in a flying machine and will also drain energy if touched. Once you have found the door to a laboratory you enter and the game becomes a platform game viewed from the side with the whole area shown on the screen. Here you must must move from level to level in a gap in the floor at the other end you start from and there are creatures moving about and if touched you lose energy. The Professor's assistants also move on each level and you need to remove them to stop the machines from working and this means fighting them. Once you touch an assistant then you must waggle the joystick fast to defeat them and once defeated opens a gap in the floor to move down a level. There are also objects that blow out steam and if touched sends you back to the start of a level.
Freedom ForceFreedom ForceWindows2002GoogleRole-PlayingIrrational GamesElectronic ArtsFleeing Lord Dominion and his invading forces, Mentor headed towards Earth in a small spaceship containing many canisters of the mysterious Energy X. Lord Dominion's ships pursue Mentor and destroy his craft just outside the Earth's atmosphere; the blast scatters containers of the substance over the metropolis of Patriot City. Energy X strikes many of the city's inhabitants, giving them superpowers that echo their personality traits (for instance, Minuteman's staunch patriotism and El Diablo's fiery temper) or draw on the situation they were in when energized (e.g., The Ant or Nuclear Winter). Most of the game is set in Patriot City, but a number of other locations and time periods are used, including magical realms, prehistoric times, and realms entirely removed from time and space. The game involves a diverse roster of characters embodying traditional comic book archetypes and paralleling popular DC and Marvel properties.
Freedom Force vs The 3rd ReichFreedom ForceWindows2005GoogleRole-PlayingIrrational GamesElectronic ArtsNuclear Winter steals Time Master's inert body and uses it to steal nuclear missiles from the Cuban Missile Crisis in an effort to start a nuclear war between the United States and the USSR. Freedom Force foils his plot, but on the return trip, the timeline changes and Freedom Force finds that the Axis powers achieved victory in World War II. Using the disturbance in the timeline to guide them, Mentor projects the heroes back in the timestream to battle the villainous Blitzkrieg, who created the timeline disturbance, where they meet and team up with heroes of that age. In the course of Blitzkrieg's defeat, Alchemiss gains powers from Time Master's body, frees Man-Bot from the Celestial Clock, but goes insane over the sudden expansion of her powers and becomes Entropy, who threatens time and space. Entropy is eventually defeated. Briefly asserting her original personality, Alchemiss prevents herself from ever existing so she cannot become Entropy, but suddenly finds herself face to face with a strange being... Energy X.
Friday the 13thFriday the 13thCommodore 641986GoogleHorrorBrian WhiteBug ByteJason Voorhees is hiding in the forest, waiting to avenge his mother's death, when a party of teenagers visit the eerie Crystal Lake holiday camp near the killer's filthy grotto. Jason puts on his hockey mask and sharpens his machete, ready for a razor-sharp massacre. Ten of your friends are lost in the surroundings of Crystal Lake. Jason is out there to hunt them down. It's up to you to find him and kill him before he kills you. Luckily, there are a lot of weapons to be found in the scenery, ranging from small knives to chainsaws. Unfortunately, Jason looks like a normal player until he attacks or is attacked. So it's up to you to identify him and end the nightmare by killing Jason. Depending on the number of friends surviving when Jason is killed, you'll get bonus points. You'll then start over again with a different character.
Front Page Sports: Football Pro '96 SeasonFront Page Sports: Football Pro '96 SeasonMS-DOS1995GoogleConstruction and Management Simulation, SportsDynamix, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.New addition to Sierra's FPS Football series. Changes this time are mostly cosmetic with new high-res svga graphics (which consist of rotoscoped sprites for characters over polygonal stadiums) as well as the expected stats update which adds not only player names and team stats, but also expansion teams such as the Carolina Panthers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Gameplay modes available include quick matches as well as career mode, were you take the manager's seat as well as the quarterback's and two player gameplay.
G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroG.I. Joe: A Real American HeroCommodore 641985GoogleActionRay CarpenterEpyx, Inc.G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero is a 2D action game with two different game types. In the first mode, you have to destroy enemy tanks, radar stations and Cobra HQ in a top-down view. There are different geographical locations like wood, desert and Arctic tundra. The available characters in this mode are Ace (jet fighter), Steeler (tank), Wild Bill (helicopter) and Clutch (Jeep). In the second mode, various Joe characters ("Joes") face off against Cobra characters in one-on-one battles, using their unique weapons that all vary in weight and reloading speed. Battles can be fought against backdrops like city, Cobra HQ, Arctic tundra, desert, or the woods.The loser of each battle goes to prison and becomes unavailable for future battles. There are sixteen available Joe characters in this mode: Duke, Scarlett, Recondo, Torpedo, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Spirit, Zap, Gung-Ho, Snow Job, Blowtorch, and Stalker. On the Cobra side, the available characters to battle are Destro, Baroness, Zartan, Firefly, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Major Bludd, and Scrap-Iron.
Gandalf the SorcererGandalf the SorcererCommodore 641984GoogleActionGame Gems Inc.TYMAC (UK) Ltd.Gandalf the Socerer is a single screen shooter viewed from behind the castle walls looking out into the land, where you play the role of Gandalf and you must protect your castle from attack by Lizardmen trying to get your treasure. Gandalf starts on top of the castle walls and tries to destroy the Lizardmen who appear from the woods and move towards the castle by moving a crosshair and blasting them with fire. Any Lizardman destroyed leaves behind a gold coin. If you miss any Lizardmen, then they appear at the door below and attempted to open it while an apprentice stirs your cauldron nearby. As well as your treasure you must protect the apprentice because if he is taken then he will be held for ransom for your treasure. Once a Lizardman gets through the door, you can go below and kill him but if he takes the apprentice outside the castle then you can follow him outside. The view switches to a single screen isometric view and here you must kill the Lizardman as well as any others and lead the apprentice back to the castle. There can also be gold coins to collect left behind by any destroyed Lizardmen when you were in the castle. The Lizardmen blow fire at you and if you are hit then it is game over. If you lose the apprentice then another one appears when you are back in the castle and you are only able to lose three before it is game over. Your fire is limited and each time you use fire then it decreases but if you climb up to the top of a tower then you can replenish your fire.
Gangster AlleyGangster AlleyAtari 26001982GoogleShooterSpectravisionSpectravisionS.B.I. (Spectravision Bureau of Investigation) file on Chicago Joe and his gang: We apprehended Chicago Joe but in retaliation, his gang have holed up in an apartment building, taking hostage a dame and her kid. The following men have been positively identified:      Shifty     Scar Face     Mugsy     Lefty     Nitro Ed  Your orders are to snipe any gang member. DO NOT SHOOT AN INNOCENT! Watch out for Nitro Ed. He likes to play with hand grenades. One of those and you're pushing up daisies. Good luck.  You move the joystick to aim at a gangster and push the button to fire. Your ammo is limited so don't fire randomly. Occasionally, Nitro Ed, on the roof, will hold up a grenade. You must shoot him to disarm him. You get money for each gangster shot. The values for level one are:      Mugsy=$20     Scare Face=$30     Lefty=$40     Shifty=$50     Disarming Nitro Ed=$100  These amounts increase for each level by $10. You also get $10 for each bullet you have left after each level. There are six levels. The fourth level is a nighttime level. In this level, you must fire one bullet to light up the windows. If you do not fire for a couple seconds, they go dark again. If you shoot an innocent, you will lose $1000 or you total amount if you have less than $1000.  If a gangster rises all the way out of a window, after a couple of seconds, he will shoot you and you will lose one bullet proof vest (life). After you lose all your vests, the game is over and Nitro Ed will laugh at you. If Nitro Ed gets off his hand grenade, no matter how many vests you have, the game is over. And Nitro Ed will laugh at you. You start with four vests and can earn another at $5000.
Gateway to ApshaiApshai SeriesCommodore 641983GoogleAction, Adventure, Role-PlayingThe Connelley GroupEpyx, Inc.Turmoil rocks the land and the only salvation lies in the magic of the Temple of Apshai. Unfortunately the location of this temple has gotten lost in time. Furthermore, many heros dispatched to seek it have been slain. A legend speaks that only the blood of the greatest hero of Apshai's greatest hero will be able to reclaim the lost Temple of Apshai. Unfortunately this "greatest hero" has also perished. But all hope is not lost, for the wise man, Merlis has found the hero's son, whose blood is still able to fulfill the prophesy. With great haste, Merlis brings the youngster to the dungeon pits and leaves him to fend for himself. It is this youngster's destiny to find safe passage through the 8 levels, each of which contains passage to 99 different areas. Gateway to Apshai is a top-down action-RPG. As the descendant of a hero, the player starts with basic stats in 4 areas, Strength, Agility, Luck and Health. and basic equipment, a dagger and leather armor. Then it's time to choose a number between 1 and 99 to generate the dungeon. Once begun, the player must explore the dungeon, hidden until explored and revealed. The player can move in four directions and has standard abilities, each mapped to a different control. There are several different actions available to the player. These include: fighting with the equipped weapon, a LOCATE spell to discover traps in the room, a SEARCH spell to discover hidden doors inside of room which would otherwise look like ordinary walls. Players may also use many of the items and scrolls that can be picked up in the dungeon. The treasure can be picked up which include weaponry (swords, bows and arrows), healing slaves, precious items and magical scrolls. Most items are only good for a single use. The Gateway to Apshai is guarded by an assortment of creatures including snakes, swamp rats, bats and many more. These enemies are only visible when they are in the same room as the player and are otherwise hidden. After 6 minutes and 30 seconds has passed, the player is teleported to the next dungeon, many versions of the game also offer the option to manually leave the dungeon at any time. Dungeons get progressively more difficult with faster and more vicious enemies.
Gemstone WarriorGemstone WarriorCommodore 641984GoogleActionParadigm Creators, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.Gemstone Warrior is an action game with adventure elements. Players work their way through an underground catacomb, doing three things at once. First they need to find five pieces of a gemstone, spread throughout the maze. Second they need to avoid getting killed by the guardians of the catacomb. Finally they need to map the game, because the place is so large that it is easy to get lost. Once the Gemstone Warrior has collected the five gemstone pieces, he needs to move back to the point where he began the game.
Ghetto BlasterGhetto BlasterCommodore 641985GoogleActionTony GibsonVirgin Games, Ltd.Ghetto Blaster / Street Beat is an adventure in the land of good groove. You basically have a ghettoblaster, and you go around the streets of London and you get them to dance to the music. Once you have made the required amount dancing, you take the tape into a record company. Watch out for the policemen, the tone deaf walker, the gangster of groove and the psycho killer because they can make you start over, or kill you. This game is inspired by an unknown rasta and his ghettoblaster at Battersea Park in London, England.
GhostbustersGhostbustersCommodore 641984GoogleAdventureDavid CraneActivision, Inc.Based on the 1984 film of the same name, the Ghostbusters are the ones to call to "bust" any ghost hauntings. They do this through the use of nuclear-accelerated "proton packs" and "ghost traps", whereby the ghosts can be captured and transferred to a secure storage facility at their Headquarters. However New York City has suddenly become a very haunted place, and the number of ghosts has suddenly and dramatically increased. The Ghostbusters must reduce the paranormal psychokinetic energy, the "PK level" in the city, which represents ghost power, before the Temple of Zuul awakens and resurrects an evil goddess called Gozer. Ghostbusters is an action game that features an overhead-view and a side-view. From Ghostbusters HQ, the player must monitor a map of midtown Manhattan for "ghost alarms", as well as for casual, roaming spirits, and plot a route to the alarmed area. Once the route is plotted, the player then controls the purchased Ghostmobile as it drives through traffic. Here, the player is able to capture casual ghosts on the way if they are en route. When the haunted location is reached, the game switches to a side-view. Two of the Ghostbusters will take position, activate their proton beams, and toss a trap to the ground. The player must then use the two Ghostbusters to attempt to lead the ghost(s) over the placed trap. Once activated, the trap springs to capture any ghosts directly above it. A successful capture will earn the player money, which can then be used to purchase new Ghostbusters vehicles and new modifications for it. An unsuccessful capture will see the ghost fly away (after nastily sliming one of the Ghostbusters). As the game progresses, the PK energy in the city increases. The Ghostbusters must keep it under critical levels by being constantly successful at busting ghosts. Eventually the Temple of Zuul will activate, and if the PK levels are still manageable, the Ghostbusters can venture there for a final showdown with Gozer.
Giants: Citizen KabutoGiants: Citizen KabutoWindows2000GoogleAction, StrategyPlanet MoonInterplayOn a far away planet, three races fight for control of the few landmasses available: the marooned Meccs, who specialize in firearms and other things that go boom, the mystical and cold-blooded Reapers, who were the original inhabitants of the planet, but were forced to live in the sea by Kabuto, the third character; a truly gigantic monster with a ravenous appetite and a fondness for performing wrestling maneuvers on those the size of his hand. You can control any of these races (although in the single player mode, you have to progress through the storylines of the Meccs and Reapers first) in their bid to be the dominant species. Each species various in the way they play the game and have vastly different types of attacks available to them. Giants is a action/real-time-strategy game that emphasizes action. While there is base-building and resource management for most of the races, it is a done through a simple to control interface and one or two keystrokes. The majority of the game will be spent in a third person view (first person mode is available) jet-packing/warping/leaping about the well rendered 3D landscape. Single player sessions consist of missions with specific goals, such as resucing Smarties or recovering lost items. Multiplayer options include standard deathmatch, capture the Smartie (flag), the above with basebuilding as an option. Other creatures also inhabit the islands. From the meek Smarties (who are employed to build your bases or eaten as a primary source of protein, depending on your species), to the cow-like vimps to the deadly rippers, the fauna of the planet will either try to kill you or avoid being killed/eaten/captured. While not so energetic, the floral of the islands can be crushed, knocked over, or burned in careless combat (or by Kabuto not paying attention).
Gilligan's GoldGilligan's GoldCommodore 641984GooglePlatformDavid A. CollierOcean Software Ltd.Gilligan's Gold is a flick-screen platform game based on the arcade game Bagman consisting of three screens as you try to negotiate various levels of a mine to collect all the bags of gold scattered around the three screens. Trying to stop you are a couple of outlaws and if you touch one then you lose one of five lives. You must use the ladders and lifts to move up and down levels and if you fall down more than one level then you lose a life. Once you have a bag of gold you must drag it up to the top of the mine and put it in your wheelbarrow which can be moved anywhere on the top of the mine on any screen. Dragging a bag of gold slows you down but can be used to drop on the head of an outlaw. You can use a pick axe to dig through a yellow wall hiding a bag of gold and it can also can stun an outlaw for a few seconds but can only be used once. Moving about the screens are mine-carts and although if they hit you, you lose a life but you can ride them. Grab onto a hook and when a cart is beneath you drop on it. You can get off a cart at anytime.
Gobliiins (GOB 1/3)GoblinsMS-DOS1992GoogleAdventure, PuzzleCoktel VisionSierra On-LineGobliiins is an adventure game where the player controls a team of three goblins: Oups, Ignatius and Asgard (Hooter, Dwayne, and BoBo in the US release) to find four magic components. A voodoo doll has turned their king Angoulafre mad and by collecting the components they can track down Niak the Wizard, the only one who can put things right. The player needs to solve various puzzles by combining the different skills of the three goblins. It's possible switch between them and control them separately. Most of the puzzles are based on coordinated actions. One can cast powerful but erratic spells, another can collect and use objects, and the last can hit things. Action icons are activated at the bottom of the screen. The game takes in 22 landscapes, each of which has puzzles which must be cleared. The characters have limited energy, which can be sapped by traps.
Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon (GOB 2/3)GoblinsMS-DOS1993GoogleAdventure, PuzzleCoktel VisionSierra On-Line, Inc.The second in the series of adventure-puzzle games. In this installation, you only have two imps to control instead of three. Someone has kidnapped the prince and it's up to you and two hilarious sidekicks, Winkle and Fingus, to rescue him. Winkle is a reckless jokester, while Fingus is careful and has a gift for solving puzzles. Luckily, they're blessed with extraordinary vitality. In other words, they never die. That'll sure come in handy when you're up against Wily Wizard's traps, maniacal monsters, and twisted and perplexing puzzles.
Goblins Quest 3 (GOB 3/3)GoblinsMS-DOS1994GoogleAdventure, PuzzleCoktel VisionSierra On-Line, Inc.It is said that there is a mysterious labyrinth harboring great secrets that might fulfill the wishes of those who discover them. Two countries respectively ruled by Queen Xina and King Bodd have been competing over the right to explore the labyrinth. However, strange events started happening one after the other: the guardian of the labyrinth died, his daughter disappeared, and King Bodd apparently fell under some sort of a curse. A goblin reporter named Blount get caught in the midst of these events as he attempts to interview the queen and the king. As if that weren't enough, Blount also gets bitten by a werewolf and falls in love, and must find a way to deal with both predicaments. Goblins Quest is the third entry in the Gobliiins series. Like its predecessors, it is a puzzle adventure game with the emphasis on solving complex tasks confined to smaller areas rather than on exploration. Most levels occupy more than one screen and allow limited navigation between different areas. As the reduction of the title to a single "i" implies, this installment only features one controllable goblin. However, at various points of the game Blount will require assistance from other player-controlled characters such as Chump the parrot, Ooya the magician, and Fulbert the snake. In addition, Blount's own spontaneous transformation into a werewolf may affect the solution of some puzzles. The hero will also undergo a few other mutations and drastically change his size during the course of the game.
GumballGumballCommodore 641983GooglePuzzleSadatoBrøderbund SoftwareYou play as a worker at a gumball factory, where you must move through the ranks of the factory by successfully sorting colored gumballs using a Rube Goldberg-esque gumball sorting machine.  The player starts each day at 0830 with a set quota of gumballs they must successfully sort through the day. Gumballs of different color are expelled from the machine in the top left corner, and they work their way through a series of complex devices to eventually be deposited from various slots at the bottom of the machine. The player controls the motion of various levers within the machine to control the pathway of the different colored gumballs. The player must then also move the colored carts at the bottom of the screen so that the correct colored gumball is deposited in each cart.  The player has until 1700 that day to meet their quota of appropriately filed gumballs. If the gumballs go in the wrong slot, or are lost within the machine, the quota of gumballs for the day increases. If the end of shift at 1700 occurs before the player meets their quota, then they are fired. The player works through progressively more difficult stages including: Worker, Foreman, and then Supervisor. Each increased level in difficulty increases the number of colors of gumballs, the quota, and the number of collecting colored bins.
H.E.R.O.: Helicopter Emergency Rescue OperationH.E.R.O.: Helicopter Emergency Rescue OperationCommodore 641984GoogleAction, PlatformJohn Van RyzinActivision, Inc.There is trouble in the mines! Volcanic activity has trapped numerous miners, and it is your job to save them. As Roderick Hero, you need to make your way through the dangerous mineshaft avoiding the dangerous creatures and lava, and find out where the miners are located before you run out of energy. To help on your mission, Roderick Hero has several useful types of equipment. A prop pack will allow you to hover and fly around the mineshaft and (hopefully) avoid the many dangers within. Your helmet features a short range microlaser beam which can be used to destroy the bats, spiders, snakes, and other creatures you'll encounter in the mines. From time to time, your path through the mine may be blocked by stone or lava walls. You begin each mission with six sticks of dynamite which can be used to destroy these obstacles (be careful you don't blow yourself up, though!). If you run out of dynamite, your laser beam can also be used to destroy the walls, though this will take longer and use up more energy. As the levels progress, the mine shaft will become longer and more maze-like, creatures will more frequently block the path, and lava walls and pools will appear which are dangerous to the touch.
HackerHackerCommodore 641985GooglePuzzle, StrategySteve CartwrightActivisionThe player must attempt to hack into the Magma, Ltd. computer system at the beginning of the game by guessing the logon password. Access can be gained if the player knows the password, which really only ever becomes apparent to the player after gaining access, through another means of entry, to the later stage of the game. Typing help or h in the command line would give a clue as to what the valid password is. Since initial attempts at entry would consist of guessing (and likely failing) access would eventually be granted to the player due a malfunction in the security system, thus allowing the player entry. Once admittance has been made, the player is then asked to identify various parts of a robot unit, by pointing the cursor at the relevant parts and pressing the fire button. Most parts of the unit have exotic and technical names, such as "asynchronous data compactor" or "phlamson joint" -- this again, allows for more room of error by initially trying to guessing which part each name belongs to. Failure to identify each part correctly and without any error, forces the player to take a retest until a 100 percent identification is made, at which point, the player is then allowed to continue. The player guides this robot, as seen on the Apple II version of the game, through the extensive network of underground tunnels.  The player gains control of the robot which can travel around the globe via secret tunnels, deep within the earth. The game's text says the robot is powered in some manner by magma.  Before getting far, the player is informed that shredded portions of a secret document containing Magma, Ltd.'s plans for world domination have been stolen. The player is instructed to retrieve the document by bargaining with the spies who stole it, who are located at various locations throughout the globe. The player is warned it must be retrieved in order to prevent the US government from thwarting their plans. At this point, the player's objective is clear: retrieve the strips of the stolen document, but then deliver them to Washington DC.  The robot's tunnel system is extensive, but unmarked, so getting around is initially an exercise in trial and error. Throughout the globe, there are several cities where the robot can surface and interact with people, primarily the spies who want to bargain for their piece of the evidence.
Hacker II: The Doomsday PapersHackerCommodore 641986GooglePuzzleSteve CartwrightActivisionHacker II: The Doomsday Papers is a real-time strategy game. It is the sequel to Hacker. Once again you hack into a computer system, just to end up saving the world. Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers opens with the console to the "Actisource" computer hotline system (a nice self-ironic pun - although nobody knows why a serious hacker might want to crack a help service for computer games...). However, your quiet little hack is soon disturbed: The government wants you for a secret mission. It, again, involves a robot drone and you're the one at the remote control. Although this time, it's not the whole globe that's your playground, but a high security facility in Russia, where the plans for global domination are hidden. In fact, all you've got to do is to guide your drone to the vault on a 2D map of the building. However, there are two major obstacles: Patrolling guards and security cameras. To avoid detection, you've got to trick the observers. By tapping the surveillance system you can see what cameras are currently active and which rooms they monitor. Your task is to bypass the video signal of the right cameras with a taped recording of an empty room, so that your drone is hidden from the view. You control four monitors, which you may freely switch to show the security monitor, the radar map, VCR output or one of the 38 cameras -- thus keeping an eye on guard movement while simultaneously controlling your drone and synchronizing recordings to cameras. Whew, sounds like a lot of work? It is.
HardBall 5HardBall 5MS-DOS1995GoogleSportsMindSpanAccolade, Inc.HardBall 5 is mainly an update to HardBall 4, with the additions coming in the form of adjustable difficulty settings, sharper graphics, more comments by Al Michaels and improved league play, which comes with a full set of 1994 major leaguers, plus a bonus legends league. The game includes multiplayer support for up to two players.
HardBall!HardBall!Commodore 641985GoogleSportsBob WhiteheadU.S. Gold Ltd.Hardball is a baseball action game for one or two players. You can throw a variety of pitches from fast balls to curve balls, steal bases, select team members, and substitute players as the game is played.
Haunted HouseHaunted HouseAtari 26001981GoogleAction, AdventureAtariAtariHidden throughout a haunted mansion are three pieces of a magical urn, and your goal is to enter the mansion and retrieve all three before you lose your nine lives! The game is played from an overhead point of view where you see only your eyeballs as you explore the four floors of the maze-like mansion. To make your mission even more difficult, there are various creatures wandering throughout. Tarantulas, giant vampire bats, and one fast moving ghost will all cause you to lose a life if encountered too closely. As a defense against the creatures, a magical scepter can be found in the mansion which will make you immune to its inhabitants.  The mansion contains many doors, some of which may be locked; to explore all the rooms, you will first need to find the master key which is hidden somewhere. The mansion is very dark, and you will not be able to see any of the objects in it (and in more difficult game variations, you can't see the walls either). To reveal objects and the mansion walls, you need to light one of your unlimited supply of matches which will light up a small area around you. Don't be surprised if a swift wind or passing creature blow out your match, though!  You are only allowed to carry one object at a time so you will need to create a strategy for exploring the mansion; to unlock a door or move a piece of the urn, you will need to put down the scepter. You win the game when all three pieces of the urn are assembled and you make it out of the mansion. The game keeps track of how many matches you have used on your mission, and the fewer matches the better the score.  Alternate Titles      "Nightmare Manor" -- Original title     "Casa Mal-Assombrada" -- Brazilian title
Haunted House (Alligata Software)Haunted House (Alligata Software)Commodore 641983GoogleActionAntony CrowtherAlligata Software Ltd.In Haunted House, players control a ghost who has the task of preventing 20 souls from escaping the haunted house. They arrive in a room with eight doors, with the soul coming out from one of them. They must try to capture the souls before they reach the key that sits in the middle of the room and walking into the vortex nearby. If the souls fall into the vortex before the player captures them, then the player must go in after the souls. The vortex leads to the maze, and the object here is to try and capture the souls before they enter another vortex, while avoiding snakes and crashing into walls. Once players have captured 20 souls, the game's difficulty increases with bats appearing in the main room and speed increases.
Heretic (HTC 1/5)HereticMS-DOS1994GoogleShooterRaven Softwareid SoftwareThe world has been attacked by the three Serpent Riders from the Abyss. Their mysterious power makes people obey and follow them like sheep. Only the ancient Sidhe elves are immune to the Riders' influence, which led to them being branded heretics. With most of their work done, the two elder Riders leave, leaving only D'Sparil, the youngest and weakest Rider, behind to oversee the oppression. He sends the armies of the Seven Kings against the Sidhe, who have no choice but to extinguish the Seven Candles, vanquishing the armies. The retribution is swift and hard, and most of the elves are destroyed. Now, one of the last remaining Sidhe must take the fight to D'Sparil himself, being the only hope his world has left. Heretic is the first game in the Heretic / Hexen franchise. It uses the engine from id Software's DOOM and transplants that game's first person shooter gameplay into a fantasy setting. Like DOOM, Heretic consists of three distinct episodes, playable in any order, the first being available as shareware. The hunt for D'Sparil begins in the City of the Damned, continues in the alternate dimension of the Hell's Maw and comes to an end in The Dome of D'Sparil. Every episode consists of nine levels, one of them a hidden one. The goal in each level is to find the exit, killing everything standing in one's way. Keys must be found and buttons pressed to advance. Enemies include gargoyles, golems, undead knights, sorcerers, ophidian beasts and more. Most enemies exist in several varieties: some have additional range attacks, others have ghost forms and are impervious to certain weapons. The weapon arsenal is large and varied: the basic weapons are a wooden staff and the Elvenwand that shoots low-damage magic bullets. More powerful equipment must be found: the Ethereal Crossbow dispenses a spread of arrows doing high damage, but at a low firing rate. The Dragon's Claw and Hellstaff shoot with a higher frequency: the Claw hits enemies instantly, the Staff's energy bullets need to travel to them first. The Phoenix Rod fires explosive charges and must be handled with care. The Firemace unleashes steel metal projectiles that bounce across the room towards the enemy. A better melee weapon than the wooden staff are the Gauntlets of the Necromancer, which dispense deadly energy. Heretic goes beyond DOOM in certain aspects. The engine has been enhanced with the ability to look up and down and the ability to fly, and wind currents pushing the player in (often unwanted) directions have been added. Also new is an inventory system. Many different power-ups can be collected and then be used at the correct time. These include health flasks, invisibility and invincibility upgrades, time bombs, and torches to light dark rooms. The Morph Ovum transforms enemies into chickens for easier dispatching, the Wings of Wrath allow one to fly, and the Tome of Power gives all weapons a substantial upgrade: projectiles become more powerful or split up upon impact; the Phoenix Rod becomes a flamethrower and the Gauntlets remove life force from an enemy and transfer it to the player. Heretic includes the same multiplayer options as DOOM: both cooperative team play and competitive deathmatch are included.
Heretic II (HTC 5/5)HereticWindows1998GoogleAction, AdventureRaven SoftwareActivisionThird-person action game based on the Quake II engine. Continues the story of Corvus, the protagonist from the first game. A mysterious plague has swept the land of Parthoris, taking the sanity of those it does not kill. Corvus is forced to flee his hometown of Silverspring after the infected attack him, but not before he is infected himself. He uses one of the Tomes of Power to keep the disease at bay, but he must find the cure before he succumbs.
Heroes of Might and MagicHeroes of Might & MagicMS-DOS1995GoogleStrategyNew World Computing, Inc.New World Computing, Inc.Heroes of Might and Magic is a turn-based strategy game in which the player takes on the role of one of four different heroes: the warlock, sorceress, barbarian, or knight. As the hero the player must build up his or her castle by adding different buildings to earn different units to strengthen the hero's army with. Units include dragons, cyclopes, phoenixes, paladins, and many more fantasy creatures. Bulidings and units cost money and resources. Buildings can also be upgraded to unlock new unit types. Another aspect of the game is exploring the world and discovering treasures, spells, mines to gather resources, nomad camps, magic lamps, ultimate artifacts, and more. The game uses a top down map in which the player can move his heroes a number of spaces each turn. Whenever the player encounters an enemy hero or castle a battle is shown in a close-up view. During battles all the player's units are shown as stacks. The player can move these stacks around on a hexagonal grid. Different units have different movement and attack capabilities requiring different strategies to use and overcome. The goal is to defeat all opponents by conquering their castles and defeating their heroes in battle. The player must also defend his own castles from enemy attacks. The player's heroes can collect spells to use in battle and can boost the units under their command, but they otherwise don't have a presence on the battlefields. The heroes collect experience points in typical RPG manner which boosts their stats. In addition items can be collected for additional bonuses.
Heroes of Might and Magic 2: GoldHeroes of Might & MagicMS-DOS1996Strategy, Turn-based, FantasyNew World ComputingUbisoftLord Ironfist is dead and the Kingdom is plunged into a vicious civil war by his feuding sons. At stake is the ultimate prize: control of the land and succession of the royal throne. Will you support the villainous usurper and lead the armies of evil or be loyal to the righteous prince and deliver the people from tyranny. Chose your allegiance and take what is rightfully Yours!Includes Heroes of Might & Magic II and its expansion The Price of Loyalty An excellent turn-based fantasy-themed strategy, considered by many to be the best of the series Incredibly good music and the atmosphere of war in a fantasy world
Heroes of Might and Magic 4: CompleteHeroes of Might & MagicWindows2004Strategy, Turn-based, FantasyNew World ComputingUbisoftSome prophecies of doom do come true. Escape the flames licking at your back and jump quickly through a portal into another world, for only the bold will be allowed to live. Embrace a wondrous new land and uncover its ancient mysteries. Battle its deadly creatures and explore a forgotten past. Here lie gods who have been silent all too long. Here lies a realm that can only be claimed by the strong, the crafty or the wise. Here lies a realm awaiting a bold conqueror!Includes Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and its expansions: The Gathering Storm and Winds of War. A lot of innovations in terms of gameplay, such as caravans or heroes participating in battles. The last installment of the HoMM series developed by its original creators - New World Computing.
Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete: Collector's EditionHeroes of Might & MagicWindows2000GoogleStrategyNew World Computing, Inc.The 3DO CompanyThis compilation contains: Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia (base game) Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade (add-on) Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death (add-on) The three games fit on 2 CDs. The only documentation included is PDFs of the original manuals and a brief install guide.
Heroes of Might and Magic V + Hammers of FateHeroes of Might & MagicWindows2006Nival InteractiveUbisoftHeroes of Might and Magic® 5 is a turn-based strategy game in which you can build cities and besiege them, train troops and slaughter them, and explore new lands – and crush them under your iron heel. You directly command your armies on the battlefield and aid them with your character’s abilities as well as your own strategy skills. With six unique factions to choose from, each with its own set of buildings and creatures, Heroes of Might and Magic® 5 provides gamers with the strategy and detailed graphics that the series has been known for. As you progress through the game your character gains levels of experience that allow him to learn new spells and abilities. All this is set in the magical and enchanting setting of the legendary Might and Magic® universe. Heroes of Might and Magic® 5 is, without a doubt, a worthy installment of the acclaimed series. It stays true to the formula established by the previous parts of the franchise and improves upon it, creating a very entertaining title with a gripping story, an enchanting soundtrack with visuals to match, and very fluid gameplay. If you are a fan of the franchise you will not be disappointed, but if you haven't tried Heroes of Might and Magic® games yet, then this is the perfect place to start. Heroes of Might and Magic® 5 Bundle includes Heroes of Might and Magic® 5 and its two expansions: Tribes of the East and Hammers of Fate. Thirteen campaigns bring you a deep and engaging strategy experience spanning countless hours in the fantasy world of Might and Magic®. Exceptionally high level of immersion achieved through a synergy of beautiful visuals, enchanting music, and smooth gameplay.
Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of The EastHeroes of Might & MagicWindows2007GoogleStrategyNival InteractiveUbisoftTribes of the East chronicles the final chapter in the epic struggle that began with the interrupted wedding of Queen Isabel. Players will follow the steps of the Necrolord Arantir as he uncovers the prophecy of the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and exposes the Demon Sovereign's conspiracy. For the first time, players can be part of the Orc faction and recruit heroes, build armies and manage cities as you explore and conquer legendary lands. Use tactics, skills and magic to outsmart fantasy armies while developing your heroes and unveiling the dark plot that threatens to tear the world of Ashan apart.
Hexen II (HTC 3/5)HereticMS-DOS1997GoogleShooterRaven Softwareid SoftwareHexen II is a dark fantasy first-person Hack and Slash developed by Raven Software from 1996 to 1997, published by id Software and distributed by Activision. It was the third game in the Hexen/Heretic series, and the last in the Serpent Riders trilogy. It was made available on Steam on August 3, 2007. Using a modified Quake engine, it featured single-player and multi-player game modes, as well as four character classes to choose from, each with different abilities. These included the offensive Paladin, the defensive Crusader, the spell-casting Necromancer, and the stealthy Assassin. Improvements from Hexen and Quake included destructible environments, mounted weapons, and unique level up abilities. Like its predecessor, Hexen II also used a hub system. These hubs were a number of interconnected levels; changes made in one level had effects in another. The Tome of Power artifact made a return from Heretic.
Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus (HTC 4/5)HereticMS-DOS1998GoogleActionRaven SoftwareActivisionHexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus was released on March 31, 1998 as an add-on to Hexen II. It features new levels, new enemies and a new playable character class, The Demoness. It focuses on the attempted resurrection of the three Serpent Riders by the evil wizard Praevus, and takes place in a fifth continent, Tulku, featuring a Sino-Tibetan setting. Unlike the original game, the expansion was not published by id Software, and as such is not currently available via digital re-releases. The expansion features new quest items, new enemies, and new weapons for the Demoness. She is the only player class to have a ranged starting weapon (similar to the Mage class in the original Hexen), whereas all other characters start with melee weapons. It also introduced minor enhancements to the game engine, mostly related to user interface, level scripts, particle effects (rain or snow), and 3D objects. Portal of Praevus also features a secret (easter egg) skill level, with respawning monsters. The only released patch for the expansion added respawning of certain items (such as health and ammo) in Nightmare mode, so that it would be slightly easier for playing.
Hexen: Beyond Heretic (HTC 2/5)HereticMS-DOS1995GoogleShooterRaven Softwareid SoftwareHexen is the sequel to Heretic. While the Heretic was destroying D'Sparil, the other two Serpent Riders have come to your dimension and slaughtered everyone. Or so they thought. Three humans have managed to escape with their lives and now seek vengeance against the Serpent Rider Korax who remains in their world. Like Heretic, Hexen is a fantasy game based on an enhanced DOOM engine. All of Heretic's innovations like vertical looking, flying, and the inventory system have been carried over. The new major changes this time around are three characters for the player to choose from and the level hub system. The characters are the Fighter, the Cleric, and the Mage. Each one has four unique weapons and different levels of speed and armor. The hub system steps away from the traditional "single levels stringed along into episodes" system which had been carried over into the FPS genre from sidescrollers and made popular by Wolfenstein 3D. In Hexen's hub system each episode is still made up of interconnected levels, but most of the levels are connected to a single "hub" level through portals. There are also portals between some of the "spoke" levels. Many of the puzzles in Hexen require travel back and forth between different levels. Other innovations in Hexen included weather effects, jumping, earth-quakes, and destructible objects such as trees and vases.
