It seems I'm working on an 4x3 PVE Dedicated Atlas Grid. The goal of this grid is to allow a casual PVE and builder experience. The grid is 4x3 and enabled for current PVE end game (Powerstones and Kraken). As the mods become available we may add some for QoL or Cosmetic purposes.

Page in progress...Server configurations as well.

Steam Connect: steam://connect/

Planet Caladan - a 4x3 Atlas Grid

The general biome layout of the map is as follows:

There's a dynamic map, but I've purposefully hidden islands - it's time to explore!

General Ideas

  • The only Freeport Cell (A1) allows no claims and rapidly decays built items. You're meant to start here and visit here, not stay here. (Grapeshot has a 10 day deletion on characters logged out here)
  • You are capped to level 8 at the freeport. To level up to the 'pre-discovery' cap of 25, get out of A1.
  • 20-30 player cap for the moment. Doubt I'll get anybody on here since I'm not really advertising it but a lower limit is better to be safe.
  • The grid is 4x3 with end game islands and a Kraken dedicated cell.
  • Each Biome is representated by at least two tiles to provide a diverse environmental experience.
  • Collision Placement Disabled
  • ForceAllStructureLocking = True
  • Initial Max Level 25 - After that, you must discover islands to increase the level cap. Final cap can be broken through power stones and defeating the Kraken.
  • Max Level 150, all engram points available by the end of it (engrams per level adjusted, higher levels give more points)
  • There are a few freeport islands spread out the map for vendors, but only one that you can spawn in (A1 region - Castle Caladan)
  • Islands become generally more difficult in each cell the farther away from A1 you are as a reference point. Some Islands are 1.0 (Max level 30 wild dinos), while most are 2 to 5 - Max level 150)


  • Player stat increases X 1.5 Multiplier, Weight X 2.5
  • Crop Growth X 1.5
  • Global Spoil Time X 1.5 (Longer lasting)
  • Player Food/Water Drain Rate X 0.8
  • XP X 1.25
  • Taming Speed X 1.5 (This leads to X3 on official as they doubled the baseline)
  • Harvest Amount X 1.5 (This leads to X3 on official as they doubled the baseline)

Tame Specifics

More modifications probably coming here. The goal I had in ARK was to make targeted breeding and mutating paramount to success. To achieve that in a single player-ish environment, I boosted a good amount of stats. I don't know how much exactly will equate in Atlas - We'll have to play it by ear. Thus far the tame specific settings are:

  • EggHatchSpeedMultiplier = X 5

Ship Specifics

No config changes at this time for ships.

Other notes I'm thinking about for future adjustments:

  • Crew gold upkeep - I'm not sure if this needs tweaking enough or if a solo player can keep a crew satisfied without having to do nothing but treasure hunt.
  • Taming/Imprinting modifiers

Settings as a whole may be tweaked over time as more .ini options are available for us to edit (like ship stats), and mods become available. In general, I play through the game and adjust as I deem fit - My philosophy is not to hand myself things on a silver platter. I like things challenging and somewhat harsh, but eventually doable via a single player, so things may be adjusted as I move forward. With ARK, I accomplished this with some boss damage scaling and promoting selective breeding and imprinting to be the mechanism for creating a powerful army for endgame. I'll see how the game evolves over time and adjust accordingly.

Outside of this, I take a very hands off approach. You want a resource? Go find it. Between all the biomes and such I think I have everything covered - if necessary I can add an island or two later. is the discord link. It puts you in an introduction channel until we can assign you as a member. Message MrKrystof for details.

Notes from Server Setup

These are generally internal notes on things above and beyond downloading and running a server. They may help other server builders.

Setting up Claim Markers: