Some say, I pick up a new hobby. Whether I abandon the old one completely, or just partially, depends. Nevertheless, it seems every couple of years or so, I find something new to try out, dive into, and possibly obsess over. Finally, something different comes along, or something knocks me out of the hobby, such as my job, and then it's hard to pick up said hobby where I left off.

In almost every single hobby, though, I've met interesting people, had great times, and create some great memories, especially with my Dad.

Some projects never got off the ground, some involved an internet presence, and some are pervasive, running at a low level underneath it all.

Sometimes a hobby begins to feel like a job in its own right. There's usually a far-off sign marked BURNOUT somewhere along that road. The largest hobby I was ever involved with on the internet was When I got into RC one of the first things I did was search for videos on flying, transmitter control, model building, etc. I found a lot of videos showing people flying with heavy metal music tracks over the entire video, or old-phone quality how-to videos with jerky motion and barely audible voices.

Entertaining as they could be sometimes, I found it difficult to gain the knowledge I was looking for. Looking at transmitter manual for my Spektrum transmitter just listed what a switch did, and little more. Oh, switch A changes Dual Rates. Great. What the hell is a dual rate?

I joined a club, I read all that I could find. But videos and articles combined would be great. A way to watch the video, reference the text. I didn't see a lot of that, and I needed a creative outlet anyway... so... Video Camera, Green Screen, Studio Lights, Workbenches, and more... A single bedroom apartment became a filming studio and RC airplane building nightmare. Not the greatest quality, but I felt I was contributing in some way to those that were like me, looking for answers.

A horrible project at work brought an end to that, as well as the self-imposed demands I made upon myself to get that next video up, continue that next article. I let it go too far, and before I knew it, when the smoke cleared and I got back some free time, I couldn't relax with a living room entirely full of hobby. Thankfully, I now have a hobby room. I can't begin to describe how important that would have been to keeping the RC hobby and hoverandsmile going. When you need a break and you're surrounded with hobby clutter, it's impossible to get it.

That was... four, five years ago? Yikes. What since? What before? I'll probably post up some old stuff for posterity's sake. Some new stuff too, since I wanted to create this place to track the various hobbies, and not necessarily a single one. I can jump around a bit as I see fit, and not get burned out by a targeted presence. That's the idea. With a dedicated 'hobby room' now, I can swap out or close the door. Sure, it's a bit of a man-cave, but it's a compartmentalized one. As long as I can keep any spillover into the living room temporary, much to C's chagrin.