Hostage: Rescue MissionHostage: Rescue MissionCommodore 641989GoogleActionPhilippe CampionInfogramesTerrorists have overrun an embassy and hold the people inside as hostages. You control six counter-terrorists whose mission is to eliminate the terrorists. In the first part of the game, you have to bring three men into position so they can snipe the building. The second part involves entering the building with the other three men to kill the terrorists and rescue the hostages. Depending on how well you positioned your snipers, you can use them to assist you on that mission.
How to Be a Complete BastardHow to Be a Complete BastardCommodore 641987GoogleAdventureSentient Software Ltd.Virgin InteractiveThis game is based around cult ‘alternative comedian’ Ade Edmondson’s book of the same name. Having gate-crashed a party full of sophisticated well-behaved types, you must do everything you can to be seen as hateful, yobbish and immature – a Complete Bastard. The house has several rooms, each of which are filled with objects which are of use, as well as unlimited supplies of food, alcohol and coffee, which control how drunk you are at a time – some awful actions force you to be sober, others force you to be drunk. The game also displays whether you need the toilet (or, more accurately, any part of the house that would cause offence), whether you need to fart, and how strong-smelling these are. The rooms can all be viewed from multiple angles, and 2 can be viewed at a time through a split-screen view. To win, you need to prove to all 16 party guest that you are a complete bastard.
HunchbackHunchbackCommodore 641983GoogleAction, PlatformCentury ElectronicsOcean SoftwareHunchback is an arcade game developed by Century Electronics in 1983. The player controls Quasimodo from the Victor Hugo novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The game is set on a castle wall. The player must cross the screen from left to right avoiding obstacles in order to ring the bell at the far right. Obstacles include pits which must be swung over on a long rope, ramparts which must be jumped (some of which contain knights with spears) and flying fireballs and arrows (to be ducked or jumped). Eventually, after completing a number of screens, the player must rescue Esmeralda. If this final screen is completed, the game begins again at a faster speed. The hunchback character was originally to be Robin Hood. Hence the green costume and the game stages with arrows. The artist who drew the Robin Hood character left the company before the decision to change the theme to Hunchback. By the time a new artist was taken on, the green costume had become accepted and no-one questioned it (someone commented that the Robin Hood character, as drawn, looked like a hunchback). Ports were made for most home computer systems of the time by Ocean Software in 1984. It was their first arcade port. The exceptions to this are the BBC Micro version (which had already been released by Superior Software) and a later port for the MSX (1985)
Hunchback II: Quasimodo's RevengeHunchbackCommodore 641984GooglePlatformTony PomfretOcean Software Ltd.The archetype of the Hunchback of Notre Dame really isn't terribly nuanced: he jumps around towers, ringing bells, rescuing Esmeralda and being generally physically unattractive. Here he does all of these things, in a more platform-oriented take than the original, clambering up dangling ropes as they rise and fall, avoiding environmental threats such as rabid bats, thrown hatchets and enormous grinding clockwork gears all in the pursuit of small bells strewn across each screen's platforms. Gathering all the bells permits you to advance higher up the tower, at the top of which the damsel in distress awaits your homely visage.
Impossible MissionImpossible MissionCommodore 641984GooglePlatform, PuzzleDennis CaswellEpyx, Inc.You play a secret agent on a quest to stop the evil Professor Elvin Atombender, who is believed to be tampering with national security computers. You must penetrate Atombender's stronghold, avoid his deadly robot creations, and acquire various pieces of a password to use in the main control room.  The robots, rooms, and puzzle pieces will be switched around when starting over which provides replay value.
Impossible Mission 2Impossible MissionCommodore 641988GooglePlatform, PuzzleIstván CseriU.S. Gold Ltd.Impossible Mission II is a direct sequel to Epyx's 1984 game Impossible Mission. The game follows directly from the same plot, with Elvin Atombender seeking revenge, and the player having to stop him. The overall game structure and basic gameplay is mostly similar, but there are a few differences and new features.  The game takes place in Elvin's fortress, which consists of nine towers. Each of the eight outer towers has a specific theme, such as computers, automobiles, furniture and so on. Each tower consists of several rooms connected by two vertical corridors with elevators and two horizontal corridors leading to other towers. This time, the corridors leading between different towers are locked, and can only be unlocked by figuring out a numerical puzzle.  Each tower contains the numbers zero through nine in three different colors. The computer interface will allow you to try various number combinations to see if they are correct.
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana JonesMS-DOS2009GoogleAdventure, PuzzleLucasfilm Games LLCLucasArtsIt is 1938 and adventurer Indiana Jones is joined by his father on this quest, preventing Adolf Hitler from capturing the Holy Grail. He will have to deal with Nazi guards, the Luftwaffe and enemy spies as he tries to stop the tyrannical Nazi leader. The Graphic Adventure uses the same SCUMM gameplay system as the previous Maniac Mansion. Most of the screen is used for a visual rendition of the current scene. At the bottom of the screen are words, which can be clicked on using the mouse to activate their functions. For example, objects can be picked up, used, pushed or pulled, and turned on and off. Most locations are from the movie, but some further scenes are added. In keeping with Indiana's action-man persona, the game also features pure action scenes. Unlike most Lucasfilm adventures, you can die.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameCommodore 641989GoogleAction, PlatformTiertex Ltd.Lucasfilm Games LLCAs in the movie (and the more famous graphic adventure), your task is to find the Holy Grail. Before this can be done you must find the Cross of Coronado, a shield and a diary. This makes for a four-level arcade adventure combining climbs, exploration (with several routes through each level, and some traps) and puzzles. Indy is armed with his trusty whip to fight off foes, but can also get involved in hand-to-hand combat. The first level takes place in caves underneath Colorado, before you reach a moving circus train strewn with traps, a Zeppelin which is full of guards and ladders, and then Castle Grunwald in Austria.
Indiana Jones in the Lost KingdomIndiana Jones in the Lost KingdomCommodore 641984GooglePlatformMichael J. HansonMindscape, Inc.Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom is an Indiana Jones game that isn't based on a movie. Indy is looking for a lost civilization. He has to solve puzzles and traps left behind to get to the treasure and get out alive. The entire game consists of only six screens all of which have monsters and puzzles guarding the exits. Not only will you have to solve the puzzles but first you must figure out what the puzzles are because no clues were left behind. The game's motto is: "Nobody told Indiana Jones the rules. And no one will tell you."
InfiltratorInfiltratorCommodore 641986GoogleActionChris GrayU.S. GoldYou as Johnny McGibbitts, ace pilot and neurosurgeon has given a mission against the "Mad Leader". You have to fly in helicopter behind enemy lines and make a diversion there. You can fool the choppers into believing that you are a one of bad guys, and also you can show false documents to guards in enemy camp. If they aren't fooled then you can use spray of sleeping gas or even a grenade. There are many houses in the camp, which has many rooms, which has many useful items, but you often don't need them because of the limit of time for operation.
Interstate '76Interstate 76Windows1997GoogleAction, RacingActivisionActivisionIt's 1976 - a different '76. Stretched out before you are thousands of miles of desert - the American Southwest. The massive engine roars as you slam down the accelerator. It's time to get funked up. You are Groove Champion, auto-vigilante. Your agenda: Payback for your dead sister. Your weapon: A 425-horsepower '72 Picard Piranha with two 50-caliber M60 machine guns on top and a flame-thrower on the side. You're one mean dude in an even meaner ride. They've messed with the wrong Champion.
Interstate '76 Nitro PackInterstate 76Windows1998GoogleAction, RacingActivisionActivisionInterstate '76: Nitro Pack is a stand-alone add-on for the vehicular combat game Interstate '76. It takes place before the events from the original game and contains 20 single-player missions, in which the player can choose a character from among: Taurus, Skeeter or Jade (the sister of Interstate '76 protagonist Groove Champion). The missions are not tied together by a storyline but can be played in any order and with every vehicle. Though not required, owners of the original Interstate '76 can use this product to upgrade their version of the game, making this also an add-on. New features with this add-on include Force Feedback support and support for D3D, 3Dfx and Rendition Power VR. The improvements to the game itself are: more weapons, more cars & paintjobs, a racing & a "capture the flag" mode and advanced multiplayer hosting options.
Jeopardy!Jeopardy!Commodore 641987GoogleQuizShareData, Inc.ShareData, Inc.Based on the TV game show. Three players compete against each other by coming up with the question for a given answer. There are two rounds of play each with six categories of answers, and one final round consisting of a single answer. Each correct question given can be worth from $100 to $1000 for the player to respond first, or if a daily double is uncovered the player to find it may bet up to the current amount of money they have. The player with the most money at the end wins. Jeopardy! features a high scores table so players can save their characters wins and losses, different male and female character animations to choose from, and of course a wide variety of answers and questions. Up to three human players can compete, or a combination of human and computer players.
John Madden FootballJohn Madden FootballCommodore 641989GoogleSportsRon JohnsonElectronic Arts, Inc.Old american football simulation co-designed by famous sportscaster John Madden. The first game in EA's long-running Madden series. Different versions of this game have been available on almost every platform - with the Mega Drive version being the most famous of them all. The game concentrates more on tactics than pure action.
Journey EscapeJourney EscapeAtari 26001982GoogleActionData AgeData AgeYou're on the road with the rock band Journey! After each concert, your goal is to guide the five band members to the escape vehicle so they can get to the next concert on time. You start with $50,000 from the concert and need to guide one band member at a time; the screen scrolls vertically, and you need to get past the crowds and various obstacles before time runs out. Trying to slow you down are numerous fans, reporters, promoters, and photographers. Running into each of these will cause you to lose some of the money you start with, and also precious time! Stage barriers and fences will also cause you to lose time, but you won't lose any money if you hit one of these. To help you out, roadies and your manager are also in the crowds. They will give you temporary invulnerability allowing you to run straight through any obstacles. The game ends when a band member doesn't make it to the escape vehicle before the timer runs out. As the game advances, there will be bigger and bigger crowds to avoid, and they will be more aggressive about getting in your way!
JumpmanJumpmanCommodore 641983GooglePlatformRandy GloverEpyx, Inc.The object of the game is to defuse all bombs in a platform-filled screen. Jumpman defuses a bomb by touching it. According to the story, these are placed on Jupiter by terrorists. Jumpman can climb up and down ladders, and of course jump, and there are two kinds of rope each allowing a single direction of climbing only. Hazards include falling, "smart darts" (small bullets that fly slowly across the screen, but when orthogonally lined up with Jumpman, greatly speed up and shoot straight in his direction) and other hazards that are unique to a certain level.  Points are awarded for each bomb defused, with bonus points available for completing a level quickly. Jumpman's game run-speed can be chosen by the player, with faster speeds being riskier but providing greater opportunity to earn bonus points.
Jumpman JuniorJumpmanCommodore 641983GoogleAction, PlatformRandy GloverEpyx, Inc.The object of the game is to defuse all bombs in a platform-filled screen. Jumpman defuses a bomb by touching it. According to the story, these are placed on Jupiter by terrorists. Jumpman can climb up and down ladders, and of course jump, and there are two kinds of rope each allowing a single direction of climbing only. Hazards include falling, "smart darts" (small bullets that fly slowly across the screen, but when orthogonally lined up with Jumpman, greatly speed up and shoot straight in his direction) and other hazards that are unique to a certain level.  Points are awarded for each bomb defused, with bonus points available for completing a level quickly. Jumpman's game run-speed can be chosen by the player, with faster speeds being riskier but providing greater opportunity to earn bonus points.  This is the cartridge version with less levels that the full disk version.
Jupiter LanderJupiter LanderCommodore 641983ActionR&M SoftwareCan you navigate the rocking outcroppings and vicious stalagmites to find a safe landing?
Kaboom!Kaboom!Atari 26001981GoogleActionActivisionActivisionThe mad bomber is on the loose! As he races back and forth at the top of the screen, you need to catch the bombs he drops in buckets of water. One point is earned for each bomb caught, but miss one of the bombs, and Kaboom! As the levels progress, the mad bomber will move faster and faster and drop more and more bombs. You start the game with three buckets, and lose one each time a bomb is missed. The game ends when all of your water buckets are gone.
KaratekaKaratekaCommodore 641984GoogleFightingRobert B. CookBrøderbund Software, Inc.Returning home after years of study under a Master of Karate, you find your village burned to the ground. Your friends and family are scattered, your bride-to-be stolen by Akuma, the warlord whose oppressive shadow has darkened your village since before you were born.  Your grief and rage turn to cold determination. You vow never again to submit to the evil warlord. You know you must avenge your village and rescue your beloved Princess Mariko from Akuma’s mountain fortress.  Alone, armed only with your knowledge of Karate, you must outfight Akuma’s vicious warriors, each one more powerful than the last. Fight on, deep into the heart of the palace, where to rescue Mariko you must confront the cruel Akuma himself in hand-to-hand combat.  Put fear and self-concern behind you. Focus your will on your objective, accepting death as a possibility, and do what you have chosen to do. This is the Way of the Karateka.
Kennedy ApproachKennedy ApproachCommodore 641985GoogleFlight SimulatorAndy HollisMicroProseThe player assumes the role of a controller in a Terminal Radar Approach Control, giving instructions to aircraft so that they can safely land, as well as take off and enter their correct flight corridors. The purpose of the game is to manage the flights that are presented to the player without the flights being delayed or exiting/landing in the wrong location. The aircraft either come flying in on the screen and have preset exit or landing points or show up as wanting to take off with an exit point. It is the player's job to determine the route each aircraft flies and when they may land or take off.  The aircraft cannot be too close to each other, so the player needs to make sure that they are passing each other on different flight levels or with sufficient distance (three grid dots north/south or east/west) between them. When an aircraft is in danger of crashing or is exiting at the wrong location or altitude, the aircraft will inform the air traffic controller. Aircraft do not change course/altitude unless the player tells them to. Incoming aircraft not given clearance to land, however, will go into a holding pattern and wait until given clearance. When necessary, the player can also give holding instructions to aircraft, as long as their course takes them over a VOR tower which is used as the holding fix.  To start with, there are few flights at the same time, but at higher GS levels, there are many flights that need management at the same time. Also storms which the aircraft can not pass through show up and some aircraft have very little fuel and have to land fast or they will crash.
KickmanKickmanCommodore 641982GoogleActionMidway Mfg. Co.Commodore Business Machines, Inc.In this game, you're a clown on an unicycle who has to pop balloons that is falling down from the sky. This can be done by moving left and right to catch them all on the head. Further on, you've to form columns instead of popping them. These columns have a nasty habit by getting each time higher and will give you a lesser time to react. However, if you're close enough to the balloon you can kick the balloon and try again. Another way is to catch the 'Pac-Man' that comes down between the balloons. This will eat the balloons that falls on your head. If you miss you'll fall from your unicycle.
Killed Until DeadKilled Until DeadCommodore 641986GoogleAdventureArtechAccolade, Inc.Killed Until Dead is a sophisticated mystery game with a leaning towards humor. The player has to solve every aspect of a murder case before it happens. The five biggest mystery writers in the world have gathered together at a hotel and one of them will be offing another unless Hercule Holmes can crack the case. Gameplay is a cross between the board-game Clue and the paper-based logic puzzles in which the player must eliminate clues in sequence. To solve the forthcoming murder, you will have to search the suspects' rooms and confront them with the evidence and set the hotel's security cameras to record secret meetings. By questioning the suspects as to what they know about certain people, rooms and objects, they may reveal combinations they know will not be involved in the murder - perhaps if it involves the gun, the killer will not be Lord Peter Flimsey, for example. However, there's a catch. If he accuses the wrong suspect, he might be the one who's Killed Until Dead - they don't take kindly to false accusation.
King's BountyKing's BountyCommodore 641990GoogleAdventureMark CaldwellNew World Computing, Inc.As a knight, paladin, barbarian or sorceress, amass an army of creatures to take on the local baddies and search for the Sceptre of Order. A turn based game with a time limit that decreases depending on the skill level you play at. Depending on your allegiance, you will initially start with a different set of creatures, though the king will not mind whether you're his knight or barbarian. Game consists of four maps, each with more mean creatures to control and meaner opponents to fight, but acquiring those maps early will let you find and buy some mean creatures that will help you easily conquer prior maps. You can see all the enemies on the map and can literally clear the map of enemies, though random can appear in your castles if you leave them unprotected after the conquest. With each conquered castle (assuming the castle is occupied by the enemy you are currently after), you will get a level up, after first two level-ups king will promote you and you'll be able to recruit cavalries from the castle, after four more promotions you'll be able to recruit knights. All the other creatures are found outside the king's castle and can be recruited no matter the level, although your level determines the quantity of creatures you can find for recruitment, but take care of your money because if you don't have enough for your army's salary, they will desert or turn against you. There are also two artifacts per each map that will also uncover the map of the place holding the King's Sceptre. The moment you find the sceptre and bring it back to the king, the game will end even if you happen to find it very early in the game. As for tougher enemies, like the final one having hundreds of dragons and demons, they can also be defeated, but not by the army you can muster in one go. But when you're defeated, you respawn back at the king's castle and start with almost nothing but your money, however, the enemy in the castle will be left without those creatures lost in the battle, unless some of the new comes to aid him as every week the population increases.
King's Bounty: Crossworlds (KB2/3)King's Bounty (Modern)Windows2010GoogleRole-Playing, StrategyKatauri Interactive1C CompanyKing’s Bounty: Crossworlds is the expansion for the famous King's Bounty: Armored Princess role-playing game. The new release in the series will include the “Orcs on the March” expansion, the two new independent campaigns “Champion of the Arena” and “Defender of the Crown” and a convenient editor with help system. This editor will allow you to create additional content for the game and alter it in any way you wish. 2 brand new campaigns (Champion of the Arena with boss battles in a gladiatorial tournament and Defender of the Crown with battles in unique tactical arenas with a random selection of enemies and allies) Orcs on the March – extensive update to the original King’s Bounty: Armored Princess New creatures to slay or use in combat 70 new items, 8 new item sets, including one for the pet dragon and 3 component artifacts. 7 new quests allow players to continue their journey 50 new abilities and skills 13 new spells
King's Bounty: Dark Side (KB3/3)King's Bounty (Modern)Windows2014GoogleRole-Playing, Strategy1C-Softclub1C CompanyKing's Bounty: Dark Side focuses on the other side of Teana - the Evil Ones. The player can choose between a fearless Orc warrior Bagyr, a young Demoness named Neoline or a fearsome Vampire named Daert. Each of their worlds have been attacked by the forces of the Light, effectively destroying their homelands and forcing them to flee to the only neutral place and seek refuge among the Dwarves. There, their story intertwines as they meet at the local tavern and bring each other up to speed of the events that have transpired. There they make a blood oath to restore the balance to the world of Teana, and purge the forces of Light from their lands. Their blood oath didn't sit well with the local innkeeper and they were soon attacked by the guards. While looking for their way out of the dwarven kingdom, they entered the realm of the Dark and upon meeting The Dark One, their quest started to get a shape and their plan was forged. The plan requires an army and a menacing weapon of vengeance to be built. This will require sacrifice and corruption, and depending which protagonist the player has selected, the task will fall to that character. Blackie (which can be renamed), the fearsome dark furry creature is bestowed upon you as your companion which can provide you with tactical advice as well as powerful attacks (upgradeable in the same fashion as in the previous game installments) during combat. Your companion can take a shape of any of the three protagonists and wield powerful attacks upon the enemy. Aside from new companion (which yields new rage abilities), there are several new unit types, new artifacts, new locations, new trophy achievements, and great many new quests. Many of the quests can be approached in different ways, you can attack certain hero armies head on, or resort to sabotage or subterfuge tactics to weaken the enemy before you strike. While world terrain is reused from the previous installments (lava laden lands of demons, dense forestal paths with points and lakes, snowy mountains), there are many new objects covering these lands that were not present in any of the previous games (shipyard, corn fields, bee hives, etc.) which add a great variety of terrain on each of the maps.
King's Bounty: The Legend (KB1/3)King's Bounty (Modern)Windows2008GoogleRole-Playing, StrategyKatauri InteractiveAtariKing's Bounty: The Legend is a Real-time / Turn-based Strategy with RPG elements. In a fairy tale fantasy world of fearless knights, evil mages, wise kings and beautiful princesses the player controls a hero. Leading their character through the game world, exploring it, commanding armies in battle and accomplishing various quests can mean great reward or huge defeats.
Lady TutLady TutCommodore 641983GoogleActionGreggyProgameIn Lady Tut, you are searching underground for Lady Tut's sarcophagus. In order to do this, you must go through five mazes collecting all the rings that you can find while avoiding creatures that roam around. There are one or two doors leadng to the next maze, but each of them must be unlocked with the key found in the same maze you are in. Later, a gun can be obtained, and can be used to shoot creatures.
Lands of Lore III (LOL 3/3)Lands of LoreWindows1999GoogleAction, Role-PlayingWestwood StudiosElectronic ArtsCopper is the bastard son of Eric LeGré, brother of King Richard and commander of the White Army who had a relationship with a half-dracoid dancer, Copper's mother. On a pig hunt with his father and brothers, who resent him because of his mixed blood, some rift hounds appear from another dimension and kill everyone but Copper himself. He is able to escape, but the monsters take his soul with them. It is Copper's task to prove himself in a world where everyone suspects him of having killed his father and brothers to claim the throne. His second task is to find out how to get his soul back. Lands of Lore III is the third and final part in Westwood's Lands of Lore series. Just like the previous game, it is an action RPG played from the first-person perspective. It introduces features such as mouse-look and inventory quick spots, but is otherwise similar to its predecessor in basic gameplay mechanics. Copper can jump, crouch, and attack any creature encountered in the game with melee and ranged weapons or magic spells. Unlike the previous game, polygonal objects and characters are used, and pre-rendered 3D cutscenes replace live action movies. After the introduction the player is free to join one or more guilds in the city of Gladstone: Fighters, Clerics, Magicians and Thieves. Each guild comes with different abilities, upgrading Copper's rank three times within each chosen path. These abilities include, among others, requiring less time to swing a weapon, becoming a sniper, drawing mana from the environment, reviving companions, etc. By using actions linked to the guild (fighting with swords, using magic, healing, lockpicking), the player character's expertise improves. The protagonist is also offered a familiar, a creature that helps him during the quests. These familiars come with their own abilities, which include identifying various types of objects, protection from certain kinds of damage, picking locks, etc. Copper has a large inventory, room for spells, a compass, a map, a journal and meters for health, mana and hunger. There is a fairly large amount of freedom; the player can opt to kill innocent NPCs and choose different ways to finish the game, with many side-quests. The locations include a volcano world, a frozen world, the underworld and various caves, woods, lairs and castles.
Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (LOL 2/3)Lands of LoreMS-DOS1997GoogleRole-PlayingWestwood Studios, Inc.Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.In her quest for power and revenge, the witch Scotia accidentally set into motion the revival of Belial, God of Evil. With her dying breath, Scotia gave her son Luther her mighty powers of shapeshifting, but through an error Luther received the powers in a damaged form: he cannot control when he changes or what he changes into. Things aren't easy for Luther: not only is he cursed with his mother's power, but the people of the Lands are understandably upset with Scotia and will attempt to take their frustration out on her son. With his mother's magic and a little help from the Draracle, an ancient being watching for signs of Belial's resurrection, Luther must find a cure for his curse and eventually stop Belial. Guardians of Destiny is the sequel to Throne of Chaos and the second installment in the Lands of Lore series. Unlike its predecessor, it is an action RPG which occurs in real-time 3D (much like Daggerfall) rather than in grid-based environments. Luther is the only player-controlled character in the game and can freely move around, attack in all directions, jump, and crouch. The game features numerous video sequences featuring computer graphics and live action. Luther's unique ability are his transformation powers, allowing him to morph into a powerful humanoid beast or a lizard. Though eventually the player gains control over them, initially these transformations occur at random. The beast form is stronger and able to smash obstacles on his way, but the lizard is more agile, can cast magic and access areas restricted to other shapes. Only Luther's native shape, however, is able to use weapons, both melee and range ones. Unlike most role-playing games, experience points are not awarded directly for vanquishing enemies. Rather, Luther's weapon and magic proficiencies increase and reach higher levels the more the player uses correspondent combat styles. Typically, only defeating more powerful foes contributes to this growth. The player can also combine items to create new ones, and enhance Luther's weapons with them (e.g. making a poison sword). There are elements of puzzle-solving, optional areas, as well as moral decisions that influence the game's ending.
Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos (LOL 1/3)Lands of LoreMS-DOS1993GoogleRole-PlayingWestwood Studios, Inc.Virgin Games, Inc.The Dark Army is on the move again, led by the evil sorceress Scotia. Her goal is obvious: To destroy Gladstone Keep and its inhabitant King Richard. Scotia herself has recently become more powerful after acquiring "the Mask" from the Urban Mines, gaining the ability to shape shift. She is virtually unstoppable and able to infiltrate Gladstone Keep, poisoning King Richard. If it were not for the intervention of Sorceress Dawn, this monarch would surely be dead. In order to find a cure for the King's secret, a band of heroes must set out on an adventure, and keep themselves alive from the Dark Army forces. Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos is a real-time dungeon-crawling role-playing game viewed from first-person perspective. Players begin by choosing from four selectable hero classes, including: Mage, Warrior, Rogue, and a balanced all-round hero. Each has their weaknesses and strengths, but all abilities in this game can be upgraded. The game does not feature manual character development, instead the game introduces a semi-automatic form of leveling up, where skills of the hero and the companions are divided into: Fighting, Magic and Rogue skills. Each skill level will increase when killing enemies using a particular type of attack: melee weapons increase the Fighting skills, magic increases the Magic skill, and ranged weapons increase the Rogue skills. In the course of the game players will form a party of up to three heroes in the quest for the cure. The player is able to equip these characters with new weapons and armor in a "paper doll" styled interface.
Laser SquadLaser SquadCommodore 641988GoogleStrategyTarget Games LimitedBlade Software Ltd.Laser Squad is by the same designer as Microprose's classic X-Com: UFO Defense. It brings to the table an immersive gameplay environment as well as many innovative ideas that weren't available in any other game of the time. In Laser Squad you control a group of "marine"-like soldiers (and the occasional cyborg). Before taking them into battle, you must buy them weapons and armour with a predetermined amount of credits, taking into account the individual abilities of your squad. Unlike X-COM, the soldiers do not gain experience over time. There are 3 missions in turn - in The Assassins you must face down Sterner Regnix and his guards, Moonbase assault challenges you to destroy the OmniCorp database, and Rescue From the Mines eschews violence in favour of a rescue mission. These are viewed from above and progress in turns. Laser Squad also features a 2-player "hotseat"-type gaming option.
Last Ninja 2The Last NinjaCommodore 641988GoogleAction, AdventureSystem 3 Software Ltd.System 3 Software Ltd.With the scrolls now in his possession, The Last Ninja begins training a new order of Ninja. During a training session he is mysteriously transported to XXth-century New York. The Evil Shogun has returned! Torn from his own time, The Last Ninja must defend himself once more with nothing more than the belief in his own abilities.  Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance is an action/adventure game where the player, controlling a powerful ninja, must fight his way through opponents while collecting necessary items. The game is split into various levels, each of them depicting a different locale and divided into several screens. The view is isometric and the ninja can move in four different dimensions (he can also walk backwards) and jump.  Enemies, armed with fists and various ninja weapons, wander around the levels. The ninja must fight them either bare-handed or with the weaponry he finds along the way; in either case, he has a number of blows and attacks at his disposal, as well as the ability to block. There's a special weapon, shuriken, which are thrown in a straight line rather than used for melee combat; if they strike an enemy, they'll instantly kill or at least heavily damage him.  There are items scattered around the levels, such as keys, rope, a map or hamburgers (which restore health when eaten). Collecting these items and using them in a proper place is necessary for completing the game.
Last Ninja 3The Last NinjaCommodore 641991GoogleAction, AdventureStanley SchembriSystem 3 Software Ltd.Ninja 3 is here and ready to explode onto your screen with the most glorious display of graphics and animated fight sequences ever seen in this type of game.  With a massive introduction sequence, incredibly detailed '3D' background graphics and a more than generous helping of all-out action, Ninja 3 displays a degree of excellence never before experienced by even the most seasoned Ninja fan. Ninja 3 - A game of epic proportions.  Feel the realism, allow yourself to witness the magical world of Ninjitsu, spiritualism, experience the mystical atmosphere of the Tibetan Temples. Remember, always remain in control of your stealth and cunning as you do battle once again with the most treacherous purveyor of evil, Kunitoki.  Regarded as a license within itself, the highly acclaimed Last Ninja series reaches an unequalled pinnacle of excellence with the arrival of Ninja 3. Seldom has a series of games won as many awards world wide as The Last Ninja. NEVER HAS A SERIES OF GAMES JUST GOT BETTER AND BETTER . . .
Lazy JonesLazy JonesCommodore 641984GooglePlatformDavid WhittakerTerminal SoftwareWelcome to the World of Lazy Jones. You play the role of a janitor in this game, a lazy janitor that sneaks into back rooms and plays computer games. You can move around from floor to floor, and go into the back rooms and play the old (and I mean old) computer games that are in these rooms. Be careful you wouldn't want to get caught by security guards that are roaming the floors. There are 18 rooms to choose from, there are 3 that actually aren't games, and of course everyone's favorite, the one that isn't a classic game, but you are just trying to get drinks off of the bartender, while avoiding the drunk.
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2Legacy of KainWindows2002Action, TPP, PlatformerCrystal DynamicsSquare Enix400 years have passed since the vampire Kain damned the world in the original Blood Omen, choosing to rule the world in damnation rather than die for its salvation. Now Kain, who once controlled the land of Nosgoth with his vampire armies, finds his brethren slain and his dark powers stripped by a mysterious figure. To reclaim his rule and exact his vengeance, Kain must dispatch armies of zealot soldiers and overcome legions of demons in order to uncover the ominous plot that threatens the land he seeks to conquer. Blood Omen 2, the second instalment in the Legacy of Kain Series, is a 3rd person 3D action/combat game in which you assume the role of the vampire Kain. A compelling story takes you through huge, lushly detailed 3D environments and challenges your skills in combat, puzzle solving, stealth and exploration. With each success, you’ll gain new dark gifts that will grant Kain the ability to access treacherous new areas to explore and the power to face stronger, more aggressive enemies. As you develop a stronger, more skilled vampire, you’ll be rewarded with dozens of dazzling in-game cinematic sequences that unfold the continuing epic of Nosgoth, and Kain’s attempts to ultimately rule over it. Move through crowds unseen cloaked in stealth, travel stories above the peasant herds on which you feed leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and use mind-control on hapless fools to help you overcome vampire-proof inventions. Unleash your wrath in a lushly detailed, blood-chilling gothic environment that is not only gorgeous to the eye, but also alive with the soon to be dead. Beautifully choreographed combat with surgical precision as you engage armies of demons and humans alike.
Legacy of the AncientsLegacy of the AncientsCommodore 641987GoogleRole-PlayingQuest Software, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.The player takes on the role of a young shepherd who finds and loots a recently dead body while on a first trip to the city, taking a black disk, a bracelet and a leather scroll.  The Galactic Museum mysteriously appears to the player after collecting these items.  The player learns that by taking these items, he has become the next in a line of adventurers attempting to destroy the Wizard's Compendium, the leather scroll the player picked up.  The museum has various display cases that require the insertion of special coins of various types to access.  Some coins can be bought in random encounters with NPCs, some can be found as loot after combat and some coins can only be found at the bottom level of various dungeons meaning the player cannot proceed beyond a certain point until that dungeon is finished.  Unlike many RPGs, the game does not use an experience point system.  The player gains levels only through the successful completion of various quests.  The game is mostly in top-down style for the world maps, towns and castles, but switches to a 3D style in the dungeons and in the museum.  Several different areas of the game, like games in towns and certain museum displays, allow the character to play in special mini-games, which, if done successfully, will permanently increase attributes.  Also, various casinos about the towns let players gamble to win money.  It is also possible to rob banks in cities, but this attracts the attention of the town guards who will remember the robbery until the player enters another town.
LemmingsLemmingsMS-DOS1991GooglePuzzleDMA Design LimitedPsygnosis LimitedYour task is to rescue the Lemmings across 120 levels of fast-paced puzzling. These creatures simply walk blindly through the world in the hope of reaching safety at the end of the level - unfortunately these levels include steep drops, gaps in the ground, barriers and rivers amongst other hazards. You are in control not of any individual Lemming, but of a cross-hair, which can be moved over any of the Lemmings. Along the bottom are a selection of functions which can be assigned to a Lemming, including climbing, floating and bashing. You must click to select the appropriate function, then click on the Lemming to activate it. Each level has a different range of skills on offer, a different amount of Lemmings, and a different percentage target in order to progress.
Little Computer PeopleLittle Computer PeopleCommodore 641985GoogleLife SimulationDavid CraneActivision, Inc.Little Computer People can be described as the "mother" of The Sims. When you load the game for the first time and personalize it with your name you'll see a house with several rooms like a kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. After some time of waiting a little person will appear and check out the house with all its rooms to see if he likes it. If he likes it, he will move in shortly and bring his dog along with him.   That's where the real "game" starts and that's what it will be like every time you'll load the game from then. You see the house and the little person living in it, doing all kinds of stuff people do in their daily routine. He'll cook, eat, feed his dog, read newspapers, watch TV and from time to time he will write you a letter to let you know what he feels or what things he misses. To keep it more game-like, you can "talk" to him in form of typing commands like "feed dog". You can also play cards with him and send him food or a present. There is no aim in this game other than to interact with your LCP.
Lode RunnerLode RunnerCommodore 641983GoogleAction, Platform, PuzzleBrøderbund Software, Inc.Brøderbund Software, Inc.The player controls a stick figure who must collect all the gold in a level while avoiding guards who try to catch the player. After collecting all the gold, the player must travel to the top of the screen to reach the next level. There are 150 levels in the game which progressively challenge players' problem-solving abilities or reaction times.
Lords of Magic: Special EditionLords of Magic: Special EditionWindows1998GoogleStrategyImpressions GamesSierra On-Line, Inc.The evil sorcerer Balkoth and his horde of followers have laid waste to the pastoral lands of Urak. Once magnificent cities lie in ruin, and the Great Temples of the land once devoted to learning are now overrun by Balkoth’s worshippers. Those that remain pray for a leader to rise from the ashes. Lords of Magic builds on the strategy template of the Lords of the Realm series and infuses it into a fantasy role-playing epic. Wield fantastic sorcery as you explore the lands, develop your abilities and form powerful alliances. Lead an army into the darkness and prove yourself a true Lord of magic! Lords of Magic: Special Edition includes: - The original Lords of Magic game - The Legends of Urak quest pack Key Features - Blends classic fantasy role-playing with real-time strategy combat. - Build your empire and vie to control 8 distinct capitals, be it through conquest or allegiance. - Choose from 24 editable Lords, and develop them into warriors, mages and thieves. - Pit your armies in real-time combat against skeletons, dragons and other powerful monsters. - Take on epic adventures based on the legends of Merlin, Beowulf and Siegfried.
Lords of MidnightLords of MidnightCommodore 641985GoogleAdventureAntony TaglioneMindscapeThe Lords of Midnight brings to life this epic land, as Doomdark's forces aim to wrest control of its 4000 screens. Your initial party of the task contains four fighters - Luxor the Moonprince, Morkin (his son), Corleth the Fey and Rothron the Wise, each of whom has their own characteristics. Many more lords can be recruited as the game progresses, with names such as Lord Dreams, Lord Blood and the Utarg of Utarg. If Luxor is killed, only Morkin remains under human control.  The game can be won in two ways - by overthrowing the full might of Doomdark's forces, or by stealing the moon ring back from its location (a task only Morkin can attempt), meaning that the game can be played as a straight strategy title or an RPG of sorts.  The land of Midnight includes lakes, keeps, plains and forests (the Fey are usually located here). You can always look in each of the 8 compass directions, meaning that the game features 32000 views - a remarkable tally in systems of this size.  Doomdark's forces, the Foul, move at night, giving the game a turn-based structure. Your characters can also die at the hands of dragons, skulkrin and wolves.
