As I attempt to make room and organize inventory for the pedestal project, I decided to take a few transformation shots of the 'storage' room over the last couple of weeks. It's slowly getting there.

I knew this project would end up taking space, so before I even started prototyping I knew I needed to make room, which has taken up most of the free time instead of focusing on the project itself. Out with a few decommissioned fish tanks:
Old fish tank area

I finally made a clean spot... C was proud.
Fish tanks out

I also found so many electronics pieces and parts in multiple storage boxes. Glad I saved this stuff from my RC days, but going through it all and organizing it into tackle boxes (works great for electronics) was a weekend in and of itself. Once that was done, at least I knew the storage shelves on the left would hold a lot of the 'Electronics/Gaming/Cables' and allow me some space for soldering.

Finally, the open spot where a sketching table currently sits will be where the pedestal ends up going someday:

Work area finally up

I'll probably end up needing to rearrange a little bit more, I think the CO2 tank to the left of the 29 gallon will probably have to move, but we'll see how it all goes down over the next few months.

If nothing else, I've got a Raspberry Pi 3 up and running, which I may use to tinker with some configuration and circuits. I imagine the pedestal will at least incorporate an Arduino Uno for some lighting ideas I've been inspired to try out. While I may use a Pi 3 for emulation testing and some wiring setup, the heart of the pedestal will end up being a Windows 10 PC for now, as I plan on doing some PC gaming as well, and the Raspberry Pi isn't meant to handle some of my personal favorites like the Heroes of Might and Magic Series.

I may still use a Raspberry Pi as part of the pedestal, however, possibly for some ear and eye candy. Time will tell!