Now begins the the initial process of building my personal arcade setup. Along with my best friends from high school and college, Jeff and Max, who will be weaving in and out of this as they see fit, I'm going to figure out what I want to build for my personal collection, and probably get Jeff's PC rig I built for him enclosed in an actual cabinet. That's partially what is all about, documenting this process and hopefully seeing it come to fruition.

I've been tinkering with some loose pieces here and there, gathering information, design ideas, some hardware, and other miscellany items, but until just a few weeks back I wasn't sure on the actual style of cabinet itself. I liked the idea of a full upright cabinet, but I'm also in an apartment and I also felt very constrained with fully integrating the display and the control panel into one single unit. Not because of space as much as the inherent loss in flexibility. What if I want to take it into the living room on the big TV? What if I wanted to have a different TV wall mounted and use that? Jeff has a TV mounted on his wall, an upright would take up a lot of space instead of maximizing his setup as well.

Finally I stumbled on some decent looking pictures of what's called a Showcase or Pedestal cabinet. I believe when the monitor is attached it's called a Showcase, and when it's separated it's called a Pedestal. While I could decorate around a wall mounted TV or not, I liked the flexibility in at least having the control panel and enclosed electronics in a home-made design. The displays I like to leave as 'optionally included', if you will.

Therefore, I know he and I will work on more of a pedestal setup and see where that goes, and if Max decides to join in the future he can see where we went with that and hopefully figure out if what kind of arcade style he desires. I know he wants one. It's just a future plan so far off there's no rush for him to decide any day soon.

To that end, I've got a (at least I think) publicly accessible kanban-style project site using the Trello-like kanban software called Wekan. I think it will help organize the brainstorming and the tasks involved in getting this setup with the major categories of materials, electronics, and software.

That board is accessible here. Not sure how this will work out but we have to start somewhere. There's so much to do that it seems daunting, but it also means there's enough 'threads' to work that if one gets frustrating or slows down, I can work on another aspect of project, context-switching at will. Who knows what it will look like in the future, but either way I still have to clean up the spare room.