Lords of the Realm CD versionLords of The RealmWindows1997Impressions GamesRebellionThe English throne lies empty in 1262 A.D. You and 5 lords are locked in a struggle for the crown. Reap the benefits of successful feudal governing, castle building, castle sieging and land battles to conquer your rivals and claim the kingdom. Keep your serfs fed and happy. Assign them to farming, herding, building, military and other tasks. Design your own castles and build them using actual historical blueprints.Then lay siege to your neighbors' castles and fight out land battles in tactical details. Lords of The Realm propels you into the epic conflicts and intrepid life of thirteenth century England. As one of five nobles you manage crops, build weapons, construct a castle and raise an army to conquer neighbouring realms before they conquer you. Prepare to fight your way to the throne in the battle of your life. Because in the end, you're either King, or you're dead. Multiplayer notice: The game's multiplayer servers have been taken offline, however, multiplayer over LAN is still available. ATI/AMD compatibility notice: Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition requires graphic card drivers version 13.4 or older.Includes the Windows CD ROM and the floppy disk version of Lords of the Realm. Now you can choose whether you wish to conquer England and Wales or Germany! Includes the original Lords of the Realm, Lords of the Realm II and the Lords of the Realm II Siege Pack expansion Complex management, complete with random events like drought or flooding Challenging real-time battles that will test both your reflexes and tactical acumen
Lords of the Realm IILords of The RealmMS-DOS1996GoogleStrategyImpressions GamesSierra On-Line, Inc.Lords of the Realm II is a mixture of turn-based county and economic management and real-time combat. As the game begins, the king has died and 5 nobles (including yourself) are vying for control of the realm, including the noble Baron, the headstrong Knight, the ice princess The Countess, and the backstabbing Bishop. You have to hold on to your counties by building larger castles and keeping the peasantry happy and well-fed. When you engage your enemy in battle is when the real fun starts. You are given a Warcraft-type view of the battlefield with the units in your army and have to either get them to retreat (a rarity) or kill every last one of the little buggers. In a siege, you can end the battle by capturing the enemy's flag or dispatching all of your opponents soldiers to the great big Realm in the sky.
Lords of the Realm IIILords of The RealmWindows2004GoogleAction, StrategyImpressions GamesSierraThe third installment in the Lords of the Realm series is a medieval real time strategy game. You are one of the medieval kings of Europe and are trying to conquer all your rivals. In the management part of the game, the map is divided into several regions and each region in turn is divided into several parcels. One of these parcels is your castle, from which you govern the surrounding parcels. It allows the player to see a large overview of the lands to command their armies and assign vassals to the lands they possess. When one of your armies faces an enemy, you have the choice to command the armies yourself or let your knight do his job. The battle, be it a skirmish or a castle siege, lets you command a variety of predefined troops, from horseman to siege engines.
M.A.S.HM.A.S.HAtari 26001982GoogleAction20th Century Fox20th Century FoxYou are Hawkeye Pierce, Chief Medical Surgeon of the 4077th MASH.  Your responsibilities include rescuing injured men from the battlefield, performing surgery in the operating room, or, in an alternative game, picking up Colonel Potter's skydiving medics.    You pilot your chopper low through the trees, avoiding shells fired at you from a North Korean tank. After picking up the medics or wounded and rushing them back to the hospital, the pressure really starts to get heavy.  Time is running out for the injured men and you must operate.  You have to work fast. You are competing with your fellow surgeons, either B.J. Hunnicut, Trapper John McIntyre or Frank Burns.  Other versions with a different title:  Hospital de Campanha Katastrophen-Einsatz M.A.S.H M.A.S.H. MAECH MASH Mash 10 War Zone
M.U.L.E.M.U.L.E.Commodore 641983GoogleStrategyOzark SoftscapeElectronic ArtsM.U.L.E. is about four hopeful explorers trying to make a fortune on a virgin planet. This is done by producing various goods (Food, Energy, Smithore, Crystite). Each of these goods have their uses: if you don't have enough food, you will have less time during your turn. If you don't have enough energy, your output will be lower. If enough smithore isn't produced, there will be a shortage of M.U.L.E.s. Crystite is the big earner that can make or break your game.  You start the game by selecting your race. Some are easier to play, some harder. There are three levels of difficulty, in the easiest the game only lasts 6 turns, but the real game is 12 turns. Crystite is not available at the easiest level.  Each turn starts with land claim. Each player gets to choose a spot of land for themselves from the map. If two players choose the same spot, the player with less money wins. The map consists of different landscape. River is best for producing food, plains for energy, mountains for smithore. Crystite is hidden and must be first found by taking a land sample to the town.  After the land claim each player takes turns in cultivating their land and do other tasks. They can buy M.U.L.E.s to start production on their land, sabotage other players by buying M.U.L.E.s and letting them loose, try to catch the Wumpus for cash and try to find crystite veins. The time to do these things depends on if the player has enough food. Finally the player goes to the casino and wins a small amount of money, depending on how much time was left.
Magic CarpetMagic CarpetCommodore 641984GoogleActionDavid DarlingMastertronicYou are Aladdin, legendary hero of the Orient. With little else besides your youth, wits and Magic Carpet, you must fly through deadly caves in search of the Magic Lamp which was stolen from you.  The Lamp is guarded by a ferocious, fire breathing dragon in one of the farthest caves. Before reaching him there are many other obstacles to be overcome on your perilous journey through the underworld, such as blood-thirsty vampire bats and spinning boulders.  Good timing is vital when using the teleport and elevators; a split second too late and you will have fail in your quest for riches and the Princess.
Magic Carpet 2: The NetherworldsMagic CarpetMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, ShooterBullfrog Productions, Ltd.Electronic Arts, Inc.After restoring balance and order to the shattered realms in Magic Carpet, you retired to live a peaceful life content in the knowledge that you have saved your people. Your idyll won’t remain peaceful for long, however, as Vissuluth the Dark One emerges from the Netherworld. The Netherworld is a place where demons and lost souls dwell and the Master Demon has grown powerful enough to bridge the great gulf between life and death. The Dark One and his minions threaten the world of men and it is up to you, under the guidance of your old master Kafkar, to once again take up the wizard’s mantle. Prepare to ride the Magic Carpet into terror and danger and emerge victorious! Wield powerful magics, construct castles that grant you more power as you upgrade them, shape and twist the land as you see fit--the world is your oyster in Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds. Embark on a magic carpet ride in first-person perspective to gather mana to power your spells, such as Volcano, Meteor, Metamorph, or Invisibility. Last but not least, wage war against the Vissuluth and his evil wizards, each more powerful than the last. Will you rise once again to save humanity or will you let ultimate evil reign? Take on your magical quest in this unique flying action game from Peter Molyneux's Bullfrog Productions.
Magic Carpet PlusMagic CarpetMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, ShooterBullfrog Productions, Ltd.Electronic Arts, Inc.Magic Carpet Plus: Magic Carpet (base game) Hidden Worlds expansion (add-on) In Europe, this version was made available as a re-release of Magic Carpet, not using Plus in the title.
Majesty 2 CollectionMajestyWindows2011GoogleStrategy1C:InoCoParadox InteractiveIn the world of Majesty, you are the ruler of the Kingdom. Your rule is not absolute, however, as you face subjects that are independent and stubborn. They will need a great deal of persuasion before they carry out your wishes... The Kingmaker game editor enables players to create their own missions. Also included is every item, quest, unit and building previously only available for purchase using the in-game store. This additional content includes new spells, weapons, units, heroes, buildings, quests and more.
Majesty Gold HDMajestyWindows2001GoogleStrategyCyberloreParadox InteractiveMajesty Gold HD contains the main game, the Northern Expansion Pack as well as 2 new quests and several other graphics and gameplay updates. Return to Ardania and take your rightful place on the throne. Your kingdom is relying on you for wealth, prosperity and defense against all sorts of wretched creatures. Majesty is a Real-time strategy game with indirect control – your heroes have a will of their own! Your rule is not absolute, as you face subjects that are independent, stubborn - and greedy. They will need a great deal of persuasion (ok, gold) before they carry out your wishes...Over 30 single player missions to complete Two additional quests, The Wrath of Krolm and The Balance of Twilight Intense strategy and deadly enemies Employ hero types including Rangers, Paladins, Monks, Rogues, and Wizards A beautifully created fantasy world with city builder simulation gameplay Heroes gain experience and increase in level and ability throughout the game Upgrade buildings and collect taxes Research new weapons, armour, and spells
Marble MadnessMarble MadnessCommodore 641986GooglePlatform, PuzzleWill HarveyElectronic ArtsMarble Madness is an isometric platform game where the player manipulates an onscreen marble from a third-person perspective. The player controls the marble's movements with a trackball, though most home versions use game controllers with directional pads. The aim of the game is for the player to traverse six maze-like, isometric courses before a set amount of time expires. Each course has its own time limit, with the remaining time left over from completing a course added to the succeeding one.
Master of MagicMaster of MagicCommodore 641985GooglePuzzle, Role-Playing, ShooterRichard DarlingM.A.D. MastertronicThelric the Wizard has kidnapped you by beaming you into his world, and will only set you free if you recover for him the Amulet of Immortality. The game engine is menu-driven, using the joystick to select options from menus to activate each of the game's main functions. The screen display has both top down and side-view representations of what is going on around you, plus measures of your mind and body health, and an inventory.  To help, Thelric teaches you four spells - a magic missile to attack creatures, a burn spell which works over a wide radius, a spell to drain enemy energy, and a magical shield. Additional weapons (including daggers and a mace) and potions can be collected throughout your quest.
Master of MagicMaster of MagicMS-DOS1994GoogleStrategySimTex, Inc.MicroProse Software, Inc.The plot of Master of Magic is to become the dominant wizard on two 'planes' of existence, the normal Earth-like one and the fantasy based plane "Myrror". You can do this by destroying your competing wizards (up to 4 computer players) or by casting the Spell of Mastery. Game play is carried out in a 2D top down perspective. You move your armies around the board, fighting monsters to get treasure, and more importantly 'nodes'. Once you control a node you can summon a spirit to meld with the node and gain mana from it. You also must build up your cities so you can support and train your army. City management is very much like Civilization. You also must allocate your mana for use, or research. You must research to learn new spells. You can do battle with the enemy in a quasi-isometric perspective or you can have the game simulate the battles. The game ends when your home tower is destroyed; you banish all the other wizards (by destroying their home tower) or someone casts the Spell of Mastery.
Masters of the Universe: The Arcade GameMasters of the Universe: The Arcade GameCommodore 641987GoogleActionAdventure Soft UKU.S. GoldIn a spin-off from one the most popular cartoon franchises of the day, the evil Skeletor has captured the magic-giving Ilearth Stone . This allows him to take control of Castle Grayskull, kidnap the Sorceress, and create a horde of fighters to attack He-Man's palace. He-Man must first rescue Orko from an 'imprison' spell (by collecting the right ingredients to cast a counter-spell), before taking on the full horror of the defences Skeletor has placed around the Ilearth stone. He Man must use the Sword of Power to destroy the foes he faces throughout his journey, which is horizontally-scrolling. He-Man has a limited amount of time to complete his task, and a limited Body Shield to protect him for combat harm.
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-ManMasters of the Universe: The Power of He-ManAtari 26001983GoogleAdventureM NetworkMattel ElectronicsIn Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man, control He-Man as he battles Skeletor in two different types of arcade action scenes.  In the first part of the game, the He-Man controls the Wind Raider flying towards Castle Grayskull. The Wind Raider has a limited amount of fuel to reach the intended destination. Additionally, numerous fireballs will be flying around the screen trying to stop the Wind Raider, with Skeletor running along on the ground. The Wind Raider is equipped with bombs and guns which can be used to defend He-Man from the fireballs, while also earning bonus points if Skeletor is hit.  The second part of the game takes place on foot. When the He-Man lands near the castle, he needs to pursue Skeletor. Skeletor will be firing numerous lightning bolts which can be blocked with a shield. There is a time limit here and the He-Man must get past all of the screens and catch Skeletor before time runs out. If the player is successful, the game will repeat at a tougher skill level.
Mayhem in MonsterlandMayhem in MonsterlandCommodore 641993GooglePlatformAndy RobertsApex Computer ProductionsMayhem is an unhappy dinosaur, as Monsterland is an unhappy place, due to an apprentice magic dinosaur who decided to practice some of his master's spells, after drinking too much cactus juice. Mayhem decides to change it back, with the help of Theo Saurus, the apprentice responsible for Monsterland being the gloomy place it is now.  The game is a side-scrolling platform game, where you play the part of Mayhem. You can kill enemies by jumping on them.  There are five levels in the game. Each one starts in unhappy mode, where Mayhem must collect enough bags of magic dust, from the enemies you face, then find your way to Theo's hidden cave. Theo then uses the dust to make the level happy again. This change is reflected in the more jazzy music, colourful landscape and even the monsters who look more friendly and cheerful.
MicroLeague WrestlingMicroLeague WrestlingCommodore 641987GoogleSportsSubway SoftwareMicroProseMicroLeague Wrestling is a wrestling game, the very first one licensed by the World Wrestling Federation. The game can be played by one or two players and comes with two possible match-ups, each with a separate match disk. There is Hulk Hogan versus "Macho Man" Randy Savage (all platforms) and Hulk Hogan versus "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (Atari ST/C64). For DOS and Amiga the second match is Hogan vs. Dibiase. A bout can last 10, 20 or 60 minutes.  Game presentation before, during, and after fights is modeled after WWF TV shows and features digitized stills of actual WWF personalities, including wrestlers, managers, interviewers, commentators and announcers. Digitized images illustrate on-camera interviews, the wrestlers' entrances (complete with renditions of their themes), ringside commentary, and the reactions of the crowd.  During a fight, the game follows an unusual approach: Instead of controlling a wrestler directly, players select a move to perform from a menu. The computer decides if it was a success or not and the result is shown via a digitized picture.
Might and Magic 1: Book IMight and MagicMS-DOS1998Role-playing, Turn-based, FantasyNew World ComputingUbisoftFrom the deepest dungeons to the intrigues of the royal court, lead a band of adventurers on a dangerous journey of amazing depth and intelligence. Develop your characters through an unique skill point system and take part in an epic clash between the Ancients. Gather your forces, forge new allegiances and destroy all who oppose you. The fate of the world is in your hands! Might and Magic is one of the most recognized RPG series, offering hundreds of hours of gameplay and is considered a genre defining example. Experience the Legend! The pack includes the first six games from the Might and Magic series: Might and Magic: Book 1, Might and Magic 2: Gates to Another World, Might and Magic 3: Isles of Terra, Might and Magic 4&5: World of Xeen, bonus adventure Swords of Xeen and Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of HeavenMight and Magic® 6-pack: Limited Edition now includes the full speech versions of Might and Magic® IV & V: World of Xeen! The first six titles from one of the most recognized RPGs series, set in the famous Heroes of Might and Magic universe A non-linear story set in a very interactive and detailed world that will keep you hooked for weeks to come An impressive degree of freedom in character development and party composition
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldMight and MagicMS-DOS1988GoogleRole-PlayingNew World Computing, Inc.New World Computing, Inc.The space traveler and rogue guardian Sheltem has left the world VARN, where he was pursued by the relentless Corak the Mysterious and a party of local adventurers helping him. The Gates to Another World eventually takes all of them to another world, known as CRON. There, a great turmoil is caused by Sheltem's actions, and the heroes must stop his madness, preventing him from casting the planet into its own sun. Gates to Another World is the second installment in the Might and Magic series, and a sequel to Secret of the Inner Sanctum. Core gameplay is similar to predecessor, with the player creating a party of six characters and exploring vast first-person 3D environments, while fighting enemies in turn-based combat and leveling up. Unlike the first game, enemy encounters occur at set points rather than spawning randomly, though enemy type selection is still random. Like in the previous game, character classes rely each on a particular attribute to be effective. Knight, Paladin, Archer, Cleric, Sorcerer and Robber return, with the addition of two new classes, Ninja and Barbarian. Race selection features humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and half-orcs. There are several locations and items that are restricted to certain genders, alignments, or races. A new feature is the possibility to hire two non-player characters to travel with the party and participate in battles. A new skill system is introduced as well, allowing characters to learn such abilities as mountaineering (necessary to traverse mountains), linguist (for reading certain messages), cartographer (for creating an auto-map), and others. Compared to the first game, the sequel is more quest-oriented, with various characters in towns giving quests to the party, as opposed to purely exploration-based traveling in the predecessor. Time also plays a large role in this game, with some instances requiring the party to travel to different time periods. Characters also age as the game goes on; If the player waits too long, the characters' statistics will change to reflect their aging, and they will eventually die.
Might and Magic III: Isles of TerraMight and MagicMS-DOS1991GoogleRole-PlayingNew World Computing, Inc.New World Computing, Inc.A party of brave heroes managed to defeat the corrupted guardian Sheltem as he attempted to destroy the world of CRON. However, the great battle between the guardians Corak and Sheltem continued in another place - the world of Terra, where Sheltem was originally appointed as a guardian. Revolting against the powerful race of the Ancients, Sheltem takes possession of their space-traveling nacelles, hurling them at the suns of other planets. It is now up to a group of local adventurers to help Corak and vanquish Sheltem once and for all. Isles of Terra is the third installment in the Might and Magic series, and a sequel to Gates to Another World. Like its predecessors, it is a role-playing game focusing on first-person exploration of vast pseudo-3D environments, character building, and turn-based combat. The five selectable races remain the same as in the previous games, as well as the eight character classes with the addition of two new ones: Druid and Ranger. Like in the second game, characters may learn unique skills such as thievery, swimming, merchant, and others. This installment does away with random or pre-set enemy encounters, featuring instead enemies dynamically roaming the game world, allowing to initiate combat from a distance (for example with ranged attacks or spells). There is no option to bribe or surrender to enemies, and escaping combat can be accomplished simply by moving away, unless the enemies have already locked on the party. An automap feature is available at all times, and the player is also allowed to save the game at any time.
Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of HeavenMight and MagicWindows1998GoogleRole-PlayingNew World Computing3DOThe Ironfist Dynasty is tottering on the brink of ruin. As endless calamities plague the kingdom of Enroth, evil doomsday cultists plan to overthrow child Prince Nicolai and claim the throne for their charismatic leader. Fear grips the land and the people wonder if their sovereign has lost the Mandate of Heaven - the divine right to rule. The enemies of reason are at the gate and only extraordinary heroes can stem the tide of darkness. Will you answer the call? From the depths of the deepest dungeons, to the intrigues of the royal court, you will lead a band of adventurers on a dangerous journey of amazing depth and intelligence. With a completely new 3D graphics engine and a non-linear adventure system, Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven brings a unique role-playing experience to life.
Might and Magic: Swords of XeenMight and MagicMS-DOS1995GoogleRole-PlayingCatware, Inc.New World Computing, Inc.After you finally defeated Lord Xeen in Might and Magic 4+5 (World of Xeen) among the ruins of Greyhaven you find a magic pyramid that seems to be the gateway to a new world. Nothing is known about the gate except that Xeen used it a lot, and thus the Dragon Pharoh sends you out to see what threat lies on the other side. The gate leads to Havec, a new world filled with new creatures and dangers for Might and Magic veterans in this, a high-level, stand-alone scenario that continues your adventures in the World of Xeen saga with the same engine and gameplay mechanics. Swords of Xeen is a role-playing video game developed by Catware and published by New World Computing. It was initially released in 1995 as a "bonus scenario" in the Might and Magic Trilogy compilation (the "trilogy" refers to Might and Magic III, IV, and V). Subsequently, it was also included in several series anthologies. The game was never published in standalone form. The game began as a mod based on the Might and Magic V engine, which was released in 1993. Personalities from Catware were responsible for leading the modding effort, with story contributions from Ellen Beeman. As development progressed, collaboration with New World Computing was established, and the mod received publishing support.
Might and Magic: World of XeenMight and MagicMS-DOS1998GoogleRole-PlayingNew World Computing, Inc.New World Computing, Inc.Enter the land of Xeen, a mythical place ruled by two villainous overlords. Solve many quests and puzzles as you attempt to unravel the secrets of the World of Xeen. This special version of the game is really two games (Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen) rolled into one, with two differences: One, your characters are able to travel from one game to the other, doubling the size of the world available for exploration. Two, CD-ROM technology has made possible the use of digitized speech in all places that call for it.
Missile CommandMissile CommandAtari 26001981GoogleShooterAtariAtariAliens from the planet of Krytol are attacking your cities! As the commander of a missile base, it is your responsibility to defend them. A variety of enemy weapons and planes will be incoming trying to destroy the six cities at the bottom of the screen. You need to fire missiles to destroy the incoming weapons. If anything gets through, one of your cities could be destroyed. When all of the cities are gone, the game is over. On each level you have a limited amount of ammo, so make sure most (if not all) of your shots are accurate or you could run out of ammo and leave your cities at risk! As the levels progress, there are more and more enemy weapons to destroy which come in at an increasingly faster rate.  Other versions with a different title:  Airbone Assault Comando de Misseis Fire Burg Füze Savaslari Misil Command Missele Command Missil Command Missile Attack Missile Command (Comando de Mísseis) Missle Command Raumroboter Robot Fight Space Robet Space Robot Space-Robot   On game #13, end the game with 90 points scored or less (score no points during the round, and have 3 or less missiles left in your base) and the letters RF (for Rob Fulop) will appear in the right-most city.  Two different versions exist. One version doesn't contain Rob Fulop's initials, the other does.
Montezuma's RevengeMontezuma's RevengeCommodore 641984GooglePlatformDatabyteParker BrothersThe player controls a on-screen character called Panama Joe, moving him from room to room in the labyrinthine underground of the 16th century Aztec temple of emperor Montezuma II, filled with enemies, obstacles, traps, and dangers. The objective is to score points by gathering jewels along the way. Panama Joe must find keys to open doors, collect and use equipment such as torches, swords, amulets, etc. without losing his life. Obstacles are laser gates, conveyor belts, disappearing floors and fire pits.
MoondustMoondustCommodore 641983GoogleActionJaron LanierCreative Software, Inc.Moondust is an experimental game by virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier. It fuses together a complex control mechanic with a musical score generated by the player's movement. It consists of different scenes that show a space walker and six space ships floating around and bouncing off the sides of the screen. Even though they all go in a different direction, the player controls them all at the same time using a joystick. However, they only curve gradually into a new direction and are hard to control. When everybody moves in a new direction, the space walker's head becomes loose and follows the desired direction, while the body only slowly attaches itself again. Ships do not always obey the joystick. When they come close to the edge of the screen, they become dizzy and won't follow commands for a short time. Pressing the fire button changes everyone's movement to clockwise or counter-clockwise.  With a press of a button the space walker drops a seed, but only when he isn't near the middle of the screen. To progress, the space ships need to be steered towards the seed. Once they hit it, they will draw it out and spread the seed for a short time, and to progress, this needs to be done towards a circular sign usually in the middle of the screen as a form of rudimentary astral procreation. A single seed can be smeared out by multiple ships for a short time. Each smeared out seed drop inside the circle is awarded with a score and when a ship gets to spread it very close to the centre of the circle, a "bullseye" is awarded with maximum points and an extra seed. To progress to a new screen a sufficient amount of seed needs to be carried inside the circle. Scores are higher when the initial seed of the space walker is dropped further from the middle. In later levels the circle becomes smaller and initially the space man only has three seeds before the game is over. There is no time limit for dropping the seed. The space walker cannot smear the seed, except in the Spinsanity game mode, and to a limited degree. Sometimes the space walker is knocked out by the space ships in a collision. This may only happen a certain number of times and with each knock-out his colour changes.  Music consists of blips and electronic sounds that blend together in harmonies influenced by the player's movement and the spread of seed squares. There are also four different playing styles to choose from.
MoonmistMoonmistCommodore 641986GoogleAdventureStu GalleyInfocom, Inc.Tamara Lynd has recently become engaged to Jack Tresyllian, a wealthy owner of the Tresyllian Castle in Cornwall, England. Shortly afterwards, she began seeing a ghost-like figure, a mysterious White Lady, who has allegedly been haunting the castle for centuries. A series of events and dark suspicions involving hidden treasure convince Tamara that her life is in danger. She contacts a friend of hers, a young American detective, asking him to travel to the castle and investigate the mystery. Moonmist is a text adventure game. In the beginning the player chooses between four different scenarios, represented by the colors red, blue, yellow and green. Each scenario has different tasks, a different criminal, and different treasure. The game has a built-in clock, and must be completed before 6:00 am in-game time, otherwise it ends prematurely. Depending on the player's choice of the protagonist's gender, characters may react differently to his or her actions.
Myst: Masterpiece EditionMystWindows2000GoogleAdventureCyan WorldsRed Orb EntertainmentEnter a world where nothing is as it seems... and adventure knows no bounds! Journey to an island world eerily tinged with mystery... where every rock, every scrap of paper, every fleeting sound holds a clue to an ancient mystery. Enter, if you dare, a starkly beautiful landscape shrouded in intrigue and injustice. Only your wits and imagination hold the power to unlock the shocking betrayal of ages past! Lose yourself in fantastic virtual exploration, now more compelling than ever in the stunning Myst® Masterpiece Edition. Breathtaking graphical realism blurs the line between fantasy and reality, challenging your wits, instincts, and powers of observation like never before. The fantasy beckons... can you resist its call?
Nemesis the WarlockNemesis the WarlockCommodore 641987GoogleActionMichael J. ArcherMartech Games Ltd.2000AD hero Nemesis must defeat the evil Torquemada, the Grand Master of Termight, and the hordes of Terminators he has dispatched. The game is set on a succession of 30 single-screen levels comprising of networks of platforms. You are armed with a gun (with limited ammunition) and a sword, and must kill a set amount of Terminators on each level. Terminators follow a set pattern, so you can work out which ledges they will reach next. Dead Terminators remain on the screen - when you are not doing well, Torquemada can sometimes turn these into vicious scythe-wielding zombies.
Neverwinter Nights 2Neverwinter NightsWindows2006GoogleRole-PlayingObsidian EntertainmentAtariNeverwinter Nights 2 is composed of three distinct acts. The game's first act begins in the village of West Harbor, where the player's character was raised as an orphan by the elven ranger Daeghun. In act two, the party discovers a plot of an evil wizard, Black Garius, to subsume the power of a powerful entity known as the King of Shadows. Garius is interrupted during the scheme and apparently killed. As a reward the protagonist earns a title of nobility and is awarded a stronghold, Crossroads Keep, by Neverwinter's political leader, Lord Nasher.
Neverwinter Nights: DiamondNeverwinter NightsWindows2005GooglePuzzle, Role-PlayingBioWareAtariExperience one of the most popular role-playing adventures of our time, a journey that has thrilled millions. Inhabit dreamlike worlds of myth and mystery. Boundless lands of deadly creatures, foreboding omens and bold heroism. This game puts you at the center of an epic tale of faith, war and betrayal, all the while staying true to the pen-and-paper role-playing tradition. Neverwinter Nights - A world without limits! - The Diamond Edition includes the original Neverwinter Nights and three official expansion packs: Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark and Kingmaker. - A fast-paced RPG with an intuitive interface, suitable for new players and RPG veterans alike. - A classic RPG experience that will keep you entertained for over one hundred hours!
NHL 2000NHL 2000Windows1999GoogleSportsEA CanadaEA SportsNHL 2000 is an ice hockey video game developed by Electronic Arts Canada. It was released in 1999 and was the successor to NHL 99. The game did not boast great improvements to the game from NHL 99, nor did NHL 2001 feature any idea the two previous versions didn't until NHL 2002. The tagline of this game was, "Only the physical will survive." The main cover man was Chris Pronger then of the St. Louis Blues. The cover man for versions sold in the majority of Europe was Markus Naslund of the Vancouver Canucks. Richard Šmehlík of the Buffalo Sabres was on the cover of the game in the Czech Republic.
Night DriverNight DriverCommodore 641982RacingAtari, Inc.Commodore Business Machines, Inc.Night Driver is an action racing game which takes place at night! Your goal is to score as many points as possible by racing through one of four different tracks. Points are scored by passing checkpoints located throughout the track. If your car crashes into the side of the road, oncoming cars, or any other obstacles, you will lose all of your speed and a lot of time! The game ends when the 90 second time limit is up. The four tracks you can choose from are beginner, pro, expert, and random (this track is different every time and can not be memorized like the other three). Several game options are included which allows you to select whether or not other cars will honk before entering the screen, and choose between a 90 second or infinite amount of time for a game.
Night TrapNight TrapMS-DOS1994GoogleHorror, PuzzleDigital Pictures, Inc.Digital Pictures, Inc.Five girls go to a party to a nice house on a lakeside. Five girls disappear without a trace... Now another five girls go there, in order to spend the vacation with the Martins, the owners of the house, in particular with the lovely Ms. Martin. This time, you should not let them die a gruesome death! Because "nice people" can sometimes turn out to be... yes, that's right - vampires. The whole house is full of traps, that are intended to catch the poor innocent girls, so that the vampires can suck their blood... ugh. Luckily, the brave adventurer is there in order to cease to be hunted and to become a hunter instead! Set the traps so that they will capture the villains themselves, using precise timing and good organization. Night Trap was the very first game that used the FMV (full-motion video) technology with live actors. Although it didn't contain nudity or particularly gory scenes, it was considered one of the first games to have a mature content.
NightshadeNightshadeCommodore 641985GoogleAdventureShahid AhmadUltimateBetween the Seas of the Seven Islands and the purple Mountains lies a valley. Time was that this area was safe and hospitable, however darkness then came - killing many of the inhabitants and warping the minds of the others. Many have gone there, none have returned - can you be the first?  Nightshade is an arcade adventure in scrolling isometric 3D (an advance on earlier Ultimate titles such as Knight Lore, which were flick-screen), with directional or rotational controls. You can take 3 hits from the various roaming monsters - turning from white to yellow to green as you take them - but a 4th costs you one of your five lives. Objects can be thrown at these foes, but only if you have any.  The map is made up of medieval-style buildings, which are visible while you are on the outside but whose roofs lift when you enter them, to ensure full visibility. There are four super-villains to destroy (a mad monk, a skeleton, a ghost, and Mr Grimreaper), and you must find the right objects to do this.
NocturneNocturneWindows1999GoogleAction, Adventure, HorrorTerminal RealityGathering DevelopersUSA, 1933. An ungodly evil inhabits the shadows. Werewolves, vampires, ghouls and flesh-eating zombies lurk in every darkened corner and under every unlit stairwell, their bloodlust sated only when preying on the innocent. As an agent of The Spookhouse, a secret government agency that investigates the forces of darkness and evil, you have one purpose. To seek out and destroy these creatures. And you hunt, as your vile quarry does, at night ... • Hunt and destroy over forty types of foul creature in a wide variety of environments ranging from eerie, mountaing top castles to dank, subterranean temples. • Explore the lairs of the damned through intelligent, cinematic cameras and first-person night-vision goggles. • Brave four individual tales of horrific adventure, each with its own unique characterization and plot. • Experience horror as you have never imagined it by creeping through the most realistic shadows, rolling fog and dramatic lighting ever created.
Nodes of Yesod (YESOD 1/2)Nodes of YesodCommodore 641985GooglePlatformKeith RobinsonOdin Computer Graphics Ltd.Nodes of Yesod is a video game developed and published by Odin Computer Graphics in 1985. The game is similar to Underwurlde, which was released a year earlier, and the later Metroid.[1]  The game was released for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Elan Enterprise 64 and 128 and ZX Spectrum platforms. Versions were also planned for the BBC Micro and MSX platforms but these were cancelled.[2]  On the ZX Spectrum, the game came in separate 48K and 128K versions. The latter had improved title-screen music, in-game music and additional synthesised speech.  A sequel, The Arc of Yesod, was also published the same year.  A "25th Anniversary Edition" was released in 2010 for the iPhone and iOS (Apple) devices. This version included a "classic mode" (very similar to the original ZX Spectrum version) and an "enhanced mode", which featured new colour graphics, help system, map system, save/resume game feature and remixed music.
Oh No! More LemmingsLemmingsMS-DOS1991GooglePuzzleDMA Design LimitedPsygnosis LimitedOh No! More Lemmings is the follow-up to Lemmings. The game features 100 new levels, and all new graphics and music. It was released in both a stand-alone and an add-on version.
One Must Fall: 2097One Must Fall: 2097MS-DOS1994GoogleAction, FightingDiversions EntertainmentEpic MegaGames, Inc.One Must Fall 2097 is a fighting game with a twist. Instead of the usual Street Fighter II trend of games, in this game you play one of 10 characters controlling one of 10 huge robots in a fighting match. According to the game, in the year 2097, the human race is controlled by one company known as W.A.R., which started as a small company providing the Earth government with construction robots. After a while W.A.R. grew further and further and eventually took over Earth Gov. In the year 2097, W.A.R. decided to colonize Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. Because of the harsh climate and difficult terrain, they sought for one person, the best of the best, to rule Ganymede for them. They've decided the best way to choose this person is to organize a huge contest, in which the winner will earn a seat in the W.A.R. high counsel and control of Ganymede. You're one of the contestants, and you want to win.
One-on-OneOne-on-OneCommodore 641984GoogleSportsEric HammondElectronic Arts, Inc.Control either Julius Erving or Larry Bird in front of a single basket, in a game of one on one. The user can select to play either to a certain score or for a certain amount of time. When on offense, the player can rotate to keep away from his rival, take a shot from a distance or move in to the basket for special up-close slam-dunks. When on defense, you can try to take your rival's ball or jump up to block a shot. Particularly good set-ups get a slow-motion replay. You can even smash the glass on the backboard, which will send an irate janitor onto the court to clean up the mess.
Pac-ManPac-ManAtari 26001982GoogleActionAtariAtariOne of the most popular and influential games of the 1980's, Pac-Man stars a little, yellow dot-muncher who works his way around to clear a maze of the various dots and fruit which inhabit the board.  Pac-Man's goal is continually challenged by four ghosts: The shy blue ghost Bashful ("Inky"), the trailing red ghost Shadow ("Blinky"), the fast pink ghost Speedy ("Pinky"), and the forgetful orange ghost Pokey ("Clyde"). One touch from any of these ghosts means loss of a life for Pac-Man.  Pac-Man can turn the tables on his pursuers by eating one of the four Power-Pills located around the maze. During this time, the ghosts turn blue, and Pac-Man can eat them for bonus points. This only lasts for a limited amount of time as the ghosts' eyes float back to their center box and regenerate to chase after Pac-Man again.  Survive a few rounds of gameplay, and be treated to humorous intermissions starring Pac-Man and the ghosts.
Panzers East!Panzers East!Commodore 641984GoogleStrategyGerold StoneThe Avalon Hill Game CompanyPanzers East! is a strategic level solitaire simulation of the German offensive against the Soviet Union which began on June 22, 1941. You as the German Commander direct the entire Axis invasion force but time is not on your side. You have a mere 24 weeks to take your objectives. During that time you must destroy the Soviet Army and capture the most territory with the lowest possible cost in Axis casualties. Each turn in the game represents one week of time. Victory points are calculated after 24 weeks and victory is determined by the ratio between Axis and Soviet points. The game is 1 to 3 hours long and is rated a 6 of 10 (intermediate) on Avalon Hills' complexity scale.
PhantasmagoriaPhantasmagoriaMS-DOS1995GoogleAdventure, HorrorSierra On-Line, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.A writer named Adrienne Delaney has just moved into an old mansion with her photographer husband Donald. Shortly after moving in, Adrienne begins to experience horrifying nightmares and have odd encounters inside the creepy old abode. Furthermore, the house is having a severe effect on her husband, changing him for the worse. Adrienne must discover the secret of the house before the unknown force consumes her husband, and unravel the terrible events that have happened in the past. Phantasmagoria is an adventure game that places heavy emphasis on full motion video for exposition and cutscenes at various junctures to advance the storyline. Adrienne is represented as a digitized character roaming around pre-rendered settings in the house. She inspects various rooms, finds items, adds them to her inventory, finds places to use the items, and triggers advancements in the plot. Puzzle-solving element is present, though reduced compared to most other adventure games made by Sierra. There are seven chapters in the game, as well as a status screen that tracks the player's progress within the chapter. If the player happens to get stuck in the game, a talking skull icon who identifies himself as the hintkeeper can supply the player with hints on request. It is possible to start playing the game from any chapter.
Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of FleshPhantasmagoriaMS-DOS1996GoogleAdventure, HorrorSierra On-Line, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.Curtis Craig is a thirty-year-old man whose distorted childhood is filled with horrors. His father was involved in an illegal, top-secret experiment for a company called WynTech Industries. Nearly nothing is known about the true nature of this experiment; but something in it affected the sanity of Curtis' mother, eventually driving her to suicide. Curtis' father was later shot, leaving the poor little boy with serious behavioural disturbances, and eventually in therapy. Now, a year after having been released from the mental institution, Curtis is employed at WynTech Industries, whose manager, Paul Warner, has seemingly taken it upon himself to take care of Curtis. He tries to find the cause of his psychotic episodes and the mysterious murders that break out all around him, all the while discovering more and more about his past life and his father's fate. Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh is not an actual sequel to the original Phantasmagoria, but rather a follow-up that has similar themes and visual concept. The game is more heavy on puzzles and traditional adventure gameplay than its predecessor. The gameplay involves standard activities found in adventure games, including extended conversations with the characters featuring selectable dialogue topics, collecting and manipulating inventory items with the environment, etc. It is possible (and often necessary) to call characters on the phone, as well as check and answer e-mails accessed by Curtis' computer at his workplace. Like its predecessor, the game has a simple point-and-click interface and employs video sequences with live actors as cutscenes. Short movies are usually shown after each action performed by the protagonist.
Pharaoh's TombPharaoh's TombMS-DOS1990Action, PlatformMicro F/X SoftwareApogee Software, Ltd.As a lowly research assistant Nevada Smith believes he's finally going to get his big break into the pages of archaeology by discovering a long lost tomb. His glory is soon stolen away from him by the professor he's assisting at the University. The same professor he's been assisting for years in the hopes of tagging along for a treasure hunt. Tired of taking things lying down Nevada sneaks into the professor's office and steals back the ancient map he found and afterwards he runs home to pack his bags and outrun the professor to the tomb inside one of the great pyramids of Egypt. Once inside the pyramid, Nevada will face hazards such as traps, falling spikes, bottomless pits, and dangerous denizens of the pyramids including, bats, monsters, and of course mummies to say the least. Nevada must find a number of keys on each level to advance to the next level and must also be on the lookout for treasures. one other hazard in his way are mysterious winds that blow on certain levels which add to the challenge of exploring the level. Nevada isn't exactly defenseless however. His adventures begin with five lives and he's got a couple of spears which he can throw at the creatures in his way. Pharaoh's Tomb is a platform game where the player controls the actions of Nevada Smith. Nevada can run around and jump and he can also throw spears at enemies. More spears can be picked up on certain levels and bonus lives to give you a better chance at getting through the adventure can also be found or earned. Levels are passed once the required number of keys or treasures are found. Players can save their progress at the beginning of any level. Enemies in Pharaoh's Tomb are restricted to move in strict patterns and players must pay close attention to these patterns to avoid them. Throwing spears at enemies also requires some space between the player and the enemy and therefore enemies can't be speared when Nevada is right next to them. Pharaoh's Tomb is comprised of four volumes: Vol.1 - Raiders of The Lost Tomb Vol.2 - Pharaoh's Curse Vol.3 - Temple of Terror Vol.4 - Nevada's Revenge! The shareware version of the game is the entire first volume. Each volume of the game includes twenty levels taking place deeper and deeper into the pyramid. Pharaoh's Tomb uses a proprietary animation system called FAST (Fluid Animation Software Technology) which allows the game to run on older machines at a good performance level however the restrictions of this system are the enemies are located in bounding boxes and therefore players need to imagine a rectangle around enemies and other hazards in order to fully avoid them.
PhoenixPhoenixAtari 26001982GoogleShooterAmstarAtariPhoenix is an arcade action game with gameplay similar to Space Invaders. You are the commander of the Phoenix, and your mission is to reach an alien spaceship which has been draining your planets resources. The ship is guarded by four levels of bird like creatures. After clearing all four stages, the fifth level will be against a large, heavily shielded mothership. If the mothership is destroyed, the game will then repeat, but with increased speed and difficulty. To defeat the numerous enemies, the Phoenix is equipped with a laser cannon and a force field.
Pitfall!Pitfall!Atari 26001982GoogleAction, PlatformDavid CraneGoliathThe player must maneuver a character known as Pitfall Harry through a maze-like jungle in an attempt to recover 32 treasures in a 20-minute time period. Along the way, he must negotiate numerous hazards, including pits, quicksand, rolling logs, fire, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and crocodiles. Harry may jump over or otherwise avoid these obstacles by climbing, running, or swinging on a vine to avoid them. Treasure includes gold and silver bars, diamond rings, and bags of money. Under the jungle there is a tunnel which Harry can access through ladders found at various places. This is required to get around some surface areas that have no way across otherwise. The tunnels are filled with dead-ends blocked by brick walls, forcing the player return to the surface at one of the ladders, and try to find a way around again. The tunnels also contain treasure and scorpions Harry must jump over.  Other versions with a different title: Aventuras em Tongo Bongo Dschungel Boy Jungle Boy Pantanal Patfall Peetfal Petfal Pit Fall Pitfal Pitfal! Pitfali Pitfall Pitfall! Pitfall! - Abenteuer im Urwald Safari Tom Boy Tom Boy (Pit Fall) Treasure Hunting
PitstopPitstopCommodore 641983GoogleRacingJamie Faye FentonEpyx, Inc.Pitstop is an action racing game featuring six different race tracks. Your goal is to earn as much money as possible by winning races in the Grand Circuit which consists of a race on each of the six tracks; each time a race is completed, you'll earn money based on how you placed and the number of laps completed before moving on. While you are racing, keep an eye on your tires and fuel; if your tires become too worn (causing a blowout) or you run out of fuel, the game will be over. To prevent this from happening, you'll need to make a pitstop. Here you control the pit crew and can replace tires and refuel. While in the pit the race is still going on, of course, so repairs need to be made as quickly as possible to get back into the race without losing too much ground. Several game options are available to control the level of difficulty and the number of laps. In addition to the Grand Circuit which is the full race, you can also practice a track in a single race or enter the mini circuit which consists of three races.
Planescape: TormentPlanescape: TormentWindows1999GoogleRole-PlayingBlack Isle StudiosInterplaySigil... A place with gates that lead anywhere in existence, provided you have the proper key. It is a neutral ground and a watering hole for races across the multiverse, all under the watchful shadow of the Lady of Pain, the enigmatic ruler of the city. It is a place where the word is mightier than the sword, where thought defines reality, where belief has the power to reshape worlds and change the laws of physics... But there's a lot more out there than just Sigil. Get outside the city and there's the planes themselves: the throne of the gods, the battleground of the eternal Blood War, and home to more horrors and wonders than ever existed on any Prime Material World. There's enough crusades, exploits, treasures and mysteries to keep a band of adventurers busy for centuries to come.
PlatoonPlatoonCommodore 641988GoogleActionData EastData EastThe film Platoon featured a squad of five soldiers on their mission for the US Army in Vietnam. In this action game based around the film, you take control of these five guys in turn, with the chance to switch between them as they each take one of the 3 hits that would kill them.  The game recreates each of the sections of the film, starting with a side-scrolling journey through the jungle, with paths to cross both horizontally and vertically, and the ability to jump or duck hazards. You will need to blow up a bridge and then locate a village, which contains a torch, a map and a trap-door. The enemy has booby-trapped the area and are launching airstrikes, so the danger is not all from enemy ground soldiers.
Police Quest 2: The VengeancePolice QuestMS-DOS1988GoogleAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.Little time has passed since the events of Police Quest, when Sonny Bonds climbed the ranks of the Lytton police department and became the key element in the arrest of Jesse Bains, the notorious drug lord. After the trial, Sonny's application to the Homicide division was accepted and proposed to Marie, who had her prostitution charges dropped and started a new life away from the streets. Life was good - until Bains escaped, taking advantage of a low-security prison and an inexperienced correctional officer. Sonny is now in danger from a vengeful Bains and is saddled with his new chain-smoker partner Keith. Sonny goes to the field again to capture Bains, but things are about to get awfully personal... Using Sierra's new SCI engine, the graphics are more vibrant than in the first game, but gameplay remains basically the same, with the player ordering Sonny to move to a place in the scene (either using the directional keys or the new mouse interface) and a parser interface to interact with the game world. Game sequences are more varied, and include a shooting range, an underwater search or searching the inside of an escape vehicle. The driving sequences are gone, and the player can relax while reading the chatter between Sonny and Keith as they move from location to location. The approach to the game, however, is radically different. While the first (for a large part) is based on street police work, this sequel is oriented into forensics field work such as collecting evidences that link Bains into the happenings of the game.
Police Quest 3: The KindredPolice QuestMS-DOS1991GoogleAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.Your wife's been viciously stabbed. You're at the breaking point, bent on revenge. Can you keep your temper and follow professional police procedure? Can you keep cool while you direct forensic and crime lab investigation? Do you have the guts to make it as a cop in the gritty world of crime, corruption and gore? Find out. The Police Quest series is the most accurate simulation of police action you can get. It's so realistic it's used by police departments across the country as a training tool.
Police Quest 4: Open SeasonPolice QuestMS-DOS1993GoogleAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.Police Quest: Open Season is the fourth installment in the Police Quest series. It abandons the story arc of the previous three games, introducing a new setting and a new protagonist, homicide detective John Carey of the Los Angeles Police Department. Carey finds his best friend and ex-partner, Officer Bob Hickman, murdered in an alley in the Southern part of the city. An eight-year-old boy named Bobby Washington has been murdered as well. Carey begins an investigation that leads him deep into the criminal life of the city and a hunt for a maniacal murderer. The game utilizes Sierra's traditional icon-based interface for interaction with the environment and generally follows an adventure format. However, it focuses on realistic police procedures even more than the previous games in the series. Much of the gameplay is dedicated to examining crime scenes, questioning suspects, and conducting a by-the-book investigation. There is a considerable degree of freedom in the interaction, allowing the player to perform actions not connected to the main story, some of which will, however, lead to the protagonist's death. The game utilizes digitized photorealistic images for its visuals.
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelPolice QuestMS-DOS1987GoogleAdventureSierra On-Line, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.Sonny Bonds is a small town policeman who must fight against the rising tide of drugs in his city. The game is based on real police procedure and adheres carefully to following the rules of police work. Beginning as a patrol officer and working into detectives, Sonny will chase down the infamous Death Angel and put an end to his criminal underworld. A typical Sierra parser game built with the popular AGI engine, Police Quest differs from the others release by the company in the realism of the setting and travelling, that is done by car, controlled by the player using a overhead view (instead of the cabbie of Leisure Suit Larry or walking around in Space Quest). Some sections of the game require the player to be efficient driving the car (as there are a fair number of chases, and traffic rules also apply to the player).
Populous: The BeginningPopulousWindows1998GoogleStrategyBullfrogElectronic ArtsShaman, the path is laid before you. Your destiny is to become a god! But it will not be easy. Not for you, and not for your followers. To become a deity, you must conquer all 25 planets of the system and defeat every other tribe and their shamans. The ultimate struggle will be a difficult one, as you build mystical cities, unleash devastating spells, harness volcanoes and tornadoes, and shape the face of the planet at your will. Remember, your apotheosis awaits! In the third part of the Populous series, you control your shaman and the tribe of her followers in a difficult quest to conquer all 25 planets of a star system and ascend to godhood. For the first time in the series, the world is presented in true 3D, which at the time amazed both the players and the gaming press.The level of control you exert over your followers also takes you to a new level: you can order individuals or groups to perform certain tasks like gathering resources, constructing buildings, or attacking your enemies.
Prince of PersiaPrince of PersiaMS-DOS1990GoogleAction, PlatformBrøderbund Software, Inc.Brøderbund Software, Inc.While the Sultan of Persia is fighting a war in a foreign country, his Grand Vizier Jaffar orchestrates a coup d'état. His way to the throne lies through the Sultan's lovely daughter. Jaffar kidnaps her and threatens to kill her if she refuses to marry him. Meanwhile, the man the Princess loves is thrown into the dungeon. He has only one hour to escape from his prison, defeat the guards on his way, and stop Jaffar before the terrible marriage takes place. Prince of Persia is a 2D platformer that is commonly regarded as a progenitor of the cinematic platform genre. Rather than following the more common jump-and-run mechanics, it focuses on careful advancement through fairly complex levels, emphasizing the protagonist's vulnerability and survival aspect. Rotoscoping technique is used to give more realism to the animation of the characters' movements. The protagonist must avoid deadly traps, solve some simple jumping and environmental puzzles (such as stepping on pressure plates to raise portcullis), and engage in sword fights with the guards. The player character has an infinite amount of lives, but has to restart at the beginning of a level each time he dies, and must complete the game within an hour. The hero starts with three units of health, which can be replenished with small health potions or permanently increased with large jars.
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The FlamePrince of PersiaMS-DOS1993GoogleAction, PlatformBrøderbund Software, Inc.Brøderbund Software, Inc.After having defeated the evil Grand Vizier Jaffar, the brave Prince claimed just one reward: the hand of the beautiful daughter of the Persian Sultan. However, as the Prince approached the palace, his appearance suddenly turned into that of a beggar. Someone who looked just like the Prince ordered to throw him out. It turns out that Jaffar is alive and back for vengeance. Banished from the palace, the unfortunately Prince must travel to faraway lands and find a way to defeat the villain. Prince of Persia 2 is, like its predecessor, a cinematic platformer. Much of the gameplay is reminiscent of the first game, focusing on precise jumping puzzles, swordfighting, and overcoming many hazards in order to stay alive. Swordfighting is more prominent and features situations where several enemies attack the Prince at once. Reinforcements may arrive after the Prince has eliminated all visible enemies. Like its predecessor, the game must be completed within a time limit.
Privateer 2: The DarkeningWing Commander PrivateerMS-DOS1996GoogleAction, Flight SimulatorEA ManchesterElectronic Arts, Inc.Privateer 2: The Darkening is a follow-up to Wing Commander: Privateer. The player takes control of Ser Lev Arris, who is searching to regain his identity and memory. Like its predecessors, the game combines space combat simulation with exploration and trading. Along the way, the player can trade commodities, go on missions, attack strange mutants, rescue damsels in distress, meet weird characters, and visit unusual planets. It is possible to hire wingmen and cargo ships, as well as upgrade the current ship or buy new ones. Live-action movies advance the story.
Project FirestartProject FirestartCommodore 641989GoogleAction, Adventure, HorrorDynamix, Inc.Electronic ArtsIn the future (2066) a genetic experiment (Project Firestart) onboard the Prometheus to get strong durable miners went wrong. Your job is to go onboard the Prometheus (which has been out of radio contact) and find out what happened. You will end up fighting monsters, gathering information on what really happened, and have a chance to save a survivor.
Project: Space StationProject: Space StationCommodore 641985GoogleConstruction and Management SimulationMicro ImageryHesWare (Human Engineered Software)Project: Space Station casts the player into the role of a NASA Administrator, charged with the task of designing and building a space station. The project will span 15 years, during which time the player must plan shuttle launches, recruit personnel, manage the budget, conduct research and development and, of course, design and build the station. A very deep and involved game for such an early effort.  Project Space Station is a game published in 1985 by HESware, originally written for the Commodore 64 home computer, then ported out to both the Apple II series and PC compatibles.
Q*bertQ*bertAtari 26001983GooglePlatform, PuzzleDave HamptonParker BrothersQ*bert is a popular arcade game. The goal is to change all of the tiles on a pyramid to the target color. To do this you guide Q*bert around the pyramid, and every tile he hops on will change color. On early levels, a single hop will change the tile to the desired color, but on later levels you may need to hop on a tile multiple times or even avoid hopping on a tile multiple times! Trying to stop Q*bert are many different creatures which wander around the board, including Coily the snake, Slick and Sam, and falling balls. On the edge of the board are floating discs; if Q*bert jumps on one of these discs when the snake is in pursuit, the snake will fall off the board while Q*bert is safely transported to the top.   Other versions with a different title: - O Pulador Q'Bert - Pirâmide - Q Bert - Q'Bert - Q, Bert - Q-Ber - Q-Bert - Q. Bert - Qbert - Tipo Horácio
Q*bert (Parker Brothers)Q*bert (Parker Brothers)Commodore 641984GooglePlatform, PuzzleParker BrothersData EastQ*bert is an isometric platform game with puzzle elements where the player controls the titular protagonist from a third-person perspective. Q*bert starts each game at the top of a pyramid of cubes, and moves by jumping diagonally from cube to cube. Landing on a cube causes it to change color, and changing every cube to the target color allows the player to progress to the next stage.
QuasimodoQuasimodoCommodore 641984GoogleActionMark BigelowSynapse SoftwareA hunchback atop a wall, minding his own business, is advanced upon by a man in armour climbing up a ladder from below. Where have I seen a game start this way before? No matter -- though its theme and trappings are strangely reminiscent of certain licensed popular contemporary video game properties, the gameplay soon goes off in a direction all its own. This hunchback, for instance, can fight back -- grabbing a rock from a nearby pile he handily hurls it down at the intruder, knocking him off his ladder. But another is set up, and another... soon Quasimodo is single-handedly fending off a veritable siege, tossing rocks left, right, down and to the lower diagonals as squirming masses of bad guys return fire with arrows that bounce off the walls! Yet as soon as it began... all is quiet once more, your sole companion an endlessly-flapping bat (who kills you should he absentmindedly drift into your path).  The game shifts gears here, the joystick's action button switching duties from rock-lobbing to jumping. No other humans will be seen for quite some time as you scurry up ladders and swing yourself across ropes dangling from massive ceiling-mounted bells, all in pursuit of gleaming gems to deposit in basement altars. Every time you do so another area of the game will be opened up, and you get to undertake the grand circuit once more -- again fending off the ladder-climbers, swinging across the same pits (the only time you enjoy bat-immunity, though they don't make any conscious effort to seek out your close company), dodging the same bats (the flock increased by an extra bat each time through). At the very pinnacle of your medieval structure you will have to climb a sheer wall face while dodging (and returning) arrows shot by archers in the window and (now the tables are turned!) boulders rolled down from the parapets. (Parapets? This, then, is no Notre-Dame!) And then the gem is got, and back down again, and so forth and so on; the cycle turns on, endless labor without even a rumor of beloved Esmeralda! What motivates this Sisyphean hunchback? All work and no play make Quasimodo go something something...
Questprobe featuring Spider-ManQuestprobe featuring Spider-ManCommodore 641985GoogleAdventureScott AdamsAdventure InternationalThe second Questprobe adventure moves on from the 'verb noun' command interface of The Hulk and allows fuller sentence inputs. The in-game graphics also see some degree of advancement. You play Spider-Man, Peter Parker's crime-fighting alter-ego, as he takes on Mysterio, who can block out Parker's Spidery senses using his canisters of poison.  As in The Hulk, the Examiner plays a key part in the game, as he initially strips Spider-Man's knowledge and prepares him for the battle. Throughout the game you meet many familiar Marvel characters, using the clues in the provided guidebook to help you deal with these situations correctly.
Questprobe featuring The HulkQuestprobe featuring The HulkCommodore 641984GoogleAdventureAdventure InternationalAdventure International1st in the Questprobe Marvel Comics series. Play Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk through this interactive fiction game with graphics. You awake as Banner, tied by ropes to your chair in a bunker in the desert; once you free yourself, collect all the gems to escape this hellhole.
Questprobe: Human Torch and the ThingQuestprobe: Human Torch and the ThingCommodore 641985GoogleAdventureAdventure InternationalShareData, Inc.The 3rd installment of Questprobe's Marvel Comic book text adventures with graphics. Free Alicia Masters from the evil Doctor Doom by playing the Thing and the Human Torch. You can switch between the 2 characters at any time during gameplay.
Rad WarriorRad WarriorCommodore 641986GooglePlatformAndrew FitterPalace SoftwareIn 2086, civilization destroys itself in a nuclear Armageddon, as two factions who both develop an anti-radiation battlesuit completely immune to conventional weapons go to war against each other when diplomatic peace talks break down. In the following millennia, the survivors develop into a hardy but peaceful race, living a quiet agricultural existence.  One day, mysterious alien forces emerge from an old volcano containing a prewar military base and attack, quickly conquering and enslaving the new breed of humans, and forcing the populace to work in mines. Many rebel against the mysterious overlords and one of these rebels, Tal, is instructed by his elders to seek-out a legendary armoured suit - the Sacred Armour of Antiriad (the last word being a corruption of "anti-radiation"), which is in fact one of the prewar battlesuits whose development originally instigated the diplomatic crisis that started the nuclear war. This armour is rumoured to render the wearer impervious to attack and, with its help, Tal hopes to defeat and overthrow the alien rulers of Earth.
Raid on Bungeling BayRaid on Bungeling BayCommodore 641984GoogleAction, ShooterBrøderbund Software, Inc.Brøderbund Software, Inc.Raid on Bungeling Bay has the player controlling a helicopter which is on a mission to destroy everything that moves. The only ally is the carrier, which is where the player begins at each level and may return to for repair and pick up bombs, as long as the player manages to protect it from being destroyed. The main goal in each level is to destroy a factory, which requires a steady increasing amount of bombs. Enemy forces include ships, planes, tanks, anti-air guns, and eventually, a large battleship.
Raid Over MoscowRaid Over MoscowCommodore 641984GoogleActionBruce CarverU.S. Gold Ltd.The USSR has launched a huge attack on the USA, and the only hope for the free world is for you (as leader of a US Squadron of fighters) to destroy their defense bases. This is done in a multi-stage action game with some similarities to the same developer's Beach Head. All the mini-games must be completed before the time limit on the bomb is expired.  The first thing you will see is a missile being launched; the game then takes you to your hangar, from which you must quickly launch as many ships as possible, a task made difficult by the limited gravity. You must then fly it into Soviet airspace in a side-view shoot 'em up section, in which staying low keeps you safe from radars, and quick reactions see you shoot enemy fighters and avoid trees.  The next scene takes place on a single-screen view, with five windows to shoot through, and enemies aiming at you to be avoided. You then reach the base, and must shoot out approaching enemies. Finally, you must use discs onto a wall, such that they rebound to hit maintenance robots, with the ultimate goal of causing the base to overheat, the Soviet attack to be thwarted, and the US to be saved.
RampageRampageCommodore 641987GoogleActionBally MidwayActivisionThe game where the nice guys don't get a look in. Grab your way through Chicago, punch up New York, and jump on San Francisco. Three indescribably nasty characters which bear a remarkable likeness to King Kong, Godzilla and Wolf-Man, need you to send them on a RAMPAGE in an enduring 150 days of destruction through 50 different cities!
RastanRastanCommodore 641988GoogleAction, PlatformTaito CorporationThe Hit SquadRastan features five levels or hacking and slashing gameplay with a boss at the end of each level. Numerous enemies assault you on your journey such as flying demons, chimeras, valkyries, piranhas, skeleton undead and more. Fight through to the end and save the land of Lograth from certain doom.  The game features different weapons such axes, maces and fire swords, each with its own attributes like extended range or attack power. Armour can also be picked up in the forms shields, cloaks and armour, reducing the damage from enemy attacks. Other items include rings (increase the speed of your weapon) and jewelery for bonus points.
Ravenloft: Stone Prophet (RVL 2/2)RavenloftMS-DOS1995GoogleRole-PlayingDreamForge Intertainment, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.A space-time portal has suddenly appeared, and two brave adventures entered it. It led to Har'Akir, a scorched desert populated by vicious creatures who hold the few peaceful settlements in fear. The only way to escape this wretched place is to find the Stone Prophet, a wall of a obelisk with mysterious hieroglyphs written on it. The adventurers must find the path that leads to the Stone Prophet, but the cursed mummy of the ancient pharaoh Anhktepot is watching every step they make... Ravenloft: Stone Prophet is a sequel to Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession. It utilizes the same graphical engine and gameplay system. Like its predecessor, character creation and combat follow the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing rules; exploration and combat are viewed from first-person perspective, and the battles occur in real time. The player can import two characters from the previous game, or create two new ones. Up to four additional characters can be met in the game world and recruited to the party. The Egyptian-like desert setting of the game has brought an additional gameplay element: the necessity of regularly drinking water. The heroes must always carry enough water with them when they venture into the desert, or cast water-creating spells.
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession (RVL 1/2)RavenloftMS-DOS1994GoogleRole-PlayingDreamForge Intertainment, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.Lord Dhelt of Elturel was attacked in his own castle. The mysterious assassin stole the Hole Symbol of Helm, a precious amulet with magical powers. Lord Dhelt asks you to bring the amulet back. But when you kill the assassin and retrieve the amulet, you are suddenly teleported into an unknown area. The way back is blocked by poisonous mist, and there is nothing you can do but explore the hostile surroundings and to solve the mystery of the amulet. Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession is a party-based RPG that utilizes AD&D rules. In the beginning you have a party of two people, using either pre-determined characters, or creating your own ones, picking from traditional AD&D races (human, elf, dwarf, etc.) and classes (fighter, cleric, etc.). Some characters will join your party during the course of the game, allowing maximum of four characters. Combat is done in real time. The 3D environment allows you to move smoothly through the game world, either with arrow keys, or by simply moving the mouse.
Red BaronRed BaronMS-DOS1990GoogleFlight SimulatorDynamix, Inc.Sierra On-Line, Inc.Red Baron puts you in the pilot's seat of actual World War I fighter aircraft. This game features 28 different aircraft from both the Allied and the German sides presented in actual 3D graphics. Start a career as a pilot and rise through the ranks to become the most feared ace in the skies, or participate in a variety of single missions including simple fighter sweeps, balloon-busting, zeppelin hunting, or take on an actual WWI ace in one-on-one combat. If you're good enough, you may even be able to take on the infamous Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron himself.
Red Baron 3DRed BaronWindows1998GoogleFlight SimulatorDynamixSierraRed Baron 3-D is a World War I combat flight simulation, essentially a heavily patched version of Red Baron II. The game is playable as a single-player game in either campaign or instant mission mode, or in a multiplayer dogfight mode against up to 100 opponents via internet game matching services. Players can play as French, British, German or American pilots and can choose from 22 authentic WWI planes.
Requiem: Avenging AngelRequiem: Avenging AngelWindows1999GoogleAction, ShooterCyclone Studios3DOThe Fallen were a group of angels who mistakenly believed that God was upset with Earth's corruption and wanted it destroyed. Even after they were banished from Heaven, the Fallen continued to adhere to their belief. They have been bidding their time in the realm of Chaos, waiting for their moment to strike out at human kind. Finally, that time has come, and the Fallen have taken control of the minds of Earth's leaders and police force, using them to set up a one world government, oppressing the populace into submission. On top of that, the Fallen are experimenting with Earth's first interstellar starship, the Leviathan, which was originally created to explore past the Solar system. The new leaders of Earth seem to have other plans for the vessel, which they are re-designing towards some unknown purpose. Eventually, an angel named Malachi is sent to Earth to stop the sinister schemes of the Fallen and their human followers, and save mankind. Requiem: Avenging Angel is a first-person shooter in which the player controls Malachi, exploring predominantly urban environments and fighting human, robotic, and demonic enemies. Some areas in the city New Damascus, where most of the action takes place, form a seamless location rather than being broken into levels. Most of the stages are populated by enemies, though a few locations contain friendly characters, such as members of a rebel organization who send Malachi on missions. Although he is equipped with a variety of standard fare "secular weapons", what really distinguishes Malachi are his angelic powers, which operate somewhat like the force powers in Jedi Knight. Although the transition to mortal form has cost him his powers, he gradually gets them back. Once he does, he'll have the ability to shoot lightning from his hand, regenerate his health, fly through the air, possess the bodies of others, and even bring back the dead to fight on his side. For the most part the game attempts to be a "cinematic" first-person shooter such as Half-Life, with scripted sequences, conversations with non-player characters, and an evolving plot which is revealed via the in-game engine.
Return to Castle WolfensteinWolfensteinWindows2001GoogleShooterGray Matter InteractiveActivisionWhile investigating the activities of the SS Paranormal Division in Germany, B.J. Blazkowicz and Agent One have been captured by the Nazis. Agent One dies while being interrogated, but B.J. manages to escape Castle Wolfenstein's dungeon. He then fights his way out of the castle and uses a tram car to leave the area and meet up with a member of the German resistance in a nearby village. The SS Paranormal Division under Oberführer Helga von Bulow has been excavating the catacombs and crypts of an ancient church within the village. Their sloppy precautions have led to the awakening of hordes of undead creatures, including Saxon knights, and the entrance had to be sealed off with many soldiers trapped inside. B.J. descends regardless and fights both Nazis and Undead until he arrives at the ancient "Defiled Church" where Nazi scientist Professor Zemph is conducting a "life essence extraction" on the corpse of a Dark Knight. Shortly before B.J.'s arrival, Zemph tries to talk Helga von Bulow out of retrieving an ancient Thulian dagger, but she shoots him impatiently and proceeds. This awakens a monster which kills her too. Blazkowicz fights the monster and is airlifted out, with Zemph's notes and the dagger. One of Germany's leading scientific researchers and Head of the SS "Special Projects Division", Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, is preparing to launch an attack on London using a V-2 rocket fitted with an experimental germ warhead from his base near Katamarunde in the Baltics. Blazkowicz is parachuted some distance from the missile base and smuggles himself in a supply truck. Inside the base, Blazkowicz destroys the V-2 rocket on its launchpad and fights his way out of the facility towards an airbase filled with experimental jet aircraft. There, he commandeers a "Kobra" rocket-plane and flies to safety in Malta.
RevenantRevenantWindows1999GoogleAdventureCinematix Studios, Inc.Eidos Interactive, Inc.Welcome to a strange and beautiful world where evil characters, bizarre creatures, and magical spells lurk in the darkness. Locke D Averam is Revenant, a resurrected warrior from an earlier age, summoned back by a powerful warlord to rescue his abducted daughter. Remembering nothing of his earlier life, Locke slowly recovers his fighting skills as he explores shadowy catacombs, collects magic objects, and battles a myriad of deadly monsters. Dynamic, action-packed gameplay requires tactical thinking to explore, interact, solve puzzles, and engage in brutal combat scenarios. Multiplayer fantasy gaming can involve up to four players. The game features more than 40 characters, each with multiple weapon types and its own fully animated style.
RipperRipperMS-DOS1996GoogleAdventureTake-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Ripper is an interactive FMV adventure that is played out in the New York of 2040. Brutal killings reminiscent of Jack the Ripper soon get personal and you, crime reporter Jack Quinlan, must solve the mystery. The game plays much like other Take 2 Interactive works, such as Black Dahlia. Solve puzzles and react quickly in combat settings to survive. There are 4 possible endings, and 3 hours of video footage.
Save Me, Brave KnightSave Me, Brave KnightCommodore 641983GoogleActionF°451 SoftwareHorváth BrothersSave Me, Brave Knight can perhaps be considered a very early precursor of modern graphic role-playing games. The player is a medieval knight who must rescue a fair maiden from an evil castle, guarded by a sentient lock, flying witches and evil birds, and a fire-breathing dragon (yes, this is one dragon, albeit a seven-headed one, common in Hungarian children's tales.) After conquering all the obstacles, the knight must face a random choice between two doors, only one of which hides the maiden. Released as part of the Commodore Fantasy Five game compilation.
Secret of The Silver Blades (POR 4/5)Pool Of RadianceMS-DOS1990GoogleRole-PlayingStrategic Simulations, Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.The heroes from Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds return once again. This time, they arrive naked via a magical well inside a frozen town wishing for heroes to help them. The party once again attempts to save a town under siege (once re-equipped) and struggles to learn the secret of the Silver Blades... The gameplay is quite similar to that of the previous Gold Box games. Following the AD&D rules of role-playing, the player creates a party of characters (up to the maximum of six). Exploration takes place in pseudo-3D environments, from first-person view. Battles (random as well as pre-set) take the player-controlled and enemy party to a top-down battle screen. Commands are issued in turn-based fashion, and the player-controlled characters can freely navigate the battle field. Unlike the previous games, there is no "world map" traveling in Secret of the Silver Blades. All the exploration takes place in the 3D world.
SerpentineSerpentineCommodore 641983GoogleActionMac SenourBrøderbund Software, Inc.In Serpentine you control a multi-segmented snake in a maze; your goal is to survive and earn as many points as possible. At the beginning of each level, three enemy snakes will also enter the maze. To complete the level, you need to eat all of the enemy snakes. If an enemy snake has more segments than your snake, you can only eat segments that form the tail of the snake; a collision with the head is lethal! Each time you eat a segment, the enemy snake will become smaller until eventually you can devour it completely. For enemy snakes that have fewer segments than you, you can eat the tail segments or the head segment. From time to time, a frog will appear in the maze; eating this will cause your snake to grow. Both your snake and enemy snakes will leave eggs behind occasionally; left alone, these will hatch (your eggs earn you an extra life, enemy eggs will hatch another snake). Eggs can also be eaten to remove them from the playfield, so it's usually a good idea to eat enemy eggs before a new snake hatches! The maze changes for each level, and the enemy snakes progressively become larger and tougher to catch.
ShadowfireShadowfireCommodore 641985GoogleAdventure, Role-PlayingDenton DesignsBeyondGeneral Zoff is holding Ambassador Kryxix captive in his spaceship. Plans for a new type of spaceship are hidden in a micro-disc embedded in the Ambassador's spine. If Zoff had the plans, the empire would be in great danger, and it is only a matter of time until his inquisitors will discover them. The Emperor has assembled the so-called "enigma team", a group of six reckless mercenaries, to take care of the situation. Players take control of all six mercenaries and have one hour and forty minutes to rescue Ambassador Kryxix and capture General Zoff. All six characters have different abilities. Syylk is an insectoid and a strong fighter, Zark Montor, the team leader, is an expert in unarmed combat and the only translator of the group, Servina Maris is the only character who can pick locks, Torik is an avian with thorough knowledge of explosives, Maul is a slow combat droid and Manto is a weak droid, but the only team member that can operate the transporter that is vital for the mission's success. Controls are completely icon based and the screen is divided into six sections. The upper screen section is called the mission command screen and displays which character is active, the active character's location and the status of all characters: whether they are moving, engaged in combat, weak or dying or performing certain action such as picking locks. The lower half of the screen changes depending on the situation and shows additional information and all selectable actions.
ShamusShamusCommodore 641983GoogleAction, Adventure, ShooterSynapse Software CorporationU.S. Gold Ltd.Infiltrate the lair of the elusive Shadow, shoot and sneak your way through his army of robotic minions, and hunt him down before he does the same to you. Starring in the titular role of Shamus, you will have to find your way through over 120 rooms in this cross between Berzerk's "robots in a maze" action and Adventure's exploration of a predefined game world.  The elusive villain's henchmen will express their disapproval of your plans in rather strong terms, namely with showers of bullets. What's more, once they're dead they don't necessarily stay that way: each time a room is re-entered, a random selection of them will respawn. The Shadow has also arranged for electrified walls throughout his compound, so bumping into them will prove quite lethal.  The labyrinth of chambers is divided into four levels, with multiple locked doors that'll have you wandering around in search of the right keys. If you tarry too long in the same room, a bulletproof Shadow (taking a page from Evil Otto's book) will drop by to discourage loitering.
Silent Service: The Submarine SimulationSilent Service: The Submarine SimulationCommodore 641985GoogleStrategy, Vehicle SimulationSid MeierUbisoftYou are now a member of the Silent Service, the US Navy Submarine command. For a long while after Pearl Harbor, you are the only forces capable of striking back at the Japanese in the Pacific. Take one of the "fleet boats" and go on extended patrols of up to 2 months from Hawaii, Australia, or New Zealand. Set your difficulty/realism level and time period (early means less tech for juicier targets, later means tougher escorts, more tech, lousier targets). Contend with factors like dud torpedoes, maximum depth, and more.  You can choose among practice run against some old hulks, recreate historical convoy attacks, go on a single patrol, or go on your own campaign, which lets you go multiple patrols until you die, get promoted, or survive the war.  How well will you do when matched against history.
