Oddities and things to remember for my Windows 10 installs.

Disable Thumbs.db creation

This works for both versions, but Windows 10 Pro supports the local policy editor, whereas the Home Edition needs a registry entry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
<include empty line here>

Why? Windows locks these damn files and on my network shares I can't delete folders consistently.

Enable administrator mode execution to see network shares:

From http://www.winability.com/how-to-make-elevated-programs-recognize-network-drives/

and create a new DWORD entry with the name EnableLinkedConnections and value 1

Worked on various utilities that manipulate files.

Quick way to remove common prefix from files.

Match the previx abcd with the number of slashes as in the example below:

 rename "abcd*.txt" "////*.txt"

Simple enough.

Split a directory of files into subfolders for each filename (without prefix) and move files to new folders.

rem Change to folder specified as argument.
rem if need to remove prefix, do something like this first:
rem rename "(Video Review) *.mp4" "///////////////*.mp4"
pushd %1

rem Check if 'backup' folder exists; if not, create it.
if not exist "splitResults" md "splitResults"

rem Loop through files in the current folder.
for /R %%F in (*.*) do (
  rem Create subfolder in 'backup' folder matching this file's name.
  md "splitResults\%%~nF"
  rem Move file to that folder.
  move /y "%%~nF.*" "splitResults\%%~nF"

rem Change back to the original directory we were in when pushd was executed.