Skool DazeSkool DazeCommodore 641984GoogleAction, AdventureMicrosphere Computer Services Ltd.Elite Systems Ltd.The game features the player as a schoolboy named Eric, with the objective of stealing his report card out of the staff room safe by accomplishing various tasks around the school. The computer controls all the other characters in the game, including the headmaster, other teachers and other pupils.  The four teachers are Mr Wacker (the headmaster), Mr Rockitt (the science teacher), Mr Withit (the geography teacher) and Mr Creak (the history master). Other than Eric, three of the pupils are named: Boy Wander (the tearaway), Angelface (the bully) and Einstein (the swot). The player has the option of renaming the characters before the game begins. There are also many unnamed, undistinguished pupils at the school.  If Eric is caught out of class or otherwise misbehaving, teacher characters pursue him and issue lines. When 10,000 lines or more are accumulated, the game ends with Eric's expulsion. However, Eric can also receive lines for things that are not his fault, such as lying or sitting on the floor when in fact he has been knocked down, or being nearest a teacher who has just been hit by a projectile fired by one of the other pupils. So part of the challenge of the game is to prevent other pupils from getting Eric into trouble.
SkyfoxSkyfoxCommodore 641985GoogleFlight Simulator, ShooterRaymond TobeyElectronic ArtsAliens have invaded your beloved homeland, and you must help save it. You are flying the Skyfox, the most advanced attack fighter plane available to the Federation, from within the cockpit. Skyfox is complete with deflection shields, laser cannons, five guided and five heat-seeking missiles and a top speed of Mach IV. The 15 scenarios can be played at 5 skill levels. You will have to fight tanks, enemy planes and the mothership. Use the radar to locate enemy vehicles, and the long-range scanner to ensure that no wave reaches your base before you can take it out. Keep an eye on your shields, and on fuel levels - you can dock at the base to refuel.
SkyNETSkyNETMS-DOS1996GoogleAction, ShooterBethesdaBethesdaSkyNET is Bethesda's last game based on the Terminator franchise. Originally developed as an expansion pack to Terminator: Future Shock, SkyNET eventually became its own standalone product. Its major features are an updated version of the Xngine allowing for play in the sharper 640x480 resolution (and the ability to update Future Shock to the same), a new single-player campaign, and a new multiplayer deathmatch component. In the single-player game, you must stop the machines from launching a recovered nuclear weapon. The story takes place over seven missions broken into various sections and "levels," with night progressing into daylight as the game goes on. The locations are also more varied and interactive than those featured in the first game, with levels like the basement of the Cyberdyne building, and a sinking nuclear submarine. Driving and flying levels return from Future Shock, as do the mission briefings, which are now handled entirely in FMV. The game seems to act as a prequel to Future Shock, with the most advanced technology and player weapons from that game not appearing in the course of the single-player missions in SkyNET. The multiplayer game allows for eight players over a LAN and two over IPX. The levels are contained recreations of sections or ideas in the single-player game, like a block of cityscape, a shattered freeway, or an open valley, and many can be played at either dawn or dusk. Vehicles are available in most levels, and unlike in single-player, can be entered and exited freely. You also have the option to play as a Terminator, with reduced movement speed, a little more toughness, and the classic red-tinted vision with information overlays.
SlurpySlurpyCommodore 641984GoogleActionRandom Games Inc.Creative SparksSlurpy...the lovable little character who just can't stop eating. He is only small but his appeitie is huge. He was born with a large snout-like mouth (your mother) through which he slurps such tasty snacks as Glowbugs and Cave Birds.  Life isn't all a bed of roses for this little chap though, he is very vulnerable to attacks from his enemies. Guide Slurpy about the caves, devouring the various creatures as you go, in this amazing game written all in machine code. Youwill have to be very skillful and brave to avoid such sinister creatures as the Widowmaker and the Red Death.
Space InvadersSpace InvadersAtari 26001980GoogleShooterAtariAtariSpace Invaders is a game in which the player controls a laser cannon by moving it horizontally across the bottom of the screen and firing at descending aliens.  The aim is to defeat five rows of eleven aliens—some versions feature different numbers—that move horizontally back and forth across the screen as they advance towards the bottom of the screen. The player defeats an alien, and earns points, by shooting it with the laser cannon. As more aliens are defeated, the aliens' movement and the game's music both speed up.
Space Shuttle: A Journey into SpaceSpace Shuttle: A Journey into SpaceCommodore 641984GoogleVehicle SimulationSteve KitchenActivision, Inc.Space Shuttle is a simulation game where you are the pilot of space shuttle Discovery. Your goal is to launch the Discovery, establish an orbit around the Earth, open the cargo bay doors and recover a satellite to perform repairs, and finally land the Discovery successfully, all while using as little fuel as possible. Each time the complete mission is accomplished, it will then repeat at a higher difficulty level (in the higher difficulty levels the satellite has a more erratic flight path). The game is played from a first person perspective in the space shuttle cockpit where you can control everything from the shuttles engines to cargo bay doors. When the game is over you will be given a ranking which is based on the number of successful dockings and the amount of fuel that was used. In addition to the full flight mode, two easier game variations (autosimulator and simulator mode) are included. The autosimulator mode is the easiest; the computer will control the flight (you can take over at any point you wish) and the controls are simplified. The simulation mode is closer to the full game, however you have an unlimited amount of fuel so there is no time pressure, and the computer will help compensate for inaccurate maneuvering.
Spare ChangeSpare ChangeCommodore 641983GoogleActionSteven OhmertBrøderbund Software, Inc.In Spare Change, you are the owner and operator of the Spare Change Arcade, dedicated to making your place of business run as smoothly as possible. Inside the arcade are Token machines, jukeboxes, telephones, movie booths, popcorn machines, and so on. The token machines need to be restocked with money from the cash register when they are out of tokens, but eventually, the register must be replenished with cash from the safe. You must drop the tokens in one of your two storage bins. When you have stored at least ten tokens, the movie booth opens, and you can go inside to proceed to the next level. You are also awarded one bag of money, but if you store more than ten tokens, then more than one bag of money is awarded for each extra token collected. If nine bags of money are obtained, you proceed to the next level.  But the Zerks, two aliens that run around the screen, can steal tokens either from the machines or from the storage bins. Sometimes, a Zerk will toss a token to the other nearest the "piggy bank". You must touch them in order to get the token back, before they throw it in their piggy bank. Alternatively, you can throw a token into the jukebox, telephone, popcorn machine, etc. and the Zerks will get distracted from their goal, giving you enough time to continue filling the storage bins. If the Zerks insert five tokens in the piggy bank, the game is over.  Between levels, an intermission plays, which are similar to those in Pac-Man. Later in the game, you have the ability to access these intermissions. As you proceed through the levels, the game gets quite difficult.
SpellForce 2: Anniversary EditionSpellforceWindows2017GoogleRole-Playing, StrategyTHQ NordicTHQ NordicSpellForce 2 - Anniversary Edition presents the award-winning SpellForce saga hits: "SpellForce 2 – Shadow Wars" and the add-on "SpellForce 2 – Dragon Storm" for a spectacular game experience! Experience the age of heroes: roleplaying action & realtime strategy in a perfect mix of genres. Mysterious powers arise from darkness and shadow. They are threatening Eo, the world of SpellForce, already devastated by wars and sundered by intrigues. A hero, born of the legendary Shaikan and linked by a life bond with an ancient dragon now holds the fate of the world in his hands! Unite powerful heroes and armies under your banners, as only with joined forces you can combat this threatening doom! The burden of ancient blood is heavy, and it is yours to carry… Fight epic campaigns with your heroes, with over 90 hours of playing time. Individual development of the avatar and heroes with an extensive skill tree! Control various game factions with three races each in a life-like fantasy world. Command infantry, mounted and flying units, and unleash the enormous titans! Experience spectacular mass battles in breath-taking 3D graphics! Anniversary Edition Features: Re-implemented multiplayer and NAT traversal for a smooth online experience Many Bugfixes Additions and Fixes for the Free Game Mode Widescreen Support Full compatibility with modern operating systems Major Engine & Technical Re-Design/Re-Work: Grass rendering improved View distance improvements Improved trees (trunk/branch) Improved leaf rendering (add leaf subsurface scattering) Improved lighting (per pixel, basic Bidirectional reflectance distribution function specular, rim light, view dependent ambient, etc) Improved shadows (soft shadows, percentage-closer filtering) Shader Model 3.0 usage only
SpellForce Platinum EditionSpellforceWindows2005GoogleAction, Role-PlayingPhenomicTHQ NordicIn their greed for a long forgotten power, thirteen of the most eminent mages of all time have caused the world of EO to tumble into chaos and destruction. Enter this world beyond imagination in an epic adventure spanning time and continents. Indulge yourself in a world full of magic, battles and adventure, where the courage of one may decide the destiny of many. Lead your armies through spectacular battles and experience thrilling adventures. Includes the original SpellForce: The Order of Dawn and both the expansions - SpellForce: The Breath of Winter and SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix
SpelunkerSpelunkerCommodore 641984GoogleAction, AdventureTim MartinBroderbundAs far back as I can remember, I was born to explore caves. This is probably the same with all cavers. The prickling in the tummy, even already when you see a cleavage in the rock, can be enormous and if you also have the suspicion that maybe, as in this cave, there could be treasures hidden, one cannot hold oneself back any longer. But be warned, this cave is different from all the others, it has the reputation to devour researchers. At first, it is so dark that you cannot see your own hand in front of you, and it is hot, because steam is shooting out of every crack in the volcanic rock. This steam cooks you in 10 seconds, then you look like a lobster. And then those bats, really disgusting creatures, they eat you neck and crop and can only be chased away with flares. Then you also need dynamite to bomb away the boulders that block the main shaft again and again. And I tell you, if you do not pay attention, you can sweep yourself away. That this has happened to many before can be seen by the ropes that hang around everywhere, by the ladders that were attached and the rails. The stuff is helpful until you reach the underground waterfalls. There you need to use a barrel to go on. What a luncay, I tell you!! I will never forget that. Deep in the main shaft there are artefacts and treasures, but most important are the keys, without them you cannot proceed. If I had found none, it probably would have been better for me... Then everything happened so fast... I saw the gleam of the fathomless treasure, I had found it, the hidden pyramid!! Then I felt a hit from behind, the ghosts of cavers that have lost their lives here!! This was it, I had no chance any more. And thus I can only warn you, keep an alert eye and a keen mind, because I am now also down here. For ever!! I am now one of them. And I also wait for only one of your mistakes...  Spelunker can be assigned to the genre of action-adventures, but has also some strategy elements. The graphics which scroll into all directions (the scrolling happens when the border of the screen has been reached) are kept relatively simple due to the early date of creation, in return, the labyrinth is enormously big and the build-up is very well thought through. The sound consists mainly of a series of sounds and FX. Steering the character must be done very exactly and jumps need to be done pixel exact.
Spider FighterSpider FighterAtari 26001982GoogleAction, ShooterActivisionActivisionSpider Fighter is an arcade style action game somewhat similar to Space Invaders. You control a bug blaster at the bottom of the screen, and need to defend the three pieces of fruit at the top right of the screen. Various types of attacking spiders scurry around rapidly, trying to destroy your blaster and steal the fruit. If all of your fruit is stolen or you lose all of your bug blasters, the game is over. When all the spiders on a round are destroyed, you move on to the next, faster round. If you still have all three pieces of fruit when a round is completed, you receive an extra bug blaster.
SpiderbotSpiderbotCommodore 641986GooglePlatformPaul O'MalleyEpyx, Inc.Deep within the Citadel, three runaway chemical reactors are rapidly approaching meltdown. These time bombs threaten to devastate the surrounding electronic jungle. The only remaining SpiderDroid has been sent into the territory of the Citadel to find and deactivate the reactors
Spider-ManSpider-ManAtari 26001982GoogleActionParker BrothersParker BrothersThe Green Goblin has set a super bomb at the top of a high voltage tower located on the top of a skyscaper! As Spider-Man, you need to scale the building and defuse the bomb. Use your web to climb the building, but be careful of Green Goblin's villians which appear in the windows trying to stop you. If your web line goes too close to a villian, it will be cut and Spider-Man will fall. If you're careful, you can swing back and forth to capture the villians for bonus points. When you reach the top of the building, it's time to climb up the high voltage tower which is booby trapped with bombs. The bombs can be defused or avoided to get to the top, but just make sure you aren't too close to one that explodes! Once you arrive at the top of the tower, Green Goblin himself will be protecting the super bomb he has planted there. If you can sneak past Green Goblin and defuse the super bomb, the level is complete and you then move on to the next, more challenging level.
Spy vs SpySpy vs SpyCommodore 641984GoogleAction, StrategyFirst Star Software, Inc.BeyondMAD magazine’s comic strip of the same name comes to life in this game which was designed for one or two players. The split-screen shows both spies at the same time. Play with a friend or against the machine.  The black spy and the white spy are out to outsmart each other before the time bell rings. Find the needed objects (money, passport, secret plans and airport door key) by searching rooms in the embassy, which include desks, file cabinets and other furniture. Foil your opponent by setting creative booby traps in the various rooms (a bomb in a dresser drawer, for instance). Traps can be disarmed with objects found in rooms (a water bucket from a firebox on the wall will disarm the bomb in the prior example). When all the items are together in the secret briefcase, head for the airport door.  Fights ensue when both spies enter the same room and are armed with clubs.
Spy vs Spy: The Island CaperSpy vs SpyCommodore 641985GoogleActionFirst Star Software, Inc.Databyte/BeyondA follow-up to the first Spy vs Spy game now sees the spies stranded on a desert island. This time, instead of the four items which allow you to leave for the airport, the spies must try to collect three pieces of a missile and escape from the island in a waiting submarine before a volcano erupts. There are a few pitfalls to avoid such as quicksand and sharks. There are also new traps (hidden pits, napalm, snares and a pistol) and hand-to-hand combat is done with swords instead of clubs.
Spycraft: The Great GameSpycraft: The Great GameWindows1996GoogleAdventureActivision, Inc.Activision, Inc.As a new CIA operative, you've been called to Washington. Apparently a Russian candidate for president was assassinated (read: shot) while giving a public speech. Can you uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest level of government (both US and Russia)? Spycraft is an adventure game with simulation elements that involves quite a bit of puzzle-solving. With input from ex-head of KGB and ex-head of CIA, the scenario is frighteningly authentic. You choose your actions from what is available on screen. You will need to collate large amount of information, and pick out certain patterns that will lead you to what you need. You are helped along by your trusty PDA which highlights the areas to be investigated (i.e. puzzles to be solved) and keeps track of relevant facts.
Star ControlStar ControlMS-DOS1990GoogleAction, StrategyToys for Bob Inc.Accolade, Inc.Star Control is a science-fiction wargame which pits the forces of the Alliance of Free Stars against those of the predatory Ur-Quan Hierarchy. The games are designed so that you can ease into play, familiarizing yourself with menus, options and player controls. The Alliance and Hierarchy each possess different types of warships. Each vessel has its own maneuvering and firing characteristics, plus a unique special power that you can employ when circumstances dictate. The game has two modules: the Melee, in which you can simply blast the computer or another player to smithereens using one of 16 different ships, in either Hierarchy or Alliance fleets; or, should you wish for a more challenging game, lets you play one of 9 preset scenarios.
Star Control IIStar ControlMS-DOS1992GoogleAction, Role-Playing, StrategyToys for Bob Inc.Accolade, Inc.Following an on-going war with the alien Ur-Quan race, the Alliance has lost. The Ur-Quan armada systematically hunts down the alliance races and imprisons them onto their homeworlds. However, unknown to the Ur-Quan, a small research vessel had been lost during the war while sent to a distant star system looking for evidence of the ancient Precursor race. The survivors of this research team had come across the controls to a Starship factory and used it to build a Precursor supply vessel, one of the largest vessels in the galaxy. Upon return, the captain of the ship discovers, to his dismay, that Earth has become one of Ur-Quan's slave planets. The surface of Earth is glowing red, devoid of life, and a few humans are locked in a starbase orbiting the planet. The captain contacts the starbase commander and finds out that the only way to defeat the Ur-Quan is to convince other races populating the galaxy to join them in their struggle. Star Control II is a hybrid game based on exploration, space combat, and ship customization. Unlike its predecessor, it has a heavily plot-driven, quest-based structure reminiscent of role-playing or adventure games. The game's main focus is on exploring a vast galaxy consisting of numerous star systems and interacting with various alien species populating it. Each species has their own personal traits and would usually require the player to exploit conversation trees or perform different tasks to convince them to join. The main objective is to gather as many allies as possible, though only a few alliances are required to complete the game. While in deep space, the starship can approach any star it comes across, and then the player can guide the ship around its system and land on its planets and their moons. Space is treated as two-dimensional and presented in a top-down view. There is also a starmap available which shows the entire galaxy and allows the player to set the ship on auto-pilot to any star. Throughout space are different alien civilizations. These are represented on the starmap by a sphere of influence. Within the sphere, the aliens have a controlling presence and their ships will venture freely. Outside the sphere, encounters are rarer. Aliens can be dealt with diplomatically, through a series of dialog options, or engaged in combat. Alongside the main plot objective, the player also configures and upgrades his fleet in a role-playing fashion. The main starship is the Precursor vessel and it can be used to travel between star systems, which uses up fuel. Raw materials are used as currency to make purchases in the starbase. It is possible to buy fuel, as well as improve the player-controlled fleet in various ways. These include purchasing smaller ships to accompany the main one on its travels and participate in combat; hiring crew members, which effectively act as the hit points of the ships; and upgrading the main ship with enhancements that improve its speed, maneuverability, and combat efficiency. Successfully completing a quest for an alien race may also result in their combat ships joining the fleet. Raw materials are found on surfaces of planets and moons throughout the galaxy. The player has to send a landing module to the planet and then guide it around the surface as it picks up materials found earlier with a scanner. Each planet is unique in the type of minerals and metals it is formed of. Some planets are plagued by natural dangers such as lightning storms, earthquakes or lava, which can damage or destroy landing modules. Non-sentient lifeforms can also be found and stunned to obtain biological samples. Special installations, objects and ruins can also be found on certain planets and explored. Combat is action-based and utilizes the same engine as the first game, where action is controlled from a top view and influenced by the gravity of nearby planets. Each alien vessel has unique abilities, and the player can select any ship from his fleet to participate in battles, attempting to find the best combination against specific enemies. Combat can also be played as a standalone game (melee mode), separate from the main storyline. It can also be set on a cyborg mode within the main game, allowing the computer AI to take over the battles and calculate their results depending on the attributes of the ships.
Star Trek (Sharedata)Star Trek (Sharedata)Commodore 641985GoogleStrategyDave NealeGreen Valley Publishing, Inc.SYS PD SYSpecial #001 (1992). Also published by Green Valley under their ShareData budget label. Part of "Star Trek Evolution" game pack.
Star Trek: 25th AnniversaryStar Trek: 25th AnniversaryMS-DOS1992GoogleAdventureInterplay Productions, Inc.Interplay Productions, Inc.Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise are representatives of the United Federation of Planets. Their role in space is that of explorers as well as a military presence. The Enterprise routinely encounters strange adventures and bizarre situations, each laid out as a separate "episode" which must be played in order. The first episode involves the USS Enterprise being called to a world to investigate strange "demons" have appeared from the mines and begun attacking the settlers. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is based on the 1960s Star Trek TV series. The game is a combination of a point-and-click, side-scrolling adventure game and a first person starship simulator. This tie-in actually missed the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek's TV debut by half a year (nearly three years in the case of the Amiga version), but it uses the original series' characters and settings. Players directly control Captain Kirk, leader of the Starship Enterprise, and are able to give orders to other crew members. While the enterprise is on a peaceful mission, combat is possible. A new game begins on the bridge of the Enterprise, seen from a 3rd person view of Kirk, but a first person view out the viewscreen of the Enterprise. When on board the ship, Kirk can contact Chekov to assign a designation, raise shields or begin combat, contact Sulu to engage warp or adjust magnification, contact Spock to scan for data and search for keyword information, contact Uhura to deal with communications, and contact Scotty to change power allocation and repair damage and beam down to a planet. During combat, the player steers the Enterprise manually and is able to turn in 720 degrees of direction as well as increase or decrease speeds. Weaponry includes phaser banks which draw from the ship's energy and proton torpedoes which are in limited supply. The adventuring bulk of the game comes in the form of many landing party missions, in which the player beams down to the surface of a planet and explores the situation. Kirk can move about on the screen, other crew members automatically follow him. From the menu, he chooses a body part to perform an action: eyes represent looking, mouth represents speaking, one hand represents using items (and crew members) while another is to pick up objects. Kirk carries an inventory of items collected which can be accessed and used at any time. In most missions Kirk will carry a communicator to contact the ship and a phaser weapon which can be set to "stun" or "kill", The point-and-click adventure has different solutions to problems, but the ideal goal of the federation is to solve things non-violently. Performance is rated accordingly as well as being based on how many extra discoveries and advances made and interaction with different beings, including aliens. The surroundings are all based on styles from the TV series and solutions to puzzles involve the skills of multiple crew members.
Star Trek: BorgStar Trek: BorgMS-DOS1996GoogleAdventureSimon & Schuster InteractiveSimon & Schuster InteractiveThe player take the role of a Starfleet Cadet whose father died in the battle against the Borg at Wolf 359. When the Borg attack again, Starfleet won't allow you to stay and fight them. However, the mysterious entity "Q" (played by John deLancie) gives you the chance to travel back in time to Wolf 359 and try saving your father and his ship. Star Trek: Borg is an interactive movie filmed in first-person through the eyes of the cadet. Q initially takes the player onto the bridge of the cadet's father's ship as an invisible observer. Later, the cadet is transported inside the body of the ship's security officer, where he can use his knowledge of upcoming events to change the outcome. The interface is handled entirely through mouse clicks to make decisions or interact with puzzles at key points during the movie. Players can also pause the movie at any time with a single left-click, and gain access to a tricorder cursor. This cursor can then be clicked on any person or object in the frame to get a Q-narrated description of its backstory or function.
Star Trek: Judgment RitesStar Trek: 25th AnniversaryMS-DOS1993GoogleAdventureInterplay Productions, Inc.Interplay Productions, Inc.Sequel to Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Star Trek: Judgment Rites brings back the entire Enterprise crew in eight new episodes. Strange things are happening in distant space, such as dead planets spawning life and WW1 planes in outer space. You need to survive these situations. You must navigate your way through space, and send away teams onto planets to investigate situations, communicate with other characters and solve puzzles. Unlike the previous game, action sequences are optional.
Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyStar Trek: Starfleet AcademyWindows1997GoogleAction, Flight SimulatorInterplay ProductionsInterplay ProductionsGetting into Starfleet involves passing a knowledge exam, and also demonstrating your space combat and command skills. It is this side of the Academy which features in this game. You play aspiring captain David Forester, backed by a wealthy and friendly crew: Sturek, M'Giia, Robin Brady and Corin. The action is similar in style to TIE Fighter, with the action viewed form your cockpit and full flight dynamics in action. Missions include taking on Klingons and Romulans, and dealing with a Vanguard rebellion from within. Before every mission, the briefing is given to you in a lecture style where you can find out what to expect, and reduce the number or surprises. William Shatner and Walter Koenig reprise their Star Trek characters for these.
Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold EditionStar Trek: Starfleet Command Gold EditionWindows2000Strategy, Real-time, Sci-fi14° EastInterplayBased on a strategy board game, Star Fleet Battles, Star Trek™: Starfleet Command Gold Edition puts you in the captain's chair of a frigate. Each successful mission gains you prestige and furthers your career. Experience a 30 year campaign that can take you as far as becoming a Rear Admiral in control of a task force including Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, and Dreadnoughts. Discover uncharted Nebulae, maneuver through dense asteroid fields and belts or battle at the fringe of a black hole. The different types of terrain require commanders to exercise additional caution and skill. Maneuver to keep your target within the arc of your weapons, but remember that these are massive ships and you will have to plan ahead. Between campaign missions refit and repair your ships at Starbase. Recruit new officers or send your trainees back into the officer pool to earn additional prestige.Command over 50 unique campaign missions generated by the Dynaverse engine, or reenact classic scenarios from the original series. Pledge allegiance in the Klingon Empire, the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Star Empire, the Hydran Kingdom, the Gorn Confederation or the Lyran Star Empire. Gold Edition features an additional 3 new Federation missions, 3 new Klingon missions, 10 new Hydran missions 7 new Gorn missions, 3 new Romulan missions, and more!
Star Trek: The Rebel UniverseStar Trek: The Rebel UniverseCommodore 641989GoogleAdventureFouad KatanSimon & Schuster InteractiveStarfleet Command is attempting to contain a rapidly growing Federation mutiny in the Sagittarius Arm. Every Federation starship set to discover the nature of the problem has also mutinied and joined the Klingons. To avoid the mutiny spreading to the entire Federation, Starfleet plans to wrap the entire area in a Klein Sphere, sealing it off forever.  In a last attempt to find out what is happening, Starfleet sends in the Enterprise before the Sphere is set up. Its five year mission is to attempt to discover what is causing the defections, and hopefully stop them. If you fail in your mission, the Sphere will be made permanent, if you succeed the Sphere will be dropped, avoiding a potential war with the Romulans.  The game is basically a graphical adventure with some real-time combat and piloting. The game progresses by flying to planets, beaming down on them, and retrieving any items you find. There are several possible solutions to the game, with clues found along the way.
Star Wars: Battlefront IISTAR WARS™ BattlefrontWindows2005GoogleShooterPandemic StudiosLucasArtsBattlefront II features a more narrative-based campaign, retelling portions of the Star Wars story from the point of view of a veteran Imperial stormtrooper, reminiscing about his tour of duty in service of both the Galactic Republic and as part of the Galactic Empire. Gameplay additions over Battlefront include the use of Jedi, additional game modes, and objective-based space battles.
Star Wars: Dark Forces (SWDF#1)Star Wars Dark ForcesWindows2009GoogleActionLucasArts Entertainment Company LLCLucasArtsKyle Katarn is a former Imperial officer turned mercenary, now hired by the Rebel Alliance. After having stolen the Death Star plans from a remote facility, he is tasked with investigating the sudden destruction of a hidden Rebel base. This leads him to face off against Imperial General Rom Mohc and the various iterations of his Dark Troopers - cybernetic soldiers with the armor and firepower to turn the tide of the war. Dark Forces is a close prequel to the original Star Wars movie trilogy. The game marks LucasArts' first attempt to enter the first-person shooter market. Instead of licensing the DOOM engine, like many competitors, LucasArts created its own internal Jedi engine. The Jedi engine contains advanced features over similar tech, including the ability to look up and down, jump, crouch, and limited support (in the build used for Dark Forces) for rooms (sectors) over rooms. The 3D models also make occasional appearances inside the game, as turrets or Kyle's ship dropping him off or picking him up from each mission. Most levels have a fairly complex, often maze-like structure, and include various switches that need to be activated to change the layout of the level. Jumping is integrated into the gameplay, as certain areas can only be accessed in that way. In addition to weapons, Kyle can use shields to protect himself from damage, a head lamp to illuminate dark areas, as well as specific items used to counter environmental hazards. The player character is given a certain amount of "lives" per level; he dies permanently once he runs out of all of them. Game progress can be saved only between missions. The game features fourteen substantial levels as Kyle works to disarm the Dark Trooper project. Many levels reference characters or areas from the Star Wars movie trilogy, such as a visit with Jabba the Hutt, a trip to Coruscant, and a battle through the interior of a Star Destroyer. As opposed to most first-person shooters of the time period, every level has objectives for Kyle to complete, ranging from grabbing a clue and getting out alive, to planting charges around a facility to demolish it. Cutscenes appear between key missions to update the plot. The Star Wars license gets plenty of use, as the game features imperial officers, stormtroopers, and a collection of aliens seen in the films as enemies. Blaster rifles and thermal detonators are used as weapons, along with other firearms inspired by the tech of the films. Dark Forces also uses the iMuse engine to dynamically change the music during action scenes, with much of the music based off or directly replicating, John Williams' original film score. The game is entirely a single-player campaign; no multiplayer is included or supported.
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (SWDF#4)Star Wars Dark ForcesWindows2002GoogleAction, ShooterRavenLucasArtsJedi Outcast puts the player into combat wielding a variety of firearms from the universe, as well as lightsabers and Force powers. The player can choose perspective for every weapon, including the lightsaber . The player controls Kyle Katarn, a former Jedi who cut his link with The Force after almost succumbing to the Dark Side.
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (SWDF#2)Star Wars Dark ForcesWindows1997GoogleShooterLucasArtsLucasArtsJedi Knight is primarily a first-person shooter but offers the choice of a third person view. The game consists of 21 levels with objectives that the player must complete before being able to continue to the next level. There are weapons available in each level and after level three the player has the use of a lightsaber, along with the Force. In addition to being an effective weapon, the lightsaber is also a useful tool for the player, providing light in dark areas, deflecting incoming blaster fire and cutting through some obstacles. A fight with Imperial stormtroopers There are three types of Force powers; light, dark and neutral. Light Force powers provide nonviolent advantages such as being able to restore health or persuade enemies to ignore the player. Dark Force powers are violent and give the ability to throw objects or choke enemies. Neutral powers enhance athletic abilities such as being able to jump higher or run faster. There are fourteen powers in total, four of each type and a bonus power in each light and dark if the Jedi stays true to that path. Players earn stars to allocate toward Force powers by completing specific levels. By finding all the secrets in a level, a player can also gain one bonus star to use. Between levels, the player can choose which Force powers to enhance by allocating stars to that power. Stars cannot be reclaimed from powers later on. Levels contain puzzles that may require use of the Force to overcome, or by locating objects in the level. There are a variety of hostile and non-hostile non-player characters (NPCs) within each level that the player can interact with. Other enemies include monsters and vehicles. There are two endings to Jedi Knight which depend on how the player plays the game. If the player does not harm non-hostile NPCs and focuses on collecting light Force powers then the game will end with the light side ending. Conversely if the player harms non-hostile NPCs and collects dark Force powers then the game will end with the dark side ending.
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (SWDF#5)Star Wars Dark ForcesWindows2003GoogleActionRavenLucasArtsJedi Academy places a heavy emphasis on lightsaber combat. The player can create a custom lightsaber by selecting a hilt and one of five blade colors. The player can choose to wield a single saber, one saber in each hand, or a "saber staff" similar to Darth Maul's double ended lightsaber in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The different sabers each have unique styles and special moves. When using a single saber, the player can choose between three stances which affect the speed and power of attacks; if using dual sabers, the player can switch off the second saber and use the "Fast"-style single-saber stance.
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith (SWDF#3)Star Wars Dark ForcesWindows1998GoogleAction, ShooterLucasArtsLucasArtsMysteries of the Sith is the add-on mission disc for Jedi Knight. But it is not only a bunch of new missions, it's almost a complete new game! It contains 14 new levels, one new player character, 4 new weapons, 5 new force powers, more enemies and multiplayer enhancements. A great new feature is the improved 3D graphics engine, which now is able to display coloured light via 3D acceleration. The music is still the same original Star Wars soundtrack.
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultStar Wars Rebel AssaultMS-DOS1993GoogleActionLucasArts Entertainment Company LLCLucasArts Entertainment Company LLCYou play a Rebel space cadet and have various missions to complete: Flying starships, destroying Walkers, infiltrating an enemy base etc. All viewpoints and gameplay is through the use of motion video backdrops.
Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden EmpireStar Wars Rebel AssaultMS-DOS1995GoogleShooterLucasArtsLucasArtsRebel Assault II is a rail-shooter "interactive movie" featuring a variety of action sequences. Rookie One will fly sequences in an X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, speeder bikes and being on foot. His only real ability is the precise targeting and shooting of laser weapon and occasionally the chance to take cover and avoid obstacles. Rookie One will team up with other characters who will aid him and need to be defended in turn. Occasionally different paths can be chosen in the animation and different events triggered, but for the most part the game is a closed environment.
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackStar WarsAtari 26001982GoogleAction, ShooterParker BrothersParker BrothersStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back recreates a scene from the movie of the same name. You are on the icy planet of Hoth, and Imperial Walkers are closing in on the rebel power generator. As the pilot of a snowspeeder, you need to take out as many of the walkers as you can. The walkers are heavily armoured, and it will take a lot of fire power to destroy one! The game is played on a large, scrolling screen with a radar screen at the bottom to help keep track of where the enemy is located. If a walker reaches the power generator, or you run out of snowspeeders the game is over. Good luck, and may the force be with you!
STAR WARS: TIE Fighter Collector's CD (1995) (SWXW #2)X-Wing and Tie Fighter seriesMS-DOS1994Action, Combat, Sci-fiLucasfilmDisneyIncludes STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter and STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter - Defender of the Empire, 1994 (DOS), 1995 (DOS Collector's CD-ROM), and 1998 (Windows) versions, and STAR WARS™: TIE Fighter - Enemies of the Empire 1998 (Windows). Serve the Emperor, join the Imperial Navy, and save the galaxy! Become a recruit of the Imperial Navy under the command of Darth Vader, and pilot space vehicles that will leave you breathless. In the wake of the Battle of Hoth, through their treachery at Yavin, the alliance of Rebels and other criminals have threatened the very foundation of the peaceful Empire. The Imperial Navy is called upon to eradicate the last of the rebellion and restore law and order. As an Imperial navy starfighter pilot, you will safeguard imperiled lives thoughout the galaxy. Join the Emperor's cause in eliminating the Rebel uprising as the Empire strikes back!Get swept away in story line loaded with spectacular cinematic cutscenes! Step into a 3D world filled with Imperial and Rebel starfighters!
Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance (SWXW #4)X-Wing and Tie Fighter seriesWindows1999GoogleFlight SimulatorTotally GamesLucasArtsThe game's prologue (and tutorial) concerns Ace's "family missions" in which his elder family members and Emkay instruct him in the flying of Corellian transports so that he can begin working for the family. These missions reveal that the Azzameen family are in heated competition with the Viraxo and are generally sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance. Due to their sympathies, the patriarch of the family, Tomaas Azzameen, smuggles bacta for the Alliance in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. This causes them to pay dearly as the Galactic Empire raids their home station for running bacta to an Alliance outpost. The family subsequently seeks asylum with a Rebel task force. As a Rebel pilot, Ace participates in a variety of missions for the Rebellion while also helping his family fight the Viraxo. During his tour with the Rebel Alliance, he proves himself to be a significant pilot as he participates in missions that uncover new Imperial projects, such as experimental TIE fighters and the second Death Star.
STAR WARS: X-Wing Collector's CD (1994) (SWXW #1)X-Wing and Tie Fighter seriesMS-DOS1994GoogleActionLucasArtsDisneyIt is the dawn of the rebellion. The Old Republic is gone. The Senate has been abolished. The Jedi Knights have been exterminated. Now the Emperor seeks to crush the last remaining opposition. Against the overwhelming might of the Empire stands a small but growing Rebel Alliance. Scattered resistance groups are uniting and what is needed most now are Starfighter pilots. Will you join their struggle to end this tyranny and become a hero of the Rebellion? Suit up, climb aboard your own personal X-Wing and prepare to fight for your life. Out-maneuver the evil Empire's TIE fighters and Star Destroyers and blast them into oblivion.
Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (SWXW #3)X-Wing and Tie Fighter seriesWindows1997GoogleFlight SimulatorTotally GamesLucasArtsThe player also has the ability to choose for each mission which squadron he or she wants to fly in (e.g. either the Y-wings that disable a ship for capture or the X-wings that support them), his or her specific ship type, and the ship's armaments.
StarMasterStarMasterAtari 26001982GoogleActionActivisionActivisionA cockpit view space shooter very similar to Star Raiders but not requiring a keypad. In your starship, you must warp to sectors of space containing enemy starships. Here you will engage and destroy them before they can surround and destroy your starbases. In a starbase sector, use your joystick to guide your reticle to the starbase when it is near you for repair and/or refueling. In a fight, you can take damage. If you see a L, it meas your lasers are out of commission. This mean you cannot fire (this is not good in a fight!). If you see a W, it means your warp drive is damaged. You will use twice as much fuel when warping. If you see an S, it means your shields are out. If you are hit again with no shields, you will be destroyed. If you see an R, it means your radar is damaged. You will not be able to see the enemies on the starmap until you get the radar fixed. All your starbases will still show with damaged radar except any that have been destroyed. When warping, if the screen at the bottom is green, you are headed to an empty sector. If it is red, you are headed to a sector with enemies in it. If it is blue, you are headed to a sector with a starbase in it. The game ends when either all the enemies are destroyed or you are destroyed. Your final score is determined by your base score plus 100 points per enemy destroyed minus 500 points per starbase destroyed minus 100 points per each time you docked at a starbase minus 1 point per stardate.
Steel RangerSteel RangerCommodore 642018GooglePlatform, ShooterCovert BitopsPsytronik SoftwareAfter thrilling C64 gamers with his masterpiece HESSIAN, Lasse Öörni returns to the C64 with the brand new action-packed run & gun arcade-adventure STEEL RANGER. Take control of a cybernetic hero and explore a massive world filled with traps, enemies and huge boss encounters.  If you liked HESSIAN you are going to love STEEL RANGER!  As humanity is forced to expand beyond Earth, they come into contact with a hostile  machine intelligence born from their own creations. By initially using military shipments  thought to be lost, it has mined other planets for resources and built a vast offensive  fleet. Now mankind is stranded in a desperate war, with safety nowhere to be found.   United Military patrol ship "Scourge" led by commander Archer Hess picks up an unusual  transmission sent from a barren planet - Ones & Zeroes forming an Omega symbol. Though  possibly a trap, the ship is cleared to investigate. Its crew is equipped with self- charging "Ranger" armour suits, designed for combat against overwhelming enemies in any  environment.  Steel Ranger (C64)   ** STEEL RANGER FEATURES **   · Massive smooth scrolling world to explore   · Customizable main character   · Immersive gameplay   · Upgradeable Systems & Weaponry   · Character interaction   · Superb animation   · Amazing boss battles   · Interactive soundtracks    · SD2IEC compatible   · PAL and NTSC compatible   The Winner of the 2018 Indie Retro News Game of the Year award.
Stellar 7Stellar 7Commodore 641983GoogleActionDamon SlyeU.S. Gold Ltd.Gir Draxon, Supreme Overlord of the Arcturan Empire has declared war on the Terran Federation. The leaders of Earth respond by sending the Terran Fleet on their way to Arcturus to intercept Draxon's armada. But this was a deadly mistake: the Arcturans have discovered warplinks, which allow them to transport troops from one link to another instantaneously, even across vast interstellar distances. With the fleet halfway across the galaxy, the enemy has already reached the Sol system and occupied Saturn's moon Titan. Now, humanity's only hope is the experimental Raven armored vehicle. One courageous pilot must take the Raven through seven different star systems, from Titan to Arcturus, defeating any and all Arcturans, using the warplinks to travel from one system to the next.  Stellar 7 is a first-person action game inspired by Atari's Battlezone, with similar wireframe graphics. In each of the seven levels, the player must defeat a number of enemies. Doing so reveals the warp-link that takes the Raven to the next system.   Next to a cannon, the Raven is equipped with radar, shields, and a cloaking device. The cloak drains the energy level of the vehicle substantially, and the depletion of the energy reserves or the shields destroys the Raven. Some of the levels include fuel bays that allow the player to recharge the energy.  Various enemies await on the different worlds. These include both ground vehicles (sleds, tanks, hovercraft) and aircraft as well as stationary laser turrets, homing bombs, robot drones and more. All enemies vary in firepower, speed and armor ratings. An in-game mission briefing introduces most adversaries, but some special ones come as surprises.
StonekeepStonekeepMS-DOS1995GoogleRole-PlayingInterplay Productions, Inc.Interplay Productions, Inc.When the insane god Khull-Khuum was rampaging the world, devastating everything on his way, the only person who survived the destruction of the Stonekeep castle was a boy named Drake, saved by a mysterious figure. Years later, Drake returns to the ruins of Stonekeep, and the goddess Thera extracts his spirit so that he might withstand the dangers that await him there. Drake must avenge his past, and find a way to liberate the benevolent gods of the realm. Stonekeep is a dungeon-crawling role-playing game with real-time combat. The entire game is spent underground. There is no character creation; Drake's initial statistics are pre-set. Over the course of the game, up to three other characters will join the party and help Drake in combat, controlled by the computer AI. Drake becomes stronger by repeatedly fighting with a particular type of weapon. Magic is contained within runes, which must be found and equipped on staves. Spells can also be combined by the player to produce various offensive and supportive effects. The game utilizes digitized pictures and animations of live actors to represent characters.
Street RodStreet RodCommodore 641989GoogleRacingLogical Design Works, Inc., P.Z.Karen Co. Development GroupCalifornia DreamsThe player starts off on the garage, where cars and parts may be purchased from the newspaper. New parts that are purchased must be installed by the player by entering the hood of or going under the car and then removing a series of screws to remove parts of the engine and transmission. Then, these parts must be re-installed in order and the bolts replaced, otherwise the car will be undrivable. To install tires, the car must be jacked up. While racing, the car will eventually run out of fuel, which the player must obtain from the gas station.  The player will proceed from the garage to the local diner in order to find some competition to race. Races take place on either a dragstrip (drag race option) or an open country road. Wagers on the drag races can be set from "Just for kicks!" (no wager) to $10 and $50. On the road race wagers can be set from $25 to $100 and "pink slips" (the winner receives the loser's car). When the race starts, the player must wait for a signal to be given to go or else they forfeit the race.  If the player's car doesn't have an automatic transmission, they can either "drop their transmission" during the race if they keep accelerator pressed while shifting gears, or blow the engine if the tachometer dial is in the red zone for too much. In either case, the player would lose the bet they made and would be transported back to the garage, where they have to get new parts for their car.  If the player crashes their car during the race, they can get the car fixed for a fee, or have it scrapped and receive the scrap value. However, if they get involved in a serious crash or the car has already been repaired several times before, they are only able to receive the car's scrap value. During the road race the player would occasionally also get chased by police. If the player attempts to evade the police and keeps speeding, they will be fined $75 if caught. If the player slows down, they will be fined $20. Either instance results in the race being forfeited. If the player can't afford to pay the fine, they will be sent to prison.  If the player doesn't have a car and their amount of money is not enough to buy the cheapest car, the game is over.  The challenge is to beat The King in a road race. If you win, you get the King's car and girlfriend, and you become the new King.
Strike AcesStrike AcesCommodore 641989GoogleFlight SimulatorVektor Grafix LtdAccoladeIn the game, the player participates in the annual Strategic Air Command Bombing and Navigation Competition at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. Aircrews from around the world come here to compete against each other, undertaking three missions which are monitored and points are awarded. The best aircrew then receives the Curtis E. LeMay Trophy.  The player can choose between six different planes. After having selected the aircraft the player has to select a mission, and then appropriate weaponry for the selected mission from an array of weapons consisting of different types of missiles and bombs.
Strike FleetStrike FleetCommodore 641987GoogleStrategy, Vehicle SimulationLucasfilm Games LLCElectronic Arts, Inc.Strike Fleet is the unofficial sequel to PHM Pegasus which was developed by Lucasfilm Games in 1987. But instead of simulating hydrofoils you can now command a complete fleet of war ships into several missions. These missions are related to political events that were of interest when the first version of the game was released in 1987.  As captain of the fleet you can switch between different ships of your fleet and even command helicopters to support your mission.
Strike Force CobraStrike Force CobraCommodore 641986GoogleAction, Adventure, PuzzleFive Ways SoftwarePiranhaA crazy scientist who is only known to the secret services under the code name "The Enemy", recently developed a new type of nuclear bomb with an explosive force that could reach immense dimensions. Allegedly, one can destroy all of mankind with this single bomb. The Strike Force Cobra, a four-man unit that is under your command is now supposed to stop this super-villain. This is most effective and safest by destroying the bomb that is stored deep in the underground lab of the crazy professor.
StrongholdStrongholdMS-DOS1993GoogleConstruction and Management Simulation, Role-Playing, StrategyStormfront StudiosStrategic Simulations, Inc.,Mixing the gameplay of Civilization and similar games into real-time and with a 3D view, players must build up a small village in the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy universe into a Stronghold. How much micro-management you wish to do is up to you; the computer can take care of much of it. You recruit and train Fighters, Thieves, Clerics and Magic Users to venture out and claim more land and resources, which include removing hostile forces. Take control of food supply and the production and management of buildings including castles, markets and magic schools. Your victory condition is based on your alignment: Lawful players must advance to the rank of Emperor, Chaotic players must destroy all enemy strongholds, and Neutral players must do both!
Stronghold HDFireflyWindows2001GoogleAdventure, Construction and Management SimulationFirefly StudiosFireFly StudiosThe original castle sim, Stronghold HD allows you to design, build and destroy historical castles. Engage in medieval warfare against the AI in one of two single player campaigns or online with up to 8 players.
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a PulseStubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a PulseWindows2006GoogleAction, Adventure, Horror, StealthWideload GamesAspyr MediaSet in a retro future as depicted in the 1950's, you take on the role of the likeable and eccentric Zombie, Stubbs as he tries to reunite with his lost love. Well that, and seek revenge on the town that awoke him by turning them all into an army of the undead.
Stunt Car RacerStunt Car RacerCommodore 641989GoogleRacingMicroProse Software, Inc.Micro Style"Race a single computer opponent for first place on a unique racetrack -- 100 feet in the air! You start in the fourth three-man division of a league, all racing each other twice, and must come top to progress. The action is viewed from within the car throughout the 3-lap races, with the distance between you always on screen.  Jump chasms, jumps, and drawbridges; take banks hard or slow; pass your opponent on the track or while catching mass air. Your car has the ability to burn a limited amount of turbo boost fuel as a way to accelerate faster and achieve higher speeds, but don't use it all up at once or you'll fall behind. Don't damage your engine too much; severe dents will show up during your next race.  Whatever you do, don't fall off the track, as this will cost you time as you are placed back on."
StuntsStuntsMS-DOS1990GoogleRacingDistinctive Software, Inc.Brøderbund Software, Inc.Stunts (4D Sports Driving outside of North America) is a 3D car racing simulation. The game contains a variety of cars, courses, and opponents to choose from. The game provides unusual stunt objects including loops, corkscrews and jumps. It is possible to watch races in instant replay from different camera angles. A track editor is included as well.
Super HueySuper HueyCommodore 641985GoogleActionCosmi CorporationU.S. Gold Ltd.Super Huey UH-IX is a helicopter simulation game. You are the pilot of the experimental helicopter UH-1XA and you need to test it out in several game modes. In the flight school mode, you can learn how to fly. The computer will guide you through takeoff, flight, and landing. In reality mode, you will need to fly a mission to locate and bomb an enemy base and return home safely. The last mode is arcade mode where you have an unlimited amount of ammo to try and shoot down as many enemy aircraft as possible. The game is played from a first person view of the cockpit which is complete with radar and various instruments to help you fly.
Sword of FargoalSword of FargoalCommodore 641983GoogleAdventureJeff McCordEpyx, Inc.The Protectorate Sword which was forged to vanquish evil has been stolen by a powerful wizard named Ulma and placed deep in an underground dungeon. Only when this sword is retrieved and given to Gedwyn the blinded hero, will Ulma be destroyed forever.  A Rogue-style game released in the same year, with the difference being that the game is presented graphically, not with ASCII characters. The player will travel through a multi-level dungeon complete with treasures and traps that are randomly generated each time the game is played. Once your character is generated you will hack and slash your way through ogres, hobgoblins, and many other monsters in the hopes of eventually reaching the level where the sword is hidden.  The game does not end when the sword is in hand, the player must also escape the dungeon before it is destroyed by Ulma - you have 2000 seconds to do this.
Syndicate Plus (SYN #1)SyndicateMS-DOS1994GoogleAction, StrategyBullfrog Productions, Ltd.Electronic Arts, Inc.Syndicate Plus is a combination of Syndicate and the American Revolt expansion pack. In the future, the world is controlled by a handful of global corporations (syndicates). You are the Marketing director (hit man) for one of these companies. It is your job to take control away from the competitors. The job is not one of diplomacy, but one of brute force and physical control. Advance your way to the top of the corporation by successfully completing your missions and managing the money you make from your territories. The gameplay is visually reminiscent of X-Com, with an angled top-down perspective, but it is real time rather than turn based. You have missions ranging from infiltrate and capture, to seek and destroy. In each of these you direct a team of four agents as they move through the world shooting at anything that gets in their way. You can upgrade and modify your agents, as well as equip them with tools you have researched or liberated from opposing syndicates. As you complete missions, you gain more funds to use for purchasing agents or researching upgrades and equipment. PLUS American Revolt is an add-on pack to Syndicate. It includes 3 new weapons, 21 new single player missions, and 10 multiplayer missions.
Syndicate Wars (SYN #2)SyndicateMS-DOS1996GoogleAction, StrategyBullfrog Productions, Ltd.Electronic Arts, Inc.In the sequel to the dark isometric action / strategy game Syndicate, you control either Eurocorp Syndicate or Church of the New Epoch. These two sinister forces are battling for world domination. You must help them dominate the world across 60 violent missions spread through 30 cities - you receive e-mails containing the mission plans. After selecting a squad of four men from your roster, you direct them through the rotatable 3D city views, shooting foes as the situation dictates. Nuclear grenades and psycho gas are among the new weapons. Tubes, a monorail system and unimpeded Antigrav vehicles give a futuristic feel to travel. In the PC version, 8-player battles over modem and network are available.
System Shock 2System ShockWindows1999GoogleAction, Role-PlayingLooking Glass StudiosElectronic ArtsThe story begins in 2114, forty-two years after the events of System Shock. After joining the United National Nominate, the protagonist — Soldier G65434-2 — is assigned to the Rickenbacker, a military spacecraft. The Rickenbacker is escorting the Von Braun, an experimental faster-than-light (FTL) starship, on its maiden voyage. As the Rickenbacker does not have an FTL system of its own, the two ships are attached together for the trip.
System Shock: Enhanced EditionSystem ShockWindows2015GoogleAction, Adventure, Role-PlayingLooking Glass StudiosNightdive StudiosA first-person fight to the death in the depths of space. You're a renowned hacker, the most notorious cyberspace thief in the corporate world. Caught during a risky break-in, you become indentured to Diego, a greedy Trioptium exec who bankrolls a rare cyberjack implant operation. After six months in a healing coma, you awaken to the twisted aftermath of a terrible disaster. Where are the surgeons? Why is the station in such disrepair? Slowly, the chilling realization that something is very wrong creeps over you. Once a prime corporate research facility, Citadel now teems with mindless cyborgs, robots and terribly mutated beings, all programmed to serve SHODAN, a ruthless A.I. There's scarcely time to think before it unleashes the first terror... Twenty one years after its first release, System Shock is back! The Enhanced Edition adds a modern touch to this true classic gem, without taking anything from its unmistakable atmosphere. See for yourself that the game that has been called the benchmark for intelligent first-person gaming, has lost nothing of its ability to keep you on the edge of your seat. System Shock: Enhanced Edition features: Higher resolution support: up to 1024x768, and 854x480 widescreen mode. Mouselook support added. Remappable keys with three profiles to choose from: original controls, custom controls, and lefthanded controls. Some original game bugs fixed. Gameplay features: Rocket through cyberspace to steal information, hack security and grapple with watchdog defense programs enslaved to a maniacal computer. Survive battle after battle against armies of killer cyborgs and deadly robots as you collect hardware attachments, life-sustaining patches and deadly weapons to combat mindless mutants. Test your intelligence by solving puzzles, rewiring access panels and outwitting SHODAN in its own cyber-realm. Enjoy the vastly improved controls and graphics of the Enhanced Edition - or keep your experience as close to the original as possible with the Classic version.
TelengardTelengardCommodore 641983GoogleRole-PlayingMicrocomputer Games, Inc.The Avalon Hill Game CompanyTelengard is an earlier example of a "dungeon crawler" role-playing game--albeit with a top-down view- with either real time movement (DOS version) or turn-based movement and turn based combat. Telengard is also played in real time, which means that monsters can attack even when the player's character is not moving.  The player controls a single adventurer, selecting randomly-rolled sets of attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity, and Charisma. The vast Telengard dungeon consists of 50 levels down and 200 by 200 rooms each level. Experience is awarded not only for defeating enemies, but also for finding treasure. When the player character gains a level, their attributes increase, and they gain the ability to cast higher-leveled spells.  Treasure chests appear randomly in the dungeon. There are also specific features such as altars, thrones, fountains, etc. that the adventurer can discover which may have various effects on the character, whether being either positive or negative. Some creatures will befriend the player, sometimes providing the player with an item and/or healing them, provided the player's Charisma is high enough.
Temple of Apshai TrilogyApshai SeriesCommodore 641985GoogleRole-PlayingEpyx, Inc.Epyx, Inc.The Temple of Apshai Trilogy includes updated graphical versions of three classic Apshai games:  • Dunjonquest: Temple of Apshai • Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of Apshai • Dunjonquest: Curse of Ra  The game could be described as a graphical "rogue like", but actually it resembles the mainframe classic DND more, as you cannot see the whole level, but only your surroundings. Furthermore, the level maps are not randomized like in Rogue. Still, the game play has a lot in common with Rogue and other early dungeon crawls: A solo character explores a monster-infested, multi-level dungeon to grab some treasure, everything in top-down view.
Terminal VelocityTerminal VelocityMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, ShooterTerminal Reality, Inc.FormGen, Inc.Space is a dangerous place. For that reason, the Alliance of Space-Faring Alien Races (ASFAR) was formed to prevent interstellar war from breaking out. The ASFAR provides robotic Perimeter Defense Computers (PDCs) to watch over the star systems of each member race and prevent any single race from mobilizing weaponry. For 70 years, this has been successful, until suddenly, in the year 2704 A.D., PDCs direct armadas from all other systems to attack Earth. While bloody, the planet ultimately survives and rebuilds its military forces. The TV-202 is constructed, an advanced fighter craft that is equally agile in space and atmosphere. The TV-202 will be sent to various ASFAR planets in order to destroy their military compounds and prevent them from rebuilding attack fleets. Terminal Velocity is a first-person flight simulator sometimes compared to Descent due to its free-roaming nature. Players take control of the TV-202, a fighter notable for its ability to fly in 720 degrees of direction, ignoring gravity and providing constant thrust. While flying to different planets, the TV-202 is able to speed up and slow down, but will never come to a complete halt. The majority of the game takes place in the air (and sometimes space), flying above landscapes which include trees, mountains, rivers, snow and other terrain. Additionally, tunnels can be found, often hidden, dug into the sides of landscape. Upon entering these tunnels, the TV-202 loses its ability to turn around (going ahead constantly) and must navigate avoiding enemies, moving walls, rotating obstacles and other hazards. Power-ups are found by destroying enemy forces or destroying enemy bunkers which are scattered around each level. The TV-202 has an energy shield which is depleted by enemy fire and running into terrain, when the shield is gone, the player is destroyed. Shield Power-ups and Energy Core power-ups can be found to restore shield energy. For weaponry, the player begins with a single Plasma Assault Cannon (PAC) weapon that fires straight ahead. Other weapon power-ups can be found which include a PAC power-up, an Ion-burst gun (ION), Rapid Targeting Laser (RTL), Manual Aimed Missile (MAM), Seek and Destroy Missile (SAD), Shock wave Torpedoes (SWT) and Discrete Annihilation Missiles (DAM). With the exception of the Annihilation Missiles, all these weapons also fire directly in front of the player. There is an afterburner fuel power-up which will allow the TV-202 to increase its thrust substantially, traveling much faster than normal. Each world features its own unique enemies and hazards. The different levels of the game provide unique objectives which can include flying to checkpoints, destroying specific targets (including bosses) and entering tunnels. Upon completing the necessary objectives, the player is directed to exit the level via a Departure Unit (DUN) located somewhere on the map.
Test DriveTest DriveCommodore 641987GoogleRacingDistinctive Software, Inc.Accolade, Inc.This mix of racing simulation and arcade game consists of driving a choice of 5 sports cars on a mountain strip at the fastest speed possible without getting caught by the cops. To avoid them, use your radar detector -- or just try to outrun them if they spot you. Manual stickshift only, so make sure you don't redline or you'll blow your engine.
The $100,000 PyramidThe $100,000 PyramidCommodore 641987GoogleQuizRick HansenThe Box Office, IncStrike it rich as the newest contestant in the hottest word-association game, $100,000 Pyramid! Hours of entertainment will be provided as you race against time to identify the objects and categories from the clues provided. Match wits against the computer or with up to 3 other players as you try to answer the puzzles before your time runs out! Win the first round and enter the coveted "winners circle" for a crack at the grand prize of 100,000 dollars! A one, two or four player game.  Think you can take the heat? Try this one for starters.  The clues to the category:      A boiled lobster.     A blazing bonfire.     The exciting computer version of the $100,000 Pyramid.  The category? Things that are Hot, Red Hot!
The Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManCommodore 641990GoogleAction, PlatformOxford Digital Enterprises Ltd.Paragon Software CorporationIn The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider Man has to rescue his girlfriend Mary Jane who was been kidnapped by the super villain Mysterio. The whole game takes place on a film set studio. This game is primarily a platforming game in which Spider-Man fights against various enemies. Those can be stunned with Spider-Man's iconic web substance, but touching them or other hazards in the game world will decrease his health. Another important part of the gameplay are puzzles, mostly with the goal to deactivate some of Mysterio's gimmicks, e.g. changed gravity, to clear the path. Spider-Man can climb walls and shoot grappling hooks.
The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!Commodore 641989GoogleAction, FightingParagon Software CorporationEmpire InteractiveLatverian president Dr. Doom is a terrible enemy, so when he hatches a plan to blow up New York City with a stolen Atomic bomb, one Marvel superhero is not enough to stop him. As the lavishly-drawn comic bundled with the game explains, Spider-Man and Captain America must join forces to go to Latveria and foil his plans. The main action in the game is a side-scrolling beat 'em up, in which you alternately control the two characters. They each have their own moves to deal with The Rhino, Electro and other foes. Moves are context-sensitive based on the distance between your character and the opponent. Energy bars decrease as you each take hits. After each section you get comic-book sequences as a reward, and to set the scene of the evolving story.
The Arc of Yesod (YESOD 2/2)Nodes of YesodCommodore 641985GooglePlatformOdin Computer Graphics LtdThor Computer SoftwareIn Nodes of Yesod, a monolith was discovered on the moon that transferred data vital to earth's security to an alien planet. After an attempt to destroy the monolith failed, it was transported to its creators the Ariatans. Now it is up to Charlie to travel to the planet Ariat and prevent the Ariatans from accessing the data. Gameplay in Arc of Yesod is very similar to its predecessor. Seen from a side-scrolling perspective, Charlie has to explore many large caverns, filled with enemies and transporters, and find eight crystals that he hopes will help him destroy the monolith for good. To get rid of his enemies, he can once again control a device similar to the mole in Nodes of Yesod. Pressing up on the joystick releases a small sphere that can be moved across the screen (while Charlie stands still) and shoot at enemies. Once again, there are enemies that are immune to the sphere, including a spaceman who, when touched, takes away one of Charlie's crystals.
The Castles of Doctor CreepThe Castles of Doctor CreepCommodore 641984GooglePlatformEdward R. HobbsBrøderbund Software, Inc.So, your company has transferred you to their Transylvania office, and you're looking for a place to live? Something private, spacious, with a view? Well, we have just the thing for you. Welcome to The Castles of Doctor Creep! Thirteen different models open for your inspection. Just step inside... Oh? You want to leave already? I'm afraid that's simply not possible... not until you have taken the complete tour. The Castles of Dr. Creep is a platform game with a heavy puzzle element in the game. The game takes place in twelve medieval castles owned by the eponymous Dr. Creep, and your task is to escape from each castle. One or two-player game is possible, allowing collaborative gaming for solving the puzzles.
The Complete Computer Fireworks Celebration KitThe Complete Computer Fireworks Celebration KitCommodore 641985CreativeJohn Van RyzinActivision
The Dark Queen of Krynn (COK 3/3)Champions Of KrynnMS-DOS1992GoogleRole-PlayingMicroMagic Inc.Strategic Simulations, Inc.The Dark Queen of Krynn is the last part in the Dragonlance RPG series using the standard game engine found in the Goldbox series (with slight enhancements). Evil, after failing two times before, finally tries to defeat Good and conquer the world of Krynn. This time, the Dark Queen herself will take command over the forces of Evil. Her aim is to enter Krynn, which would ultimately lead to the defeat of Good. The party's task is to prevent this. Characters from Death Knights of Krynn can be transferred.
The Evil DeadThe Evil DeadCommodore 641984GoogleActionRichard LeinfellnerPalace SoftwareBased on the horror movie of the same name released a year earlier, here you take on the role of the films’ lead protagonist, Ash, and like the film, the game takes place in the isolated cabin deep in the woods, where upon a diabolical evil is set free. The games’ viewpoint is from the top-down over head perspective, where as you see character’s head and shoulders only. The play-field consists of the cabin interior, which is outlined in a kind of plan view, where doors are represented by a short white line which disappears and reappears upon opening and closing, and windows are represented by dotted lines which function in the same ways as the doors. Some details that are from the film, is the swing on the porch which is gently swaying in the wind, the fire place, which is ablaze, and the two old beds. The crux of the game-play is as follows, you take control of Ash, represented by a white figure, and you must try to keep out the Evil Dead shroud, which looks like a green cloud mass, that has the ability to open the various windows to get inside, and you must try to close the windows to stop it possessing your friends, Linda, Cheryl, Shelly or Scotty. When one is taken by the evil shroud, they will become a green mutant. Periodically, weapons will spawn and disappear about the house which Ash can utilise to fight the mutants. Weapons consist of hatchets, shovels, and swords, and can be used for a limited time. As you fight the various new additions to the evil dead, they will split into various body parts before being completely finished off, so you will have to contend with disembodied arms, and legs, ghost spirits, and such. You score points for each mutant, or evil body part dispatched. Ash’s health is expressed as a number, initially 10,000, and as you are attacked, and subsequently defend yourself, this number will proceed to diminish, and when it reaches zero, it is game over. The ultimate goal of the game is to score enough points to conjure up the book of the dead, and it will appear on the screen, and if you manage to collect it and throw it in the fire place, this is the way of concluding the game.
The Forest of DoomThe Forest of DoomCommodore 641984GoogleAdventureDarryl K. MattocksPuffin Books Ltd.A chance encounter with Bigleg, a dying dwarf, hastens your wary adventurer to the tower of the helpful wizard Yaztromo, who supplies you with magical equipment you will need in order to survive a trip through the adjacent Darkwood Forest, searching for lost Dwarfish Runes of the Ancients needed by Stonebridge's mayor, Gillibran, to save his people from the predations of hill trolls. A very by-the-book adaptation of Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy gamebook #3, published the previous year, this computer game version dishes up its Choose-Your-Own-Adventure illustrated multiple-choice plot paths courtesy of pages of narrative text displaying down an endless scroll and automates the random RPG elements of generating and managing your character's statistics, inventory and performance in combat, ordinarily determined through die rolls.
The Four Crystals of TrazereThe Four Crystals of TrazereMS-DOS1992GoogleRole-PlayingThe Software Toolworks, Inc.Mindscape, Inc.The Four Crystals of Trazere is an epic fantasy adventure through the land of Trazere. Armies of mutants are marauding through the land and it's up to the heroes to scour the cities, dungeons, and wilderness looking for clues to the source of the evil. The party moves from location to location on a strategic map avoiding (or ambushing) enemy patrols and armies while trying to find the clues and items they need in isometric dungeons and cities. The game also features an intricate magic system that lets players design and customize spells.
The Game of Trivia: Trivia Book 1 & 2The Game of Trivia: Trivia Book 1 & 2Commodore 641983Quiz, EducationCymbal Software, Inc.Welcome to the wonderful world of trivia, where facts from all walks of space and time converge in a medley of mind-boggling questions. Contains Trivia Book 1 and Trivia Book 2 questions.
The GooniesThe GooniesCommodore 641985GooglePlatformScott SpanburgDatasoftOn the path of Goondock's children... Beware of the Yellow King. The Goonies are a group of kids or youths. Everything starts with an unscrupulous property shark who wants to purchase the kids' housing complex and the parents lack the money that is needed to prevent the pending sequestration. In the house of their leader Mikey the group makes an unusual discovery. They find a treasure map which is supposed to lead to the hideout of "One-eyed Willie", a pirate. Mikey can convince his friends to go for a treasure hunt. This starts in an abandoned restaurant. The evil Fratellis have settled in there. So after all Goonies, except for Chunk who is supposed to call the police, have entered a system of catacombs through a manhole in the restaurant, the adventure really begins. So the kids do not only have to beware of mean traps and bats, but also of Mama Fratelli. The game starts in the restaurant with the search for the manhole into the catacombs and contains 8 rather tricky levels full of riddles and adversities. The aim of the game is to bring safely both Goonies to the exit in Level 1-7 and in the eighth level to get to the treasure with both Goonies. Help the Goonies during their adventure...
The Great EscapeThe Great EscapeCommodore 641986GoogleAdventureDenton DesignsOcean SoftwareThe player controls an unnamed prisoner of war who has been interned in a P.O.W. camp somewhere in northern Germany in 1942. The camp itself is a small castle on a promontory surrounded on three sides by cliffs and the cold North Sea. The only "official" entry to the camp is by a narrow road through the gatehouse and anyone passing through this must be carrying the correct papers. Everywhere else the camp is surrounded by fences or walls with guard dogs used to patrol the perimeter and guards in observation towers with searchlights posted to watch for any prisoners trying to escape. Beneath the camp there is also a maze of underground tunnels and drains although these are dangerous to enter without some kind of light. The player's task is to escape from the camp. There are a number of different ways in which this can be achieved.
The Great Giana SistersThe Great Giana SistersCommodore 641987GooglePlatformU.S. GoldRainbow ArtsThe Great Giana Sisters is a 2D side-scrolling arcade game like Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.  After a long and deep sleep, Giana finds herself in a mysterious and evil dreamworld where everything is strange and different. In 32 levels, Giana has to fight against bad monsters, huge spiders and lots of other creatures to find a magic diamond that makes it possible to return to her own world.
The Halls of the ThingsThe Halls of the ThingsCommodore 641984GoogleActionDesign Design SoftwareCrystal ComputingUsing the gaming engine and graphical style that would be seen again in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Halls of the Things places our adventurous hero in a randomly generated tower. A long hallway with seven doorways in it at the start offers the player the opportunity to enter dungeon areas of varying difficulty (easiest and more open at the top, hardest at the bottom). In these areas of the tower, the player can explore, finding treasure and elixir bottles (which can be used to replenish the player's magic). Of course, things aren't that simple. The Things roam the various corridors and will chase and attack the player on sight, even going so far as to disguise themselves as ordinary objects until the player comes in range. Fortunately, the player has sword and bow, as well as magical spells, to defend and heal himself. Will this be enough for you to raise a fortune in loot or will The Things see you to your doom?
The HordeThe HordeMS-DOS1994GoogleAction, StrategyToys for BobCrystal DynamicsThe Horde is a hybrid action-strategy video game that was originally released on the 3DO platform, but was soon after ported to the Sega Saturn and MS-DOS. It was an unusual hybrid of action and strategy game for the time. The game is played in alternating timed phases. Each season begins with a "build" phase in which the player develops a town with the resources at Chauncey's disposal. This includes constructing walls, setting traps, chopping down trees, and landscaping. Buildings, roads, crops, and residents are all added to the town automatically between seasons. The player is given only two minutes for each build phase. Then comes the "action" phase, where the player must defend the town from an onslaught of Hordlings with a huge sword, Grimthwacker, and various magical items. These items are powered by Chauncey's ATM ("Automated Transfer of Mana") card, which converts gold into usable magical energy. Hordlings occasionally drop money when defeated, which may be retrieved and used. However, the main sources of income are cows and crops, which are also sought by the Hordlings. If Chauncey runs out of hit points or all of the town's people are eaten by Hordlings, the game ends. At the end of the action phase, the season has ended and the player receives a report on how well the town has been managed. The player turns a profit by protecting the town's resources. At the end of Summer seasons, the player may receive a message through a crystal ball from King Winthrop the Good, Kronus Maelor (the "Evil High Chancellor"), or the FNN ("Franzpowanki News Network"). With the exception of certain comic relief messages, these can have direct influence on every aspect of the game.
The Hunt for Red OctoberThe Hunt for Red OctoberCommodore 641987GoogleStrategy, Vehicle SimulationOxford Digital Enterprises Ltd.Grandslam Entertainments Ltd.In this adaptation of Tom Clancy's popular novel, you play the part of Captain Marko Ramius attempting to defect to the US. Once into the Atlantic, you must rendezvous with the US Navy and fake the destruction of the Red October. Your crew is not aware of the defection -- but the Soviet Navy is, and will try to stop you at any cost.
The Last NinjaThe Last NinjaCommodore 641987GoogleAction, AdventureSystem 3 Software Ltd.Activision, Inc.The secrets of the Niniitsu way had been jealously guarded for centuries, only once every decade were the scrolls seen at the ritual of the White Ninja.  None coveted these secrets more than the evil Shogun. Siezing the opportunity of the ritual he sprang a fiendish trap that destroyed the brotherhood, except for one . . . You. The Last Ninja.  Your sworn oath is to recover the scrolls, you travel to the mystical lands of the Shogun. Already his guards are mastering The ways of the Ninjitsu.  To reach the Shogun's Palace you must use allyour weapon craft and fighting skills as you travel through dangerous wastelands, magnificent gardens then descend into the direst dungeons before the final confrontation . . .You cannot fail. You are the Last Ninja.
The Pharaoh's CurseThe Pharaoh's CurseCommodore 641983GooglePlatformJason HyattSynapse Software Corporation"In the centuries since the sealing of the Pharaoh's Tomb, even the dim memories of the fabulous treasure contained in the pyramid, have become infrequent whispers on the lips of mad adventurers.  For three thousand years, the tomb has been a mystery and deathtrap. It is rumored that the chambers contain dark and terrible dangers for those that would make the pharaoh's treasure their own. And even more ghastly, the pharaoh and the guardian mummy are said to walk the chambers for all eternity, destroying all trespassers in the tomb.  You've heard it all before and lived to tell about it and this is a chance of a lifetime. You've spent months finding these ruins and finally you're here at the fabled tomb. Still... what if the legends are true? As you descend into the first chamber, you hear footsteps..."
The Rocky Horror ShowThe Rocky Horror ShowCommodore 641985GoogleActionCRL Group PLCElectric Dreams SoftwarePlay as either Brad or Janet to rescue the other, in this computer adaptation of the hit Broadway Musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Search the castle for pieces of the Medusa machine to free your partner from stone and escape the castle before it blasts off. Each one must be taken to the De-Medusa machine, only carrying one at a time. You must collect keys and disable force fields along the way.  Other characters in the game will hinder your progress by stealing and hiding your clothes or other objects you may be carrying. Watch out for Riff-Raff or he'll shoot you with his laser gun. And if Eddie thaws out and escapes from the freezer, he'll run you over with his motorcycle.
The TransformersThe TransformersCommodore 641985GoogleAction, PlatformOceanOceanThe energy of the Autobots are down, but you can they save by collecting four pieces of the Autobot Energon Cube and transporting the complete cube back to their centre. The Decepticons will you attack and try to destroy the Autobots. You can only win a level by playing the five as a team!
The Ultimate DOOMDoomMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, Horror, Shooterid Software, Inc.GT InteractiveThe Ultimate Doom is an expanded version of Doom released in 1995, that adds a fourth nine-level episode to the game, called Thy Flesh Consumed. As demons further invade the planet, the brave space marine continues his fight with the monstrous horde to send them back to Hell!
They $tole a MillionThey $tole a MillionCommodore 641986GoogleStrategyTigress Marketing LtdAriolasoftIn They $tole a Million you are The Boss, a would-be criminal mastermind out to seek his fortune the dishonest way. To do this you will have to hire a team of criminals, with skills ranging from explosives to driving - these will each seek an upfront payment and a percentage cut of the eventual profits. You will have to buy information and plans on potential targets - an art gallery and bank for example. Menu options reveal pop-up windows of information and sub-menus.
Thief 3: Deadly ShadowsThiefWindows2004Action, Simulation, StealthIon Storm Inc.Square EnixIn the third installment of the Thief™ series, master-thief Garrett is contacted by Keeper Artemus with a mission to steal two valuable artifacts. At the same time, Garrett learns about a prophecy: the coming of a Dark Age. He embarks upon a journey to unravel a mystery that threatens the existence of the order of Keepers. Is it possible that there is a traitor in their midst? The stealth and thievery game, Thief™: Deadly Shadows comes with a number of improvements over two previous parts. Released in 2004, it left behind the aging Dark Engine, using a heavily modified Unreal engine instead. Realistic lighting effects have been implemented: each character and object now casts its own shadow. A third person's view has been made available in addition to the standard first person perspective. The stealth system that made Thief™: The Dark Project and Thief™ 2: The Metal Age famous is still in place. You have to stick to the shadows and avoid making noise, as guards will react to anything suspicious. It is also the first game of the series that introduced free roaming. The City, divided into several unlockable districts, is yours to explore. You can interact with the city's inhabitants: pickpocket, steal, or even mug them for loot. It falls in its predecessor's footsteps, using light and sound to provide a one-of-a-kind stealth gaming experience. For the first time in the series, Garrett can freely roam the City. Explore dark alleys, overhear conversations, pickpocket guards, and even perform secondary missions which will influence player's standing with in-game factions. New tools and moves added to Garrett's repertoire: climbing gloves allow you to scale walls, and can also flatten yourself against the walls to hide.
Thief GoldThiefWindows1999GoogleAction, AdventureLooking Glass StudiosEidos InteractiveJourney through the night as Garrett, a master thief, cloaked in the darkness of a sinister medieval realm where shadows are your only ally, trust is not an option, and confrontations can bring very grim results. Thief Gold takes you beyond the smash stealth hit, Thief: The Dark Project with THREE NEW LEVELS! Steal from the Downwind thieves in the Thieves' Guild, enter a ruined city in the Mage's Guild, and go in search of the stolen Talisman of Air guided by the ravings of a lunatic hermit in the Songs of the Caverns.
Thief II: The Metal AgeThiefWindows2000GoogleAdventure, StealthLooking GlassEidosThe plot continues some time after the events of the first game. The "Metal Age" has come, and the city has changed with new technology, like cameras and steam powered robots, brought forth by the Mechanists, the current most powerful religion in the city. The sheriff Gorman Truart rules over the city attempting to clean up the streets, including the cynical protagonist, Garrett, who wants nothing to do with saving the world.
ThunderCatsThunderCatsCommodore 641987GoogleAction, Beat 'em UpGargoyle Games Ltd.Elite Systems Ltd.This license of the children's TV show set it as a Ghosts 'N Goblins-style hack-n-slash adventure. The Thundercat must defeat Mumm-Ra's forces, which range from dwarves to bats. Although you start with only a sword, more can be collected by attacking the various containers through the levels - later weapons can destroy these enemies quicker, and allow attacks from a distance. Reaching the end of each level sees bonuses for time and kills. The path through the game can be varied on later levels, so you can play it through more than once and find new sections, even though the individual levels only scroll left-to-right.
Tom & Jerry 2Tom & JerryCommodore 641989GoogleActionWinfried StappertMagic BytesTom & Jerry is a platformer based on the two cartoon animals. The player takes the role of Jerry who has to navigate the five levels while collecting every piece of cheese. Besides the usual platforming obstacles there is a time limit and Tom who tries to catch Jerry. The player needs to avoid Tom but can also use the environment to get rid of him temporarily: a bowling ball on the head knocks him out or a prepared floor lets him slip. The main levels are side-scrolling, but between each level the game switches to a behind-the-shoulder perspective. Then Jerry has to run through a tunnel while collecting cheese and avoiding dynamite or bombs.
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and LowTom & JerryCommodore 641989GoogleActionWinfried StappertMagic BytesThe player takes the role of Jerry who has to navigate the five levels while collecting every piece of cheese. Besides the usual platforming obstacles there is a time limit and Tom who tries to catch Jerry. The player needs to avoid Tom but can also use the environment to get rid of him temporarily: a bowling ball on the head knocks him out or a prepared floor lets him slip. The main levels are side-scrolling, but between each level the game switches to a behind-the-shoulder perspective. Then Jerry has to run through a tunnel while collecting cheese and avoiding dynamite or bombs. If you like this game, Tom and Jerry 2 is very similar with new rooms to explore.
Top GunTop GunCommodore 641987GoogleFlight SimulatorJon WoodsOcean Software Ltd.The sun shimmers on the horizon as your armed-to-the-teeth Navy fighter screams from the carrier deck, accelerating into the danger zone. High above hostile waters your mission is to defend the task force from enemy attack. Suddenly, bogeys flash onto your radar. They're everywhere, diving toward you at Mach 2. Only a second to react, you go to guns and arm missiles. Your heart pounds and palms sweat as you blast into the dogfight with cannons blazing. Tracers zip past your engines. Shells shatter your senses. Now it's just you against them. And to survive you'll need more than speed and firepower. You'll need guts and instinct. You'll need to be a "TOP GUN" pilot!
Total EclipseTotal EclipseCommodore 641988GoogleAdventure, Puzzle, ShooterIncentive SoftwareIncentive SoftwareThe game backstory as explained in the manual is that an evil Ancient Egyptian priest has put a curse on a massive pyramid dedicated to the Sun God, Ra. Any object obstructing Ra's shrine from the Sun would be destroyed. The protagonist is an unnamed archeologist who learns that October 26, 1930, a total eclipse will obstruct the sun above Cairo, and the protagonist realized that the curse will cause the Moon to explode, devastating Earth with its debris. The protagonist then decides to travel to that pyramid and destroy the shrine to Ra, preventing the curse/prophecy.  The game starts with the protagonist having just arrived with a biplane parked outside the pyramid he is about to enter, two hours before the eclipse. The player has to enter and explore the pyramid, avoid traps, trigger and activate puzzles and navigate through maze-like rooms. Causes of death include dehydration, and heart attack caused by various hazards such as falling off ledges, getting crushed by falling stones and taking hits from poison darts. Throughout the maze the player can discover treasure to accumulate the score, and also ankhs that serve as keys to locked doors.
Tower TopplerTower TopplerCommodore 641987GoogleAction, PlatformTriffixU.S. GoldYou play a small green guy who needs to blow up eight towers, because their presence is somehow poisoning the water of planets which could potentially be ideal colonies. Unfortunately you need to get to the top of these towers to blow them up.  You make your way up to the top of the tower via walkways around the outside of the towers. You need to jump over, kick, and run from various enemies in your journey to the top. Most vertical movement is achieved by jumping onto moving ledges at the right moment.  The game was considered revolutionary in its time for its graphic technique. As the main character walked around the outside of the tower, the character was fixed in the middle of the screen while the tower itself rotated. This gave it a pseudo-3D effect.  Towers are linked together via a voyage through the sea in your trusty MK.7 submarine. This plays out as a side-scrolling collect-'em-up in which bonus points can be obtained.
TrainsTrainsCommodore 641983GoogleAction, Construction and Management SimulationInteractive Picture Systems Inc.Spinnaker Software CorporationTrains is a top-down managerial game. In the age of steam-powered trains, there are opportunities to make money on great railroads. It will be up to the player to take control of a train on a railroad and turn a profit. The player does this by moving the train to a loading station that will supply raw material, and stopping in front of it with the appropriate car and blowing the whistle to begin the loading process. This is then delivered to the stations of industries that need them, unloading taking place the exact same way. The faster goods are delivered, the more money is made, with extra profits available when an industry is in critical need of a supply. Meters of available industry supplies can be shown on the screen. The train itself can only be stopped and move forwards and backwards, following the path of the train track, left and right movement is used only at switches, where the track splits into two directions. Each action of train movement uses coal, multiplied by the weight of the goods being carried. Coal is resupplied at the coal yard, and is loaded into the coal car the same way as other goods, spending money in order to buy coal. If the player runs out of coal while driving the train, it will cost them twice as much to have the coal delivered to the train. Every 3 minutes, $200 is deducted from the player for payroll and any crashed train costs another $200 in penalties. Each level is a unique track design, and can take place across cities, deserts, mountains and plains. As industry supplies are managed, a track is gradually built at the edge of the screen which will lead to the next level.
Transformers: The Battle to Save the EarthTransformers: The Battle to Save the EarthCommodore 641986GoogleAction, StrategyDavid CraneActivision, Inc.The Transformers The Computer Game Vol. 1: Battle to Save the Earth is an action role-playing game released by Activision in 1986, based on the popular Transformers animated series. The game was released for the Commodore 64 in Datasette and floppy disk formats. It was the first Transformers game by Activision, which subsequently published more games for the franchise over two decades later.  Based on the popular 1980s animated cartoon of the same name, The Decepticons are building a giant robot to threaten the Earth. Players must keep track of their action on a game map and send the appropriate Autobot (Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, Rodimus Prime, Hot Rod, Hound, Pipes, Blurr and Kup are featured) to combat each threat and prevent the Decepticons from stealing energy to build their giant robot. In order to accomplish this, the Decepticons must undergo a sequence of events in their complicated plan that takes place in such locations as: off-shore oil rig, nuclear power plant, Dinosaur Park, space center, Andreas Zoo, and a pipeline.. As a brief overview: First, energy must be collected to power-up a dinosaur in Dinosaur Park. This dinosaur will then be sent to collect Space Dust from the space shuttle before destroying it. The space dust will be used to grow hippopotami to gigantic proportions and use them to collect more energy from the pipeline. The Autobots' ultimate goal is to interrupt and delay this sequence.   In Transformers players choose the Autobot to go to locations on the map. When they reach the location the game switches to a first-person view, and players have to move a cross hair to shoot at a near-endless stream of Decepticon jets that fly onto the screen. Players can be hit by their missiles - too many hits and the screen cracks up and the Autobot is defeated, requiring another one to take it's place. The more Decepticon jets that are destroyed, the longer it takes for the Decepticons to progress to the next stage of the plan, in sequence.  The game's intro features over a minute of speech which is notable both in 1984 and for the Commodore 64 platform itself.
Trolls and TribulationsTrolls and TribulationsCommodore 641984GoogleAction, PlatformDesigner SoftwareCreative SoftwareYou play a troll set on an expedition into cavernous sewers to retrieve valuable relics. Guarding the treasure are monsters such as cretins, buzzards, skulls and spiders. The mazes are difficult to navigate and fraught with danger. One wrong move could send you plummeting to your death.  Trolls and Tribulations is a side scrolling platform game with some puzzle like mechanics due to it's unusual control scheme and movement. Most mazes begin with a barrage of cretins that must be dispatched in order to open the door to the main portion of the maze. Your character has a gun that is capable of turning the cretins into eggs. After shooting them, you must quickly shove the eggs into the sewer water as they will hatch back into cretins after a short time. Your gun has limited ammo but which can be replenished in the middle of the screen.  Once the cretins have been defeated, the doors to the main portion of the maze are accessible. Here is where you will find treasures to increase your point total. The mazes require careful navigation as some treasures are placed in dangerous locations. Keys need to be recovered to open further doors allowing you to proceed to the maze's exit. Other monsters are present in this part of the maze and cannot be destroyed by your weapon. Instead it will take careful timing and jumps to avoid being killed by them.  The game is divided into three levels which can be chosen at the start. Each level has multiple mazes to work your way through.  Joystick control is a little bit unusual. Aside from the normal left and right movement, pushing down shoots your weapon, pushing the button causes you to jump in the direction you are facing while pushing up does a vertical jump. When you move you will always move one complete step. This means you have to be careful when moving on small platforms as an extra tap on the joystick could send you off the edge. The structured movement gives the later parts of the maze a more puzzle-like feel than a straight action game.
TurricanTurricanCommodore 641990GooglePlatform, ShooterRainbow ArtsRainbow ArtsThe lost colony of Alterra is a completely man-made lifeworld abandoned long ago in a nearby galaxy. Alterra is actually five colonies in one. Each self-contained habitat has been separately bio-engineered by a powerful ecosystem generation network known as a Multiple Organism Unit Link. MORGUL, for short. Early colonists used MORGUL to render Alterra inhabitable. But a cataclysmic quake severed all system interface functions, and MORGUL murderously rebelled. The few colonists lucky enough to escape told a grim tale of a higher intelligence gone berserk.  For generations, mankind sought a return to Alterra. Finally, genetic science created a saviour: Turrican, a mutant warrior, bio-engineered for the task of planetary reclamation. In the meantime, MORGUL has diligently twisted Alterran life forms to his brutal, destructive purposes. Thus, Turrican's challenges consist in eliminating hostile organisms from Alterra's five multi-level worlds and, finally, destroying the three faces of MORGUL.
Tyrian 2000Tyrian 2000MS-DOS1999GoogleAction, ShooterEclipse ProductionsXSIV GamesTyrian 2000 is a direct re-release of the original action smash, Tyrian. It is essentially the same game with an additional new episode (Hazudra Fodder), a revised engine (less bugs and better controls) and added Windows support. It also adds another option called "Timed Battle". Tyrian is nothing like your run-of-the-mill shoot-'em-up. It gained a following even larger than the classic Raptor: Call of the Shadows, and rightfully so: it has a plot. A plot, you ask? Yes. And even a complex one. You play the role of Trent Hawkings, this galaxy's ace solo fighter-pilot, whose luck forces him to save the galaxy, one time after another. Again and again, Trent must fight off MicroSol, a company with the evil intent of taking over the galaxy. Through your struggles, you will find yourself again and again betrayed by friends and allies, your parents will be killed and you will have to return to points you've already been to (with variations on the levels) in order to remove further threats to the galaxy and to yourself, all for the ultimate goal of overthrowing MicroSol. Tyrian also has two player arcade mode and supports network/modem/serial play. It features a multi-layered ship upgrade engine, in which you can change hulls, decide upon and upgrade your front and rear weapons, buy better shields and generators and even add ship "sidekicks". Tyrian's complete arsenal amound to over a dozen type of ships and over 100 weapon types!
Ugh! (Play Byte)Ugh! (Play Byte)Commodore 641992GooglePlatformEGOSOFT GmbHPlay ByteHis girlfriend had always had great expectations and one day, by an incredible chance an apple which has fallen right down our caveman's head creates a thought of an aircraft that he can use to earn money. So he makes the machine and uses it for the transport--for picking the other cave friends up and dropping them to their desired destinations. Ugh! is an action game where you must complete 69 levels, riding inside a pedal-powered helicopter to pick up passengers and carry them to their destinations. Each level is made of a series of platforms, with several cave entrances. Cavemen walk out of the caves and loudly announce where they want to go. You have to land your helicopter taxi next to the passenger and wait until he crawls inside (if you land on him, he'll fall into the water at the bottom of the level, although he can still be rescued) and then fly to the cave that he wants to get to. Controlling the vehicle is a bit complicated - you cannot directly fly up or down; instead, you have to keep pedaling to fly up, and cease pedaling when you want to go downwards. Bumping into a wall too hard will cause a game over and force you to restart the level. There is also a time limit for each level. To finish a level, you have to serve a number of customers. There are some dinosaur adversaries on certain levels - a pterodactyl which appears unexpectedly and flies across the screen, and a triceratops which becomes agitated when you land near and charges at your taxi. As you pedal, you exert energy. To refill your energy so that you can keep pedaling, you can pick up a rock and toss it at a tree, making a fruit drop down. Eat the fruit to get more energy.
Ultima Underworld IUltima UnderworldMS-DOS1992Role-playing, FPP, FantasyBlue Sky ProductionsElectronic ArtsYou are the Avatar, the most noble of heroes. In your day, you have beheld many wonders and proved yourself master of many dungeons. But nothing in your experience prepared you for this: the terror-filled passages of Britannia’s underworld. In this epic adventure you, the Avatar, join the leaders of Britannia in Lord British’s castle for an evening of celebration to commemorate the defeat of the Guardian’s forces a year ago. Suddenly, the Guardian strikes again, encasing the building in a gigantic blackrock gem. He offers the imprisoned heroes a simple choice: proclaim him ruler of all Britannia, or starve while his minions conquer the land. Can you free Lord British and save Britannia?Includes Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss and Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds A sandbox game that masterfully creates a feeling of mystery and a pressing urge to explore its vast fantasy world Impressive level of detail in the environment design gives a very strong feeling of reality and enhances the immersion factor of the story Grim and intense atmosphere, an open world, and challenging puzzles will keep you hooked for hours
Ultima 8 Gold EditionUltimaMS-DOS1994Role-playing, Action, FantasyOrigin SystemsElectronic ArtsThe Guardian has tricked you, Avatar. After you defeated Batlin on Serpent's Isle, he banished you to Pagan, a world under his control. Once, it was a beautiful land, but ever since the ancient battle between the Elemental Titans and the evil "Destroyer", it is engulfed in eternal twilight. Titans - now worshiped as gods - are cruel and uncaring. They bestow power on their most dedicated followers who, in turn, terrorize Pagan's population. To find a way back home, you need to become a Titan yourself before the Guardian succeeds in his plot to conquer Britannia--and then Earth itself. The eighth installment of the Ultima series takes a much darker tone. The story is much more mature (do the ends justify the means?) and the game focuses more on action, like climbing and jumping across platforms. Training your character has also changed: the more you use an ability, the better you are with it. Without a party to assist you, you must rely on your own strength, dexterity, intelligence, and magical abilities to save Britannia and Earth.Dark, engrossing story with a moral dilemma: will you accept evil for the sake of the greater good? Much more action-oriented than previous installments with fluent and responsive combat mechanics and new ways to explore the unknown. Living world: each inhabitant has his or her own schedule, going about ordinary business in Pagan. Includes the speech pack: some of the major game characters are fully voiced.
Ultima 9: AscensionUltimaWindows1999Role-playing, Action, FantasyOrigin SystemsElectronic ArtsPrepare to embark on the final adventure in Ultima--the best selling role-playing saga of all time that has nurtured generations of gamers. Answer the call and return to Britannia for your last epic quest. As the heroic Avatar, only you can save Lord British and his people from the evil Guardian who has devastated and corrupted the land. Valiant combat, magical prowess, and knowledge of the eight virtues are your weapons against evil in Ultima IX: Ascension. The ninth installment of the Ultima series takes a leap into a vivid, detailed 3D environment that adds a whole new level of interaction to the exploration of the realm. Britannia was always one of the most life-like, well-developed, king-sized virtual lands, but this new perspective makes the experience of “living” in it much more immersive. The combination of a story of epic proportions, solid mechanics--true to the classic cRPG spirit, and that achingly familiar Ultima setting, Ultima IX: Ascension a memorable title that all role-players should experience for themselves. Ascend to the realm of myth and legend in the final single-player Ultima game!Dive into the rich and extensive fantasy world that is a worthy setting for the extravagant finale of the genre-changing, award-winning Ultima saga! Witness the final chapter in the chronicles of Britannia--a story so epic that its script takes hundreds of pages in writing. Take up the mantle of the Avatar one last time and free the land of Guardian’s curse using an incredibly vast assortment of weapons, armor, items, and spells.
Ultima I: The First Age of DarknessUltimaMS-DOS1987GoogleRole-PlayingORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.In the realm of Sosaria, a land divided by a thousand years of agony brought about by the malevolent sorcerer Mondain, a lone hero capable of turning back the tides of darkness has finally emerged. That hero is you. Your mission, a slight variation on the standard kill-the-evil-wizard theme, is to assemble a time machine, go back in time before the evil wizard developed unstoppable power and, then, of course, eliminate him. Ultima I is a remake of the classic RPG Ultima from 1981. The game features tile based top-down overworld graphics and first person perspective pseudo-3D dungeons. The original Ultima was re-programmed using assembly language, with updated graphics, minor changes in towns' and people's names, and some different puzzles.
Ultima II: The Revenge of the EnchantressUltimaMS-DOS1982GoogleRole-PlayingRichard GarriottSierra On-Line, Inc.The sequel to Ultima featured several improvements over the original, such as separate town and world maps, and the concept of traveling through time gates into different eras on Earth. Other than that the gameplay is pretty much the same as in Ultima I, with your single character roaming the land fighting monsters and looking for key items. In the original Ultima a hero from a certain third rate blue planet orbiting an insignificant yellow sun came to the world of Sosaria and slew the evil wizard Mondain before he could fulfill his dreams of universal domination. Thus peace was brought to Sosaria, and the hero hailed as a champion of the people of all time. Unfortunately, Mondain happened to have a young apprentice/lover named Minax who is understandably upset over his death. Using her considerable powers, Minax travels through time and space to the hero's homeworld of Earth and instigates a nuclear war, thus serving the dual purpose of working out her frustration as well as erasing the hero from history. Of course, as the hero, this works out rather badly for you, and so with the help of Lord British you must travel through time and somehow find Minax and prevent the events which culminate in the destruction of Earth.
Ultima III: ExodusUltimaMS-DOS1985GoogleRole-PlayingORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.After the defeat of the evil wizard Mondain and his mistress Minax in the previous two Ultimas, peace has returned to the land of Sorsaria. Times passes and eventually geological disruptions and a resurgence of the monster populace occur, and it is soon learned that Mondain and Minax had conceived a child named Exodus before their death. Now that child has become an adult with the power to avenge the death of his parents. Obviously, it falls upon the hero from Earth to find and stop him. The third title in the Ultima series was the first to feature a party of adventurers instead of a single player character. The party is created at the beginning of the game by assigning various class combinations and determining the characters' attributes. The game has larger and more detailed towns, populated by NPCs the protagonist can converse with to obtain clues. Like in earlier Ultima games, exploration is divided between top-down overworld locations and first-person 3D dungeons. This installment introduces separate combat screens where player-controlled party fights multiple monsters in a turn-based tile-based system.
Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarUltimaMS-DOS1987GoogleRole-PlayingORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.Following the defeat of the evil triad in the previous three Ultima games, the world of Sosaria changed beyond recognition: continents rose and sank, and new cities were built, heralding the advent of a different civilization. Unified by the reign of the benevolent monarch Lord British, the new world was renamed Britannia. Lord British wished to base people's well-being on the ethical principles of Truth, Love, and Courage, proclaiming the Eight Virtues (Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, and Humility) as the ideal everyone should strive for. The person who could accomplish full understanding and realization of these virtues would serve as a spiritual leader and a moral example for the inhabitants of Britannia; he alone would be able to obtain holy artifacts, descend into the Stygian Abyss, and access the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. This person is the Avatar. The fourth game in the Ultima series features an improved game engine, with color graphics and enhanced character interaction: the player can have conversations with non-playable characters by typing names of various topics. However, the main difference between Ultima IV and its predecessors in the series (as well as other role-playing games) lies in the game's objectives and the ways to fulfill them. Instead of building up a character by any means possible in order to face a villain in the end of the game, in Ultima IV the player is trying to become the Avatar, a role model for people. This means upholding the Eight Virtues, basically trying to become a better person. Making morally conscious decisions and helping other people is not done expecting a material reward, but because it is the actual goal of the game and the main focus of its gameplay. The game frowns on behavior typical of most other RPGs, such as backstabbing fleeing enemies or picking up everything that isn't nailed down even if it does not belong to the protagonist. This different approach established the game's reputation as the first "true" Ultima, influencing the design philosophy of later installments and the overall spirit of the series. Character creation is done by choosing responses to morally ambiguous questions. Each of the Eight Virtues corresponds to a character class; by determining the player's personal priorities in the virtues, the game assigns a class and a starting location for the Avatar. After emerging in Britannia, the player is free to explore it in various ways (on foot, moongate teleportation, on horseback, by ship, etc.). Certain items must be collected in any order to enter the Stygian Abyss and complete the game. The Avatar also has to reach the highest level in all virtues. This is achieved by various means: donating blood increases Sacrifice, not fleeing from combat increases Valor, etc. The process, however, is not irreversible: should the Avatar overpay a blind seller, he gains Compassion points; should he, on the other hand, cheat the seller by underpaying, his level in several virtues would decrease. These unorthodox features of the game co-exist with plenty of traditional RPG elements, such as dungeons to explore and hostile monsters to kill. Enemies are encountered on the world map as well as in dungeons; combat takes place on separate top-down screens, allowing player-controlled and enemy parties freely move on them. Characters accumulate experience points and level up, gaining higher amount of hit points and access to stronger magic spells. Like in the previous installments of the series, world map, town exploration and combat are presented from a top-down view, while the dungeons are pseudo-3D and are explored from first-person perspective. Ultima IV also introduces several new gameplay features to the series and role-playing games in general. A number of initially non-playable characters living in various areas of the game world are able to to join the party and fight alongside the hero, replacing traditional player-generated characters or mercenaries and adventurers available only in special locations. Additional new elements include buying and combining reagents in order to cast spells, unique items such as grapple to pass through mountains, puzzle rooms in dungeons, and others.
Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of WorldsUltima UnderworldMS-DOS1993GoogleAction, Role-PlayingLooking Glass TechnologiesORIGIN Systems, Inc.Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds takes place one year after the events of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. To celebrate the defeat of the Guardian, Lord British invites the Avatar and his companions to his castle. However, in the night of the feast the Guardian attacks again, encasing the castle in a giant gem of blackrock. Deep in the sewers of the castle, another blackrock gem is found, created as an aftereffect of the attack. This gem is a teleporter to other worlds controlled by the Guardian. Now the Avatar must travel to these worlds in order to free the castle from the Guardian's spell. This sequel to Ultima Underworld plays almost exactly as the original, with its 3D world, action-oriented combat, magic system and multiple-choice conversations. The player creates the character of Avatar, choosing gender, class, and initial skills. These range from weapon proficiencies to social abilities such as diplomacy and bartering. Some of the skills can be increased during the course of the game by visiting trainers. After having accumulated a sufficient amount of experience points, the Avatar levels up, and his hit points and mana are increased. Like its predecessor, the game features an interactive world: many objects can be manipulated and physically moved. The game's storyline is more connected to the main Ultima series than that of its predecessor, and the game world is larger and has more variety: besides the usual castles and dungeons there are such diverse locations as an ice world, an alien place called Talorus and the enigmatic Ethereal Void. Graphics and sound have also been improved: the size of the viewing window has been increased, there are new monster graphics and the game now features digitized sound effects.
Ultima V: Warriors of DestinyUltimaMS-DOS1988GoogleRole-PlayingORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.The Avatar, the embodiment of the Eight Virtues and the hero of Britannia, is called back to deal with a grave threat. Lord British, the country's benevolent monarch, has disappeared, and a man named Blackthorn has usurped his throne. The tyrant rules the land by enforcing the virtues upon the will of the people, corrupting their meaning in the process. His fundamentalist visions led him to create a police state, where failure to adhere to the virtues is punishable by death. Behind Blackthorn are the three Shadowlords, anti-thesis to the three principles of Truth, Love, and Courage. The Avatar must understand their meaning and origins, find a way to defeat them, rescue Lord British, and restore the former ethical principles of Britannia. Ultima V uses the basics of the Ultima IV engine, an overhead perspective for the map of Britannia and its towns, and a rosette-compass 3D view for the dungeons. The battle system also resembles that of the previous game, with separate battle screens and navigation of character icons in turn-based style. Many of the game play elements of the predecessor return, including the complex spell system (reagents must be bought in order to cast spells), recruitable party members, moon gates that teleport the party between locations, various means of transportation (horses, ships, etc., with the notable addition of a magic carpet), and so on. Character creation based on morally ambiguous questions and basic leveling up system have been preserved as well. In comparison to the predecessor, the classes have been reduced to four. Additional challenges include navigating characters through the Underworld, a vast underground area containing many hazards; random presence of Shadowlords in the cities, which influences the behavior of their inhabitants, making them run away, steal from, or attack the Avatar; inscriptions in a runic alphabet that must be deciphered by the player, and others. The game has a noticeably more detailed world than any of its predecessors; the towns are much larger, with many unique buildings and objects represented graphically. Ultima V introduces physical interaction with the game world: many objects can be pushed or pulled, the main character can sit down on a chair (which is graphically shown), etc. It also incorporates a day/night cycle and schedules for non-playable characters: for example, it is impossible to shop at night because the shopkeepers are sleeping. Dialogues with NPCs have been enhanced, featuring more unique and detailed conversation topics.
Ultima VI: The False ProphetUltimaMS-DOS1990GoogleRole-PlayingORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.Several years after having restored Lord British to his rightful position as the monarch of Britannia, the Avatar is captured by demon-like creatures and placed on a sacrificial altar. His friends Iolo, Shamino and Dupre appear just in time to save him. In the Britannia castle, the Avatar learns that his abductors were gargoyles, a race of enigmatic creatures who have recently invaded Britannia and occupied the shrines of Virtue. As the Avatar embarks on a quest to liberate Britannia, he begins to gain insight into the gargoyles' true motives, and realizes that it is his duty to achieve peace and understanding between the two races. Ultima VI is notable for having a fully continuous world. There is no "world map" in the game; all the locations are seamlessly connected to each other, turning the game world into an open environment. Compared to the previous installments in the series, the game focuses more on quests and exploration rather than on combat. The latter no longer involves separate screens; battles occur during exploration, without any transitions. The turn-based system from the previous games has been preserved. The interface has been re-designed, the original key-bound commands co-existing with selectable command icons and mouse-based interaction. The game world is more detailed than in the previous games, with a large number of various objects that can be manipulated or added to the inventory. Conversations are more extended, with a wider selection of topics, including many personal ones unique to specific characters. The player is also able to conduct extensive conversations with the Avatar's companions, as well as split the party and control the characters separately. Some important topics may be highlighted during text display, to facilitate further dialogue, which requires the player to type the desired conversation topics. Like in the predecessors, the player is free to explore the game world from the beginning of the game, and visit locations in any order. Following the main quest and obtaining specific items and information is necessary to complete the story; however, the player can also opt to bypass a large part of it by using previous knowledge of the game or outside help. The FM Towns version has full voice acting for all the conversations, in English and in Japanese.
Ultima VII : Serpent Isle + The Silver SeedUltimaMS-DOS1992Role-playing, Adventure, FantasyOrigin SystemsElectronic ArtsIn the seventh installment of the Ultima series you — the Avatar — must go back to Britannia and investigate a series of strange events. Two hundred years have passed since your last visit and much has changed since then. An unknown being who calls himself the Guardian has appeared and is forcing everyone to bow to his whims. In addition magic doesn't work as it should, it seems that all of the mages have gone insane, and quiet towns are being terrorized with ritualized murders. It is unclear what is happening, but initial signs point to some kind of organization called the Fellowship. It is up to you to unravel the mystery and find out what is really going on in Britannia. Ultima 7 is arguably one the best in the series. With enhanced graphics, sound, and controls it was a huge step forward not only for the series, but for the entire RPG genre. The level of immersion was astonishing at the time. Rich environments, wide-ranging dialog trees, and dynamic combat were all masterfully combined by a team that Lord British (Richard Garriott) led to create a game that can't be ignored by any cRPG fan.Ultima 7 The Complete Edition includes: Ultima 7: The Black Gate, Ultima 7: Forge of Virtue, Ultima 7 Part Two: Serpent Isle, Ultima 7 Part Two: The Silver Seed. Timeless classic with hundreds of hours of a top-notch gaming experience. Created by Richard Garriott (Lord British) who stated that this part "was the most masterfully executed of the Ultima series."
Ultima VII: The Black Gate + Forge of VirtueUltimaMS-DOS1992GoogleAdventure, Role-PlayingORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.This re-release contains the original game of Ultima VII: The Black Gate, along with the expansion "Forge of Virtue." You are the Avatar, returning to Britannia after 200 years of absence. Strange ritual murders are committed in the land while an organization known as The Fellowship is gathering a huge following. And there is this being known as The Guardian whose mockery follows you on your travels. Your old companions will join you on your quest through Britannia as you slowly discover the secret behind the Fellowship and the Guardian. Ultima VII features completely revamped graphics and controls. The traditional Ultima top-down view of the world now fills the entire screen, with other informational windows overlaid on top of it only when necessary. Both world interaction and dialogue are fully mouse-controlled. The tactical combat system of previous Ultimas was replaced with a real-time system where only general strategies can be set and party members fight automatically. The Britannia of Ultima VII is a large virtual world with lots of details: hundreds of NPCs can be talked to, virtually every object in the game is usable in some way and many side quests await the player.
Ultimate WizardUltimate WizardCommodore 641986GoogleActionProgressive Peripherals & SoftwareElectronic Arts, Inc.This updated version of Wizard is a platform-style game which was likened to Epyx's Jumpman. Your character is the Ultimate Wizard. You must face dark enemies as you move through the bricks, ladders, staircases of the game. Cast spells to destroy them, or otherwise avoid them using levitation arrows or other magic. When you Wizard finds the key and places it in the keyhole, he is finished for that level, but soon the next level will appear while sounds play as the level materializes in front of the player.
Ultimate Wizard IIUltimate WizardCommodore 641986GoogleActionProgressive Peripherals & SoftwareElectronic Arts, Inc.This updated version of Wizard is a platform-style game which was likened to Epyx's Jumpman. Your character is the Ultimate Wizard. You must face dark enemies as you move through the bricks, ladders, staircases of the game. Cast spells to destroy them, or otherwise avoid them using levitation arrows or other magic. When you Wizard finds the key and places it in the keyhole, he is finished for that level, but soon the next level will appear while sounds play as the level materializes in front of the player.
Under a Killing MoonTex MurphyMS-DOS1994GoogleAdventureAccess Software, Inc.Access Software, Inc.It is December of the year 2042. The world is still recovering from the disastrous consequences of the World War III. Radioactivity has turned many humans into mutants, and the gap between those and the "norms" (non-affected humans) is growing wider. Certain places in the world have retained the feel and the charm of the old times - among those is the Old San Francisco. There, the private investigator Tex Murphy is trying to deal with unemployment, upcoming poverty, and his melancholic mood following his divorce. After solving a simple robbery case, Tex attracts the attention of a mysterious woman who calls herself Countess Renier, and is hired by her to find a missing statuette. Things gradually begin to go wrong in this investigation, and Tex finds himself involved in a confrontation with a powerful and dangerous secret cult. Under A Killing Moon is the third game in the Tex Murphy series of adventures, and a sequel to Martian Memorandum. The game is notable for its use of detailed, texture-mapped 3D graphics during a time when pre-rendered visuals were still the standard in the genre. Uncommonly for adventure games, Under A Killing Moon allows full maneuverability. The player can rotate the camera, change the viewing angle, zoom in and out, etc.; it is even possible to look for clues underneath desks, chairs, etc. Inventory-based puzzles are relatively rare in the game, and the emphasis of the gameplay is placed primarily on exploration, conversations featuring extended topics and choices, and self-contained logical puzzles. Other features include an online hint system (that decreases the player's score with each use), extensive support for additional sound and music devices, and full-motion video technology: cutscenes and much of the dialogue are presented as movies with real actors.
UnderwurldeUnderwurldeCommodore 641984GooglePlatformGrant HarrisonUltimate Play the GameSabreman’s second game (following Sabre Wulf and preceding Knight Lore and Pentagram) finds him trapped in an underground cavern network, split into nearly 600 side-viewed screens. There are three ways to escape, each protected by a guardian who can be killed using one of the three major weapons you can locate – a dagger, a torch and a knife.
Vampire: The Masquerade: BloodlinesVampire the MasqueradeWindows2004GoogleAction, Role-PlayingTroikaActivisionAs a recently sired vampire, you must traverse the dark world of modern day Los Angeles - from raver clubs and the secret underground caverns of Downtown to seedy hotels and exclusive mansions on Hollywood's infamous Sunset Strip. Embark on a variety of story-driven quests as you explore an open world filled with side missions, multiple pathways and characters to interact with. Yours is a living world, even though you cease to be. • Get sucked into the streets of Los Angeles where the options are endless and the dangers are boundless • Witness the destructive power of your weapons, including guns, swords and supernatural vampire powers, in next-gen first person and third person gameplay • Interact with mortals and other vampires in a world that reacts to clan, gender and dialogue in this deep, immersive RPG. • Choose to swear allegiance to 1 of 7 different clans, then use an array of vampire powers to complete quests and gain experience.
Vampire: The Masquerade: RedemptionVampire the MasqueradeWindows2000GoogleAdventure, Role-PlayingNihilistic SoftwareActivisionIn the game's storyline, the protagonist Christof Romuald falls in love with Anezka, a nun who tends his wounds after he suffers an arrow wound in battle. At the insistence of the Archbishop of the city, Christof, not fully recovered, ventures into the Bonn silver mines (near Prague) to kill Ahzra The Unliving, a twisted Tzimisce Vampire. His glorious return to Prague doesn't go unnoticed by the local Vampire leaders, and soon he is "embraced" (turned into a Vampire) by Ecaterina The Wise, leader of the Brujah clan, to boost the ranks of Vampires in preparation for a brewing battle between Vampire clans. Having been made one of the undead, the passionate crusader has to realize that he deviated from his religious mission long ago; being only a mundane soldier, he was easy prey for the Vampires to be either killed or embraced. His rebellious nature, however, urges him to find a way to redeem his soul, perhaps by regaining his mortal state. But before long, in a move designed to torment Christof (in retaliation for dispatching Ahzra), the nun is kidnapped and turned into a ghoul, a servitor to Vampires addicted to Vampire blood. This changes Christof's part in the course of events, since he is now being wracked with guilt as he feels his affection towards Anezka led her down a path of sin. Christof swears to face the Vampires who took her and restore her Humanity.
Warcraft II: EditionWarcraftWindows1999GoogleAction, Adventure, StrategyBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard EntertainmentThe Kingdom of Azeroth was relatively peaceful and ruled by King Llane. That was until a powerful mage named Medivh commanded forces that opened up a portal in the Swamp of Sorrow, leading to another world. This ushered in the Age of Chaos, as Orcs were summoned to this world and attempted to establish an empire. As the Orcish hordes swarmed from the portal, they met with the Humans of Azeroth and mighty battles ensued. Six years have now passed since the first war between man and orc and the battles for the kingdoms of the World of Warcraft are far from being over... Warcraft II: Edition contains both Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, and the expansion - Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness The First War brought the Fall of Azeroth, following the Orc campaign in Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. The survivors of Azeroth have fled by sea to the Human kingdom of Lordaeron, and with the conquest of the kingdom of Azeroth in the first war, the orcs are now preparing for an invasion of Lordaeron to conquer the remaining human, dwarven and elvish realms. In an effort to counter this invasion the humans, elves and dwarves have formed an alliance in the hope to avert the same fate the kingdom of Azeroth met. Both sides have acquired allies and new capabilities, including naval and air units, and more powerful spellcasters. This will become known as The Second War. Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal After destroying the mystic gate into Azeroth, the Humans discover that the rift which allows the Orcs passage into their world still exists. Human forces must now venture beyond the Dark Portal into orcish lands to put an end to the threat of yet another invasion by the hordes. Warcraft II: is a fantasy-themed real-time strategy (RTS) game published by Blizzard Entertainment and first released for DOS in 1995 and for Mac OS in 1996. The main game, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, earned enthusiastic reviews, won most of the major PC gaming awards in 1996, and sold over 2 million copies. Later in 1996 Blizzard released an expansion pack Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal for DOS and Mac OS, and a compilation Warcraft II: The Dark Saga for the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The Edition, released in 1999, provided Blizzard's online gaming service,, and replaced the MS-DOS version with a Windows one. Warcraft II allows players to play against AI opponents in separate Human and Orc campaigns, and in stand-alone scenarios. Most of the campaign missions follow the pattern "collect resources, build buildings and units, destroy opponents". However, some have other objectives, such as rescuing troops or forts, or escorting important characters through enemy territory. Players must collect resources, and produce buildings and units in order to defeat an opponent in combat on the ground, in the air and in some maps at sea. The more advanced combat units are produced at the same buildings as the basic units but also need the assistance of other buildings, or must be produced at buildings that have prerequisite buildings. The majority of the main screen shows the part of the territory on which the player is currently operating, and the minimap can select another location to appear in the larger display. The fog of war completely hides all territory which the player has not explored, and shows only terrain but hides opponents' units and buildings if none of the player's units are present. The game's map editor allows players to develop scenarios for use in multiplayer contests and against AI opponents.
Warcraft: Orcs & HumansWarcraftMS-DOS1994GoogleStrategyBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard EntertainmentThe Kingdom of Azeroth was relatively peaceful and ruled by King Llane. That was until a powerful mage named Medivh commanded forces that opened up a portal in the Swamp of Sorrow, leading to another world. This ushered in the Age of Chaos, as Orcs were summoned to this world and attempted to establish an empire. As the Orcish hordes swarmed from the portal, they met with the Humans of Azeroth and battles ensured. Peaceful co-existence is not an option. Only one race will attain dominance over the land. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is the first real-time fantasy strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. By playing either the Humans or the Orcs in this saga, two separate story lines evolve with 12 scenarios per side telling the tale of the battle for Azeroth. Players must mine gold and chop wood in order to construct buildings and create new units. From swords to sorcery, all the elements of classic fantasy are here to explore: rich forests, dark dungeons and bubbling swamps await the stalwart troops amassed to fight for dominance. Command many unique armies and creatures including Knights, Archers, Clerics, Warlocks, Daemons, Elementals, and Necromancers who are able to raise the dead. The multiplayer aspects of the game allow 2 players to challenge one another on over 20 custom maps and determine who is the supreme warlord. Head to head play is supported over modem, serial link, and IPX networks, and works cross-platform between the IBM-PC and Macintosh versions.
WarGamesWarGamesCommodore 641984GoogleActionColecoColecoGreetings, Professor Falken. Shall we play a game?  This strategic game is based on the popular 1983 movie of the same name, starring Matthew Broderick. It might remind people of Missile Command but the action is slower and spread over six screens which represent different areas of the U.S.A. Enemy missiles, planes, and subs will attack and you must direct your own forces, which include missiles, planes, subs, and satellites, to intercept them. Each type of defense has strengths and weaknesses (missiles are fast but limited in range, planes are slower but have unlimited range). Satellites are a better all-around defense but are only available every so often. Some weapons aren't available in certain areas, and some enemies are resistant to certain weapons, so you must alter your strategy accordingly.
WarlordsWarlords seriesMS-DOS1990GoogleStrategySSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.SSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.The first in the Warlords series. Basically, your mission is world domination. This may be played between up to 8 people all on the same machine. It is a medieval type strategy game that requires the player to control 80 cities in the realm of Illuria. In order to do so you must wipe out your 7 opponents. Gold is accrued through the ownership of cities. The gold is then used to create armies. Heroes can sometimes "find" things or be rewarded by sages (there are only 2 and it's a first come first served basis). You can choose between various human and non-human peoples, as well as the ubiquitous evil Warlord. This is a very early version of what strategy games eventually became.
Warlords BattlecryWarlords Battlecry seriesWindows2000GoogleStrategyStrategic StudiesSSiWhen Navarre and Lucifus, the white and red "tears" fell from the heavens, the world is forever changed. Navarre, the white tear, is a magical stone with ability to give life, while Lucifus, the red tear, has the ability to give death. Humans, Dwarves, Barbarians, Minotaurs, Undead, High Elves, Wood Elves, and Dark Elves, each want the two tears for themselves. War is sweeping the land. Those who possess either (or both) will gain great power... or bring great suffering. Will you walk the path of light, or head down the path of darkness? Warlords: Battlecry is the long-awaited attempt to bring the tactical diversity and rich background of Warlords, a turn-based wargame franchise, into the real-time strategy world. You have heroes leading your armies. The heroes can gain experience and skills in various areas, all of them enhancing neary armies or improve one or other aspects, such as finding more resources, making certian units cheaper to create, resisting enemy magic attacks, and so on. With dozens of skills, hundreds of units, eight different factions to choose from (each of them are quite different with VERY different strengths and weaknesses), and lots of different maps to choose from. Winning will NOT be determined by who click the fastest but rather by who can build the right units the fastest and deploy them best.
Warlords Battlecry IIWarlords Battlecry seriesWindows2002GoogleConstruction and Management Simulation, StrategySSGUbisoftThe world of Etheria is in a state of war. Choose your race, and lead them through the world to claim each area as your own. Use all of the elements available to you: hand-to-hand combat, magic and monsters. This fantasy real time strategy title takes races of all different sizes and strengths and sticks them all on one land that you must fight for. The land is split into territories, and each territory represents a level of the game. Simply fight your way through each level, developing your clans strenghts along the way, and take control of Etheria.
Warlords Battlecry IIIWarlords Battlecry seriesWindows2004GoogleConstruction and Management Simulation, StrategyInfinite InteractiveEnlight SoftwareThe Campaign is a mixture of an overhead strategic map with real-time gameplay. Departing from the system used in Warlords Battlecry II, which consisted of a Risk-style board with territories, Warlords Battlecry III divides the world of Etheria into numerous locations (mostly cities) that players travel between, with various events at each. Almost all of the map locations have missions to play, some of which are not readily visible until other missions have been completed, as well as shops, academies, and/or mercenaries for hire.
Warlords II DeluxeWarlords seriesMS-DOS1995GoogleStrategySSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.SSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.Warlords II Deluxe is an eight player game of conquest and empire. Different worlds are provided as a stage for your ambitions, and as a test of your capabilities. In the quest for final victory, you will assemble vast armies, conquer and loot mighty cities, undertake perilous quests, make and break alliances and wield magical artifacts of great power. Warlords II Deluxe is a sequel to the best selling Warlords II and boasts a wide range of additions and improvements. As well as the game itself, Warlords II Deluxe contains an improved version of the Warlords II Scenario Builder and a number of new scenarios.
Warlords III: Darklords RisingWarlords seriesWindows1998GoogleStrategyBroderbundRed Orb EntertainmentWarlords III: Darklords Rising is an improved or gold version of the 1997 release Warlords III: Reign of Heroes. It has the same graphics and interface with more campaigns, scenarios, units, spells, and heroes. The game also includes all the campaigns and scenarios from Reign of Heroes and has a map/scenario editor. Gameplay is all about creating army stacks, which can contain up to 8 units, and combining the right bonuses. You then use your armies to conquer cities. These cities produce your units and give you the gold to fund your campaign. Armies can be lead by a hero, but it's not absolutely necessary. You can use your heroes to search interesting sites like caves and monoliths. Also your heroes can accept subquests to raise their experience. The game focuses only on big battles; there is no micro management in this game. When two armies meet, the battle is executed automatically. Warlords lacks Heroes of Might & Magic's tactical combat.
WaxWorksWaxWorksMS-DOS1992GoogleAdventure, Role-PlayingHorror Soft, Ltd.Accolade, Inc.As a child, you were never taught of your family's dark secret - a whole history of 'evil twins' doing Satan's work on Earth, and 'good twins' attempting to put this right. Your uncle informs you of this shortly before his death, and after travelling to his castle you find that you must travel through time to correct these wrongdoings. Through a range of murals at your uncle's house, various past scenes must be entered, with more becoming available as you complete them. In each you must find and kill your demented relative in time. WaxWorks is a hybrid game that combines elements of role-playing and adventure. The player explores maze-like locations, manipulating objects and solving puzzles. Enemies appear from time to time and must be defeated using the various weapons found in the game. The player receives experience points and fathers equipment in a RPG fashion in each WaxWork; however, completing one negates these effects, and the protagonist becomes more defenseless in the next location. The game's controls are point and click, with the interface allowing the player to examine and collect items, select a weapon, and attack potential foes by striking at a particular part of their body.
Wheel of FortuneWheel of FortuneCommodore 641987GooglePuzzleSharedataGameTekA very basic translation of the popular game show Wheel Of Fortune, where you guess letters until you can guess the phrase. This CGA version has three old-school rounds of Wheel of Fortune (where the puzzles are simply "Phrase", "Title", "Person", etc.) and then a bonus round. You can compete against 2 computer players or up to three people can play against each other.
Where in the USA is Carmen SandiegoWhere in the USA is Carmen SandiegoCommodore 641987GoogleStrategyKen BullBrøderbund Software, Inc.As a detective, the player must hunt down Carmen Sandiego's henchmen, who have stolen outrageous items that are important in US history and heritage. Using clues, the player will follow the henchmen from city to city.
Wing CommanderWing CommanderMS-DOS1990GoogleAction, Flight SimulatorORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.Wingleader One! Wingleader One! Bogies all around! Can't shake 'em! "Hold on, Hunter, I'm on my way!..." You're a starfighter pilot, the best of the best, but nothing in your training prepared you for action this hot. Deepspace dogfights against Kilrathi aces are deadly, and the future of humanity is on the line each time you fly! Wing Commander puts you in the middle of the most intense starship action you've ever experienced outside of a movie theater. But in Wing Commander, you're the star! Experience ORIGIN's amazing new-state-of-the-art computer graphics and sound system. Marvel at the detailed, ray-traced, bit-mapped images in ORIGIN's cutting-edge 3-D technology. Thrill to the dynamic soundtrack that senses the action on-screen and alters the pacing, tempo, and mood of the music to match! Advance in rank while piloting one of four unique Terran spacefighters against a deadly array of enemy ships. See the action from all angles using Wing Commander's player controlled camera. Count on your wingman, a skilled pilot, thanks to the advanced Wing Commander artificial intelligence system, but don't get cocky. The enemy flies intelligently too! Play individual missions for fun or join in an elaborate campaign designed to test your reflexes and strategic skills
Wing Commander & Wing Commander II -- Twin PackWing CommanderMS-DOS1994GoogleShooter, Action, Sci-fiORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.This digitally distributed game collection includes: Wing Commander (game) Wing Commander: The Secret Missions (add-on) Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2 - Crusade (add-on) Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi (game) Wing Commander II: Special Operations 1 (add-on) Wing Commander II: Special Operations 2 (add-on) The initial GoG release included only the first two base games, the inclusion of add-on missions was made over a year later.
Wing Commander III: Heart of the TigerWing CommanderMS-DOS1994GoogleFlight Simulator, ShooterORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.The First True Interactive Movie for your Home PC Professionally scripted and filmed in Hollywood, ORIGIN's multi-million dollar production combines the entertainment of film-making with the interactivity of computer gaming. The result is a spectacular spaceflight adventure. Adrenaline, romance, humor, danger — Wing Commander III has all this and more. This sequel completes the turbulent chronicles of the Terran-Kilrathi war. The final showdown takes place on one of the homeworlds — Earth or Kilrah. But only you can write the ending ... - Ensemble cast features Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, Tom Wilson, Jason Bernard and Ginger Allen. - Interact with characters to control plot, conversation path and ending. - Fifty intense missions — each with photorealistic, 3-D space combat. - Full 16-bit digital soundtrack for cinematics, plus general MIDI support and digitized speech for space combat. - 32-bit computer technology fully utilizes the power of your 486 or Pentium™. - Explore SGI-rendered virtual sets in both VGA and SVGA. - Invisible cockpit view, 3-D navigation system, stealth technology, instant missions and more. - Pilot five distinct fighters, armed with fully configurable weaponry. - Play directly from CD — over 3 hours of live-action video, plus dozens of hours of gameplay.
Wing Commander IV: The Price of FreedomWing CommanderMS-DOS1996GoogleAction, Flight Simulator, ShooterORIGIN Systems, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.Believe it - the BEST interactive movie has just gotten BETTER! The Kilrathi war may be over, but back home nothing is the same. There's trouble in the Border Worlds. Civil War seems imminent. You have to decide how to save the Confederation — or if it should be saved at all! The latest epic adventure in the Wing Commander saga applies improved cinematic techniques and photo-realistic graphics to a story of intrigue, betrayal and death. Never before has Hollywood been so completely under your control. - Ensemble cast of favorites, including Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies and Tom Wilson (as Maniac) - Enhanced movie quality, including panning camera and detailed Hollywood studio sets - Shot on film! - Runs under Win 95 with a DOS reboot - Completely woven story featuring old friends and new comrades - Photo-realistic textures on all ships - Enhanced interactivity both in and out of the cockpit — plus greater control of missions and drama - Digital music throughout the game - 16-bit movies with Dolby® surround sound - Better-than-ever gameplay - Full screen view for enhanced visibility
Wing Commander Privateer (CD-ROM)Wing Commander PrivateerMS-DOS1994GoogleAction, Flight SimulatorORIGIN Systems, Inc.ORIGIN Systems, Inc.The CD-ROM version of Wing Commander: Privateer is similar to the original but actually features the following products: Wing Commander: Privateer Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous Fire Digitized speech for every character, a feature which expands on what was available in the Wing Commander: Privateer - Speech Pack On the fringe of Human space, near the Kilrathi border, the industrial machine is running full-tilt to feed the war effort, and there is a lot of shipping - but also a lot of pirates, Retros (religious fanatics who want to destroy technology), military, militia, merchants, mercenaries, and privateers. In the darkness, a battle between ships has woken up something ancient, powerful, and deadly. Wing Commander: Privateer is a space trading and combat simulation. The player assumes the role of a privateer. Start with the lowly scout, and upgrade to one of the three other superior ships: Galaxy (superior cargo space), Orion (superior protection), or Centurion (superior offense). Buy optional equipment such as armor, engines, shields, weapons, launchers for torpedoes/missiles, and more. Take on missions (multiple sources, from the cheapest mission computer, to fixers who has the toughest but most rewarding missions) and earn money for upgrades. Use spare cargo room to trade commodities to further add to the account. Missions can vary from search and destroy to Fedex (i.e. delivery) to bounty hunting, and more. The game is set in the Wing Commander universe, but is more of a free-form game similar to Elite. While there is a central plot, the player can deviate from it somewhat and can continue playing the game after completing the main story missions. Righteous Fire is an add-on disk for Wing Commander: Privateer. It adds a new plot line with the religious zealot "Retros" out for conquest, along with more weapons and goodies to buy for the spaceship. It is also included on the Privateer CD-ROM.
Wing Commander: ProphecyWing CommanderWindows1997GoogleAction, Flight SimulatorORIGIN Systems, Inc.Electronic Arts, Inc.It has been some twelve years since the destruction of Kilrah, the Kilrathi homeworld. The Terran Confederation, slowly demobilizing and reorganizing its military assets, has settled on a new strategy: building several Midway-class megacarriers, brainchild of Navy Commodore Christopher Blair. These new carriers, over a kilometer long, carry all the hardware and weaponry of a Kilrathi-War-era carrier battle group. The first one, the Midway herself, is undergoing her shakedown cruise, with Blair along for the ride. Before this, though, the player is treated to a CGI video of a bizarre rupture in space in the Kilrah system: the first of the Nephilim invaders. The game's titular prophecy involves the coming of these alien invaders, who shall arrive only after "one who has the heart of a Kilrathi, but who is not Kilrathi-born," conquers the felinoid warrior race. The player takes the role of 2nd Lieutenant Lance Casey, son of the venerable Major Michael "Iceman" Casey from Wing Commander I.
Winter GamesWinter GamesCommodore 641985GoogleSportsAction GraphicsU.S. Gold Ltd.Compete in many different sporting events like: Ski Jump, Hot Dog, Biathlon, Bobsled, Free Skating, Figure Skating and more.
WitchavenWitchavenMS-DOS1995GoogleAction, Role-PlayingCapstone SoftwareIntraCorp Inc.Grondoval, a knight from the land of Stazhia, has been just chosen to travel to the forbidding Island of Char. An evil witch named Illwhyrin has cast a curse of never-ending darkness on Stazhia, and built her lair, the Witchaven, on the island, sacrificing the few foolish humans who dare venture there. The witch's present goal is to remove a magical barrier known as the Veil, which serves as a portal to the world of demons. Should she succeed, unspeakable evil shall arrive and consume the world. Grondoval must defeat Illwhyrin's demonic minions, reach the core of Witchaven, and defeat her. Based on 3D Realms' Build engine, Witchaven is a first-person fantasy slasher akin to Heretic, with the addition of a simple role-playing experience and level system: the player accumulates experience from killing monsters and acquiring items, so as to become more powerful (with seven experience levels altogether). The weapons include knives, swords, bows, morning stars, battle axes, throwing axes, and halberds. Spells such as Scare, Night Vision, Fly, Fireball, and Nuke, are available via scrolls found during exploration, although the more powerful spells require that the player character has attained a certain experience level (for example, Nuke, which disintegrates opponents, requires the hero to be level five to cast). Scattered around the levels are potions which grant the protagonist such boons as healing, invisibility and strength.
WizardWizardCommodore 641984GooglePlatformProgressive Peripherals & SoftwareAriolasoftWizard is a puzzle game with arcade action elements. The premise of the game is to run around the screen collecting various treasures for points, avoiding monsters. The player character must find the key, which gives him the ability to cast magic spells such as fireballs or teleportation, and also unlocks the exit to the next level. Each level takes up the full screen and has its own unique hazards, such as arrows which transport the protagonist quickly, and blocks which are removed when stepped on. The game features six difficulty and nine speed settings. A level designer is included. The Game and level creator utility would later be upgraded and reworked into Wizard Ultimate and additional levels would be released in Wizard Expert and other related titles.
Wizard IIWizardCommodore 641984PlatformSean A. Moore56 levels that were never commercially released. The last level is a joke and wasn't intended to be completed. You can cast levitate or feather fall while dying to save yourself. Comes with a level editor to make your own Wizard games.
Wizard of WorWizard of WorCommodore 641982GoogleActionBally MidwayCommodore JapanWizard of Wor is an arcade shooter played from a top-down point of view.  The player controls a warrior who is trapped in a dungeon. The goal is to earn as many points as possible by shooting the numerous enemy creatures which wander about the maze like corridors. The creatures wander about at various speeds, may shoot darts at the player, and some even have the ability to disappear temporarily. At the bottom of the screen the player has a radar which can be used to locate creatures that are invisible.
Wizard WarzWizard WarzCommodore 641987GoogleAdventureCanvas SoftwareU.S. GoldWizard Warz is an overhead view action game with very light role-playing elements. The player starts of as an apprentice wizard whose goal is to defeat seven master wizards and become the chief wizard himself. To accomplish that he must return six treasures to their rightful owners and find more powerful spells.   The wizard starts with four minor spells of the player's choice, and can acquire new ones during the course of the game. The gameplay focuses on exploring wilderness areas and fighting monsters. Enemies have their own strengths and weaknesses to the wizard's offensive magical barrage, so choosing the right spell against the right foe is usually the key to success. The wizard can also summon a familiar to help him on his mission. For example, having a crow will extend the player's viewing distance.
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordWizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordCommodore 641981GoogleRole-PlayingSir-tech Software, Inc.Sir-tech Software, Inc.The Mad Overlord Trebor was once only power-mad, but went off the deep end after he acquired a magical amulet of immense power, only to have it stolen from him by his nemesis, the evil archmage Werdna. Werdna, not quite sure how to use the amulet properly, accidentally causes an earthquake which creates a ten-level dungeon beneath Trebor's castle. To avoid looking silly, Werdna declares the dungeon to be the new lair for him and his monster hordes. Trebor, not to be outdone, declares the labyrinth his new Proving Grounds where adventurers must prove themselves for membership in his elite honor guard, and incidentally retrieve his amulet in the process.  The first Wizardry was one of the original dungeon-crawling role-playing games, and stands along with Ultima and Might & Magic as one of the defining staples of the genre.  The player generates and control a party of up to six different adventurers, choosing from four races (humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes and hobbits), three alignments (good, neutral and evil), and four basic classes (fighter, priest, mage and thief). These can later evolve into elite classes (bishop: priest with mage spells; samurai: fighter with mage spells; lord: fighter with priest spells, and ninja: fighter with thief abilities) if they meet the necessary level requirements. After outfitting the party with basic weapons and armor, the player sends it into a 3D vector maze-like dungeon to fight monsters in turn-based combat and find treasure
WizballWizballCommodore 641987GoogleShooterSensible SoftwareMindscape, Inc.The theme of Wizball is unique. It is a horizontally-scrolling game, which involves navigating around a landscape and shooting at sprites. However, the aim of the game is to collect droplets of coloured paint to colour the level. Each level starts off as monochromatic, drawn in three shades of grey, and needs three colours to be collected to complete it. The player, a wizard who has taken the form of a green ball, has access to three levels at a time, and can navigate between them through portals. Each level has droplets of a different primary colour which may be collected. At the same time, each level needs a different colour to be added, which can be composed by collecting sufficient quantities of the correct primary colours.  The C64 version of the game game was highly praised in Zzap!64 magazine getting a score of 96%, as well as 8/10 in Commodore User.
Wolfenstein 3DWolfenstein 3DMS-DOS1992GoogleAction, Shooterid Software, Inc.Apogee Software, Ltd.Wolfenstein 3D is an episodic first-person shooter and a follow-up to the top-down infiltration game Castle Wolfenstein. The game puts the player in the boots of B.J. Blazkowicz, an allied spy. There are six episodes: the first distributed complete as shareware; the second and the third available after registration; and the three final missions (which happen before the events of the first episode) available in the Nocturnal Missions pack. In the first episode (Escape from Wolfenstein), B.J. is captured, but overpowers a guard with the help of a concealed knife and manages to get out of his cell. Throughout the next nine levels the player guides B.J. searching for an escape from Wolfenstein, guarded by Hans Grosse. After returning to Allied territory, B.J. is given the instructions to Operation: Eisenfaust, where he has to stop Dr. Schabbs and his army of mutant prototypes before they are released into the battlefields. The final mission (Die, Führer, Die!) has a simple goal: infiltrate the bunker under the Reichstag, and terminate Hitler (in a robotic suit) himself. The Nocturnal Missions are focused on the Nazi plans for chemical warfare, and start with Dark Secret, where B.J. hunts for lead researcher Dr. Otto Giftmacher. It's followed by Trail of the Madman, where the goal is capturing the war plans guarded by Gretel Grosse, and the final episode Confrontation, where B.J. meets General Fettgesicht, the planner for the chemical assault. Each episode has nine levels (eight regular and a final boss level), plus a secret level activated by an hidden switch somewhere in the eight first levels. Regular levels often feature a maze-like appearance or large areas with many enemies (the number of them on each area depends on the difficulty level), where the player must reach the exit elevator. To do so, he must kill the enemies (while it's possible to move behind the guards' backs and even there's a slight bonus in attacking them from behind, most enemies have to be dealt with by fire power), and depending on the level, activate "push walls" and/or get silver and golden keys to open certain doors. Many objects can be found in a level, from medikits, chicken meals, and even dog food (to restore health), ammo and treasures, which solely exist for points. There are four weapons (knife, pistol, machine gun and Gatling), all of them using the same bullets except the knife. The knife and the pistol are given at the start of the level, while the machine gun is either found (usually in secret areas) or picked up from SS troopers, and the Gatling is always dropped somewhere in the level. There are five kinds of enemies (excluding bosses) - Dogs (fast, but more a nuisance than life-threatening), Army Soldiers (dressed in regular brown outfit, not very powerful but usually found in large groups), Officers (dressed in white, armed with a very accurate pistol and tough to kill), SS Troopers (blue attire, armed with a machine gun and tough to kill), and Mutants (the rarest and toughest of regular enemies, pale-skinned troopers with green clothes and a machine gun stuck in their chest). The player character has a number of lives; once he loses the last life, the game ends. To win extra lives, the player has to either find the 1-up item in the level or get 20,000 points (by killing enemies and capturing treasures or completing a level below the 'par' time while killing all enemies, finding all secrets by pushing walls, and collecting all treasure points).
World Class Leader BoardWorld Class Leader BoardCommodore 641987GoogleSportsAccess Software, Inc.Access Software, Inc.Now you have the opportunity to play the same courses that have challenged golf’s greatest legends. WORLD CLASS LEADERBOARD features three famous 18-hole golf courses and each hole authentically reproduces the distance, traps, trees, rough and water hazards of:  -St. Andrews - The Most Revered Course in Golf -Doral Country Club - The Florida Blue Monster -Cypress Creek - The Largest and the Finest   The fourth course, designed specifically for “WORLD CLASS” is the “GAUNTLET COUNTRY CLUB”. Only those who have mastered the best courses in the world should expect to come close to par at “THE GAUNTLET”.  “WORLD CLASS” will challenge you with the same strategy and option decisions you face in your real game. And because the look and feel are so life-like, it may improve your actual golf game as well! Often sold with World Class Leaderboard: Famous Courses of the World 1, 2 and 3
World Karate ChampionshipWorld Karate ChampionshipCommodore 641986GoogleFightingArcher MacLeanSystem 3 Software Ltd.The core game is a two-dimensional, one-on-one, versus fighting game. Players take on the roles of martial artists competing in a kumite tournament. Rather than wearing down an opponent's health, the goal is instead to score single solid hits. After each hit, combat stops and both combatants are returned to their starting positions. Depending on how well players hit their opponent, they score either a half-point or a full point. Matches can be quite brief, as only two full points are required to win, and a point can be quickly scored just seconds after a round begins.
X-COM: UFO DefenseX-COMMS-DOS1994GoogleStrategyMythos Games Ltd.MicroProse Software, Inc.In the year 1998, the amount of reports of UFO sightings has been drastically increased. Stories about abductions and alien attacks became more and more widespread. Finally, after various nations of the world have failed to intercept the UFOs, their representatives met in a conference of global importance in Geneva, Switzerland. It was eventually decided to organize a secret paramilitary group, dubbed Extraterrestrial Combat Unit (X-COM). Starting with one base, two fighters, one transport, and a few soldiers, X-COM must locate the aliens, learn about their origins and technology, find out where their base is, and destroy it. X-COM: UFO Defense is a strategy game featuring separate but interlinked elements. On the strategic side, called GeoScape, you get a rotating view of the globe, where you see all visible UFOs (those that are within your detection range) as well as major cities and your base(s). You order movements from here, such as sending out fighters to intercept UFOs, transports with soldiers to assault/recover UFOs, and perhaps assaults on alien bases (if you find any). You also control your research, as you must invent better weapons (the Terran weapons are just no match against the alien weapons) quickly, not to mention all the other cool tech you can recover from the aliens. You also need to control your budget, as you can't afford to overextend your reach. Researchers need to be paid, engineers (who build the new toys) need to be paid, base(s) need to be be built/expanded, planes need to be bought/maintained, supplies need to be replenished, and so on. You can earn money by selling unneeded stuff, and you receive funding from the nations of the world; however, a nation can decrease its funding if it decides you aren't operating efficiently enough within its region. It's even possible that a nation gets so fed up with you that it signs a pact with the aliens and ceases funding altogether. Once you join a ground battle, the game switches to Battlescape, which is an isometric view of the battlefield with realistic line-of-sight calculations and turn-based combat. Your mission is usually extermination of all aliens on the battlefield, though if you can capture a few it would surely help your research efforts. If you win, you also recover any alien artifacts left on the field, which can then be researched. In combat, each of your soldiers has a specific number of Time Units. Doing anything (moving, shooting, turning around, rearranging objects in the inventory etc.) costs a number of TUs. Once a soldier is out of TUs, he cannot act any more this turn (he gets all his TUs back on the next turn, though).
XenophobeXenophobeCommodore 641989GoogleShooterBally Midway Mfg Co.Micro StyleXenos. The very name strikes fear into every colonist's heart. A distress call is received from space stations orbiting your homeworld, then silence. A single ship escapes, piloted by a battered man who tells the tale of pods that hatch into acid-spitting Xenos. A small band of engineers has been dispatched to combat the Xeno threat before it takes over all the space stations and, eventually, your homeworld.   Xenophobe is a side-scrolling shooter with platform elements. Assemble your band of engineers and fight the Xenos on each station, striving to either clear it or abandon it. You start out with a standard issue laser, but can pick up additional weapons as you find them, including Phasers, Lightning Rifles, Poofer guns, and bombs.
XybotsXybotsCommodore 641989GoogleShooterAtari Games CorporationDomark Ltd.Xybots is a sci-fi shooter with pseudo-3D environments explored from a third-person perspective. The game can be played by one or two players; the two-player mode takes place on a split screen. The hero(es) must move through a series of Gauntlet-style underground mazes, killing the bad guys and collecting health and other bonuses from flying saucers. It's designed to be played co-operatively, although bullets from one player can harm the other.  The Xybots are out to stop the protagonists, and many have advanced attack patterns as well as bullets to fire at them. Being able to view round corners is useful, allowing the player to plan a strategy - often it's good to send one player forward and let the other play the waiting game, similarly to the tactics often employed in Gauntlet.
Yars' RevengeYars' RevengeAtari 26001982GoogleShooterAtariAtarin Yars' Revenge, your goal is to destroy the Qotile laser-base which is located on the right side of the screen behind a shield. You control the fly-like Yar, which can destroy the shield piece by piece by either shooting it or running into it. Once the shield is down, you will need to use the Zorlon cannon to destroy the Qotile. The Zorlon cannon is located on the left side of the screen, and when fired can destroy the Qotile with a direct hit. The Qotile isn't completely unarmed against your attacks, however. Wandering around the screen is a destroyer missile, which will constantly be homing in on your Yar. This missile can not be destroyed, however you can temporarily hide from it in a shield which runs vertically in the center of the screen. The Yar will be unable to fire when hiding in the shield so you can't stay there indefinitely! The Qotiles second weapon is a swirl which it will randomly fire at you and should be dodged. When you finally destroy the Qotile you can move on to the next, faster round of gameplay. Several game variations are included which control the difficulty and speed of the game.
Zork II: The Wizard of FrobozzZorkMS-DOS1982GoogleAdventureInfocom, Inc.Infocom, Inc.The Wizard appears, floating nonchalantly in the air beside you. He grins sideways at you. The Wizard incants "Fantasize," but nothing happens. He shakes the wand. Nothing happens. With a slightly embarassed glance in your direction, he vanishes. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED WHEN YOU TAKE ON ZORK II: THE WIZARD OF FROBOZZ. As you explore the subterranean realm of Zork, you'll continually be confronted with new surprises. Chief among these is the Wizard himself, who'll constantly endeavor to confound you with his capricious powers. But more than that, you'll face a challenge the likes of which you've never experienced before. Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz is a text adventure, a sequel to the classic first Zork. Once again, the game is set in the Great Underground Empire, but this time the main goal is to face off against the titular Wizard. Like its predecessor, Zork II plays like any other text adventure: there are no graphics - only text - and the player types commands such as "lift cage" or "examine robot".
Zork III: The Dungeon MasterZorkMS-DOS1983GoogleAdventureInfocom, Inc.Infocom, Inc.In the third game of the adventure game series Zork, you are once again a nameless adventurer, only this time you won't travel through a beautiful magical land, but are immediately cast into a deep dungeon. Like in a dream, you hear a mysterious voice telling you that you have passed all the tests but one. When consciousness returns to you, you find yourself on the endless spiral of stairs, with only your trusty lantern near you... will you be able to survive the horrors of the Dungeon? Like its predecessors, Zork III: The Dungeon Master is a text adventure game. You read descriptions of rooms and then interact with the game by typing commands. As all early Zork games, it is very easy to get stuck in the game, so you'll have to reload several times in order to find the correct way.
Zork: The Great Underground EmpireZorkMS-DOS1989InfocomActivisionYou’re on the threshold of a whole new experience, for ahead of you is the extraordinary anthology of the Great Underground Empire. Once you step through the door to Zork, you leave the world of arcade games and trite fantasies behind and enter the dimension of your imagination. Every plot, every puzzle, every personality has been honed and perfected to make your experience uniquely realistic and involving. The Zork saga is text adventuring at its finest. Welcome to the Underground. Your greatest challenge lies ahead – and downwards.The pack includes Zork I, Zork II, Zork III, Beyond Zork, Zork Zero, and Planetfall. Twisted humour served with an intriguing history of an absurd world. Humorous and abstract solutions to incredible puzzles.

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